Trying to Understand Enki’s Genetic Template Grail

By releasing her book ‘The Seeders‘ Elena Danaan ended the moratorium on the information in it (1,2). She was advised not to share some information from the book because it might be used by people with bad intent to twist the information around, just like we have seen after Elena started to talk about her second meeting with Enki in that video with Dani Henderson (3). All of a sudden Enki was portrayed as the evil A.I. force and his half-brother Enlil suddenly was the hero of the universe (4,5).

Because I didn’t want to provide the ‘enemy’ with more ammunition to attack her I remained silent on what she said in that video relating to the ‘Grail’ that Enki would have brought back, because it did trigger – and still does – some questions which I would like to share with you. Let’s first watch the fragment (1’30” m) from (3):

Elena Danaan talks about the Genetic Template, Enki’s Grail – Excerpt taken from (3), at around 1h02m

In this fragment Elena talks about how Enki managed to save the original template of humanity. In her new book she revealed the names of these 11 original species, who are from an intergalactic origin (6). They didn’t add their genomes to the original Earth-DNA some 65 million years ago, but they did it with some time in between. And it is good to notice that even though the Intergalactic Confederation (7) seems to exist of 24 species, only 11 of them contributed their genetics to our ancestors.

Somehow this led to a black human which was regarded by the arriving Anunnaki as ‘black primates’ who seemed useful material for their own purposes, like mining for gold.

Some 370.000 thousand years ago (Seeders, p.494) the Anunnaki arrived and this eventually resulted in two main genetic effects evidently: first, the addition of Enki-genes to the the black primate (with its intergalactic Pa-Taal roots) and secondly the complete mix-up of our ancestor’s DNA by Enlil and his factions.

After all this we were hybridized by all kinds of humanoid beings from our own galaxy (except a few Gray species at the end of the line). See (6) for the names.

Artist’s impression of a Grail (8)

The idea expressed in the above excerpt – and in the book – is that Enki was able to store and save the original template, but what does that really mean? Is that the original template of the Pa-Taal Extra-Galactic species? Or is it perhaps the template + Enki’s Anunnaki-genes? And if this template would actually be used in med-beds to restore our DNA, what happens to all the DNA from our galactic friends who interbred/hybridized with us afterwards? Is that DNA going to be removed? Or has that DNA never been downgraded because it was done after the initial mix-up of our genes by Enlil and consorte?

What information is stored in Enki’s Grail? The template of 11 races, 12 or 13, or perhaps 21 or 22? Do we really want the Anunnaki genes to be returned and activated, or should we trust Enki and believe that his kind of Anunnaki genes are indeed way ‘better’ than those of his half-brother? And what about the Anunnaki, being half humanoid/half Gray? Aren’t we activating all kinds of Gray-genomes when we activate the Anunnaki genes? And if 65 million of years of evolution led to a black primate that the Anunnaki initially thought was simple, how long would it have taken for us to really express the qualities of our intergalactic Seeders?

Or was it Enki who managed to actually upgrade and really use the information from these Intergalactic Seeders to make an activated human being who was even able to connect to his ancient Extra-Galactic Seeders? If that were the case then we should thank Enki on our knees for speeding up our evolution that fast (or was it too unnatural to evolve that fast?).

Well, let’s hope we can get some answers on these highly relevant questions above. If you got some interesting thoughts, don’t hesitate to respond below.

The Anunnaki have done terrible things on our planet and during these current times things are done to redeem those deeds. We have seen how people like Enlil had to face a trial with Anu and Enki being present as well (9). This resulted in the imprisonment of Enlil and the removal of Earth from Enlil’s son Ninurta, the Pindar. Another way to balance the karma is done by Ea’s act to bring back this ‘template grail’. Although the Intergalactic Confederation has every imaginable genome template of the universe, it was important that Enki, himself, brought this template back to Earth, because of this karmic balancing.

In the video below from december 4, 2022, Elena explains all this very clearly.

Elena Danaan talks about Ea/Enki and the return of the Original Human Genome, the Grail and the karmic element involved (10)

Update January 2023: In a new year’s message Ea spoke about the ‘Adamic DNA Sample’ that he brought with him. Elena Danaan adds some interesting comments:

Elena’s commentary: I believe that Ea refers to the fear surrounding the Adamic DNA sample that he brought back and that is now implemented into the new medical technologies mass produced on Luna. He makes a point here, saying that if you are offered to try a medical technology that is offering to heal or to repair you, or activate what is dormant in you, well you may as well take it.

But if this technology adds up to your body foreign, artificial or chemical elements, or offers to “upgrade” you, or even add some artificial elements to your organic body, you may want to think first if this is beneficial to you or if this has an agenda. So, Ea bringing back the Adamic sample is about a repairing. It is not something artificial or even biological that is going to be put into your body, no; it is a frequency key.

Because DNA is frequency, and the DNA blue-print is about holographic dynamic geometry. This frequency code will activate what was blocked a long time ago and unlock the true potential of the Earth-Human DNA. It will activate what is already there. Nothing is added, nothing is removed; it is a holographic frequency code, a very complex formula. This key is being implemented in the new medical beds and it will re-pair the damaged and disconnected elements of Human DNA, and reconnect its broken Hydrogen bounds.” (11)

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17 thoughts on “Trying to Understand Enki’s Genetic Template Grail

  1. Right now, I’m more concerned personally with our souls/spirits, where we came from and why, where we are going and how….. What physical earth-suit I inhabit is almost irrelevant to me. That’s today. It could change drastically tomorrow LOL! Personally, I do not trust Enki or Enlil. I only trust Abba Father.

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    • Yes, an interesting question. The recent developments seem to imply that in order for our bodies to incorporate a soul who has grown on another planet in another star system or even another galaxy there has to be some genetic link to their mother planet in our genetics for a soul to be able to live on our planet. So your question of where your soul comes from could be narrowed down to the genetics of your current body: either your soul has developed on Earth or on one of the worlds of those 21 Seeders. That is, seen from this perspective of course.


      • My understanding so far, soul first left source, is like a baby who was born into an earth family. Soul goes to the first planet , either earth, or any planet in Milky way galaxy, or any other galaxy or even different universe called soul origin (or different name). From there, soul will be continuous learning , developing and evolving by going to many other different planets. It is like a baby from the earth family, after growing up, he or she will leave family either stay at the same town/city or go to different country, state… for a further learning (and making money for survival in the material 3rd density world). Soul entered into a body( or envelope or vessel) that has to be compatible in vibration/frequency , otherwise, soul suffer.

        Souls are billions years old. When they reincarnated on earth in many lifetimes, they are earth old souls.

        p.s. I think I changed using Galactic Anthropology account. Not sure. Please let me know.

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      • I believe that is essentially correct (Readers Digest version). The part that may be germane to this thread is that the spirit/soul/vessel need to be compatible in frequency.


  2. I’m honestly surprised that Elena didn’t mention the terrible war and the issue of skin color and blood in her book.
    I looked it up on youtube and found it too. The video: “Andromeda Council – Alex Collier 1996 – (Part 1-2) – German subtitles (HQ)”
    The video has German subtitles, but you can clearly see Alex Collier and also hear him speak in English. And he said from about 32:33 that 439,231 years ago a terrible nuclear war broke out in our solar system. The invaders came from Orion and it affected not only the Terrans but also the beings of Nibiru. And the nuclear war and its effects was the reason for today’s skin colors (ca. 33:28). Originally, according to Alex Clollier, we were green-skinned and green-blooded. After that, we first became red (skin color, Indians and Mayas were mentioned as examples), then yellow, then black and then white. And white would be the weakest form.

    I don’t know now…

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  3. Here is the result of writings from Billy Carson after he has professionally researched and interpreted on Sumerian writings about Enki. He is one of few researchers who actually going around the ancient sites to exam the ancient artifacts and talk to the Native people on histories. His website can be found inside of this article (or library)that he posted.

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  4. Terra Paper was circulated for very long time , probably since 1990s or even earier, written by ROBERT MORNING SKY. The story was passed down by his grandfather , one of six young Native rescuer to rescue a star being who then told the story about the human origin, Enki’s family and wars. I read once many years ago, and simply forgot about it. Native Indian tribes have many stories to tell. And I believed that they are keeping contact with their ancestors.

    The first part of paper was hard to understand due to the unfamiliar abbreviation , the second part, Terra II in the paper are easier to understand.
    ERIDANUS constellation, where the Insectoids called Ashai (Elena Danaan listed Galaxy, NGC 1300,
    Eridanus) came from, one of 22 genome contributed to human.

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