Meet the Ummit from Wolf 424 (Ummo)

At night I was looking at the sky and I recognized the sign ‘Leo’, and I wondered: who would live on planets around the stars of Leo? Apparently no civilization that has had much influence or interest in our planet, since none are described in Elena Danaan’s ‘A Gift from the Stars’ (1). The closest star near the Leo-sign is the star Ummo (Wolf 424) that is home of the Ummit, which are described with a beautiful illustration.

(wikipedia, 2)

Let’s first see where to find the (binary) star system of Wolf 424. As you can see it is about somewhere in the middle between Spica (the brightest star from Virgo), Arcturus (from Boötes) and Denebola (from Leo, the hind-leg/foot). I added another star map at the bottom of this page.

Just like it is the case with the Meton (4) at least one book is written on the Ummit (5). In that book you can read about their arrival on Earth in 1950 and how they established contact with people in Spain in 1965. Elena quotes from this book in (1, p. 300)

I was able to find a drawing of an Ummit woman that would be based on photographs (6). Her golden suit matches the description that Thor Han gives of the suits of the various star faring worlds. In a video from August 2021 (7) she says: “

Image taken from (6)

“Smart suit is technology. So usually they look like always glittery, because you have tiny particles of metal work like an armor. You can shoot someone – it won’t go through. Either all kinds of blue and green, and you have silver or white or gold or you have even a shade that is warm beautiful, it’s between silver and gold. This silver with shimmering gold reflections it’s very nice.

Ahil (8) have a blue turquoise blue, the Taal pleiadians have white. The Centaurians will have silver. The Ummites will have this golden shimmering one. The Ummites uniforms are beautiful, really really nice. I like that. And frequency belts will change color with species.”

It would have taken the Ummit about 9 months to travel the 14,1 lightyears between their world and ours (5). In ‘A Gift from the Stars’ we can read a bit on the Ummit as well: “Ummit have this particularity of a high forehead, which distinguishes them from the other Man races. As well, their eyes are smaller and in the same facial proportions as the Terran humanoid eyes. They are mainly blond and their life-excpectancy of about 200 years. They have discoidal ships.

Ummit – Illustration by Elena Danaan (1, p.299)

Ummit are working actively with the Galactic Federation of Worlds on a scientific program aiming to assist the development of Terran sciences. Respecting the rules of non-intervention in the development of a level I civilization (level 2 is interstellar travel) (9), they come around it by contacting civilians, often technically competent professionals able to understand the content of the messages, instead of official scientists.” (1, p.298).

Craig Campobasso has made an Extraterrestrial Species Almanac in 2021 and he presents a completely different drawing of an Ummite (see menu/various/end note 8).

In april 2023 I started to study the older videos from Elena’s youtube database and I came across a fine description of the Ummit, their link with the Ahil and the Taal in a video from November 2020 (10). Below you can see an excerpt from this video. I loved seeing Elena without all the fancy backgrounds!

Elena Danaan talks about the Ummit, back in 2020 (10)

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(9) In Elena Danaan (2021)  We will never let you Down. four stages of evolution are described. In that book stage 1 in the current description is divided into two stages (1: developing; 2: Primary; 3:star faring), see for on that at The Arks and the Prime Directive
(10) QA Live – Nov 17 2020- Nordic aliens: who are they?

(Naked Eye Planets, 3)

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