Are we Moving into the Photon Band?

Back in 1995 Barbara Hand Clow wrote the book ‘The Pleiadian Agenda’ (1). It must have this book that introduced the concept of the ‘Photon Band’ to me for the first time. I guess the timing was a bit off, since the sun would have entered this highly energetic band already in 1998 according to figure 1. But let’s not make too much out of a few decades sooner or later. In an expolitics-article in december (2) Thor Han mentioned the Photon Band as well and this was the reason for writing this page.

Figure 1: Pleiadian Agenda (1) page 27.

So, what was it that Thor Han said about this phenomenon? Although he didn’t use the word Photon Band, he probably refers to this. Here are this words through Elena Danaan:

TH: Another aspect of my presence on Jupiter was to discuss this phenomenon which very recently occurred in the vicinity of your star system: a collapse of the 3rd Density continuum. This occurs in pockets in the fabric of space and your star system is entering one of these on its trajectory through this arm of the galaxy. More 3rd Density collapsing will occur, as a bridge to the 5th Density. The enemy and the dark ones know about it, they knew it was happening and it is one of the reasons why they knew for a long time that they had lost this star system. I will tell you more later. (2)


TH: I am going to talk about this natural phenomenon occurring in the vicinity of your star system. This is not an isolated phenomenon; as your star system moves throughout the grid of this galaxy, composed of fluctuating waves of frequencies, you encounter pockets of higher vibrational density of matter. What does it mean: the physical laws binding the atoms together oscillate at a faster rate. It is not about time, do you understand, the time rate doesn’t change, only the perception you have of it, because your rate changes. It is not about time but only about the physicality of the fabric of space that shifts. As the universal laws of physics function, it happens that this phenomenon occurs progressively, unless the pocket of higher density is as big or bigger than the said star system. The limit of a density zone is not sharp but fuzzy. You enter into it progressively, by encountering “bubbles” until you completely merge into the new area. 

E: What happens when Earth will cross through one of these higher density zones, or bubbles?

TH: Nothing near a dramatic event, such as many Terrans imagine with fear could happen. It manifests as a change in consciousness as the perceptions, mental and physical, shift into a higher range. Physical symptoms can occur, those who have prepared their mind openly follow the wave but for those who are not ready and resist it, it translates for them by physical and mental suffering. The vision changes, the perceptions change, especially the perception of linear time, that is perceived as faster. But you know, this process, entering through this new area in Nataru, is inevitable. So Terrans need to truly let go of any resistance, such as the greatest, that is fear.” (2)

Dr. Salla has written more scientific backgrounds on this Photon Band phenomenon in the article (2).

Update July 2022: In June 2022 the idea that our solar system would be orbiting Alcyone was designated as false, which raises questions about this photon band in this form, since Alcyone as the center is highly questionable (3). Barbara Hand Clow had to swallow another piece of misinformation regarding the concept of Nibiru being a planet that would orbit our Sun. Nibiru would not orbit our sun at all, nor would it be a planet, but a spaceship the size of a moon (4).

(1) Clow, Barbara Hand (1995) The Pleiadian Agenda: a new cosmology for the age of light. Bear & Company Publishers
(3) Some Myths about Alcyone
(4) The Planet Ashtari and Spaceship Nibiru

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