To Rise Above the Chatter and the Drama

( S’élever au-dessus du bavardage et du drame )

The main task of this website is to pass on galactic information in a format that is accessible for many people and I hope it will eventually also reach people who do not speak a single word of English (1). Like I already said in (2) I have come to notice that I need to be in a certain positive flow to be able to write anything on this website. I thought I cleared everything up with that last article on ‘group dynamics’, but a nagging feeling remained. This morning I woke up with another element in my mind: the disabling power of chatter and drama. Elena Danaan has spoken about this quite a few times and I think I need to pay some attention to this as well, in order to be able to move on with more important galactic matters (3).

On January 8, 2022 posted this quote from Winston Churchill (5) on her telegram channel (4), and I think this is a very important one: “You will never reach destination if you to throw stones at every dog who barks at you“.

I think that we all have certain tendencies to respond to other people who say things that are different from what we know. In connection to Elena Danaan this might lead some people to adore her and treat her as a kind of intergalactic emissary saint. Other people tend to attack her in all kinds of ways. It’s easy to get caught up in a ‘Us versus Them’-mode and the now very popular ‘I feel hurt or insulted because you said this and that’s why I am free to attack you and anyone who thinks like you relentlessly‘-wokism.

I want to present a response to Elena’s quote from Churchill to illustrate just how easy it is to get caught up in all this drama and chatter between each other.

Someone felt offended because Elena used a quote from Sir Winston Churchill and highlighted that he was a soulless Cabal mass murderer. Although she forgave Elena for ‘promoting Churchill’ this comment distracted from the intention of the quote, thereby proving its value.

I guess we need to be alert to this tendency to start discussions on just about anything, whereby we all tend to speak from our own experiences, our own ideas and often project all kinds of things into discussions that says more about ourselves than about the other or the issue at hand. We can easily become frustrated, annoyed and continue to discuss, often adding more misunderstandings to misunderstandings. I don’t think we are trained very well in dealing with people who think differently in general.

All I want to say with this article is to be aware of this tendency to focus on certain matters a bit too much, thereby making things too personal. We can easily get too involved and this can result in a lowering of our frequency and a kind of brain fog. This has been said a thousand times but I truly think it helps to sit down and ask your heart to deal with the matter at hand and somehow the heart is capable in putting everything in perspective. Just imagine the issue moving in your heart area and it might just dissolve right before your eyes (figuratively speaking that is).

We can all be discussing, projecting chatterboxes having discussions filled with misunderstandings. That’s part of being human these days. Let’s hope we can learn to rise above all this chatter and drama more often and that we can learn to focus on the things that really matter.

(1) Galactic Anthropology in Other Languages
(2) Psychological Factors Surrounding the Study of Elena Danaan’s Work
(3) More important matters like the fascinating interview between Gregg Braden and John Peterson from the Arlington Institute (thanks to Dr. Michael Salla for the link on his telegram channel)
(4) Telegram channel Elena Danaan
(5) For those who don’t know who Winston Churchill was: he was the English prime minister during World War II.

Never underestimate the power of silence.
In order to hear you need to listen.
In the torment of distractions one’s mind cannot think clear.
If you are seeking for answers, they are not in the noise.
You will find the truth only once you have silenced the noise.

11 thoughts on “To Rise Above the Chatter and the Drama

  1. The Law of Correspondence is one of the 12 universal laws states the outer world is direct reflecting our inner world. In other words, our inside is a mirror of projecting from outside.

    Elena has brought a wealth of universal and science knowledge that I have learned and will continue besides her inspiration and efforts to raise human consciousness.. The rest is irrelevant to me. She has a webinar on 1/28 , New earth – New hope. See you there.


  2. An important aspect that everyone must always remember as well, is that one must at least try and hold space for others when in a conversation.

    Nothing good comes from thinking that one is always under attack from others when in conversations, this only shows that some serious inner work needs to be done.

    When one is able to hold space for another, it’s a very special experience not only for another, but for oneself too.

    It means not judging, criticizing, or any of those low vibrational elements, but listening with interest, being empathic, opening our hearts and providing unconditional support with unconditional love towards someone else.

    If people can learn that (holding space for someone else), the world would instantly be a much better place.

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  3. Timely and well written article, dear author. And great comments. i so appreciate the energy involved towards composing and sharing thoughtful articles inciting unity, acceptance and greater understanding. Learning to honor the viewpoint of another without comparing to our own reveals a beautiful depth flowing within. And everyone feels and grows in the Silence with this.
    Look forward to exploring your lovely site. Bless you for your dance!

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  4. This is very sad to me. I saw your post on TG as well. Please know, you are not the only one ‘booted’ from these groups that are run by supporters of Elena . You are one of many dear souls that ‘they’ have decided ban without cause. If they don’t like you, don’t like what you say, you are banned. Without reason, without cause. I can’t tell you how many I’ve chatted with on TG that were very upset as it happened to them. Unless you tow the line, that’s what happens. I have refused to join these groups because of these experiences others shared with me. They tried asking and no response as well. If you follow the ‘history’ of what has happened, as I was watching it in real time, this group has done more to sow division and hate and it is sad to me that those they think they are helping, are not being helped. This is creating further division and certainly no unity. Unity = love. Love = unity. We don’t have to agree, but we all have a right to have our say. I have always found that when someone is not agreeing, I want to understand their side. Perhaps they can bring something to my knowledge. When ego rules, that’s not what you get. Continue your important work and your articles are incredible. Elena has fantastic information and experiences and it breaks my heart that she has these type of people doing so much damage that they are no longer listening and learning. Be at peace. Much love to you.

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      • So sorry to hear that. You are one of quite a few. I really don’t know why. From what I have heard from others, I have come to the conclusion, perhaps one of many, that if you try to share the knowledge of your experiences, then the leader of these groups bans you. As a few told me, as in a ‘how dare you’ share that you might have knowledge of anything. Every single person that I chatted with were sharing things they had experienced, part of the ‘group’ sharing — or so they thought. But you have one person that started the division and decides for everyone. Then she has her minions on top that will suggest — oh get rid of this person, etc. I can only share what has been shared with me. If you truly want an open forum to discuss these wonderful topics without judgement, I recommend The Great Awakening on TG. Many have started going there, though some of have decided to remove themselves from following Elena, sad to say, or Dani, or any of them because the experience of what they went through was very devastating for them. Especially those new on the path. They have turned to others, unfortunately, that are rather disparaging of Elena — instead of looking to who is the source of the division. This is groupthink at its finest, unfortunately, and best to just not participate. View, but not participate. I have not experienced it as I do not do elitist groups, so all this info is my observations of what others have said to me personally and what I saw them say online.


  5. Thanks for sharing thoughts about these groups dynamics. I have only just been browsing in the last 8months, and only became aware of Elana last August. But haven’t read much of her Galactic info til very recently. It’s easy to get caught up in personalities in groups. I have found that I work with groups now and again, and then need time to do my own exploring, to find my own answers to the relevant questions in my own Life Set Up.
    Energies are Shifting and changing. It may be that You have been rerouted to join in with a group that is more aligned to your new vibe, or it’s a chance to dig deep into your own Inner Knowing, and Spiritual Contacts. Don’t rely on Other people’s 6th sense. Don’t put Others on a pedastool. We are all Magical Shamanic Beings.


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