On Alien Blood – Type O and the extraterrestrial origin of RhD+

Relatively little did I talk about our Anunnaki-‘friends’ who would have played quite a crucial role in our history. I am however slowly preparing their way. The first move was to take you on a trip to their starsystem of origin: Immaru where Nibiru is the 6th planet and their home planet (1).

This article takes a more biological approach: what did the Anunnaki do to our blood and why? In ‘A Gift from the Stars‘ (2) we can read a paragraph whose content comes from Myrah, a Sirius B/Pleiadean hybrid, a medical specialist, specialized in interdimensional implant technologies (2, pp345-346).

She starts off with this explanation on the nature of the Blood Type O: “This is very simple: most blood types on Terra are indigenous, except (O) group is extra-terrestrial. D protein was engineerd by Anunnaki to make (O) compatible with other Terran blood types. You see, if two species chromosomes don’t match, the genetic difference results in a sterile offspring, and D-protein palliates to that. If you have it your blood is (+D), if not your blood is (-D).” (2, p.345)

(illustration from (3))

She then says that pregnant women who are -D or rhesus negative (rD-) who carry a baby that carry the (+D) protein in their blood, are building antigens in order to kill their baby because the D-protein is extraterrestrial and therefore toxic (p.345). This is a well-known phenomenon that every pregnant woman knows about. This becomes even more important when the woman gets pregnant for the second time with a baby that has +D blood.

The Anunnaki themselves have (O-) blood. The (O-) blood humans are also the most interesting for abductions since their blood has a higher chance for producing stronger hybrids. For a positive note: you are not likely to be eaten as easily by Reptilians since they seem to dislike consuming their own blood.

Read more interesting details on alien blood in the book (2). Enki would have been surprised by the presence of iron in our blood. See Endnote 79.

In ‘The Seeders’ Elena Danaan

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