A Device to Record your Past Lives

( Устройство для записи ваших прошлых жизней )

When you move about in these galactic and exopolitical realms there is often a very thin line between science fiction and science fact. A lot of alien species have been introduced on this website, and we have also come across fascinating examples of extraterrestrial technology. In an interview that was posted on May 18, 2023, Dr. Salla talked with JP about yet another mission, in which JP described a new device that would allow one to experience past lives (1).

Remembering Past Lives (11)

During this galactic ride, the last couple of years, we have been introduced to all kinds of technology. Before we get to JP’s latest ‘novelty’ I would like to pay some attention to a number of other pieces of state-of-the-art-technology that we were allowed to witness. You might remember how Elena described the food replicators, that even had species-specific functionality, which were also present at the home of Myrah whom she visited on planet Nyan (2). We have Enki showing us his martial arts style with this vajra (3). Then there are of course the brain implants used to either communicate or do things like flying a spaceship (4).

We have heard about Radu Cinamar who was given a pair of holographic glasses that allowed him to ‘scroll’ through large holographic scenes of our history, according to the underground people of Apellos (5). Talking about Holographic techniques, you might think of the 50,000 year old holographic body-scan device that Cinamar saw below the Bucegi Mountains in Romania (6). Ardaana shared that an ancient holographic chair in the pyramid of Giza. could be shown to the world, if the Cabal weren’t there to prevent this from happening (7)

Besides holographic devices, we talked about crystals as bearers of information. Take for instance the 1,5 feet crystal device that was found some 16,000 years ago by the Reptilian species that Lacerta is a part of that showed them the history of their species going all the way back to the extinction of the Dinosaurs (8). I remember Mirkak, the partner of Val Nek, using an ancient crystal that he simply held against his forehead to see the history of his people, the Telos (9).

During his mission in that spaceport in the Alabama region (10) JP and his team received a device that turned out to be a device that, when connected to a human being, through some kind of helmet, could not only ‘activate’ memories of your past lives, but those memories could also be recorded! Imagine that.

JP then described how he was asked to sit down and he was consequently connected to this machine. He got to see a past life on a completely different planet, with a very dense, metallic-like moon, and there he recognized Elena Danaan in another incarnation. This was later confirmed by her, that she indeed lived in a world like that.

Man wearing an Iron Man helmet (16)

When I was half way though my article something inside me didn’t want to continue. This doesn’t happen regularly, for most of the time I just continue to write my articles until they are finished. I sat down and started watching an episode of ‘Raised by Wolves‘ (12) when the Elena Danaan Study Group (13) turned active and we discussed this latest mission of JP. After some initial hesitation I opened up to a few questions and after this discussion I felt that was needed to finish the article you are reading right now.

We came up with a few ethical questions. What to think of a piece of technology that is able to pierce into our past lives? Shouldn’t we only open up to certain past lives, when our ‘soul’ or ‘higher self’ decides that the time is right for it? And isn’t this supposed to be a natural event: to start remembering these former lives without being plugged into some kind of extraterrestrial machine of unknown origin? Isn’t this a kind of ‘holy’ or ‘divine’ treshold that should not be articifially trespassed?

And for whom is JP doing is? Is it indeed a benevolent group of white hats that are sending out the orders, or could it be some other force? I am reminded of something that Thor Han said in connection to the Ciakahrr and why they cooperated with the Nazi’s on Antarctica (14). Read along:

Thor Han continued his update:

Not only the Earth Alliance and the Nataru (7) Alliance knew about it, but also the enemy. The Ciakahrr stormed and took the place under Vostok, hoping to crack the codes of this technology. They welcomed the humans of the Nazi group, that you call the Fourth Reich, to help decrypting this technology. Were you thinking that they accepted human colonies there in Antarctica for no reason? What do you think they were getting in exchange for technology and weapons? DNA. The Ciakahrrs knew DNA was the key to activate these power structures. But even though they looked into finding the right DNA frequency codes, they never succeeded to activate these structures.” (15)

Apparently the Ciakahrr were dying to find the right people with the right DNA to activate those spaceships. If they would have had devices like this ‘past life recording device‘ they might have been able to hunt down the right people by searching through the past lives of everyone they could get a hold on with special (psychic) abilities.

I’m a bit confused about all this. On the one hand I would like to embrace this fantastic account of JP as yet another chapter in a beautiful unfolding story of man’s connection with extraterrestrial life, but on the other hand I wonder if we really should be helping with a technology that is so intrusive that it can actually record our past lives. What if these devices would end up in the wrong hands? Just imagine that you would be forced to let your past lives be recorded. Wouldn’t that feel like a mind-rape of a soul magnitude? Why is the US Army so eager to find these people that would be able to fly these hidden arks or spaceships?

Well, let me know your thoughts by adding a comment below. Follow me at my Telegram Channel which now also has chat functionality.

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A Cloaked Laser Tube From A Mountain Base to Hide Spaceship Traffic

Laser Light Dancing (8)

There are many things that I like about exploring these paths of disclosure, but what I personally like the most is that it keeps on expanding my reality: with every article I write something new comes up, or new connections are made. This time I want to pay some attention to what JP recently described in one of his many interviews with Dr. Michael Salla (1,2).

JP has taken us to many underground worlds, space arks (or spaceships) and recently to a few places that could best be described as space ports. You might remember one his missions below the surface of Florida where he saw many spaceships parked in a place that looked like a combination of an inhabited world and a spaceport (3). There were a lot of ‘Nordics’ walking around, and probably a lot from planet Erra based on that mysterious smell of those Oshksha flowers that would have been transported from Erra to these underground places (4).

On May 4, 2023, JP described a large spaceport in the mountainous terrain in the general area of Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, that uses a unique kind of laser stealth technology to hide the arrival and exit of spacecraft 24 hours a day. (1). Let’s hear Dr. Salla and JP talk about the way this ‘hexagon shaped tube’ works (3 minutes)

JP and Dr. Michael Salla talk about this incredible laser tube that allows
for spaceship traffic to go in and out of spacesports withouth being seen (2)

JP says in this excerpt: “They have a technology that surrounds its mountains. It’s a laser that shoots up and it goes as high as our atmosphere but these lasers that stood up they do a hexagon up and it anything … they can enter from the atmosphere all the way in and nothing can be seen coming in or out…So it’s a type of laser light that shoots up to space and when ships go through it nobody can see it nobody can see the ships that go inside this laser reflects everything that is outside…it’s like… a kind of tubular beam of light or a laser that goes up into the atmosphere

JP goes to to say that this cloaking laser beam itself is also completely invisible because it uses some advanced cloaking technique.

This apparent coming and going of spaceships from this spaceport to all kinds of off-world people is almost impossible to grasp. What are they bartering? Who is trading and what do we get in return? In the Elena Danaan Research Group (5) we reflected a bit on this, and some wondered how it is possible that we are actively bartering and trading all kinds of stuff to other worlds, while many on the surface are still suffering from sickness and hunger? Who would be in control of those bases? Can we be sure that these bases are run by the Earth Alliance?

A lot more can be said about this. I welcome you to share your thoughts in the comments below, or visit the study group. Since May 11, 2023 I also added a feature to my Galactic Anthropology Channel, namely the possibility to comment on articles in a new Galactic Anthropology Chat room, that I have coined GA Thought Exchange (6), which is moderated solely by me (7).

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Coopers – Best Extra Stout (5,9)

(5) JP Missions – A Topic in the Elena Danaan Research Group – Someone (N) from this group said: “Interesting that they think highly of our engineering capabilities. I also learned from Corey Goode on Cosmic Disclosure a while back that they highly prize our beer. Isn’t that interesting? Apparently it is traded, along with other more important goods. Hope they don’t deplete the stocks of Coopers Extra Stout, which I love. I do recall from Sitchin that there was indeed a goddess of beer-making (Anunnaki), so it appears she did a good job in teaching us….I wonder if they return the empties for recycling.:) “
(6) GA Thought Exchange
(7) I have to warn visitors, for something funny happened yesterday. A few people from the Elena Danaan Study Group were banned from even viewing the (non-reply) Telegram posts of Elena Danaan. Obviously the Love Crew is targeting people who think critically, so you might just get banned because of associating with Galactic Anthropology. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 🙂
The Love Crew also made sure that these people were not able to see any of the telegram posts of Dr. Michael Salla any more either. Despite all this madness I want to reiterate that I love the work of both Elena Danaan and Dr. Salla.
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To Trust or not to Trust the Anunnaki?

A few articles back I wrote a piece in which I reflected on the Anunnaki Giants that would be in the process of awakening (1). This article goes deeper down that path: are we doing the right thing by trusting anyone from those Anunnaki? In order to explore this topic I have found it useful to make a distinction between the period BEFORE the arrival of Enki and his team in the fall of 2021 and AFTER that moment.

Let’s start off with a video from 2020 (2) in which Thor Han doesn’t talk very favorably about the Anunnaki. This was at the time that Elena herself was still talking about ‘channeling Thor Han’, to describe her communication through her implant (3).

Thor Han speaks about his position on the Anunnaki (2)

In this contact Thor Han said: “The Anunnaki are very strange people. We don’t have contact with them very much, they are not trustworthy people. I would say their ethics has very different levels than our ethics.” (2).

When we read the description of the Anunnaki in Elena’s excellent first disclosure book (4) this sentiment is also repeated often, and remember this book was written more than a year before Enki’s arrival on the scene.

Trust (27)

“They are known to be among the most advanced societies regarding to genetic engineering. They play a lot with the genetics of conquered worlds and especially with children, trying to create servile hybrids helping their purposes anywhere in the galaxy. Anunnaki have been the source and spreading of great genetic biodiversity and racial confusion throughout this galaxy for these reasons. Great enemies of the Lyrans but as as well of the Ciakahrr Empire. Technologically advanced and well equipped in warfare, their name is also feared in this galactic sector….

They….are now [2020] having ties and agreements with the Terran based Reptilians to share the management of humans. These contracts come in the larger scale agreements with the Draconian and Orion Empires regarding the conquered world, slavery, food chain and genetic experimentations. As it is also done on any other conquered world, the Anunnaki left an elite contingent on Terra in order to controle and manipulate, by creating elite human organizations, making the Anunnaki the deep underground hidden part of the military-industrial-terrestrial complex.” (4, pp 230-232)

In the fall of 2021, right after the malevolent groups had been chased out of our solar system by the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Earth Alliance and local resistance groups (5), Elena got into contact with Enki for the first time. This meeting with Enki is described in her third disclosure book (6), but in a January 2022 video she had already described it very eloquently. Let’s listen along:

Elena Danaan describes her first meeting with Enki (7)

Here are a few elements from this description (from the transcript of the video, (7)):

A few months later i received the protection of Enki which i am going to tell you about. Enki: “We are back for the humans of earth to witness their final liberation to take part in this great victory. Slaves have broken their chains, they have risen to their sovereignty. I am Enki. I am father. I am back….his words resonated in my head with deep and grave timber. Enki… the annunaki lord who tried to save the Earthlings from slavery appearing at a time when humanity of earth is fighting their final combat to free themselves up from servitude….

Enki: “I will protect you in your mission. I am the father of your kind. I came to see my children setting themselves free. This time has to come when my children rise.” He gave me a word to say when i need to enforce his protection around me and to this day it has proven effective his wings of fire were in proper wings but protuberance of plasma coming out of his body. Every time I pronounced the magic word the shield formed and consumed any attacks aimed at me at the moment.

In a video from June 2022 (8) Elena talked to Dani Henderson about her second meeting with Enki. She then first introduced the idea of the Genetic Tmeplate Grail (9).

Enki (28)

After this first meeting with Enki in september 2021 Elena talked to Thor Han (10). He said: “You are privileged to meet with Enki” (6, p.25). You might remember the contact video in which he actually got cargo from the Nibiru ship of the Enki-faction of the Anunnaki (11). It is clear that the Galactic Federation of Worlds works together with the Anunnaki. Also Annax (12) speaks in loving terms about Enki: “Enki tried to free the humans of Terra because he loved them. He gifted many of them with his own blood. Enki has compassion. That’s what makes him different. He will walk with you and with the others from the army of Terra.” (12)

The way this apparent shift in perspective on the Anunnaki is explained is that Enki is something different. Although he is part of the Anunnaki he is portrayed as the the good Anunnaki, and we have seen all kinds of examples of the benevolent effects of his presence back in our solar system. Not only is there the Genetic Template Grail (9) which would restore our distorted genetics to the original splendor of our genetics consisting of at least 11 intergalactic species (13). We know the trial of Enlil before the councils (14), which resulted in the removal of Ninurta from Earth. Then there is the event surrounding the handover of Saturn to the Earth Alliance (15).

It was in the few months after the arrival of Enki that the break-up between Elena Danaan and Megan Rose occurred. We have spoken about this before (16). Recently I have begun to study Megan’s work since the break-up. I wanted to see for myself what all this alleged misinformation was all about. Especially in the light of certain current developments within the Elena Danaan Community (17-19) I broke the ‘ban’ and started to listen to her videos with Val Nec (20).

In a video from April 7, 2023 Megan Rose addresses the Anunnaki, and it is clear that Val Nec still has the kind of perspective on the Anunnaki that we could read from the Galactic Federation of Worlds before the arrival of Enki. Here’s the excerpt for those who are open to listening to Megan Rose:

Megan Rose about the Anunnaki who are described as evil (21)

Val Nec says that he doesn’t like the Anunnaki at all. He describes them as evil and he says that the Anunnaki see our people as cattle. The Anunnaki are described as enemies of the Federation who have made deals with Reptilians. He also says that the Anunnaki are seen as the master geneticists, at least the best from the malevolent groups. The Orion Group, the Nebu (22), the Reptilians respect them. The Anunnaki are not gods and according to Val Nec the Galactic Federation of Worlds doesn’t work with the Anunnaki at all (21).

In Megan Rose’s report on the Anunnaki she talks about the planet Nibiru and not about the spaceship Nibiru. We have spoken about a remarkable change in ‘A Gift from the Stars’ (4), related to this. In A Gift from the Stars there is no mention of any spaceship called Nibiru. Elena said that we weren’t ready to open up to this idea that Nibiru wasn’t a planet, but a spaceship and that was the reason that the ‘old’ information was in her first disclosure book. As far as I know it is about the only element in her book that now, no longer is correct.

This could be seen as another argument that Val Nec is closer to the first book than Elena Danaan at the moment. See (23) for more details on this Nibiru planet and spaceship topic.

I’m not taking any sides on this complicated issue, but it seems that the Galactic Federation of Worlds was quite negative about the Anunnaki in general. They didn’t make any distinction between certain members of the Anunnaki and others. This can be found in the words of Thor Han and in the description of the Anunnaki in ‘A Gift from the Stars‘. The Arrival of Enki changed all this: Enki was embraced as a benevolent Anunnaki, who apparently was trustworthy (29).

It was after the arrival of Enki that the break-up between Elena and Megan occurred. The first public introduction to Enki was given at the beginning of January 2022. A few weeks later Elena Danaan had said that Megan Rose was compromised and that she unfortunately was no longer in contact with Val Nek (25). What would other contactees have said about the Anunnaki? What was Alex Collier’s position on the Anunnaki before and after Enki’s arrival?

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below, or head for the Elena Danaan Study Center (26) or follow my telegram channel.

A Gift from the Stars (4)

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(20) I use the term ‘VAL NEC’ (with a C at the end) to express that I am neutral to the source that Megan Rose has. It might actually be the real Val Nek, but it might as well be something different altogether. In order to not take sides I use the term ‘Val Nec’

Trust (27)

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Training Earth Alliance Military to Become Excellent Spaceship Pilots

As you may have noticed I have started to study the work of Megan Rose (8), to see where all this alleged misinformation would be hiding. So far I haven’t come across anything but interesting perspectives. To read more about the Val Nek-controversy head for (1). If you would like to use your own discernment continue with this article. If you think it’s better to follow Elena Danaan’s advice (1) stop reading immediately, for you might get ‘infected’ with misinformation.

One of the interesting things with Megan Rose’s intel is that she seems closer to the ‘Letter 17’ or Q-movement, Space Force and the Earth Alliance (2), which would make sense, since Val Nek had a coordinating role in organizing the Earth Alliance on Earth. In the following excerpt Megan Rose gives some interesting information about the way humans from Earth are trained to become spaceship pilots. Listen to what Val Nec (3) has told her (a minute and a half video):

Megan Rose talks about the training of Earth military to become spaceship pilots (4)

Val Nec told Megan that it would take a long time to train these pilots to actuallyl fly these spaceships and become ‘the best of the best’. They are being trained as if they would become pilots in the Galactic Federation of Worlds. She says that these pilots may use implants because that is the way they interface with the ships (5). To train them implies developing a lot of mental stamina; their minds really need to be clear.

You cannot be super traumatized, either because of a MK-Ultra past or because of any other traumas that are lurking in your subconscious. She talks about using ‘Tesla Technology’ while these pilots are training, which would help them undo their mental traumas to make their minds clear and then they can create different neural links.

She says: “To drive a [space] ship the way the federation does it, it takes a lot of mental stamina and it takes spiritual evolution and it might be what the Guardian version of Space Force is, it is the more advanced Space Fleet, that are trained as Fighter Pilots” (4)

Former NASA astronaut joins World View as chief pilot (7)

This is the first article based solely on information from Megan Rose. What do think of it? Share your thoughts either below in the comments or visit the Elena Danaan Study Center (6). You can also subscribe to my Telegram channel.

(1) Megan Rose’s first Abduction by the Maytra at Age 5 – Elena’s advice can be found in footnote 6 on that page.
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According to Megan she still is in contact with the real Val Nek. Since I want to have a neutral position on this I chose to not speak about Val Nek, but Val Nec. When I use Val Nec it means that I am not choosing sides: it could be the real Val Nek, as Megan says, but it could also be someone else. I want to study Megan’s words with an open mind and like I said in the beginning, to use my own discernment. So let’s start off with an interesting topic!
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Enki Shows Elena Danaan a Vajra with Plasma Beams

In a video on April 23, 2023 (1), Elena describes how Enki showed the working of a particular plasma weapon, called a vajra, while she was on one of her visits on the Anunnaki ship Nibiru. Let’s hear her description yourself:

Elena Danaan describes the way Enki showed her the workings of an ancient plasma weapon called ‘Vajra’
Marduk or Ninurta? (3)

In this excerpt Elena Danaan says how she asked Enki about this particular weapon, since Enki and other members of his family were depicted holding such weapons in their hands on artefacts. In her third disclosure book (2), Elena spends a chapter on this weapon. In that chapter she added a picture of herself holding a vajra (probably the same replica as in the video excerpt). You can also find an image of one of these artefacts in her book

This image is described by Elena as being Marduk. I used this image in the article on the ‘trial’ of Enlil (4), and according to a certain wikipedia page this would represent Ninurta (Enlil’s son), and not Marduk (Enki’s son), but I’m no expert who can definitely say who it is, right? He is seen fighting with a serpent called ‘Tiamat’ so that would be an indicator that he is indeed Marduk.

In that chapter Elena says that this trident weapon was used by all kinds of cultures, starting off with the Indian culture, where it was used by Indra (5). I would advise you to read that very informative chapter yourself. What I do want to mention is that Elena also talked about the Irish Thuatha de Dannan. In The Seeders she writes:

Celtic Mythology has several references when it comes to the thunderbolt weapon, in particular when related to the Thuatha de Dannan, mystical people arriving by the sea to Ireland and carrying with them magical technology” (2, p.574)

I pay some extra attention to this group since Elena Danaan had a conversation with Arkelios (6) who is part of this bloodline, which is also her own bloodline. There is link in that article to that video in which she elaborates on them and how they got their technology from Gottland (Sweden).

A Scene from ‘The Phantom Menace’ (7)

Let’s go back to the video. She says how Enki guided her to a particular room in the Nibiru spaceship where they keep their ancient antiques. Elena says that they are lovers of history. Enki gave her a demonstration after stressing that they don’t these weapons anymore.

By pressing the weapon in the middle – in combination with his DNA – it triggered the crystal in the middle to ‘strengthen exponentially’ the crystals in both ends of the weapon to produce a red plasma beam from both sides, and it really resembles the light saber from Star Wars, and especially the double sided one in the Phantom Menace, used by ‘Darth Maul’ (7).

To end this demonstration, Enki was able to close the Vajra by using his mind.

Someone in the Elena Danaan Study Group (8) said that the vajra reminded him of a recent tweet by Elon Musk (9) in which he showed his bedside table (10). I would advise Elena to invite a team of historians to take a closer look at the history of the Anunnaki in that historical area. I would be curious to learn all about them (11).

For more on Dan Winter see (12,13)

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(10) A tweet from Elon Musk, November 28, 2022.

(11) In the article The Aker and the Anunnaki we heard about them, the Anunnaki, originally coming from the Boötes constellation. I would love to hear more about that.
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Elon Musk and Possible ET-links

( Elon Musk et les liens ET possibles )

Elon Musk is no stranger to this website, although he remained a bit under the surface. Today I want to spend some more time on the possible role that Elon Musk might be playing in the disclosure movement and his possible links with the benevolent extraterrestrials from the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

In order not to scare my audience too much by starting off with another video with intel from Megan Rose, I want to begin with a video in which Elena Danaan shares her thoughts on Elon Musk during an interview with Joe Hodgson (2). This video was recorded a few months after Elon Musk had bought Twitter (3). Pay special attention to what Elena says at the end of this excerpt from a minute and a half.

Elena Danaan shares a few thoughts on Elon Musk (1,2)

Elena says that she thinks that Elon Musk will play a big role in the future. You might remember her visit with a Selosian woman back in Ireland during which Musk was mentioned as well (4), but more importantly, Elon Musk’s name was mentioned in connection with the Jupiter Agreements (5,6) What were these Jupiter Agreements all about. Let’s read along from Megan Rose’s book ‘Welcome to the Future’ (7)

“The Jupiter meetings were a series of meetings that took place between the Galactic Federation, the Council of Five (8), the Andromeda Council (9) and leaders of the Earth Alliance (10) with their respective space programs. Leaders of corporations were also invited in the interest of manufacturing advanced technology to help defend the planet.” (7, p.38)

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson (12)

“….(Val Nek:) I was there (the Jupiter Meetings) representing the federation. Helping facilitate things and negotiations between corporations and the alliance.

The corporations, those three men (Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Richard Branson (12,13)) among other smaller corporations were chosen to manufacture technology like spacecraft to serve humanity and help defend Earth so that the federation can hand over the responsibility to the Terran people. I have been working to train their military in space travel and navigation and training them to help use the technology that will be manufactured

….The corporations chosen are under tight strict control. They are not allowed to waiver from the agreements made. The consequences to breaking the agreements, in any way, I cannot say. But I can assure the Terran people that the corporations do not want to make enemies of the federation. These corporations were chosen because time is of the essence, we need to mass manufacture space crafts and supplies to help defend earth.” (7, pp.40-41)

Thor Han (11) also answered a question regarding why they (the GFW) chose those corporations: “Because these are the ones who are ready now. There’s no other choice. We don’t have time, we can’t afford to wait that new corporations form and equip themselves with brand new fleets, we take the ones who are available here and now. I know they are not pure-hearted but they are the only ones able to lead the Terran species into the future. As corporations, their agendas are financial. They go with the winners. Their old allies are losing, so these corporations have turned their back to them.” (6)

So, within this framework these three billionaires would play an important role in the manufacturing of all kinds of advanced technology and space ships, in cooperation with the Earth Alliance. We have recently spoken about fifth density brain implants (14), which might play a role as well in case we would like to fly these ships comfortably.

But in the interview below the interviewer Tyler Kiwala adds another dimension to the whole: could Elon Musk even be from Venus? Although it might sound ludicrous to people who are not really into these matters, his idea is not based on nothing. I will get into that later, but let’s first watch this 4-minutes video in which Megan Rose (23) talks about both the deal between Elon Musk and the Galactic Federation of Worlds and about the connection between the GFW and Venus.

Megan Rose talks about Elon Musk (15)

Tyler Kiwala introduced his venusian question by referring to Nikola Tesla. We have spoken before about this possible link between Tesla and Venus in another article, that also included notes from the FBI on this (16). Megan answered by first telling the audience about the outposts of the Galactic Federation of Worlds in Venus. We all remember Elena Danaan’s visits to Val Thor and his lovely wife Jyll in Venus (17-19). Then she says that she is sure that that there is also an envoy program (20) from Venus. You might remember the fascinating story of Omnec Omec (19) to get an idea.

As far as the question whether Elon Musk could be a Venusian Envoy she says that it may be possible, that he has extraterrestrial DNA. She jokingly ends that he at least would like to be one 🙂

So, that’s all folks. What are your thoughts on all this? Share your comments below, follow my Telegram channel, or pay a visit to the Elena Danaan Study Center (21).

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Elon Musk (22)

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On Brain Implants in the Space Age

As I announced in an earlier article (1) I intend to see for myself what Megan Rose has been doing for the last 15 months. I took a video that was published on April 21, 2023 in which Megan Rose (2) was interviewed by Tyler Kiwana and Aaron Kuhn from the Journey to Truth youtube-channel (3). Let’s hope that somehow we can form a bridge between her and Elena Danaan, these two beautiful ladies that once were called the ‘Cosmic Girls‘. I intend to treat both of them with the utmost respect.

Brains (7)

The main bone of contention between Elena Danaan and Megan Rose is their position on a member of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, called Val Nek. According to Elena he was released from duty in this sector of the Galaxy after Megan got compromised and he is no longer in contact with Megan (8).

According to Megan she still is in contact with the real Val Nek. Since I want to have a neutral position on this I chose to not speak about Val Nek, but Val Nec. When I use Val Nec it means that I am not choosing sides: it could be the real Val Nek, as Megan says, but it could also be someone else. I want to study Megan’s words with an open mind and like I said in the beginning, to use my own discernment. So let’s start off with an interesting topic!

During the interview Megan Rose was asked what her position was on brain implants (10). Wouldn’t it be something that belonged to a dark transhumanism agenda? Megan answered that if humanity would indeed evolve into a multi-planetary society it would have implications: what if you would want to communicate with your friends or family on Earth? You can’t use your cell-phone for that, because: where’s the wifi 🙂 An implant is also very useful when you want to connect to the spaceship you are driving (9)

Just like Elena Danaan (5) she argues that this higher-density brain implant technology can be considered as a tool and is not something ‘bad’ by definition. It all depends on who uses it (the excerpt is 4 minutes and talks about all kinds of related aspects)

Megan Rose talks about the use of implants in the Galactic Federation of Worlds (3)

In the above fragment Megan Rose also refers to the envoy program (6) and that certain envoys were given higher-density brain implants, not designed to function as a communication device, but as a device that could create higher-density frequencies. The reason for this was to assist the brain of these envoys to more easily tune into these higher density frequencies, for it turned out to be quite a challenge for certain envoys to raise their awareness in the direction of their original other-planetary higher density. These implants could help in reconnecting with their own higher aspect.

Megan also says that because these implants are of a higher density, they cannot be seen on something like a MRI-scan. This would have exposed quite a lot of people from the Secret Space Program if it were otherwise.

What do you think? Would you like a high-density implant for yourself?

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(10) Tyler refers to a video Megan Rose had made on this topic. You can watch it yourself at Neuralink and Alien Implants

A Meeting in Space with an ISS Cosmonaut in May 2020

( Un encuentro en el Espacio con un Cosmonauta de la ISS en mayo de 2020 )

In April 2023 Elena Danaan posted a link to an article on certain UFO sightings that were made from the International Space Station (ISS) (1). According to this article thousands of alien spaceships would have been spotted leaving Earth in 2020. This would have coincided nicely with the starting of the evacuation of various malevolent alien groups around that time, leading to their full removal in 2021.

Drawing by Elena Danaan (2, p.132)
“Russian ISS personnel taken onboard the station of the Galactic Federation. I could identify High Commander Ardaana in the background and Thor Han across from the astronaut”

Elena’s post reminded me of a fascinating account that is described in her second disclosure book (2), relating to a meeting that would have taken place on board a spaceship of the Galactic Federation of Worlds with a Russian cosmonaut of the ISS in May 2020.

The International Space Station (ISS) had his first crew up in space back in the year 2000 (3). The current story is about the 63th expedition that arrived on the ISS in April 2020 (4)

A month after the arrival of this team Elena Danaan was told certain things about the ISS. When Elena asked Thor Han (5) who owns the ISS, he answered as follows:

These secret space programs have many connections with different corporations on Terra, and also with other non-Terran species involved. They established a presence on other planets also, mainly Terra’s Moon, Tyr (Mars), Titan, Ceres (6), and worlds as far as Jada (Aldebaran) (7) or Akhoria (Altair)…In the Akhori and Jada systems, the Corporate of Akhoria has been working for a long time with Terran secret military factions, in exchange programs” (2, p.137)

Due to her implant-connection with Thor Han, Elena was able to witness a scene in which the Galactic Federation of Worlds was holding a Russian cosmonaut in their ship. Thor Han was angry at this man as he said: “Do not do it, Anatoly! Do NOT do it! Stop the program! Don’t put those modules into space, you understand? Do not put these in orbit!” (2, p.130).

Anatoly understood and said that he would comply and try to convince the others.

Expedition 63 crewmembers Ivan Vagner of Roscosmos, top, Chris Cassidy of NASA, center, and Anatoly Ivanishin wave goodbye as they prepare to climb aboard the Soyuz MS-16 rocket at Site 31 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, Thursday, April 9, 2020. They launched a short time later to the International Space Station for the start of a six-and-a-half month mission. Photo Credit: (NASA/GCTC/Andrey Shelepin)

Thor Han later explains that these orbital devices carried very fine Nebu (8) technology that would complete a web at a multidimensional level. He said that there are (were?) “very powerful devices, connected to a mother computer, buried very deep underground. They pulse signals on a specific spectrum of low frequencies, triggering fear, distress, confusion and mental numbness.

This keeps the human cattle docile and also, responsive to agitation and aggression among themselves. Of course, this operation goes collaterally with the mainstream media’s manipulation. And there is worse: these emissions function on electromagnetic fields’ modulators able to alter biomolecular interactions in all living organisms. It can even regress DNA and lock consciousness into a holographic prison (9).

…The only way out of this situation, and I can never repeat myself enough, is to raise your frequency out of range of these low emissions. Counter division with unity. Conquer hate with tolerance. These devices are set on a connected web throughout the underground military facilities and surface signal towers.

The Galactic Federation of Worlds have tried to stop the launch of these nano-particles. It’s not absolutely clear from the text whether they succeeded, since they were not allowed to force these things; they had to respect the free will of humanity.

Elena Danaan’s book was published in 2021. Since then the Nebu have been destroyed (10) and all of the malevolent extraterrestrial have been cast out of our solar system. It is now our job to get rid of the remaining Cabal and Deep State forces, with the assistance of the Earth Alliance (11)

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The ‘Music’ in an Arcturian Spaceship

Aum (15)

( La ‘Música’ en una Nave Espacial Arcturiana (E))

Jimmy Church is a musician who loves music. He has a podcast called ‘Fade to Black’ in which he interviews all kinds of people, including those with a connection to extraterrestrials. In a show from March 14, 2023 (1) he interviewed Viviane Chauvet, who says she is a an Arcturian hybrid. He wondered if the Arcturians on their spaceships have some kind of music (2). He said that he had gotten the impression from most stories he had heard that these spaceships have a rather sterile appearance, and he couldn’t remember hearing anything about some music in the background. Viviane describes the ‘music’ from within an Arcturian spaceship with great detail.

But before we get to that, I would first like to say a bit more about Viviane Chauvet (14). I’m new to this lady, but she has got a fascinating story to tell. Let’s see how her story fits with what we have learned from the amazing accounts by Elena Danaan. Elena Danaan has a lot of friends from various star nations (3), but on her galactic contact list there is no Arcturian. Of course she is very positive about this highly advanced species. We have written a page on them (4). They are part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

Mélanie Charest describes beings that probably are Arcturians (5), David Rousseau has Arcturian ties too (4). Recently we also documented the case of Beth Noyes who probably met with the Glaideans (6). Dave Rossi (7) describes a meeting with someone with an Arcturian look and Debbie Solaris also says to be in contact with Arcturian people (8).

In the excerpt below Viviane explains that her body was engineered by her Arcturian star family from scratch, comparable to the way Omnec Omec’s body would have been made (9). Within the framework of the Thiaoouba Prophecy this would also have been the way that the Thiaoouba would have constructed the body of Jesus some time ago (10).

Viviane Chauvet talks about her Arcturian Background (13)

Now that we have some basic background on Viviane Chauvet, we can get back to the Arcturian spaceship. Elena Danaan has written about Arcturian spaceships in her first disclosure book (11):

“Their ships are the finest in the entire galaxy, propelled by crystals conducting light energy from the Source core of the galaxy. Huge and spherical, vibrantly white and looking ethereal or transparant for you, these spherical ships are also able to travel through time.” (11, p.96)

Below Jimmy Church asks his question about music and art, and Viviane gives a splendid answer (5 minutes):

Jimmy Church and Viviane Chauvet talk about music, the arts and the Arcturian perspective

Viviane explains that the Arcturians – she speaks in the we-form – as a species that are millions of years old, have transcended duality which explains why they don’t have any entertainment movies (16). As far as music goes, she says that the Arcturians don’t have music the way we know it. They do have sacred tones. “The organic conscious assisted space ships that we have will vibrate our ‘Aum’, at a certain vibration. When you listen carefully to the consciousness of the ship (12), you can feel this ‘Aum’. It is very nurturing, it is very much the opposite of void. It is fulfulling, the sacred tonality, the sacred Aum

To learn about Dani Henderson’s ‘neutral’ perspective on people who are in contact with Arcturians (17)

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To Receive Arcturian Information Boosts

After the very interesting account of Beth Noyes’ experience on an Arcturian spaceship (1) I happened upon someone else who paid a visit to an Arcturian ship. This page reflects a bit more about contactees with Arcturians and especially how they speak of information boosts that they received. Enjoy the flight 🙂

A Blue Kite (9)

In Elena Danaan’s A Gift from the Stars (2) we can read about the Arcturians. They are part of the Galactic Federation of World and they are described as being one of the most advanced civilizations in the galaxy, which has surpassed into the 7th and 9th density , ‘they work at raising the consciousness of the multiverse, in a way that always allows free-will; educating those who chose to take the path of ascension, raising their vibration and clearing the path to higher consciousness…Terran light-beings (souls) can be sometimes brought to the Arcturian spaceships during their dream state, where they are healed and helped, at the difference that Arcturians never violate a person’s free choice’ (2).

You can read more about the Arcturians at (3).

Not only Beth Noyes (1) visited an Arcturian spaceship, but others did as well. Elena Danaan describes her visit to meet a spaceship from the Intergalactic Confederation for the first time, by flying in a ship from the Arcturians or Ohorai (4).

“To my great surprise, we were not in a scout ship of the Federation, nor were we in Thor Han’s command ship. I recognized that we were instead in the Ohorai craft that I had seen earlier.

  • Oh my goodness! I exclaimed with excitement.

The interior was very bright and it took time for my eyes to adapt to the strong luminosity.” (4, p.74)

A while ago Dr. Michael Salla had an interview with Dave Rossi who talked about being in a spaceship with people with blueish skin who probably were also Arcturian (5). Debbie Solaris describes two visits that she made to an Arcturian ship too (6,7). Mélanie Charest describes being in classes with children and guides which look a lot like the Ohorai Arcturians as well (8).

Dave Rossi told Dr. Salla about what had happened to him after he returned from this visit on a spaceship that proabably was Arcturian. He was suddenly able to understand and even interpret very complex equations in scientific journals. He says that he could actually ‘feel’ the equations as blue visuals in his head (10).

Debbie Solaris describes something similar after waking up one morning. Let’s listen to what happened to her:

Debbie Solaris tells Lily Nova about how she suddenly knew all kinds of star systems that she hadn’t known before (6)

Like Dave Rossi, she suddenly knew things that she didn’t know before. In her case it wasn’t the understanding of complex mathematical equations, but a sudden knowledge of all kinds of star systems that had had interaction with Earth.

When engaging with material like it is presented on this website, your mind might often get challenged, because the world appears to be much bigger and there seems to be no end to the possibilities. In the following excerpt Debbie Solaris takes us with her to a trip that she was guided to make to the St. Luis Mountains (11); she was to bring along a kite!

Debbie Solaris talks about her connection to an Arcturian Portal by using a Kite,
which activated huge downloads of information, on for instance her own mission on Earth (6)

The Arcturians appear to be an amazing species indeed. I would like to know more about their origin. Did they evolve within Nataru, our Milky Way? Were they perhaps seeded here just like the humanoids would have been introduced to Nataru in the constellation of Lyra by the Pa’Taal (12)? If you have any more interesting information about the Ohorai please share it either in the comments or in the Arcturians-category in the Elena Danaan Study Center (13). Did you have experiences with these wonderful beings yourself? Have you found out anything else about that we all should know, let yourself be heard.

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