The Planet Ashtari and Spaceship Nibiru

On June 27, 2022 Elena Danaan spoke about her second meeting with Enki (1,2). She talked to him for two hours on various topics. Much of it will appear in her third book that will be released sometime in 2022 (3). This article deals with one of the aspects that was mentioned relating to the planet of origin of the Anunnaki, and to a particular spaceship that has become quite well-known for a few decades.

Taken from: ‘What if Nibiru is a giant Anunnaki Spacecraft?’ (12)

Wouldn’t it have been a lot easier if everything was simple? The Anunnaki live on a planet that orbits our sun in 3600 years, just like Sitchen said, and that’s it. Well, it appears that things are not that simple. As was already described in Elena Danaan’s ‘A Gift from the Stars‘ (4), the Anunnaki-planet does not orbit our sun at all (5,6), but around a star in the Immaru Star System. Unfortunately this system cannot easily be pinpointed in our night’s sky because it exists in a ‘parallel dimension’.

The connection would be that it occupies the place where the Sirius star system is located, but in a parallel dimension. I still need to get used to terms like this. They have used a portal in the Orion system to enter into this dimension, but not with their planet, but with a huge spaceship, called…Nibiru.

According to Elena, Enki told her that their home planet is called ‘Ashtari’ (in the Immaru star system) which would be a Sirian name. The spaceship Nibiru would be the size of the Moon (7)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is forgotten-genesis.png
Forgotten Genesis (2020)

In a comment on the article on the Sirian High Council (8), Diana Barahova referred to a book by Radu Cinamar in which this concept of Nibiru being a space ship was also mentioned:

Here’s something else: “The Cosmic Vessel Neiberau”
“The ship was huge, like a small planet. As I said, it was a sphere. It was called Neiberau (or as we call it today, Nibiru)”. (9, p.107)

Elena Danaan says that the concept of a planet traveling alone through space is a mistake or misinformation. There is no twelfth planet (11). A planet needs to orbit around a star at a particular distance in order to be able to sustain life. A spaceship however could easily move through space-time. If Elena is right on this, than either the human Sumerians were wrong or Sitchen interpreted it falsely. Perhaps it was too far from the shared reality at the time of the Sumerians to tell the people that they came on a spaceship the size of a moon. A planet might be easier to grasp. Of course this is mere speculation.

Patricia Cori, a channel for the Sirian High Council (8,10), also talks about Nibiru as the planet of the Anunnaki. According to her intel the planet would orbit between Sirius and our Sun in a period of 3600 years.

Also the almost legendary ‘Pleaiadean Agenda’ by Barbara Hand Clow would lose much of its credibility if it turns out that Nibiru is not a planet at all. Nibiru plays an important role in her book (13).

Both Cori, Clow and Sitchen mention these 3600 years, which comes quite close to the 4000 years that the planet Ashtari (formerly known as Nibiru) would need to circle around its star Immaru (5).

Until now I couldn’t find anything in the material by Elena Danaan that was not internally consistent. If Nibiru would not be the planet in the Immaru system in that parallel dimension as was mentioned in her book (4), but a spaceship this would mean that the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW) were not aware of this element, or that humanity was not ready for it, yet. But apparently that has changed. The differences are also minor in comparison with Sitchen and Cori: Nibiru was never a planet that strayed through space time without the vicinity of a star from the perspective of the GFW.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ceres-artists-impression.jpg
Artist’s impression of Ashtari, formerly known as Nibiru 🙂 (14)

The main difference is that the name Nibiru would not be the indigenous name given by the Anunnaki themselves to their planet, but it would be the name of their starship. You could regard this is a slight change. A new insight. So, the name Nibiru needs to be updated to ‘Ashtari’.

It now reads: “Anunnaki (from Immaru) : ‘Their homeworld is planet Nibiru, in a parallel dimension…they come from a double star system and Nibiru orbits every 4000 years….The sixth planet, Nibiru, has two satellites and resembles to Terra, in a higher density” (4, p.230)

It should read after this new information:

Anunnaki (from Immaru) : ‘Their homeworld is planet Ashtari, in a parallel dimension…they come from a double star system and Ashtari orbits every 4000 years….The sixth planet, Ashtari, has two satellites and resembles to Terra, in a higher density” (4, p.230, 2nd edition)

The ships of the Anunnaki are described as T-shaped (4, p.231). The spherical star ship that looks like a moon is far from T-shaped. So, that needs some explanation too. Like I said, I also think it is a bit odd that the Galactic Federation of Worlds were not aware of this. On the other hand: they don’t know everything and they can also learn, but what might be more plausible is that they did know about it, but they had some good reason not to disclose this information earlier.

Elena Danaan responded to this in a (short) personal communication and said that this knowledge did not have clearance yet for Terrans, but things have changed now. She will explain more in her next book.

Update September 2022. In her book ‘The Seeders‘ (3) we can read more about the name Nibiru and its connection with the ship and their planet Ashtari:

Nibiru is the name of this vessel. This vessel is not a planet. Our original homeworld is also titled “One from Two”: Nibi-Ru, but this relates to our kind, as we are one from two civilizations. The original name of our world is Ashtari. Nibi-Ru is its description, as you would say ‘Terran world’. In Eban it has a different meaning; Nebu-Uru: “The Masters of the Light-Portal”, that we owned, once.” (3, p.474)

(1) I met Enki – Elena Danaan, Earth Emissary – The Galactic Federation of Worlds shares her experience
(2) Enki with his half-brother (sharing the same father called ‘Anu’) would have both played crucial roles in our history. A while ago I described some doubts I had about the Old-Testament Yahweh-Enlil. See for more on that: Is it Blasphemous to say God is an Alien? and Some Doubts about the Enlil-Yahweh vibe
(3) Danaan, E. (2022) The Seeders.
(4) Danaan, E. (2020) A Gift from the Stars. Amazon Press.
(5) Nibiru, the Planet of the Anunnaki in the Immaru Star System
(6) Nibiru doesn’t orbit our sun, nor does our sun orbit the Pleiadean star Alcyone: See Some Myths on Alcyone
(7) This is all mind-blowing and perhaps even hard to believe, but our moon itself would have been brought here by the Andromedans. An Andromedan artefact would have been discovered in June 2022. For more on that see: The Moon: Artificial and Natural at the Same Time?
(8) The Sirian High Council
(9) Cinamar, R. (2020) Forgotten Genesis. Elena Danaan has read this book as well, as she quoted a part of this book on her telegram account. See End Note 26. I haven’t read this book yet, so I don’t know the context of this book, or where Cinamar got his information from. I trust Elena when she said this idea was a ‘scoop’ and that she was told this by Enki. Someone from the Megan-group might claim that she was inspired by Forgotten Genesis. Cinamar has been referred to often on this site, mostly related to the Bucegi Mountain discoveries (see 50.000 year old Holographic Bodyscan Device found in Romanian Bucegi Mountains).
(10) Interview between Dr. Michael Salla and Patricia Cori
(11) Sitchen, Z. (1978) The Twelfth Planet. It would be more appropriate to talk about 11 Planets and a Spaceship, if this information from Elena Danaan were correct.
(12) Amazing Filtrations: What if Nibiru is a great Anunnaki spacecraft?
(13) Clow, Barbara Hand (1995) Pleiadean Agenda: A new Cosmology for the Age of Light. I mentioned this book already in connection with the Myths of Alcyone in Endnote 60. Now there are two major elements that are in conflict with the information from Elena Danaan.
(14) Nibiru är planet nr 6 i den bruna dvärgen Immarus solsystem (video 14 september 2012)

17 thoughts on “The Planet Ashtari and Spaceship Nibiru

  1. Do you see any value in reading Alien Interview by Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy? I’m struggling with some of the information that she got from the alien. “She” (the alien) seems like a nice “person”…….but then I keep getting this creeping feeling/thought that it could be nefarious, possibly AI. All of this gets really confusing. When you think about AI, it could really be easy to confuse us….just tell us what we want to hear…..except twist it into what you want us to hear…..


  2. Believe it or not; For years I’ve toyed with the idea that Nibiru was a giant spaceship because everything else seemed illogical to me. 😊

    About your text: Very interesting. I’m curious to see what else Elena’s Danaan book will say about this topic.

    There is a short youtube video. Then Alex Collier also talks about Nibiru.
    “Planet X (NIBIRU) en 2016 (Alex Collier)” it says.
    English is spoken.
    I don’t know if English is your mother tongue, but I sometimes have trouble understanding it properly. You’re probably better at it than me. 😊


  3. I have heard/read rumblings about this a few times now beginning just a week or two ago. It is either something who’s time has come…………or an evil AI misinformation plot…..LOL (not funny really)


  4. Ismael Perez has recently been interviewed by Nicholas Veniamin and mentions that Enlil was of the Arch Angel Michael bloodline vs Enki who was of the artificial intelligence ‘dark’ bloodline. Conflicting info with Elena D?

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s interesting. So we seem to get another Enlil vs Enki again? I would judge Enlil – with this arch angel michael bloodline – from his behavior in the past. There is not much space for anything angelic there, it seems 🙂 And this idea that the Enki-bloodlines would be A.I. seems to be nothing but B.S. to me. So, apparently we can add Ismael Perez to the list of disinformation sources now. This list is getting longer by the day.


      • I recently purchased one of Ismael Perez’s books, and it was nothing like what he said in that interview. I actually was unable to read too much of his book because too many other things did not connect with me. He seems to rely heavily on the Urantia Book, which I have heard is partially true and partially corrupted (by either the transmitter or the receiver or both), and he also gets his information regarding Enki and Enlil from Zacharia Stichin which most folks say was also severely distorted. Seems like a lot of misinformation is floating around making it very difficult to navigate (which, of course, is the purpose of misinformation)…

        Liked by 1 person

      • When you claim that there is archangel Michael bloodline coupled with Enlil, I know enough. It seems that Elena Danaan is moving around with a misinformation sledgehammer squashing one after the other.

        I was wondering why the Galactic Federation of Worlds only allowed the release of this ‘Nibiru is a spaceship-info’ recently. I guess that Zecharia Sitchen wouldn’t have been taken seriously if he had claimed that Nibiru was a huge spaceship and not a planet. He already had a hard time introducing all these new elements of the Sumerian tablets.

        I haven’t read anything about the Urantia-book. Jesus seems to play an important role and the Christian faith seems to be an important part if I glance the wikipedia page. I’m not really into Christianity so I’m not inclined to pay much attention to that book.


  5. The Book ( not Keys) of Enoch (readily available) is pre Sumerian. It’s about Revelations, Fallen Angels, Astronomy/Astrology. Ancient texts are always written in code. For example, in other teachings Dragon lines are part of the crystalline ( Light ) grid on this planet. So keep decoding. Fads (popular junk info) are dangerous mind technology!

    From the Land of Oz, Down Under!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree. Older is (generally) better. There is a lot of good information contained within the Nag Hammadi Library (pre-Nicean “bible”). Rudolf Steiner did a pretty good job of interpreting the Gospels. Some of that came from old sources, and some of it came from new ones. So, I guess a combination of old and new works well too (assuming it is not mis-information)…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sometimes one just needs to let go of the heavy stuff and have fun! For example, the book titled Silver Wheel is a Welsh presentation of celestial beings that appear as our animal guides that help us to discover our light body, the New Dawn and reach the Gates of Remembrance! I had many mystical animal experiences and painted 71 watercolours in 2 years!


  6. Excellent information in the Journey To Truth podcast interviewing Ismael Perez. His information regarding Galactic History, Solar Activity, and DNA Activation is worth listening to and exercising your own discernment. Again he mentioned Enki being aligned with the dark. Maybe the ancient Sumerian tablets had incorrect information?


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