Our Intergalactic and Galactic Genomes

On September 21, 2022 Elena Danaan published her third book, The Seeders, in which she describes her experiences with off-world people. I managed to read the book of nearly 600 pages in three days. Of course it contains a description of just about everything that happened since the publishing of her second book, We Will Never Let You Down, of which a lot was shared in her videos, and consequently in articles on this website, since september 2021. On top of that there is a lot of new information that wasn’t previously spoken about in her videos. I think that the big step forward since the second book is the opening up to the intergalactic level. This brings new insights and it also raises new questions. This article tries to shed some light on the 22 races that contributed to our genome: how much is intergalactic, how much is from our galaxy? How much is human, and how much is reptilian, insectoid and feline?

Illustration by Elena Danaan (3, p.82)

Before the publication of The Seeders we really didn’t know too much about the nature of the beings belonging to the Intergalactic Confederation (1). We were introduced to Oona, the Altean woman, who is the spokesperson of the Intergalactic Confederation. In June we got to know a person from the Ormong race (2). Elena did describe her meeting on a ship by the Intergalactic Confederation, with a drawing that was already shared in certain videos.

In the drawing on the left hand side we can distinguish the Alteans (on the right touching Thor Han), but also the small Gray-like beings whose kind apparently is called the La’Neel. Behind we can see the tall beings who are the original Pa-Taal (4). Right above Elena Danaan’s head there probably is a female Egon.

In her book 21 members of the Intergalactic Federation or The Seeders are presented in beautiful drawings. But not every member of the Intergalactic Confederation has donated its genes to the human template. In fact only 11 have done so. I only present the names and the category to which they belong: Pa-Taal (humanoid), Altean (humanoid), Elli-Yin (humanoid), Hoovid (humanoid, 15,17), Oyara Maruu (humanoid), Etherians (humanoid), Arag’un (Reptiloid), Ashai (Insectoid,16), Gray (Z-Neel, NOT the La’Neel from the drawing), Egoni (humanoid/vegetal, 5), Elyan Sukhami (feline).

After first having had genomes from these 11 races from other galaxies we received genetic packages from these species/races from our galaxy: the Naga (reptilian), Anunnaki (humanoid/Gray, 6), Taal (humanoid), Noor(humanoid), Ahel (humanoid, 8), T-Ashkeru (Sirius B, humanoid), Selosians (Alpha Centauri B, humanoid, 9), Ummit (10) and Meton (11) subgroup (humanoid), Ohorai (12, humanoid), Grays (Eban, Xrog, Do-Hu, Solipsi Rai, Kiily Tokurt (13).

This makes a total of 21 races. The Pa-Taal would have started their genetic insertion on a Lemur-like being, which would have been the first primate on which the genes of all the other races would have been built.

The Ummit (10), Image from ET-species (14)

So we finally know on whose 22 packages our genome is based. One animal (a Lemur), many humanoid species (15, including the Anunnaki), some Gray races (2 (and the Anunnaki, but I won’t count them twice), or more since various groups are mentioned), Reptiloid (2), a feline (1) and even an insectoid race from another galaxy.

This raises a few questions. For me the biggest question is: how are the Gray, Reptiloid, Feline and Insectoid genes expressed in our very humanoid looking body? Does this imply that we are able to tune into the Naga, certain Grays and insectoids when all our DNA would get activated, or at least from those who have these lines in their genetics. How does this relate to our human future on Earth, when we have these other genomes in our system?

In the book it is also implied that souls from various worlds need some resonance in the genetic household of the body they incarnate in, meaning that for an Arcturian (Ohorai for instance) soul, a body that has got some Ohorai-genes activated is needed. Apparently there has been no hybridization with the Andromedans, so would not participate in the star seed envoy program.

What seems to be important is that the 24 seeders are NOT the 24 seeders of the Intergalactic Confederation. Only 11 of them are our Seeders. Nearly half of those who are our Human Seeders are from this galaxy. Much more can be said about all this, but I would say this is enough for one article. Please share your thoughts below.

(1) The Intergalactic Confederation
(2) See End Note 56
(3) Danaan, E. (2022) The Seeders. This image was also presented in a few videos.
(4) In her book Elena Daan explains that this race of the Pa-Taal were the first ones to implant their genes into our predecessors. During the time the meaning of Pa-Taal has changed to all the 24 seeder races. You can find out more about all the 24 seeder races in The Seeders (2).
(5) I don’t understand why the Egoni are categorised as ‘vegetal’ in the summary on pages 527-528, whereas they are described as humanoid on pages 100-101 and they sure look very human 🙂 Alex Collier, however also mentions a ‘botanical’ species as part of the original seeders. See End note 165
(6) The Anunnaki are a hybrid race from the Sirian B T-Ashkeru and the Grays (probably the Ebans from Betelgeuse, 7). Also see: the Anunnaki and the Sirian Connection
(7) Read more about the Eban at the Nebu-page and endnote 62
(8) Getting acquainted with the Ahel
(9) On the Selosi from Alpha Centauri B
(10) Meet the Ummit from Wolf 424
(11) Having a life Span of Two Thousand Years – The Metoni from Proxima Centauri
(12) The Ohorai, Glaideal, Noo-Linn from Arcturus
(13) The Kiily Tokurt from Suhail (Vela)
(14) HTB (2022) Off- World Influences. See website: ET-Species.com
(15) On Hoova, Hoovids and the Hebrews
(16) See the bottom half of the page on the Ant People. There is an image of the Ashai there and you can also hear Elana Danaan mention the Ashai in a short video – The Ant People
(17) On Jesus, Jehovah, the Hoova and Thiaoouba

16 thoughts on “Our Intergalactic and Galactic Genomes

  1. Just received a copy of Elena’s book yesterday. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for your article. We’re FINALLY gaining a real understanding of our collective roots, although there are still a lot of questions like you implied.

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. I made a comment yesterday but it seemed disappeared. According to the book , the only planet of choice, there are 24 civilizations, I think it is referred to the 24 seeders. There are 12 constellations in the Milky way galaxy, if each seeder come from each of 12 constellations, then should be 12 seeders, right ? or perhaps not pick from each constellation.

    According to Coron from the 9th density in Taygeta (Ashaara), Pleiades said the human race is desire of 24 strands of DNA. Although only 2 strands are activated. However, the new generation has activated the 3rd strand , which is the galactic knowledge.

    24 strands of DNA, and 24 seeders is no coincident in the numbers. Perhaps, human genome is composed of the intergalactic confederation and the galactic confederation (Milky way galaxy).


    • Hi Lisa, somehow I can’t get myself to finish the book by Phylis schlemmer. As to your last remark… Our genomes would indeed consist of genomes from our galaxy and 10 from extra-galactic sources, including insectoid, reptilian and vegetal ones 🙂


    • Very good that you have sorted out and analysed the composition of our origins! Thank you! I advise everybody to read books “Voyagers” from Ashayana Dean. She writes about 4 main root races, and total 7 root races. But her books are very complicated! I have read very selective parts. So half of the pages I turned without reading. # The work that Elena Danaan does is incredible!!! I have read all her books and seen all her videos. I mean the ones non fiction about ET. I also read: “The only planet of Choice” . I organize an ET film project in Amsterdam. If you live here I invite you to participate. Next series will be in english in raw restaurant starting september. https://youtu.be/lNL4axYDKgQ?list=PLTHqWIC9SuOPoNXaPPTyvBND9Oi8YPUYJ


      • Hi, Coen, welcome. I agree with you on Ashayana Deane. I use her material occasionally but it is indeed quite complicated and some parts are about predictions that didn’t manifest, but that doesn’t mean the rest of her material is not valuable. Feel free to respond to the articles, because I always appreciate comments that add something to the whole! Met vriendelijke groet 🙂

        You sent me a message but you filled in the wrong email-address, so I can’t mail you back.


      • Somehow I am not able to bring pieces together to understand Voyagers 2 as I stuck with the terminology and long names in the book.
        Lisa Renee’s Ascension Glossary as I previously mentioned. has helped me to understand better.
        Her information is from the Lyran -Sirian high council. I think they were the group from GA involving with the human 12 strand DNA original seedings, There is another book, Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods by Theresa Talea, who was using 435 references. Her book is organized and reader friendly. She corrected some mistakes from Voyagers.


      • Hi Lisa. Thank you for gving me the name from a book for reading. When I read the second book from Asayana Dean I went around this problem of long names and abracadrabra. I looked at every page, looking for some information that I can understand. In this way I found a lot of wonderful information! I have a big complain about her books Voyagers: 1000 times repeating extremely long names, and very complicated explanations. No human being in 3D can understand this!


      • Conscious Energy
        Thank you for sharing, I think Asayana Dean’s book is not only about the history and events but also the ascension path. I will definitely go back to read again and again to try to understand it. Theresa Talea’s book did clarify some puzzles from different perspectives.


      • Coen, good job you are doing at your area so more people are aware of our human origin. Thank you for the effort. When we human unite and break away from “grooming” of division , we can ascend as humanity together.


      • Coen
        You are doing a great job to share information with your community. Thank you for your efforts. When we human as a collective united together, and break away from the old grooming of “division” system. The 5th density/dimension will be around the corner.


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