On Human Cloning in the Secret Space Program

In an impressive interview that was published on March 17, 2022 we can watch Elena Danaan talk with Chris O’Connor (1). Chris turns out to be another person who was in a 20-year-and-back program (2), and not once, but he signed in for three times! So, that means he was part of the secret space program for 60 years. It is good to get to know more and more people who are willing (if they can remember) to speak about their experiences.

Recently Elena Danaan did an interview with Jean-Charles Moyen (3). During that interview they discovered that they had been on the same spaceship (4,5). Then there is Daniel Rousseau who is about to publish a paperback version of his experiences in English (6). On the last day of 2021 Tony Rodrigues published his book on his experiences in a 20-year-and-back program. I just finished reading this wonderful piece of work (7). There’s also a free book available from Michael Relfe in which he talks about his experiences and the trouble he had regaining his memories (8,9).

Cloning of humans – Image taken from (10)

Cloning of Humans – Three SSP Testimonies
Whereas we on Earth are made to believe that human cloning is not yet possible or at least ethically restricted, it appears that the cloning of human beings is a common practice in the world beyond our planet. Both Tony Rodrigues and Chris O’Connor describe this. In Tony Rodrigues’ book we can read about a few very debilitating accidents leaving behind severe physical harm. In a few cases his consciousness must have been removed from this harmed cloned body to a freshly made one. In the introduction of ‘Ceres Colony Cavalier‘ Dr. Michael Salla talks about clones:

Deem’s device – snapshot from (1). For more on this see information below the youtube video

Cloning, according to William Tompkins (11), had been first developed by the Antarctic Germans with the help of the Draconian extraterrestrials. After the US and the Antarctic Germans had reached agreements in the mid-1950s, it’s not surprising that cloning technology was adopted for use in deep black projects, which involved a high incidence of death among super soldiers fighting extraterrestrials. Using clones while preserving the original bodies in statis chambers meant highly trained and expensive super soldiers could be used again and again in covert space warfare.” (7, p.9)

In the first five minutes of the interview between Chris O’Connor and Elena Danaan (1), Chris talks about how cloning is often done and he describes it as cheaper than another procedure which he calls time-advancement. I will spend more time on that in a separate article. For cloning one needs to extract the consciousness (and memory) of people which would work with a device that looks like the Deems device that he has recreated himself (without of course the consciousness-extraction option). The consciousness would be taken from the area of the pineal gland, with its crystal-like properties.

If I come across more testimonies on the existence of human cloning practices outside our planet I will add them to this page. James Rink also talks about cloning. I don’t know what to think of that, really (12). He did mention the Hulk program which was affirmed by Rousseau and Moyen (13).

In a september 2022 interview with Dr. Michael Salla, Chris O’Connor talks about an incident in which he was killed, but his consciousness was transferred to a new cloned body (14).

Chris O’Connor tells about how his consciousness was transferred to a clone (14)

During a conversation in the Elena Danaan Study Group (15), we talked about Alcyone (16) and those malevolent Taal-Shiar (17). One of the members referred to Johan Fritz and how he – being a SSP- super soldier at the Nachtwaffe (Dark Fleet) (18), said how they often visited the Taal-Shiar and the Ooganga reptilians. I was, yet unable to retrieve that fragment, but while listening to an interview he did in 2022 at Journey of Truth (19) he did give an interesting description of how his consciousness was transferred from his own body to a clone, as he was becoming a member of the Kruger team on Mars.

Johan Fritz describes how his consciousness was transferred to a Clone (19)

Johan Fritz says how his cloned (and improved) body (13) would receive his consciousness after some procedure in which his body was put in some kind of vertical tank with a kind of fluid. At the end of this excerpt Johan Fritz said that the Nachtwaffe (Dark Fleet) doesn’t use clones, but wasn’t Tony Rodrigues part of the Nachtwaffe on Mars when he was given another cloned body when the mission with the Martian insects went wrong? (7, for book link).

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