TLS and the Interdimensional Giansar

People nowadays often say that we are living in special times. I have to agree. Certain important disclosure information is being safely guarded and has been locked for almost a week now from the general public (1). But like a secret agent I managed to get hold on one of the topics that was discussed and I think this is a very important topic to share with the world.

People wearing hoods (4)

The Giansar seem to play an important role in this subject. We have spoken about these hooded creeps before, back in February 2022 (3). Elena Danaan mentioned them again in her third webinar and she described them as interdimensional Reptilians that are heavily involved in satanic rituals and black magic. Although they would also be cut off from Earth, they have managed to groom a number of people to continue their mission, which is the harvesting of as many souls as possible; draining their energies.

Elena went on to talk about a certain guy that contacted her and other contactees with some financially attractive offer, but of course Elena would not buy into that. She was sent a video in which this person, whom she only described with his first name, Jason, talked to some hooded person with a strange voice, using the name ‘Ray’. It could have been just a person whose voice was artificially distorted to protect his identity, but it might also have been a Giansar, who knows?

In the end Elena warned against getting involved with the group that this Jason was involved in.

So, Elena never said who she was talking about, but it didn’t take a lot of digging to find a certain Jason who was talking to a hooded person with a distorted voice (5). It probably was Jason Shurka (10) who is running a website of an organization that is called ‘TLS: The Light System‘. What was this all about, and why would Elena warn her audience about this organization? I decided to download one of the books called ‘Rays of Light’ (11) and I thought the introduction of this book was rather troubling. What do you think?

TLS is a very powerful, undercover and Divine organization that has existed for thousands of years. The existence of TLS was first revealed to the public on 8/26/2020 in an interview (in which I [=Jason Shurka] took part) with George Noory on Coast-to-Coast AM Radio.

TLS is made up of roughly 7,000 initiated agents around the world, some of whom are ordinary people and some very well-known people in the world today including government officials, celebrities, producers, and so on. TLS has branches in every major city in the world. The organization is made up of all religions, races, ages and genders. When I say “all ages”, I am also referring to human beings who are several hundreds of years old, one of which you will get to know of on a very personal level throughout this text. When I say “all races”, I am referring to races that are not part of the human race.

Although it may sound unbelievable to some, not all initated agents in TLS are human beings. TLS performs both physical and energetic/spiritual tasks in every subjects, plane, dimension and geographical location in the Universe (not just her on Earth).

All initiated agents in TLS get paid, though agents who work on the spiritual side of the organization are generally volunteers. Any agent who is paid for their work is paid by TLS under a different alias, which is generally connected to the cover story that the agent has for their day-to-day job.

TLS is a self-sufficient and financially independent organization that is not reliant on any donations in order to operate. The finances to pay their agents come from the many companies and businesess that they operate. TLS has possession of and access to incredibly high technology, some of which completely defies the laws of physics which are publicly known to modern-day physicists and scientists. In essence, TLS is a very unique, esoteric and omnipotent organization, which is here to help guide an assist humanity reaching a higher level of awareness and consciousness (11).

Dark Forces Hierarchy and Control Tactics (6)

What to make of all this? The Giansar are described as interdimensional extraterrestrials from Sigma Draconis. I came across this pyramid on the right, with interdimensional ET’s high up in the hierarchy. I am also reminded of the removal of Ninurta by his grandfather Anu a while back from the top of the pyramid (7).

The TLS says that they have existed for thousands of years and that there are extraterrestrials involved in their organization. Could there be a link with the descendants of the Enlil faction that made this deal with the Ciakahrr thousands of years ago? (8)

Well, if there was indeed a link between the Cabal and TLS, would they so openly show themselves? No, they wouldn’t be this stupid, would they?

Please share your thoughts below in the comments section or in the Elena Study Center (9)

(1) Go to the Webinar for more details – The information from webinar 3 (March 19, 2023) has not been shared with the public, not even a short summary at the time of writing this article (March 26, 2023). Webinar 4 has already been introduced however (2)
(2) Webinars
(3) The Giansar ā€“ The Hooded Reptilians
(4) Pinterest Hoods up
(5) Jason Shurka – Watch the disclosure series to see Jason Shurka have long interviews with this hooded guy called ‘Ray’
(6) Dark Forces Hierarchy and Control Tactics
(7) Anu, Enlil and the Meeting with the Four Councils
(8) The Enlil Lineage
(9) The Galactic Elena Danaan Research Center
(10) Here’s a lovely picture of Jason Shurka with Dr.Sandra Rose Michael from Dr. Michael’s website on an Energy Enhancement System (EES)

(11) Rays of Light

12 thoughts on “TLS and the Interdimensional Giansar

  1. GA – Hooded, not hooted… hoot like an owl.
    As for the TSL being related to the Cabal, my sense is yes… and these people are that stupid. They took orders from their superiors and are unable to think for themselves. Offering money, fame, and notoriety to someone is like what Satan (an ET) tried with Yeshua in the desert during his 40 day fast. They attempt to draw in powerful and popular people who are sharing truth to suck off their soul energy. Anyone associated with these dark entities is working the remaining factions of the cabal, which is primarily reptilian and Satanic in nature. I listened to a few of the early videos of Jason but I have an intuitive repulsion towards secret societies in general. This group is no exception, whatever and whoever they are associated with. These hooded reptilians are black magicians and can manipulate weak, ungrounded individuals seeking fame, power and money. Elena is protected. You need to use your own discernment and make your own choices. I grew up in a family that had Masons on both sides, mother and father. Was I tempted to go into the Masons? No… I rejected it as a young person and still would do it again today.

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    • Yes, wise perception. Being initiated means you are giving a vow to obey… in essence, you are giving your power and future away to a society, organization or entity. I studied for a while with a Rosicrucian society but stopped when it was time to take the next step… the vow to retain secrecy, never a good thing. It is a way to sow division, us vs them… just another ploy of the dark to divide humanity.

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      • We have been living in a fallen/inverted/synthetic multiverse since the “fall”. The true “humans” etc that are here are helping to return everything back to how it was before the “fall”. Same story / different perspective. Check out Zone of Displacement by Dr Peter Daniel Francuch.


  2. The pyramid codes: Rabbi AA, the father of Ray, was the 3rd son of Adam and Eve. They are the linage of Jewish, son of Egyptian god (pharaohs). Their army symbol and symbol of the pharaohs was the “EAGLE”. Isn’t the eagle symbol of Enlil’s military ? The Pharaohs were the Pyramid architects – Annunaki, Toth.
    Rabbi AA has accessed two worlds and trained Ray before left last incarnation. In one of the interviews, Ray said, one of his missions was to extract 3 dead souls from Fukushima disaster. It sounded like he has the ability to extract souls and deliver. Who knows what TLS is going to do with those souls, transfer to a clone same body , biological AI …..?

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    • Yes, the Eagle is the symbol of Enlil. As for what the TLS was going to do with those souls, who knows. Soul extraction was also used by the Orion Grays (the regressives). They were attempting to put human souls into synthetic bodies… and to “crack” the code of human consciousness that allows enlightened humans to access multidimensions, walk the Akash, etc. Another thing… human souls like human bodies are used as currency among the regressives. The unique genome of Earth humans is very appealing to other races, especially the regressives. Some really horrible stuff has been done by these regressives on Earth and off-world, as well. The Enlil faction was heavily involved in the intergalactic slave trade. ~EA


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  4. I love your work Joost but I found the presence of this article to be, let’s just say surprising, and some of the responses laughable. I have been aware of Jason Shukra for a couple of years and watch a video of his now and then. I think the financial offer Elena spoke of was probably related to the Unifyd TV platform that Jason created which I have never used but looks to be similar to many other media platforms. There is also Unifyd Healing that is helping to roll out EES around the world which is some of the most incredible healing technology that the public has ever been offered. Dr Michaels created the technology like 20 years ago but until now had been kept private, sold only for personal use because several attempts have been made on her life to keep it suppressed.
    It’s unfortunate that Elena intentionally tried to smear Jason and the great work he is doing for humanity. I wonder what she fears about him. It seems that almost none of the very popular truthers/influencers or whatever, can stay out of their ego and keep their opinion to themselves about others.


    • Thanks Ed for your response. I don’t think Elena is starting a smear campaign. I think it is incredibly suspicious to talk about a group that has been hiding for thousands of years with the assistance of et groups and this guy with his hood and his weird voice doesn’t give me any good vibes either.


      • I think earth may be in the terraforming state at the present time. Before 2015, many real truthers from different disciplines were killed, attacked or disappeared. After 2015/2016, the power of beast started loosing their grips ( the power of light started rising), therefore, many new age disclosers are able to reveal continuously on the old and new hidden subjects/agenda. There are many many ancient bloodline light and dark groups and organizations that we don’t know about, have existed more than 1000s of years on earth. Here is a short video on the “numbers” of group, no name but usually represented numbers in the universe.


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