Different Faces of Immortality

It seems that we have entered the new era of Enki vs Enlil. Some seem to opt for Enlil (1) and some for Enki. Like I have said before I have serious doubts about the ‘Enlil Vibe’ (2), and since Elena Danaan says that she has recently met Enki for the second time in a very positive and inspiring atmosphere, it feels quite natural to prefer Enki to Enlil.

Aging and Immortality
A few articles back I wrote about aging and diseases and how it appears to be an anomaly when you compare it with other galactic species (3). Some races manage to live for thousands of years with the same body and still look quite healthy and ‘young’. But, in the end, even their bodies die. There is no med-bed that seems to be able to prevent that eventually.

Highlander (7)

Enki and Enlil still alive after all these years
In the impressive video in which Elena Danaan describes her meeting with Enki in a huge luminiscent spherical spaceship, they get to talk about aging, dying and immortality (4). After Elena elaborately describes Enki’s appearance she asked him how it was possible that he was still alive. Enki – a benevolent Anunnaki within the perspective of this site – said that nobody dies, but that are in general two ways to express that immortality in the physical realm: a method that we are quite familiar with, is the one in which a body dies, the soul moves on and reincarnates into another body. The downside of this method is that it is accompanied with a temporary loss of memory.

An alternative that Enki prefers is that of creating a clone after a few thousand years when even an Anunnaki-body gets worn out. When the clone is ready, the soul simply moves from the old body to the fresh new one, and the person will probably look about the same (perhaps he or she has got that happy ‘look I have cloned myself’-look in the beginning). Through this method both Enki and his half-brother Enlil would have continued to live for many hundreds of thousands of years. (5)

I have talked about cloning practices in the secret space program before (6). This seems to be quite a relatively cost-effective procedure.

Besides cloning and reincarnating there are also methods that focus on keeping the body healthy. The bed-meds that would now be mass produced on the Moon can be very helpful in battling diseases. Another less friendly method that I can think of is the adrenochrome-procedure, but I wouldn’t recommend this method to anyone, since it is quite sick, to say the least.

This theme of immortality (or at least living extremely long) is also an important element in Cinamar’s Transylvanian Moonrise.

(1) Apparently a guy called Ismael Perez has quite a creative take on our galactic history. You can watch a video of his (I’ll do it some time in the future, I guess) at Sunny’s Journal. Elements like ‘Enlil and Zeus’ stem from (archangel) Michael and Enki would be Artificial Intelligence and/or a descendent of Lucifer make me want to discard the information right away, but I don’t want to rush things. I think I’ll write a piece on it after I have watched this video.
(2) Some Doubts about the Enlil-Yahweh-Vibe
(3) On Aging and Diseases as Galactic Anomalies
(4) I met Enki – Elena Danaan, Earth Emissary – The Galactic Federation of Worlds shares her experience
(5) In Endnote 77 we can read a bit about the differing perspectives on Humanity by Enki and Enlil
(6) On Human Cloning in the Secret Space Program
(7) Action a Gogo

11 thoughts on “Different Faces of Immortality

  1. Are you familiar with Kim Guguen? Maybe it’s Goguen. She too claims to have met Enki. She presents him as a negative entity. I have also read somewhere that Ea/Enki is Yahweh. And I have also read somewhere that Enlil is Jehovah. And then the Christians say that Yahweh and Jehovah are just two different names for the same entity. Obviously, someone is either confused or lying. Ugh…

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    • No, I don’t know her. The only link I know is between Enlil and Yahweh and Jehovah, indeed. I challenge you to find any serious ‘proof’ that Ea/Enki would be connected to Yahweh. Let’s not make things unnecessarily complicated, I would say 🙂 I just discovered that Enki would have been surprised to see iron in our blood; he, himself would have magnesium instead, making his blood green. See Endnote 79 for more on that.

      I got this from the video-interview between Elena Danaan and Dan Winter from february. They talk about Enki in that video and also about Anton Parks: he seems to have written quite a lot on Enki as well. Perhaps that is worthwhile looking into.


  2. The best knowledge we have is about ourselves. Hence, we have to be our own astrologers. If you have astro connections with: Arcturus at 24 degrees Libra, Alpheratz, Andromeda at 15 Aries, Sirius at 15 Cancer and Vega, Lyra at14 Capricorn your natural allegiance would be to the Galactic Federation of Worlds. And also may be helping Orion types to come over to their side especially at eclipse times when the impacts are so great. And next October Arcturus will play an important role in our lives ie. healing, justice, health and peace.

    So Shalom/Peace, Senior citizen


  3. There is also something on this subject in “A Gift From The Stars” on page 260. It’s about the race of the D’Akoorhu:

    “… Surpassing the restricted possibilities of the altered Noori genetics, this colonoy transfigured their bodies into transculent ethereal envelops, allowing their life-span to reach incredible records. They leave when they wish to, when they feel they have done their time serving Source and wish to merge back again with Her, regenerate, and come back in a new existence for a new mission.”

    “They leave when they wish to…” I find the phrasing interesting. Maybe I’m misinterpreting it. But it seems that the D’Akoorhu can decide for themselves if and when they die?

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    • If we fail to realize that we are eternal spirits living from time to time in various fleshly vehicles, we will never understand any of this.

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      • Hello Voice of One in the Wilderness 😊

        There is no relationship between one and the other.

        Even if I repeat myself; I could be misinterpreting it, but I find/found it quite fascinating that the D’Akoorhu seem to have the ability to choose if and when they will die.


      • Uhhhhhh ..okay. you come across as being very authoritative so you must be right


      • And didn’t you see my nice smiley face?

        I haven’t done anything to you. I neither insulted you nor treated you in any other way outrageously. Your answer is rude, snippy and silly.

        You don’t have the right to “talk” to me like that. Did I express myself clearly and distinctly?
        Fine, I hope that’s authoritative enough for you.


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  5. @Mona and @voice of One in the Wilderness – Hey guys, I guess there is some misunderstanding here. And perhaps it is because of a language issue. When @voice used the word authoritative that is something quite different from ‘authoritatarian’. I didn’t think @voice was rude.


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