The Giansar – The Hooded Reptilians

Yesterday the postman delivered Tony Rodrigues’ book ‘Ceres Colony Cavalier‘ (1) and I started reading it today. In the first chapter he describes how he had contact with a ‘hooded reptilian’ in an underground base. This article shares some information on the Giansar Reptilians who would often be hooded when on our planet.

The Giansar – Illustration by Elena Danaan – taken from video (2). The drawing can also be found in (3) p. 155

Let’s start off with the brand new book by Rodrigues: “Then a short, reptile-like being came in. He was the same as the ones that wore hoods in my bedroom. The fabric was a chalky charcoal color. He seemed more engaging than the other two, and was willing to answer my questions. To my surprise, he also made me laugh with his good sense of humor.” (1, p.27)

It might have been some other alien reptiloid wearing a hood, but as it seems to be so typical for the Giansar it could have been one of them.

Elena Danaan talked about the Giansar in her video on Magic Spells (2). This video was made, mainly to better understand the message by Oona on the dark spells that were cast by the Cabal (4).

In that particular video she says that the Giansar would be masters of dark magic who would have worked closely with the Cabal. I added a link directly to that part on the Giansar.

In her book she writes: “...and like all other branches of the ‘serpent’ race they utilize black witchcraft, sorcery and other forms of mind control against their enemies. They appear to be a dimension-hopping sorcerer or priest class among the reptiloid species. They are a kind of vampires who feeds off of human emotional life essence, sucking up the energy that they need not only to nourish their auric power, but also to trap and enslave humans by their vices and weaknesses, blocking their spiritual growth and dragging them back down into lower planes of existence.

Giansar or Gianfar is star number 13 in the constellation of Draco (5)

“....the best and true way to set them back is to defeat your enemy within. Any method of resistance involving shining your own light and healing your wounds and weaknesses is greatly helping.” (3, p.155)

To get to know more about this race get Elena’s book or watch the video. Giansar or Gianfar can be found at the end/tail of the Draco Constellation, some 344 light years away from us.

For another important Reptilian race check out the Ciakahrr (6,7). In her book ‘The Seeders‘ Elena Danaan also mentions the Giansar in connection with their dark magic skills (8).

In March 2023 the Giansar were mentioned in connection to a certain group that claims to have secretly existed for thousands of years, only coming out into the open in 2020. See (9) for more on that.

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