Disconnecting Internet Servers from Tall Grays and their Hive-mind back in October 2021

The goal of this website is to provide easily digestable chunks of information on various aspects relating to the possible awakening of humanity to its star-origins. The main sources are the contactees Elena Danaan, Megan Rose and Alex Collier, together with the scholarly work of Dr. Michael Salla.

Today someone asked me about nanotechnology and how it might be used by ‘dark forces’. It didn’t trigger anything except the memory of something that might have happened back in october 2021 when the facebookservers were down for a while (including what’s app and instagram). In an article on exopolitics.org you can read more background on the possibility that certain internetservers were actually disconnected from the tall grays’ hivemind in Orion by changing its frequencies, providing us with more freedom and less ‘energetic slavery’

Here’s an expert from the article ‘Were Facebook & Social Media Blackouts due to Capture of Tall Gray Aliens?’ (1)

This takes me to information independently shared by Thor Han (TH) as relayed through his contact Elena Danaan:

TH: “these servers are now under the control of the Earth Alliance. I told you, that your internet will change. We will now be able to go forward with the new technology we are offering to you. The Earth Alliance will set this in place. Anything that is owned by the CIA is being taken down.”

TH said: “they [the servers] are being disconnected from the Nebu hive queen.” …

TH just said they have changed the frequency of these servers and will put them back, but they are now disconnected from the Nebu frequencies.

I received Elena’s information in real time during the blackout of Facebook. Once again, the CIA is identified as the lead agency responsible for compromising the global internet to enable codes and frequencies transmitted by the Tall Grays and their hive queen to mind control the planet. Thor Han’s reference to the servers now being under the control of the Earth Alliance means that the backbone of the global internet is no longer controlled by the CIA and their Tall Gray overlords. The consequence of this will be very powerful as the codes and frequencies embedded in the global internet would no longer work for the Tall Grays and their minions.

Importantly, employees working in Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., will no longer be mind-controlled through the codes and frequencies embedded in CIA-controlled servers that their companies were unwittingly using. This means that many employees that are on the political left, who had mindlessly implemented algorithms and policies to stifle free speech without giving it a second thought, will now realize the consequences of their actions.

(1) Were Facebook & Social Media Blackouts due to Capture of Tall Gray Aliens?

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