The Orion Nebula and the Hive Mind

On November 9, 2021 Elena Danaan posted a video on her channel ‘Message from our Galactic Friends’ (1). In this video she mentioned the Eban from the star system Betelgeuse. She also talked about the Orion Nebula which would function as a kind of portal. On top of all that there would be the center of the Hive Mind of the Eban. Dr. Michael Salla has written an excellent article on this Hive Mind and made a comparison with ‘the Borg’ from the Star Trek series (2).

This post you are reading now gives you some background on Betelgeuse, the Hive Mind, the Eban and the Orion Nebula. Let’s start with identifying the red star Betelgeuse in the Orion system. In the image (3) you can see the star in the upper left corner.

The fifth planet orbiting Betelgeuse (also known as ‘Carina’), called Edemera would be the home planet for the species known as Ebani (4). They are described as Reptiloid Grey beings and they would be deeply involved with the Cabal on our planet (or should I say, would have been deeply involved?)

The Eban would be part of a hive mind, which would be centrally controlled from the Orion Nebula, which you can spot in this picture as well, below ‘the Belt of Orion’ , the three stars in the middle. You can this slightly lighter spot. The ‘Queen’ or whatever it is that controls these Nebu is described in the abovementioned article (2):

The Orion Nebula (5)

[Elena] Oh yes, totally. All Greys with a reptiloid genome, such as the Eban, Zeta, Grail, Solipsi Rai, Do-Hu etc…, are on a hive type social structure. Yes, like the Borgs! No, we are not talking about implants, it is something totally different.  There is no technology involved. We are talking about consciousness. Although they have individual thinking of their own, their minds are calibrated on a specific same brain frequency connected to a central consciousness called the “queen”.

When orders come from this centralized “queen”, they cannot resist and they obey, just like the Borg. I am not sure if it is a real “queen”, it may be a super-computer or a sort of supra-AI I don’t know, but it is called “queen”. This “queen” is located in the Orion M42 nebula. They have individuality but it is very basic. When the “queen” sends an order, imagine a quantum spider at the center of a web: everyone receives it and it takes over the brain functions and the basic individual thinking. Once disconnected from the queen, and so from the hive, they are lost and useless. (2)

For more on warnings by the Emerther against the Nebu with a specific reference to the Orion Nebula at 1350 light years from us, take a look at a June 2022 article (6). In January 2023 it became clear that the Nebu empire was destroyed by the Galactic Federation of Worlds (7). But what to do with the small remnants of this non-biological Hive Queen? Below you can hear Elena talk about this issue. This is a small excerpt from a very impressive video from from January 2023 (8).

Elena Danaan talks about issues relating to the ending of the Hive Queen – The Galactic Federation would want her destroyed because of all the suffering she has caused during millenia. The other Nataru (Milky way) Councils like the Council of Five and the Andromedan Council (Zenae,9) would also agree. They, however, need the permission to obliterate it (or her) from the Intergalactic Confederation that is higher in hierarchy than the Nataru Organizations (video excerpt is from (8).

(1) Message from our Galactic Friends, November 9, 2021
(2) Have Tall Gray Alien Leaders just been captured by the Galactic Federation
(3) Betelgeuse continues to dim, diminishes to 1.506 magnitude
(4) See Danaan, E. (2020) Gift from the Stars, p.226
(5) Orion Nebula taken from Sky Image labs
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(7) And the Lights went out for the Nebu
(8) CONTACT Ep. 20 ~ THE ORION AFTERMATH ~ Feb 01 2023
(9) The Zenae from the Andromeda Constellation

6 thoughts on “The Orion Nebula and the Hive Mind

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  6. Hi Joost, Thank you for your many wonderful articles that bring clarity to Ms. Danaan’s podcasts and other relevant information from those in alignment with her views.

    i wish to pose a question to you and anyone reading that concerns the collective mind of the nefarious Reptilians- los conquistadores- but more so towards understanding the Ciakahrr. Are they known to operate via a sophisticated hive-mind and if so, were they not under the same spell of this now defunct Red A.I. Queen in the Orion system?

    i remember an early C. Goode sharing (before he was compromised) that involved the capturing of a reptilian suffering grave, mortal wounds. Corey described seeing numerous A.I. spider-like creatures pouring from its wounds onto the deck to escape. He said there were so many that it looked like the reptilian was completely filled with them. And in the inner-work that i am groomed, i sensed them as archons similar to how i sensed this Red A.I. Queen. To leave the reservation a bit… archons which serve Lucifer’s soul-harvesting agendas throughout the cosmos that ultimately reveals a trail back to that ‘myth’ known as Satan.

    As rising God-Sparks, we are beginning to see everything. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Blessings.


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