Tau Ceti Time

On June 1, 2023 Dr. Michael Salla did an interesting interview with Jerry Wills (1). In that particular interview Jerry Wills tells us about his experiences with certain people from the Tau Ceti star system. In fact, he was told that as a baby he was adopted by a family after he was just found somewhere (after having nearly frozen to death). The people from Tau Ceti said that he was actually put on Earth by them. This article collects information about the people from Tau Ceti from various sources.

Sun (l.) – Tau Ceti (r.) (2)

Tau Ceti is a star in the constellation of Cetus. It’s relatively close, only some 12 light years away. The composition of the star would be like our Sun, in the sense that it emits about the same frequencies of light (in the yellow spectrum). Eight exoplanets would be orbiting this star. Tau Ceti is a bit smaller and weighs a bit less than our sun (2,3).

Let’s start off by listening to what Jerry Wills had to say about his encounters with the Tau Ceti. Normally I don’t put out any videos longer than 5 minutes, but this one below is longer, namely 9 minutes. I pasted a few relevant Tau Ceti excerpts from the interview together.

Jerry Wills speaks out about his experiences with the people from The Tau Ceti System (1)

Jerry talks about meeting ‘Zo’, at age 14, a human-looking man from the star system Tau-Ceti. Zo told Jerry then that he could go home back to Tau-Ceti if he wanted. He didn’t do that however. Jerry describes another scene in which he was taken aboard a ship when he was very sick. He talks about other rather tall blueish-white skinny beings with long arms, that looked like grays, but he stresses that he was sure they were no grays. They appear to be like species we know from Arcturus (4), Andromeda (5) or perhaps even the Pa-Taal (6). They healed Jerry with their advanced medical procedures. These species were not from Tau Ceti, but from a neighboring star system, he was told.

Jerry was shown the Tau Ceti star system on a viewing device aboard their spacecraft. The planet they were from is called ‘Lanulos’ and it would be a water world. It would only take them a couple of minutes to get there from here (7).

Tau Ceti – Illustration by Elena Danaan (8, p.128)

Of course there are a few species from Tau Ceti in Elena’s memorable book A Gift from the Stars (8). Let’s first pay some attention to the Aramani who would have derived their name from ‘The Exiled Men’ (from Lyra).

The name of their planet in their star system is called ‘Norca’. This name was also used by Dr. Keller in his work on Venus (9). He said that people from Norca were confronted with a star that was heating up, making their planets turn into vast deserts. This would have made them search for other planets to live, and they would have finally established a colony on Venus, some 25 million years ago. You can hear him explain in at himself at (9).

This Venusian account is not corroborated by Elena Danaan in her work, nor is there any mention of their sun becoming too hot for their planets.

The Aramani are a benevolent species, part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

The Emerther (screenshot from (10))

Another species orbiting the star Tau Ceti are the Emerther. They live on Tau Ceti e, which is a large planet with three moons. It was this planet that Jerry Wills thought was the planet of the origin of his humanoid family (see the last minute of the video above). That is obviously not in line with what we can read in Elena’s book.

We have spoken about the Emerther a few times before. They were the ones responsible for all kinds of (binary/ASCII) messages in crop circles and through other means (11), warning us to be aware of the bringers of false gifts.

The Emerther also are members of the Council of Five (12). On that page you can find another impression of the Emerther, which seems to be slightly different than the digital variant that Elena showed in one of her contact videos from april 2023 (10).

Alex Collier – Screenshot from a webinar from October 5, 2018 (13)

To round off this article I would like to link to a video in which Alex was asked about the Tau Cetians (13). In that video he only mentions the humanoid species, who he said are very muscular. They are ‘incredibly’ independent and fierce fighters. This would have had a lot to do with how they freed themselves from the Grays on their world.

He praises the well developed intuitive skills of the Tau Cetian women. The Tau Cetians are well respected in the galaxy.

Once upon a long ago I thought that the extraterrestrials would have ONE account of our history and ONE account of what happened to other species. This apparently is not the case. There seems to be noise everywhere. Luckily the work of Elena Danaan still is highly consistent (with some minor issues), but her account is often not in line with other accounts.

As far as the Tau Cetians are concerned we have Jerry Wills who speaks of humanoid Tau Cetians that live on a water planet called Lanulos, which would be the fifth planet in the system, whereas Elena says that the fifth planet is the planet where the Emerther live (who don’t look humanoid). Both Dr. Keller and Elena agree on the name Norca as the name of the planet of the humanoids, but Dr. Keller claims that they have left that planet some 25 million years ago, and Elena/GFW doesn’t say anything about that.

Then Alex has this element of them freeing themselves from a species of Grays on their planet. This is also a unique story that is not found anywhere else.

But this is the way it is at the time. We are simply dependent on all those stories and we can’t really be sure what is the really true and what is not. Let’s hope things will change for the better, when more people are able to tune into what really happened. If you like to talk with others about galactic matters consider joining the Elena Danaan Study Group (14) or the Alex Collier and Andromedans Study Group (15). You can always subscribe to my Telegram Channel to stay updated (16).

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The Zeta Reticuli and the Asians

On May 23, 2023 an old video surfaced in which Alex Collier was asked if he could say anything about the origin of certain languages in our world (1), and he gave a rather fascinating answer in which he told us about the galactic cradle of languages like English, French and Hebrew. He also had a remarkable answer as to the galactic origin of the Asian languages. This answer seems to coincide with other information which Annax gave Elena Danaan in her early files. This article presents these sources and hopes to shed some light on this possible link between the Gray race of the Zeta Reticuli and the Asian people.

In the excerpt below we can hear Alex say that the origins of the Asian languages can be found in the Zeta Reticuli systems. “What’s interesting about that is that the Zeta’s themselves don’t actually speak a language, but they conquered and absorbed slaves, captives, that did use language. The language that they learned to speak is what we now would refer to as the Asian languages.

Listen to how he talks about the creation of a kind of ‘middle management layer’ that would ‘translate’ the telepathic language of the Zeta’s into spoken language (2 minutes)

Alex Collier talks about the extraterrestrial origin of the Asian languages (1)

I happened upon an older video from 2020 in which Elena Danaan was having an interview with the hypnotherapist Elisa Herrera, who helped her in activating her galactic memories. In that interview Annax, an Egaroth (2) was given the opportunity to answer questions. One of the questions was related to the origins of certain races on our planet. Whereas the Andromedans from Alex Collier only talk about a language link with the Zeta’s, Annax seems to imply a genetic link. Listen along (starts after 5 seconds and lasts 4 minutes)

Annax talks about a genetic link between the Zeta’s and the Asian people

In the above excerpt Annax talks about two ‘original races’ that would have been present on Earth, the black people and the Nordic people in Northern Europe. He talks about the ‘Ethorians’ who are completely unknown to me and are not mentioned in Elena’s books as far as I know. The Grays from Reticuli have taken the Nordics. These Grays love to experiment. They would have experimented so much on their own race, that they have turned themselves into a dying race (3).

Annax says that the Asian people were the result of a genetic mix between the Nordic race and the Grays. Annax adds that the Gray species involved back then looked different than they look today.

In an earlier article we also talked about the Japanese people, but then in connection with the T-Ashkeru from Sirius B. Remember when Jean-Charles Moyen and Elena Danaan talked about Jean-Charles’ visits to Japan? Elena suggested that perhaps the T-Ashkeru mingled with people on Earth to form the Japanese (or other Asian people too?) (4). The T-Ashkeru themselves would be a mix between a local Gray species and a Taal colony from Lyra (3).

And if all this wasn’t enough it wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the account of the Thiaoouba that Michel Desmarquet met (5). One of the things that he was told was that the Asians would have arrived on Earth from a planet called Bakaratini in the Centaur system some 1,3 million years ago (5). 

This is all quite thought-provoking, if you ask me. How does all this match with Enki’s account of our history as we were told in Elena’s third disclosure book (6)? When would this have happened? If this were true then there must be some genetic evidence for it to be found in the DNA of the Asian people. And what about the differences between the various Asian people? And how could Annax say that there were two original human species on our planet? What would he have meant with that?

A lot of questions. Perhaps you would like to reflect upon them with the Elena Danaan Study Group (7)? The more questions the better!

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Which ET-species were present on the Moon?

In the early files from 2020 Elena Danaan still did live contacts with people from the Galactic Federation of Worlds. In one of those videos Myrah used Elena’s implant to answer questions that Elisa Wright asked. Information from that interview led to a number of new articles already (1,2) and it shed more light on our moon (3). This article focuses on those that were present on our Moon before the great clean-up removed all of them in February 2021 (4).

The first group that Myrah mentions is the German (Thule) (5) group from Antarctica. They didn’t get there on their own. They used the technology of their allies, the Akhori from Altair (6,7) to get there.

These blonde humanoids from Altair also had a base on the Moon. This base was like a spaceport for their troops. It was a small base. From there they also brought the slaves that they captured. The moon was ‘pretty much’ a facility for slave trade, and experiments and storage of abducted people. The Moon was a platform of exchange and redistribution of slaves for other parts of the galaxy.

The Maytra from the Andromeda Galaxy are described as follows in A Gift from the Stars: “They are your worst enemy, and the worst enemy of all races in this galaxy. Basically they are considered as parasites by everyone except those who managed to create alliances of mutual interests with them, that is to say, the Ciakahrr Empire (8) and the Orion Collectives (9)” (10, p.82)

Myrah discloses that the Maytra had the greatest presence on the Moon, with approximately 600 people (although ‘no one went down to count them‘). People from the US and other countries have met them.
According to Myrah the Maytra were the ones that chased the Americans from the Moon (16).

These shapeshifting species from Suhail in the Vela System (11) had a base there, as did the Ciakahrr (8). The Orion Alliances (9) tried to get a hold on the Moon and there had been wars, but they didn’t manage to get a hold on the Moon.

Neither did the Galactic Federation of Worlds, although they did have an outpost there, but it was constantly attacked, with their people getting killed, which is why they decided to redraw to their ships. Myrah says that these stations are the same. They didn’t need the Moon then; they could keep an eye on our planet from their spaceships.

Below you can watch the relevant excerpts in a six-minute video:

Myrah talks about the various factions that were on the Moon in 2020 (16)

Luckily all these malevolent groups have been kicked out off the surface (and beneath the surface) of the Moon since this interview was recorded. The Moon would now be in the hands of the GFW and the Earth Alliance who would use it to build med-beds amongst other things (12). Myrah says that the Orion Groups (Nebu? Anunnaki?) didn’t have a foothold on the Moon. They must have had this relay station on the Moon, however, that enabled the Nebu to create this ‘dark goo web’ around our planet to keep our frequency low. This relay station was interacting with a relay station on a moon that used to orbit Saturn (13), which in its turn would have been connected to the Hive Queen who was still vibrantly ‘alive’ around that time (14). That would be an interesting question to ask.

A Colorful Moon (15)

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The War between the Laan and the Anunnaki

In the beginning of her career as emissary Elena Danaan often did ‘live-channelings’, as they were called back then. Her implant was used to communicate with people like Thor Han, Myrah, Annax and Coron (1), whose answers and updates were shared live. While listening to one of those oldies that Elena did with Elisa (2), I learned something about a war between the Laan and the Anunnaki that would have had disastrous consequences. This post reflects on that war.

The Laan are lion-like humanoids that originally lived in the Lyra system, but like all other humanoids back then, spread across our galaxy after the Lyran Wars (3) You can read more about the Laan on (4). Coincidentally we recently talked about feline-humanoids too (5). The Anunnaki are frequent visitors on this website. They are a complex bunch of people. The recent state of affairs would be that the Enki-faction would be the only Anunnaki faction left in our solar system. Enlil, representing the malevolent part of the family would have been tried and is sent to some kind of prison planet (6). A lot can be said about the Anunnaki, but for now I would like to focus on this point in history, when they fought the Laan.

Let’s first listen to what Myrah has to say about this war.

Elena Danaan is in live contact with Myrah, a science officer who used to work on the Excelsior (13)

This war between the Laan and the Anunnaki came up after a question on our Moon (7). Myrah told us about there having been four moons in our history. She said: “The third one has been destroyed in the wars between the Anunnaki and the Laan from the Lyra System. This one was destroyed and caused great damages on your planet. Great damages and floods and destruction of entire civilizations. It was absolutely terrible.”

It’s not a simple task to place the war between these two factions within the rest of the information that Elena Danaan received. There are similarities and differences. Let’s first compare it with is called the Terran Wars in Elena’s first disclosure book (8). Here we can read:

“Laani discovered Terra about a million years ago and settled a colony there, starting genetic experiments on the indigenous hominids. Shortly after, the Ciakahrr empire arrived at their turn and the two factions fought in a series of historical conflicts, called the Terran War. This was violent and different parties joined such as the Anunnaki, who had until then been cooperative with the Laani on the basics of territorial agreements.

Sumerians with bomb? – Snapshot taken from a random video (10)

The Ciakahrr wanted to enslave the genetically upgraded Terran species while the Laani and the Anunnaki had better plans, a little more ethical. The result of these long series of fights, rescinding entire civilizations, eventually ended by a faction of the Ciakahrr and Nagai redrawing underground, while the rest of the troops left the Terran system. ” (8, p.185)

In Enki’s account of our history as written down by Elena Danaan in her third disclosure book (9), the term ‘Terran Wars’ is not used. It seems however that this conflict is described under the heading ‘The Great Wars and the Ciakahrr Empire‘. Notice the similarities (and differences) with the story about the Terran Wars:

100.000 BC – Chaotic events took place around 100.000 BC, ignited by the intrusion of an offshoot from the Ciakahrr Reptilians Empire. Following horrendous territorial conflicts between different extraterrestrial factions, we see the first Inner Earth migration of some groups of populations, to subterranean territories. (9, p.498)

A page further we can read about how the young Galactic Federation of Worlds got involved in this war: “…Lead at the times by the Pleiadeans, it gathered diverse galactic organizations, alliances and minor confederations into a larger and unified structure. The rage of battle to keep territories out of the hands of the Ciakahrr caused tremendous casualties and it was a very painful lesson for the thing young Pleiadean Galactic Federation. They decided to redirect the goals of the Federation towards different ways of defendeing justice in the galaxy, relegating war as the last option.” (9,p.499)

It seems as if we are confronted with three different perspectives on the same wars. Myrah explicitly talks about the wars between the Laan and the Anunnaki as opposing parties, in both of Elena’s books the Ciakahrr are presented as the main opponents. The Laani aren’t even explicitly mentioned in the account in The Seeders (9). In the account in Elena’s first book it is ambiguous whether the Anunnaki joined the side of the Ciakahrr or the side of the Laani (“This was violent and different parties joined such as the Anunnaki, who had until then been cooperative with the Laani on the basics of territorial agreements“).

Enki’s account doesn’t mention the role of the Anunnaki at all in these wars, which is also remarkable. They probably fall under ‘Following horrendous territorial conflicts between different extraterrestrial factions‘. Could it be that the ones who write history always tend to portray their own roles a lot better than they have been in reality?

Anunnaki, Kur and the Laani (11)

Another interesting thing is that only Myrah’s account mentions the destruction of that Moon. You can’t read anything about that in the books. Could it perhaps be that Myrah has been mistaken, or is there another reason for not mentioning this vital element in those wars?

Well, I think we could use some further clarifications on these wars: what happened to that moon, who were fighting, what were the results, what was the role of the Laani and the Anunnaki?

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James Gilliland talks about Feline-humanoid Species

( जेम्स गिलिलैंड फेलाइन-ह्यूमनॉइड स्पीशीज के बारे में बात करते हैं )

I was triggered this morning by a post in a telegram group (1) about another perspective on the history of our planet. As you may have noticed I have written quite a few articles on our past, mainly based on Enki’s account of our history as brought forward by Elena Danaan (2-6). There is quite some overlap with the accounts given to Alex Collier by his Andromedan contacts. Besides them I invested a few articles on the completely different perspective from the book ‘The Thiaoouba Prophecy‘ that was written by the French contactee Michel Desmarquet (7-9).

ECETI, the Logo of James Gilliland’s website (10)

I love listening to interviews while taking my dog out for a walk, and as I was preparing to listen to this historical account by a the veteran in the disclosure community, James Gilliland (10), I discovered that his video was already removed from youtube, and I wasn’t able to track it down on another platform. I didn’t think of that recent interview that Dr. Salla did with Timothy Alberino (11) that might have been a good alternative, so I started to listen to another video that James Gilliland did in april 2023 (12).

This is the first time that I post anything about James Gilliland. This doesn’t mean that I now all of a sudden agree with everything that he says, for I simply don’t know that at this moment. I like exploring other contactees and this seemed to be a nice way to introduce him. Unlike Elena Danaan, James Gilliland is still putting out videos with free Q&A’s (13), although he also has a lot of paid content for subscribers.

I use the perspective of Elena Danaan as the basis for this website, which implies certain terminology and ideas. It is not always easy to really understand what someone like James Gilliland means when he uses certain terms, like he does in the excerpt below. In that excerpt that I picked he distinguishes three kinds of feline-humanoid beings. How would they relate to the feline beings that are described by Elena DaLaan? Let’s first watch this excerpt before we go on and compare it with other feline information.

James Gilliland talks about Feline-humanoid species (12)

Gilliland says that there would be feline beings under Antarctica (14). He says that the felines were here alongside the ancient Lyrians. I don’t exactly know what he means with ‘the ancient Lyrians’ (19). He distinguishes three kinds of felines: the humanoid cat-like beings, panter-beings and huge lion beings. As far as the last category is concerned I would advise you to read (22) where you can get to know the Laan-species who are indeed described as ‘Tall humanoids’ (23,24).

Drawing by Elena Danaan (2, p.111)

James Gilliland said that the lion-species were the protectors of the gods. I don’t know what he means with ‘gods’. Are that physical beings? Higher density beings? Species from which constellation, and during which epoch? This concept of Fallen Gods is also not a part of the Elena Danaan paradigm. The same questions can be asked about them? What kind of species were those fallen gods?

Some of the lion-beings would have returned to Lyra and many would have gone to Sirius (25). He describes a meeting with a beautiful blond haired panter-humanoid being with the name Begi on a spaceship (26).

A lot more could be said about the feline-like beings. Ashayana Deane described the feline-hominids as being one of the three primal creatures that would have been created some 950 billion years ago (27). In her third disclosure book Elena Danaan also introduced a feline-humanoid species from the Intergalactic Confederation (28), called the Elyan Sukhami. They would also have contributed their genomes to our DNA-package (4).

Robert Earl White (31) also made a very informative video on the Laani, mainly based on Elena’s information (32)

If you have valuable information to share about these feline-like species consider joining the Elena Danaan Study Group (29), or comment below. You can also join my Telegram group ‘Galactic Anthropology’ (30) which now has a chat functionality too.

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Image of the black panter Bagheera from Jungle Book (26)

(14) We have had our fair share of Antarctica in the past. Remember Thor Han talking about the Dark Alliance of Antarctica (15), JP about a discovery of a portal on Antarctica (16), the visits of Elena Danaan and Jean-Charles Moyen to an Ark (spaceship) down there (17) and the deal that was eventually not really struck with the Cabal down there, because they refused to cooperate (18). But I haven’t come across any references to feline beings living in Antarctica.
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The Upukee from the Perseus System

Elena Danaan has been ground-breaking in her elaborate descriptions of over 100 species within our galaxy in her first disclosure book (1). In her third disclosure book she even added a few dozen species from other galaxies (2). But of course the universe is filled with many more species and it is not only Elena Danaan who meets other species. This month I introduced Steffi to you, who is in contact with Arian, a man from the planet Ptaah, the sixth planet from the Taygeta system (3). In a recent (German) Q&A (4) Steffi also mentioned a species that cannot be found in Elena’s work, namely the Upukee.

The Perseus Constellation (7)

Before we get to the Reptilian Upukee I first want to pay some attention to other species that live in the Perseus Constellation. We have spoken before about the Alcobata from the Goraneor System, which very likely is also known as Algol (see image on the right, 5).

You might remember them as those with quite remarkable ways of procreating. Although there are males and females, there are also hermaphrodites. This last category reproduces through eggs, whereas the others are mammals (6). The Alcobata are no members of the GFW and they are considered extremely aggressive.

The Tanzany from Gorgonea Secunda are 5 ft tall grey reptiloid beings. Like the alcobata they are also aggressive. They have been very harmful on Terra by the past, by interest of studying how lifeforms react to physical pain, fear and mental suffering….They use interdimensional travel and quantum propulsion (1, p.244)

Whereas the Alcobata and the Tanzany are aggressive, the Tarici Reptiloids are a peaceful race, who have never contacted Terrans before. They are a member of the Galactic Federation of Worlds (see for more on them, 1, p.246-247)

Somehow many reptilian species are not known for their friendly approach to other species. The Giansar (8) and the Ciakahrr (9) are just a few other examples from the Draco Constellation.

Fortunately there are also more benevolent reptiloid species than just the Tarici. We have spoken about the Martian Resistance as an example (10), and Steffi developed a telepathic contact with Rexus, a commander of a fleet of ships that would also be present in our solar system at the moment. He is a member of the species called ‘Upukee’ that live on a planet called Upuk that orbits the star Mirfak in the Perseus constellation, some 592 light years away from us.(7).

Planet Upuk has one ring (although it would be more horizontal than the one on this picture, 15)

They have been a member of the Galactic Federation of Worlds for a very long time. They are huge, about the size of the Ciakahrr, namely some 7,5 meter (24 ft). They have dark green skin color, with very dark green, almost black eyes. They have a long tail and a typical reptilian body, maybe similar to that of a Draco (9). The head is also very reptilian-like. Unlike the Ciakahrr, the Upukee don’t have any wings. They do not eat other species and are very respectful and they expect that respect from as well. They are also a very proud race, but in a positive way.

Steffi was told by Arian that the Upukee play an important role in an interesting transition process that I hadn’t heard of before. As you may remember a reptilian species called the Nagai, arrived here on our planet some 200 million years ago, long before the arrival of the Seeders (11).

They went underground after the Seeders decided to prepare the planet for humanoid life and have managed to survive until the present time. The connection with the Reptilian species, that would have evolved since then, that is represented by a woman that used the name Lacerta is yet unknown (12).

During the recent war against the malevolent extraterrestrials on Earth, some factions of the Nagai (Nagas) changed sides and supported the benevolent species. Rexus and his people are assisting the Nagai in this transition, to learn them how to actually change for the better.

It is during the last couple of years that the Upukee had for the first time entered our solar system. They have not been involved here on Earth before. They did have a lot of issues in the past with the Ciakahrr, including fights with them in their own Star System back home. They really don’t like them at all, although they may look a bit like them (13). They have given the Galactic Federation of Worlds advice on how to fight the malevolent Reptilians in the underground bases on Earth.

In the video below (16, 17) you can watch Steffi describe what she knows about the Upukee. For those who prefer her German version you can watch it below the footnotes.

It would make sense that the Upukee were not mentioned in Elena’s first book because they didn’t have any contact with our planet until only recently. It’s good to know that there are tall Reptilians that, although they may look a lot like the Ciakahrr, are completely different in their approach. They are a benevolent race that probably uses their Reptilian ‘skills’ to assist the Nagai in their transition. Would they have the same powerful telepathic skills as the Ciakahrr? It’s good to know that when you might run into a huge 24 ft Reptilian now on Earth, they are likely of the good kind 🙂 It would be great if Elena could confirm the existence of this species!

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(13) It seems that the Ciakahrr are not a very popular species. Recently they made the headlines with their provocations against the Negumak (14). Just imagine the sight of the Ciakahrr fighting with the Upukee in a man-to-man fight: both looking a lot like each other, with the same size.
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Steffi describes Rexus, an Upuki from Mirfak (4)

The Ptaah from the Taygeta System

( タイゲタ星系のプターハ )

Through a telegram group I got into contact with Steffi, who had just started a brand new youtube channel (1) to spread a fascinating account. Steffi is a contactee and a starseed who developed her contact with her Star Seed Envoy Twin Flame (2) during 2020. You can find an introduction to her amazing account on this site. I would advise you to listen to her full story through the videos on her website. She also was a guest at Robert Kalil’s Typical Skeptic (3) and she appeared in a video from Robert Earl White, both in January 2023 (4).

In the first video (5) on her channel Steffi describes the people from a planet called Ptaah. Her ‘Star Seed Envoy Partner’ is called Arian and he is from this planet, although both Arian and Steffi have their original roots somewhere else.

Steffi introduces Arian and the people Ptaah of the planet Ptaah (5)

The people have the same name as their planet. Steffi says that Ptaah is the name of their spiritual leader or wise elder who established the colony on that planet. She goes on to describe the people of Ptaah and it turns out that they are Ahel (6), just like Thor Han (7).

The planets in the Taygeta/Ashaara System – The planet on the right of Alhorat would be called Ptaah according to Steffi. Drawing from (7, p. 337)

When I showed Steffi the drawing of the Taygeta system from Elena’s book (8) she said that Arian confirmed that Ptaah is the sixth planet, right behind Alkhorat.

In ‘A Gift from the Stars’ (8) we can read the following about the Taygeta system: “The Man (9) colonists terraformed three of the ten young planets in formation, and populated four of them

This seems to contradict Steffi’s account, but it could just as easily mean that we are not told everything at the same time. It could be that the further we evolve, the more information we are being given, to prevent us from being overwhelmed. Elena’s book already contained 110 species.

Another option is that they started off with four planets and colonized more later on.

Perhaps we will get confirmation for the existence of the Ptaah planet from other contactees, or perhaps Elena could ask Thor Han about it? (10)

We have spoken about the Taal-Shiar (11) who could be described as Taygeta-wannabees, but they tend to focus on planet Erra, if I’m correct, and the Taal-Shiar are not blond Ahel-like people, which makes it unlikely that the Ptaah people are in fact Taal-Shiar.

On Steffi’s youtube account you can watch a number of other videos with very interesting information. She talks about her time before her current incarnation (12), she also describes how her contact with Arian came about (13) and she even speaks about her contact with her soul group from Ohora (14,15). This all looks very promising and I hope we are going to hear a lot more from Steffi in the future. The more speaking contactees, the better I would say!

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The Ozman as Skillful Peace Ambassadors

Illustration of an Ozman by Elena Danaan, taken from (5); you can also find it at page 207 in (6).

In the amazing 24th Contact about the diplomacy between the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Negumak (1-3) from May 1, 2023, a lot of things happened, and there is a lot to unpack. The goal of this article is to give an introduction of one of the species that I haven’t spoken about before on this website, namely the Ozman (4).

In the video we can hear Elena describe a meeting with a representative from the Negumak within the moon Ariel that orbits Uranus (7). All kinds of people from the Galactic Federation of Worlds were present, amongst them an Ozman lady.

Here’s a description of the members of that particular meeting: “Ardaana and Denethor (10) were there, together with Oona, Tayel (11) and Geittak (12) representing the Intergalactic Confederation, and two members of the High Council of the Galactic Federation of Worlds: the Tengri Herald representing the council, and the Ozman lady, galactic law “attorney” and data-keeper for the Prime Directive documents. (14)” (2)

Before we continue with the role of this Ozman lady, I would like to show you a video that Elena made on the Ozman from June 2021 (5).

It was part of a Q&A (15) on the various species living on the planets around the star Vega (5). We talked about the Ardani before (4) who live on another planet circling around that same blueish star. In the following video (3.5 minutes) Elena says that the Ozman live on the fourth planet of the Vega star system. They are said to be a very peaceful race. Just like the Ardani they have this love for clothes with high necks and robes with long sleeves.

They were no refugees from the Lyran wars and had already settled in the Vega system before that great war with the Ciakahrr took place (16). During their evolution their skulls changed (as you can see in the drawing). Their skin is pale-grayish pink. They are tender and tall, beautiful people. Elena surprisingly describes their planet as quite gloomy in appearance, but with an urbanism that is impressive in elegance, and contrasts considerably with the dark volcanic landscape. [they have] green translucent buildings and domes. They are part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds’ programs for Terra’s protection, and involved in diplomacy as skillful peace ambassadors. They have long fine ships. (6, p.206).

Elena Danaan describes the Ozman (5)

It’s good to see that indeed in the diplomatic meeting with the Negumak on April 22, 2023, a diplomatic role was played by a member of the Ozman and that she also wore these typical high-neck clothes. Below you can see a part of the transcript in which this Ozman diplomat played a role.

The Negumak paced up and down the cave again, then turned towards the Ozman lady who walked toward him. I like her, she has such a graceful and settled presence always. She spoke to the Negumak by telepathy and presented a holographic copy of the Prime Directive document to him, holding the blue shimmery sphere up above her. Thor Han continued his report:

-She gives it to him, that they can take time to consult all the clauses and chose to either join membership with the Federation and get to take the hostages with them, or accept our offer that we keep custody of the hostages for them.

The Negumak lifted one of his two front arms that are terminated by sort of hands, took the data holosphere and considered the Ozman councillor.

-He is telling her that he will consider the two options with equal interest. That’s good.” (2)

An Illustration of the Ozman lady present at the meeting between the GFW and the Negumak (1,2)

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The Kur and their Role in the Altering of the Human Genome

Illustration of the Kur by Elena Danaan (1, p.237)

( Les Kur et leur rôle dans l’altération du génome humain )

I love Elena’s book ‘A Gift from the Stars‘(1). It really is an encyclopedia for alien races and I keep on discovering new information in it. So many races to explore. Just like Rebecca Rose said in regard to her resurfacing ‘Russian’ memories from her Montauk days (2,3), it seems that certain topics are presented to us at the right time. Someone asked me if I had written anything on the Blue Avians, and while searching for bird like beings I stumbled on the Kur, and they sure flew in at the right time!

In the introduction to ‘Part II: Alien Races’ (1) Elena Danaan writes about how she mysteriously got into contact with the contents of the Secret Russian Book on Alien Races (4). It eventually turned out to be the stimulus for creating her master piece, with the assistance of Thor Han and Coron.

Well, the Kur are also mentioned in this book from the 1950s, around the time that Val Thor had visited our planet (5), who actually informed various governments around the world with this book. I have made a snap shot of the page on the Kur, which you can see below. You are bound to understand why I think this information on the Kur is getting relevant now. There seems to be some link with the Anunnaki that I was unaware of.

(Russian book of Alien-Races, 4)

I was very surprised to hear that this race, which has its home planet Dillimuns orbiting the star Xi Orionis (near Orion’s red star Betelgeuse from our perspective). This birdlike species is described as ‘tall humanoids with bird genetics and features, such as a duvet covered skin, a crest of feathers along their spine, and a falcon-like head‘ (1, p.236). What is all this about being the race ‘behind’ the story of Enlil and Ninlil? (6), and what about ‘their leading is amongst the most recent vistors‘ and what about their intention of staying on Earth permanently and their ‘important’ role that they would play? Why haven’t we heard anything from them?

This all raises a lot of questions. Fortunately we have Elena Danaan who elaborates on this information which is more than 60 years old, with new intel stemming from the Galactic Federation of Worlds. In a pre-Enki video from June 2021, Elena reads out aloud what she has written in her excellent book (1):

Elena Danaan on the Kur, the Golden Birds, from Xi-Orionis (12)

In the excerpt Elena says that the Kur are related to the Anunnaki. ‘Their peculair color is due to a golden liquid they bathe into, which expands their life-span” (13). “They were there as well, alongside the Anunnaki, at the time these latest were reigning upon Terra; the Kuri were directly involved with them in altering the Terran human genome” (1, p.236)

“The Kuri are still in diplomatic transactions to join the membership of the Galactic Federation of Worlds; they insist to join under their own conditions and this is not how it works for us.” (16) (1, p.236)

As I write this page I’m still rather flabbergasted and mainly because we haven’t heard anything about them. It is not easy to miss bird people, right? Why isn’t this race mentioned in Enki’s account of our history (18)? And what is this relationship with the Anunnaki all about? How were they involved with altering our human genome? Share your thoughts below in the comments or pay a visit to the Elena Danaan Study Center (19). You can stay updated by either subscribing to this website (20) or by following my Telegram channel.

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We are still in diplomatic transactions to join membership with the Galactic Federation of Worlds and we insist to join under our own conditions which it doesn’t align with them. We do not agree to scale down the development of our weaponry systems and we do not align with the non-intervention law. There are many malevolent beings in the universe we need to protect from and scaling down our weaponry system is a suicide attempt. We have a small and discreet little colony somewhere in the Pacific Ocean currently and we use interdimensional travel and our iridescent ships are truly magnificient.”

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To Trust or not to Trust the Anunnaki?

A few articles back I wrote a piece in which I reflected on the Anunnaki Giants that would be in the process of awakening (1). This article goes deeper down that path: are we doing the right thing by trusting anyone from those Anunnaki? In order to explore this topic I have found it useful to make a distinction between the period BEFORE the arrival of Enki and his team in the fall of 2021 and AFTER that moment.

Let’s start off with a video from 2020 (2) in which Thor Han doesn’t talk very favorably about the Anunnaki. This was at the time that Elena herself was still talking about ‘channeling Thor Han’, to describe her communication through her implant (3).

Thor Han speaks about his position on the Anunnaki (2)

In this contact Thor Han said: “The Anunnaki are very strange people. We don’t have contact with them very much, they are not trustworthy people. I would say their ethics has very different levels than our ethics.” (2).

When we read the description of the Anunnaki in Elena’s excellent first disclosure book (4) this sentiment is also repeated often, and remember this book was written more than a year before Enki’s arrival on the scene.

Trust (27)

“They are known to be among the most advanced societies regarding to genetic engineering. They play a lot with the genetics of conquered worlds and especially with children, trying to create servile hybrids helping their purposes anywhere in the galaxy. Anunnaki have been the source and spreading of great genetic biodiversity and racial confusion throughout this galaxy for these reasons. Great enemies of the Lyrans but as as well of the Ciakahrr Empire. Technologically advanced and well equipped in warfare, their name is also feared in this galactic sector….

They….are now [2020] having ties and agreements with the Terran based Reptilians to share the management of humans. These contracts come in the larger scale agreements with the Draconian and Orion Empires regarding the conquered world, slavery, food chain and genetic experimentations. As it is also done on any other conquered world, the Anunnaki left an elite contingent on Terra in order to controle and manipulate, by creating elite human organizations, making the Anunnaki the deep underground hidden part of the military-industrial-terrestrial complex.” (4, pp 230-232)

In the fall of 2021, right after the malevolent groups had been chased out of our solar system by the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Earth Alliance and local resistance groups (5), Elena got into contact with Enki for the first time. This meeting with Enki is described in her third disclosure book (6), but in a January 2022 video she had already described it very eloquently. Let’s listen along:

Elena Danaan describes her first meeting with Enki (7)

Here are a few elements from this description (from the transcript of the video, (7)):

A few months later i received the protection of Enki which i am going to tell you about. Enki: “We are back for the humans of earth to witness their final liberation to take part in this great victory. Slaves have broken their chains, they have risen to their sovereignty. I am Enki. I am father. I am back….his words resonated in my head with deep and grave timber. Enki… the annunaki lord who tried to save the Earthlings from slavery appearing at a time when humanity of earth is fighting their final combat to free themselves up from servitude….

Enki: “I will protect you in your mission. I am the father of your kind. I came to see my children setting themselves free. This time has to come when my children rise.” He gave me a word to say when i need to enforce his protection around me and to this day it has proven effective his wings of fire were in proper wings but protuberance of plasma coming out of his body. Every time I pronounced the magic word the shield formed and consumed any attacks aimed at me at the moment.

In a video from June 2022 (8) Elena talked to Dani Henderson about her second meeting with Enki. She then first introduced the idea of the Genetic Tmeplate Grail (9).

Enki (28)

After this first meeting with Enki in september 2021 Elena talked to Thor Han (10). He said: “You are privileged to meet with Enki” (6, p.25). You might remember the contact video in which he actually got cargo from the Nibiru ship of the Enki-faction of the Anunnaki (11). It is clear that the Galactic Federation of Worlds works together with the Anunnaki. Also Annax (12) speaks in loving terms about Enki: “Enki tried to free the humans of Terra because he loved them. He gifted many of them with his own blood. Enki has compassion. That’s what makes him different. He will walk with you and with the others from the army of Terra.” (12)

The way this apparent shift in perspective on the Anunnaki is explained is that Enki is something different. Although he is part of the Anunnaki he is portrayed as the the good Anunnaki, and we have seen all kinds of examples of the benevolent effects of his presence back in our solar system. Not only is there the Genetic Template Grail (9) which would restore our distorted genetics to the original splendor of our genetics consisting of at least 11 intergalactic species (13). We know the trial of Enlil before the councils (14), which resulted in the removal of Ninurta from Earth. Then there is the event surrounding the handover of Saturn to the Earth Alliance (15).

It was in the few months after the arrival of Enki that the break-up between Elena Danaan and Megan Rose occurred. We have spoken about this before (16). Recently I have begun to study Megan’s work since the break-up. I wanted to see for myself what all this alleged misinformation was all about. Especially in the light of certain current developments within the Elena Danaan Community (17-19) I broke the ‘ban’ and started to listen to her videos with Val Nec (20).

In a video from April 7, 2023 Megan Rose addresses the Anunnaki, and it is clear that Val Nec still has the kind of perspective on the Anunnaki that we could read from the Galactic Federation of Worlds before the arrival of Enki. Here’s the excerpt for those who are open to listening to Megan Rose:

Megan Rose about the Anunnaki who are described as evil (21)

Val Nec says that he doesn’t like the Anunnaki at all. He describes them as evil and he says that the Anunnaki see our people as cattle. The Anunnaki are described as enemies of the Federation who have made deals with Reptilians. He also says that the Anunnaki are seen as the master geneticists, at least the best from the malevolent groups. The Orion Group, the Nebu (22), the Reptilians respect them. The Anunnaki are not gods and according to Val Nec the Galactic Federation of Worlds doesn’t work with the Anunnaki at all (21).

In Megan Rose’s report on the Anunnaki she talks about the planet Nibiru and not about the spaceship Nibiru. We have spoken about a remarkable change in ‘A Gift from the Stars’ (4), related to this. In A Gift from the Stars there is no mention of any spaceship called Nibiru. Elena said that we weren’t ready to open up to this idea that Nibiru wasn’t a planet, but a spaceship and that was the reason that the ‘old’ information was in her first disclosure book. As far as I know it is about the only element in her book that now, no longer is correct.

This could be seen as another argument that Val Nec is closer to the first book than Elena Danaan at the moment. See (23) for more details on this Nibiru planet and spaceship topic.

I’m not taking any sides on this complicated issue, but it seems that the Galactic Federation of Worlds was quite negative about the Anunnaki in general. They didn’t make any distinction between certain members of the Anunnaki and others. This can be found in the words of Thor Han and in the description of the Anunnaki in ‘A Gift from the Stars‘. The Arrival of Enki changed all this: Enki was embraced as a benevolent Anunnaki, who apparently was trustworthy (29).

It was after the arrival of Enki that the break-up between Elena and Megan occurred. The first public introduction to Enki was given at the beginning of January 2022. A few weeks later Elena Danaan had said that Megan Rose was compromised and that she unfortunately was no longer in contact with Val Nek (25). What would other contactees have said about the Anunnaki? What was Alex Collier’s position on the Anunnaki before and after Enki’s arrival?

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below, or head for the Elena Danaan Study Center (26) or follow my telegram channel.

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