On Alien Blood – Type O and the extraterrestrial origin of RhD+

Relatively little did I talk about our Anunnaki-‘friends’ who would have played quite a crucial role in our history. I am however slowly preparing their way. The first move was to take you on a trip to their starsystem of origin: Immaru where Nibiru is the 6th planet and their home planet (1).

This article takes a more biological approach: what did the Anunnaki do to our blood and why? In ‘A Gift from the Stars‘ (2) we can read a paragraph whose content comes from Myrah, a Sirius B/Pleiadean hybrid, a medical specialist, specialized in interdimensional implant technologies (2, pp345-346).

She starts off with this explanation on the nature of the Blood Type O: “This is very simple: most blood types on Terra are indigenous, except (O) group is extra-terrestrial. D protein was engineerd by Anunnaki to make (O) compatible with other Terran blood types. You see, if two species chromosomes don’t match, the genetic difference results in a sterile offspring, and D-protein palliates to that. If you have it your blood is (+D), if not your blood is (-D).” (2, p.345)

(illustration from (3))

She then says that pregnant women who are -D or rhesus negative (rD-) who carry a baby that carry the (+D) protein in their blood, are building antigens in order to kill their baby because the D-protein is extraterrestrial and therefore toxic (p.345). This is a well-known phenomenon that every pregnant woman knows about. This becomes even more important when the woman gets pregnant for the second time with a baby that has +D blood.

The Anunnaki themselves have (O-) blood. The (O-) blood humans are also the most interesting for abductions since their blood has a higher chance for producing stronger hybrids. For a positive note: you are not likely to be eaten as easily by Reptilians since they seem to dislike consuming their own blood.

Read more interesting details on alien blood in the book (2). Enki would have been surprised by the presence of iron in our blood. See Endnote 79.

In ‘The Seeders’ Elena Danaan

(1) Nibiru, the Planet of the Anunnaki in the Immaru Star System
(2) Elena Danaan (2020) A Gift from the Stars. Amazon Press.
(3) Blood Cells are Complex

6 thoughts on “On Alien Blood – Type O and the extraterrestrial origin of RhD+

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  2. Here is another interesting description of blood types, which takes reptilian blood into account.
    AB- signals soul energy of the ancient alien protectors and cultivators of planetary development. The winged watchers were not fallen angels. They were here to guard and cultivate all Life. Their story has been completely skewed to paint them as evil. Ironically, by the ones who use evil to control this modern world. They are obligated to present the truth in some way, albeit twisted, encoded or mostly hidden. The myth of Jesus serves as one of their sly hints about the truth: Jesus was AB-.

    This ‘loving martyr’ mythology also plays out in many AB- people’s lives. They experience a high degree of abuse and adverse incidents beginning very early in life. Often culminating in autoimmune disorders later. All RH- women experience health issues – sometimes debilitating and permanent – after carrying offspring of a RH+ male.

    Our modern ruling bloodlines originated with aggressive, warring peoples. They, too, are RH-.

    Truths have been lost or greatly altered to suit powers that serve this negative force. The constant regurgitation of the same stories about duality, good & bad, warring brothers, etc. are not cosmic truths, but the ancient tales of one ruling race. This forced mythology is part of how we are trapped in a controlling consciousness hiding our human truth.

    A truth that is so old and so beautiful it would re-define our collective consciousness and free us from shackles.

    The benevolent RH- people were considered ‘royals’ for millions of years. Simply because they were accessible protectors with extraordinary healing powers. Not because they regarded themselves as rulers. They were not familiar with war, and were taken aback when the invasions began.

    A compelling theory is the less than a few million AB- people left in the world are part of a dying subgroup. Exterminated because they carry the frequency of the ancient empathetic, care-giving species. The species that is the oldest threat to the sociopathic races that have seized control of Earth.


  3. In June 2022 I received an email from F. from Germany who is a scientist working in the field of molecular Biology and Genetics. He wrote me an interesting comment about the explanation given by Myrah above. What follows is the excerpt of this email relating to this. After that email I suggested him to read Endnote 48 which is about Pjotr Garjajev and what you could call ‘wave-genetics’. After having read that he said that if those techniques were possible that would nearly make everything possible.

    — Here’s the relevant part of the mail.

    “The scientific value of this article channeled from Myrah and your excerpt/interpretation I can judge from my own scientific insight and I hope you will not feel offended by my critique. First, I would like to emphasize my impression that genetics appear to play an extraordinary role in the millennia-long interplay between Homo sapiens and extraterrestrials carrying the Adam Kadmon archetype (head, 2 arms, torso, 2 legs, upright – cf. Leonardo’s famous man in pentagram). That the role of exo-genetics are also of greater interest for you I take from your most recent article – The Great Questions: What is the exact role of the Anunnaki in our past? What is all this stuff about the importance of our genetic heritage?”.

    The told concept (I have no evidence myself but sources are many unless this narrative is copied over and over again) that humans can be interbred with greys or even reptilians, leads me to the clear-cut conclusion that respective genomes cannot be too distant from each other and that Annunaki genomes have nothing in common with Earth-bound reptiles.

    Earth humans and chimpanzees share ~99% of their genomes, they reproduce in exactly the same viviparous way, nevertheless interbreeding is not possible. In my opinion, if Annunaki are a separate species which they probably are even if they carry Lyran or Sirian “Man” genes, the offspring of pairings of Annunaki with Homo should be sterile.

    Nevertheless Elena is telling us that genetic manipulations of primitive humans were common practice, and Terrans are a mix of 21 ET sources and 1 Terran source and we are, of course, highly fertile. Corey Goode and maybe Alex Collier and others have told us something similar. “Homo sapiens as a great genetic experiment”. I would really be curious to compare an Annunaki, Ahel, Egaroth or Solipsirai genome with a Terran genome.

    Maybe we will find out that 3D genomes are as distant as expected (sequences of higher-dimensional “etherical” DNA strands cannot matter since Elena mentions that reptoids cannot go beyond 3D and present-day Terrans are in 3D). Then we would have to invoke morphogenetic fields or “the matrix” overruling physically encoded genetic information (however that would be beyond my and other earth geneticists’ comprehension).

    Or unexpectedly the DNAs of Terrans and Annunaki are in fact 99.9% identical meaning that differences in metabolism (cold-blooded vs. warm-blooded) and reproduction (oviparous vs. viviparous) and no hairs vs. hairs and eye-color and shape etc. are caused by just a few dozen genes at variance or maybe just major epigenetic changes (imposed by morphogenetic fields?).

    These are, in my opinion, interesting questions which should be basic knowledge for medical scientists like T-Ashkeru Myrah. I am very much looking forward to seminars in exogenetics one day… Elena writes “This is very simple: most blood groups on Terra are indigenous except (O) group is extra-terrestrial.” – According to our knowledge, the loss-of-function mutation of the 2 enzyme variants that attach the sugars N-acetyl-galactosamine (blood group A) or galactose (blood group B) occurred more than once during evolution.

    (If these sugars are not attached we automatically get the “stub” blood group O). Blood O definitely exists also in higher primates. In conclusion, although it seems unlikely from my knowledge I cannot fully excluded that the blood group O in humans has been newly introduced by aliens. Yet certainly blood group O is not exclusive to extraterrestrials. “D protein was engineered by Annunaki to make (O) compatible with other Terran blood types.” –

    This sentence makes very little scientific sense if it refers to the alleged introduction of a gene coding for the immunogenic D protein gene the human genome. First of all, the D protein is not unique to homo sapiens, this ammonia transporter-encoding gene exists already in primates, monkeys and in other vertebrates.

    About 17% of UK individuals have a mutation in the D gene, i.e. are “D–“ or “d”. Basques are 21-36% D–. D is dispensable for the function of erythrocytes (red blood cells) because we also have the similar C/E protein.

    In subequatorial Africa where malaria is endemic there are only 1-3% D– and it can be assumed that the D protein protects from malaria. As Elena’s text says, Annukaki are all O–. If a male Annunaki has children with a female Terran having blood groups O+, A+, B+ or AB+, there should be no immunological problems due to blood groups at all (since no antibodies harming embryos and newborns are formed against O– , if all the other Annunaki genes are tolerated by the hybrid embryo (which I consider unlikely).

    If an Annunaki woman has children with a Terran man having O+, A+, B+ or AB+ blood groups it can be expected that in >80% of cases the hemolytic disease of the newborn will arise which must have been utterly frustrating for some Annunaki women (such as the Sumerian goddess Inanna associated with love, beauty, sex, war, justice, and political power; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inanna).

    Hence, introduction of a functional D gene into the Annunaki genome rather than the Terran genome would have made more sense in order to allow for a more successful hybridization with Terrans or just led the Annunaki men have sex with Terran women which they enjoyed anyway. Why the heck, would an ascension process be hindered by a functional D protein?

    I am unable to comprehend the science behind that point. The expression of a single type of ion transporter molecule in red blood cells of which we have a second variant (C/E protein) that is ubiquitously present should not be able to pull down vibes in a way that ascension is hindered.

    It would be great if Myrah or another alien expert could give us once a private lesson on that topic if she indeed is able to (which I am slightly inclined to doubt). It would be highly interesting to learn about advanced geneticists’ methods. If I extrapolate the limited information about the working of med-beds that I have, exogeneticists do not need CRISPR/Cas gene scissors or alike but do genetic manipulation on a holographic quantum-based level, meaning they work with highly complex AI-based electromagnetic fields (even taken from holograms of the past in a linear understanding of time, cf. Dan Willis’ info) that instruct atoms/molecules to move into “healthy” positions (20-years-and-back program). I am fully aware of the perspective that the present work of Earth biologists is most primitive and will be utterly obsolete in a couple of years. We will need to become re-educated.”

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  4. I’m not sure of the significance, if any, but I will offer the blood chemistry of my family as it seems unusual and rare.

    My immediate family consists of five members.
    Lifelong wedded Mother and father having three children, all five having a different blood-type.

    Mom=AB- Dad=O+ Eldest Female Sibling=A- Second Male=A+ Third Male=B-

    All five generally normal and healthy lives with one exception.
    Those having negative blood-types have all been diagnosed as adults, having Diabetes Type-2

    Just curious if anything significant can be extrapolated.


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