The Rak and an ALDI-Octopus

When you feed your mind with all kinds of alien-species it can have a certain effect in your daily life. Take for example the moment when I was in a Dutch supermarket ‘The Aldi’ (German really, but situated in the Netherlands) and I noticed a toy, which reminded me of one of the stranger kinds of aliens from the Vulpecia constellation, called the RAK. They are beings who would have visited our planet only 5 times, the last time being in the year 712 (1,2)

Octopus toy in local supermarket

They would have been the ones that gave rise to the concept of the Jinn’s. As is often the case, the description in the Russian KGB-book shows similarities with the description in Danaan’s book. Probably because Val Thor was responsible for giving the Sovjets the info on various alien races:

“Elena: ‘So are you implying that you are the person at the origin of the information that was leaked in the KGB Book of Alien Races’ (2)?
Val Thor: ‘I am for the most of it. The American government was given the same data, as also other governments I visited such as France and Japan’ (3, p.66)”

Elena adds that these Rak are small humanoids, and a member of the Galactic Federation of Worlds even though they would be quite wild and aggressive (1, p.304)

How to locate the origin of the Rak or their world of Ozmog: the Vulpecia Constellation?

(1) Danaan, E. (2020) A Gift from the Stars. Amazon (Rak on page 304-305)
(2) Russian Secret Aliens Book (Rak op page 12)
(3) Danaan, E. (2021) We will Never let You Down. Amazon.

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