Did a Fusion Bomb cause the Extinction of the Dinosaurs 65 million years ago?

The idea that we are merely one of the many species in this universe brings about new perspectives. Many of the articles on this website deal with current issues in regard to our interaction with off-world civilizations. Most of the articles are based on the material provided by Elena Danaan (1), Dr. Michael Salla (2,3) but this article is from an interview between a human and a Terran-Reptilian woman who was 28-years at the time. I have referred to this interview before in the article on the ‘Perception Switch’ (4). It also doesn’t deal with current events but with something that would have happened a very long time ago, some 65 million years back in time.

Copper – in a way responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs?

In the video (5) Lacerta (the Terran-Reptilian Female) talks about the history of her race on our world. The story starts with the arrival of humanoids from Procyon (6). They would have established two colonies: one in Asia and one on Antarctica (7). They lived together with primitive saurians without any problems. Some 150 years after the arrival of the colonists advanced Reptilians arrived on our planet as well. At first the humanoids tried to communicate peacefully, but to no avail. A global war started within two months.

Both the humanoids and the Reptilians came to Earth for raw material, mainly copper. Copper, she goes on to explain, can be used for a technique we are hardly able to understand, but copper would be very valuable to create new elements if you use high electromagnetic fields in the right angle with nuclear radiation fields. To hear more about this use of copper see the video (5, 28’22”).

The war was fought in the atmosphere and in space, and at first the humanoids seemed to be succeful, but in a last battle the Reptilians decided to use a mighty experiental weapon: a special kind of fusion bomb which would destroy the life forms on Earth, but it would not harm the copper. The bomb was fired from space and landed in the ocean near our current ‘ Middle America’. It produced an unpredictable fusion with hydrogen and the effect was much stronger than the Reptilians had expected.

(from a presentation, see (8))

A deadly radiation and an overproduction of fusion-oxygen caused a fall out of different elements and led to a nuclear winter that lasted 200 years. Most of the humanoids would have been killed and the Reptilians lost their interest in our planet and left after some years. Planet Earth was on its own again and the animals on the surface died. By the way, she says, one of the materials that were produced as a result of the fall-out of various elements was iridium.

She says that our scientists see the presence of iridium as a sign that an asteroid hit our planet 65 million years ago. She stresses that that is incorrect, but how could you know, she adds understandingly.

Within 20 years after the detonation of the fusion bomb nearly all dinosaurs and reptilians were dead. She then goes on to explain how her species evolved from then on. I guess that is interesting material for another article.

P.S. After having published this article I duck-ducked on this topic and found an interesting website that somehow has even got more details on this; a site run by Jamie Phillips (9).
P.P.S. In another article Akon, a Meton, has a different idea on the reason for the extinction of the Dinosaurs (10) and according to Enki’s account of our history the Seeders would have been responsible for this because they didn’t want a reptilian-only planet, for that could house any humans (11)

(1) Elena Danaan
(2) Dr. Michael Salla and Exopolitics
(3) In January 2022 it wasn’t clear what had happened to Megan Rose. I had a link to her youtube channel here. I removed that link because Megan Rose was disconnected from the Galactic Federation of Worlds and she no longer is in contact with Val Nek, although she still claims she is and posts regular videos on her channel. Read all about it at Communication Distortions and The Unfortunate Departure of MR from the Crew. To read more about what the real Val Nek is up see the new years wishes for 2023 at (12)
(4) Shapeshifting and the Perception Switch
(5) Interview with Reptilian Woman – Everything you want to know (video, 27′ – 31′)
(6) We have spoken about Procyon before. As far as I know only the Ginvo live in Procyon now. Perhaps there were indeed humanoids there all these millions of years ago. Perhaps we can ask one of the Ginvo’s when we come across one to tell us their history of the planets around Procyon. More on the Ginvo at The Ginvo from Procyon, Canis Minor
(7) It seems Antarctica is not only very popular these days in regard to secret space programs, portals and the Cabal, but it was popular some 65 million years ago as well 🙂
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(11) See the bottom part of the article on the find of the ancient artefact by Lacerta’s people. There you can find a video excerpt in which Elena Danaan expands on this act by the Seeders: Discovery of an Ancient Crystal Artefact Containing Info that is 65 million years Old
(12) Messages of the Star Nations from 2023

9 thoughts on “Did a Fusion Bomb cause the Extinction of the Dinosaurs 65 million years ago?

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  4. The concept of an island for experiments would be very plausible and maybe that was even done? Perhaps the seeders’ first experiments were conducted on an island or some other isolated area? To then at some point take off “big” and then the dinosaurs got in the way?

    I don’t know, of course, and I don’t want to sound so negative. Maybe there were reasons for the extinction of almost a whole flora and fauna, but to be honest I have a hard time finding these reasons.
    Well, it’s human thought and I don’t know anything about cosmic laws or anything like that.
    But it actually seems (according to current knowledge) that the Seeders for their experiments destroyed almost all life on a planet, plus the Nagas that lived on this planet for (probably) 135 million years.

    I’m just imagining that an extraterrestrial federation/community or maybe just a powerful race would come and establish a new species on our planet and we; humanity, its animals and plants would be in the way and fusion bombs would be used and more or less annihilated us.

    Enlil is being punished for crimes against humanity, but exterminating or nearly exterminating entire species is ok?

    I will admit that this is a very difficult subject, especially with the limited knowledge/information, but for now that is the state of affairs…

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