Psychological Factors Surrounding the Study of Elena Danaan’s Work

( 埃琳娜·達南 (Elena Danaan) 作品的研究與對真理的追求 )

The main source for this website is the information that Elena Danaan shares with the world. I try to present this information in a way that makes it accessible for just about anyone who might be open to the possibility of intelligent species from other worlds who are interacting with us now, and in our past. I try to be thorough in explaining this information by referring to the source materials and many other posts on this website. Most of the time there is a certain natural and perhaps even a ‘magical’ flow in this creation process, but sometimes there are certain ‘psychological’ things in the way. I want to spend some time on these moments since they block this natural flow and of course that is something undesirable. Perhaps you will recognize these moments within yourself as well.

Most of the time working with this exopolitical, extraterrestrial material is quite a lonely job. Many people around me think that I’m slightly deranged because I invest so much time in following and structuring this information that they see as fictional. Fortunately I have gotten used to thinking differently than a lot of people around me, so that doesn’t stop me from continuing doing this work, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t like to work in a team with like-minded people. So, when I look at that group of people like Elena Danaan, Dr. Michael Salla, Alex Collier, JP, Dani Henderson, Jean-Charles Moyen, Tony Rodrigues, Rebecca Rose etc. there is a certain attractiveness about them. The way they work together and corroborate their experiences: who wouldn’t want to be part of such a team?

Key Players in the Team: Elena Danaan, Alex Collier and Dr. Michael Salla

When that team of ‘exopolitical’ explorers is attacked by certain people (1) that only adds to the attractiveness of that team. When a team is under fire from various directions it arouses the tendency to protect and support them even more. But there is also a certain danger in this tendency, namely that you start to lose your own critical discernment and your main goal becomes the protection of that team and all those who support them. This might lead to a situation in which complying and accepting everything as truth becomes more important than reflecting on matters, comparing it with other sources and testing it with your own heart.

Although science currently has almost become synonymous with corruption, propaganda and manipulation, I still believe in the core concept of science, namely the structured analysis of information that leads to a better understanding of the world in all its layers (and dimensions). This doesn’t have to be a mere brain-exercise; this can easily include the immense wisdom of the heart. This is my favorite approach: trying to understand new information from other realms and then compare it with known information and see what elements match and which don’t seem to match.

Both Elena Danaan and Dr. Michael Salla are scientists and thus they should respect the scientific approach, and then I mean the respectful kind of research, not the ultra-materialistic approach by many skeptics who are not even willing to accept the concept of the soul.

Like I suggested above, when a group is relatively tiny, they are exploring new territories and they come other attack, it is very understandable that they become more cohesive and protective of each other. The downside of all this is, the tendency to regard everyone who expresses any kind of doubt on whatever element is presented as a potential enemy, or ‘an agent of the dark’. Of course we should be careful not to fall into that trap. I think we need people who explore and study this material and who are willing to ask ‘tough’ questions.

Group Pressure (10)

I think it would be great if dozens of explorers the world over, would start to study the information brought forth by the contactees and whistleblowers, even if that means that certain elements are questioned, even if this information is from Enki or the Intergalactic Confederation, as long as it is done in a constructive and respectful way. Nothing is that holy that it cannot be questioned, I would say. If the information is true there is nothing to fear. It is a sign that people take this material seriously.

It isn’t an easy endeavour to explore this territory. There are many people with opposing views, and often some dark agendas are being played out, often without people being aware of it. I think it is very useful to discern whose information can be categorically discarded. This is not a nice thing to do, but there is no way forward if you keep on losing your energy on people who provide mainly misinformation. This of course is subjective too, but sometimes you just need to make a choice.

When the shit hit the fan in the Megan Rose case I decided to follow Elena Danaan’s advice to just not listen to her videos at all (since november 2021). Elena presented very reasonable and plausible arguments (2,3). When that Ishmael Perez showed up I did an analysis of his approach and concluded that I would not pay any more attention to him (4). I entered this scene fairly recently which didn’t make it hard for me to disconnect from Corey Goode.

A while ago I wrote a piece called ‘Would we recognize a SSP Parody?‘ (5) This is about a guest that Dr. Michael Salla interviewed who claims to have been in a Secret Space Program. To me it is obvious that her story doesn’t match with most of what the other contactees in the team have said, but I guess the mere fact that Dr. Salla interviewed her, and thus took her seriously, was enough for a group of followers to embrace her as another SSP-hero of the team. I don’t think that Elena will do an interview with her.

When Enki seems to claim that the Lyran wars took place only 88,000 years ago – after the formation of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and after the Orion Wars – I think that is odd (6). Although it is very tempting to regard Enki as the Prince and the Father of Humanity and believe everything he says, just because Elena is crazy about him, that is not using your discernment I would say. We have to use our discernment, even with Enki/Ea. This doesn’t mean that we should distrust every word he says, but it means that we should be critical in a constructive and positive way.

Absolute Truth – Image from (11)

When Dani Henderson says that Elena and the contactees share the real truth, and she keeps on repeating that a number of times, I get slightly alarmed. Even though I think they do indeed share their truthful experiences, stressing that it is the ultimate truth seems to imply that you are a fool or someone from the dark if you dare to question anything that is being told. Don’t get me wrong, I love Dani and I think she is doing a wonderful job, but truth will prevail eventually, there’s no need to keep on repeating that.

I was triggered to write this article because of something that happened a few weeks ago after the interview Dani Henderson did with Elena Danaan on the history of Atlantis and Lemuria (7). I have invested quite some time in comparing different versions of the fall on Atlantis (8) and I heard Elena say something that appeared different from what she wrote in the Seeders (9), so I decided to contact her on this issue and she responded in a way that appeared as if I was just another one of those attacking her. I can understand that she got a bit tired of all those people.

Of course that was not my intention at all, I asked my question to check the consistency of her work and I told her that I was definitely on her side. She explained the issue to me in a friendly way and said that it is hard to tell every detail in a video and that was quite plausible to me, but I kept this nagging feeling that I could be considered an attacker of her work, even though I am a great admirer of her and all the things that she has brought into the world.

I took me a while to realize what the elements were behind this unpleasant feeling, and I’m glad to have been able to uncover those reasons in this article. My energy is back again and I feel free to constructively continue with this quest for the truth on our interaction with beings from other worlds, and I would say it is all work in progress.

Please share your thoughts below the article.

(2) Protecting the Truth
(3) On Communication Distortions and the Onfortunate Departure of M.R. from the Crew
(4) Some Thoughts on the Philosophy of Ishmael Perez
(5) Would we recognize a SSP Parody
(6) What came First the Lyran Wars or the Orion Wars?
(8) Enki’s account on the Fall of Atlantis
(9) Danaan, E. (2022) The Seeders
(10) How to Resist Peer Pressure?
(11) Absolute Truth

21 thoughts on “Psychological Factors Surrounding the Study of Elena Danaan’s Work

  1. Hi. I only recently found this website but I like it very much.
    I have similar thougths about what you describe here.
    It’s not easy to know who to believe and who not.
    Have you read the material ( 2 books, called Voyagers) from Ashayana Deane?
    I read some part and saw this video from her:
    Have you ever mentioned her on this site so that I can read it?


  2. It’s a little bit troubling to me when people get defensive right away. If you are truly operating from the highest/purist frequency/spirit, then you do not get defensive. I say this realizing full well that I too can get defensive at times. (I do believe this is happening less and less though as time goes by…with a greater tendency on my part to just let things go and let people be themselves…).

    I hit a speed bump myself just this morning when reading the final pages of The Thiaoouba Prophecy where Thao made a statement that seemed to equate the Astral Body with the Spirit. This may have just been a clumsy use of the English (French?) language, but it shows me (once again) that these various entities that we get all of this “higher” information from are, themselves, only aware of the Kenoma and (seem to be) totally ignorant of the Pleroma which is where the True Spirit emanates from (not from our higher selves/over-souls) as Thao seemed to intimate. From my understanding, this is completely backwards. The spirit is not subservient to the (over) soul. The (over)soul is subservient to the Spirit (if indeed this connection has even been (re)established.

    In my opinion, as advanced as any of these entities might be (especially as compared to us) and as well-meaning as they might be, they oftentimes do not themselves understand that all of this vast amount of knowledge and experience that they have, is only as it relates to this lower (artificial?) construct called the Kenoma that we are all presently a part of.


  3. I have been following Elena Danaan since she started on You Tube (also have her books) and have been totally glued to the screen ever since. However, I have also noticed the things you and others have pointed out and I also have felt some unease. On the “Message to the Agents of the Dark” video I believe she stated that “there is only one emissary” – I presumed she meant of the Thor Han crew, but that statement could have been construed as having a wider remit. So, I may have misunderstood what she meant – but this point was picked up by another well-known star seed on a You Tube video recently. That person pointed out that there are many “emissaries” not just one – but without mentioning names. As “voice of one in the wilderness” has pointed out here, “It’s a little bit troubling to me when people get defensive right away.” So, I agree with your wish to be a little more analytical with these accounts.

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  4. Thank you (all)for the intellect and value analysis in the subject matter. My perspective is viewing from the “intention” of data owner , whether if it is directing to the masses by 1)the continuous external messiah or god worship or 2)the internal self – empowerment connecting to the divine directly without intervening by the middle management.
    Elena’s group in the disclosure front line are dealing with many challenges not only from the opponent group but also from the human minds are groomed to be divided and fear in the memory since the ancestral line.
    The universe has only one truth; We are all ONE with love and wisdom, a REAL HUMAN essence. I think, one aspect of reasons being amnesia (blind and deaf), is for us to figure out , experience and understand ourselves (microcosmos) in the diversities in order to understand ONE truth(macrocosmos) while discovering and restoring of our spiritual multidimensional self.


  5. Fascinating stuff. You put a lot of effort into your analyses. I watch Dani and Elena all the time, but I have to admit to being somewhat overwhelmed by their presentations. It must be my autism. When I need a breath of fresh air and down-to-earth-ism, I race across to Honor Lottering’s channel, Multidimensional World 2020 and Beyond. She is such a cheerful soul. Keep up the good work because it is much appreciated.

    Penny ________________________________


  6. Something else I find troubling about Elena. A while back you posted an email inviting people to comment on anomalies found in the work of Elena, and one in particular I find troubling is (trumpets and drum roll): VACCINES !!! I hesitated initially to comment on this invitation from you because I thought it was petty of me. However, it is still nagging at the back of my mind. So why not just air it!
    I am copying a section of a letter I sent to Robert Stanley a couple of months ago, with reference to a video interview he did with Michael Salla. It was very interesting, and he did get back to me, which is what Elena would never do because she either doesn’t have the time or the inclination. I know, because I have written to her before. This is what I said to Robert Stanley:
    On the subject of Covid vaccines, I think things must be a lot different in Australia. People here don’t have to get vaccinated if they don’t want to. It’s their choice and their risk, quite frankly. It’s a lot harder for parents of young children to get out of vaccinating their kids, and quite rightly so. Those early childhood diseases are awful.
    On Elena Danaan’s website, if you click on INTERSTELLAR CONTACTS, you will see TRANSCRIPTS. Click on the transcript second from the bottom dated March 26, 2020. On Page 2 half-way down the page you will see:
    “Do not let any needle inject you with anything. I want to tell you that I am not saying refuse any injection but be careful not those that are implemented by force. Your medicine discovered a way of injecting good medicine into organisms. This is a good thing to get what you call vaccines. It can save a lot of lives but be very careful, not the ones they will try to oblige you by force. These contain implants. It is like dust. It is not one implant. It is a dust of implants, very small. Who will settle in your nervous system and never leave. We are working very hard to support the cures we have helped to find. This is not something sure that will happen. This is what I wanted to say.”
    This is advice from Elena’s friend Thor Han, one of her friends from “upstairs”. No wonder people are confused. They don’t know who to trust. Guess I will continue to go with my gut instinct. My 85 year old husband and I (77) both got 2 vaccinations and 2 boosters. We both dodged a bullet because we both got Covid but had very few side effects.
    Thought you might be interested in this anomaly.


    • Hi there Penhope,

      Thanks for your thoughts. I totally back Thor Han and I think he was very careful in his wording. Some v*s might just be fine, but when there is force added to it, there is a different situation. Try reading the Hydra article at if you want to better understand the perspective of the intergalactic Confederation. This was also expressed in Elena Danaan’s The Seeders in the chapters called ‘The Catch’ (pages 50-56) and the chapter on the Secret Meeting on the Excelsior (pages 136-143)

      So, I disagree with you that there is any anomaly here. I think that we were dealing with a very malevolent propaganda machine indoctrinating millions of people in believing that it was a good thing to take that stuff and those boosters to protect yourself and others, when all this is probably one of the biggest hoaxes and scams in human history now leading to a huge number of excess deaths worldwide.

      On the bright side of matters…it will help in dismantling this crooked global machinery


      • Okay I hear you, but where is the force? We were not forced into anything. We could choose to be vaccinated or not. This is Australia I am talking about. Maybe it is different in America and Europe. Thanks as always for your newsletters.

        Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________


      • Hi there Penhope. In my understanding Australia and New Zealand have been one of the most horrible countries for people who refused to take the jab. They were treated as second-class citizens, who were ridiculed, called ‘conspiracy crackpots’ and stuff like that. Anyone questioning the government’s narrative was someone to be targeted in the media and by the government and often by their family and friends. You had the worst lockdowns in Melbourne. Perhaps you were not physically forced to take the jab, but there was an enormous pressure on everyone to get jabbed. I have a sister who lives in Australia and she couldn’t pass into another district without getting the jab. But as you know, people think differently on these matters. Time will tell who was right. Let’s not get into that discussion here now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Nebu were indeed behind this campaign to enter their ‘dust’ into our veins and DNA, before they were stopped by the good guys, just in time, before they could turn us into a kind of hivemind zombies.

        Perhaps try the documentary Died Suddenly ( or watch this collection of 1000 athletes who died suddenly in a period of 15 months (


      • From a personal point of view the lockdowns were a god-send for us. We live in a semi rural area and we were motivated to be very resourceful. Here’s another thought. If governments wanted to get rid of large parts of their population, why would they spend all that money on providing free vaccines? There would be other ways to go about it. The hospital intensive care units were overwhelmed even with the majority getting vaccinated. As it was, they didn’t have enough ventilators for all who needed them. It will be interesting to see what happens in Thailand with the influx of Chinese tourists. I have read that their Covid numbers have greatly increased since they opened their doors.

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  8. Hi Joost, Thank you for the sweet welcoming. In the short time of perusing your site, i’ve come across a number of well-written thus easy to understand (thought provoking) articles that make me wonder and appreciate how anyone maintains the energy to be so engaged in the realms of mind and their resultant exchanges with other minds. Hehe. That seems like a bunch of hard work and yet i honor the perfection of your inner designs to do so. Your efforts truly expand this sacred canvas, my gentle friend.

    It is heartening to discover others who have found their way in this fantastical and complicated tale of disclosure. And of course there is more to be discovered. i too from a detached view have observed the many players involved in this disclosure movement over many years and have come to sense deeply a flow of integrity and sincerity through Ms Danaan’s experiences and the lovely and credible people associated with her dance. But what i find even more rousing is the subject of this article in which you gently remind we ‘kenoma’ dwellers as ‘voice of one’ eloquently puts it, to be aware of the pitfalls of seeking any forms of truth beyond our personal, inner-experience- especially when it involves magnificent beings bearing gifts from higher realms of ‘mind’…

    The nefarious types tinkering in higher-densities are steadily becoming easier to detect in the face of our GodSpark rising within each of us. For some of us, their fear signatures of deception are easy to sense just as equally the loving, benevolent currents flowing through the well-intending and noble off-world civilizations who are offering their own spiritual beliefs (with dazzling technology) as it relates to ‘ascension’ and our personal journeys with GodSource. The question one day soon will become: Do we climb aboard their wondrous star ships and follow them? Do they really know what’s best for me? Do they know of the Beloved’s most-intimate plan with this little ‘i’ that has guided ‘me’ to even relinquish its soul? What are we if our inner-journey one day leads us to drop all self-identifying labels? We enter the Beloved’s Unknown. As rumi offers, that path is well-hidden from not only the mind and the heart, but from the soul as well. And yet here ‘i’ remain incarnated and empty leaving every moment available to be informed in this vast Silence of the Unknown.

    How can even well-intending off-worlders profess to know the Way-especially for me-when it is in this Great Unknown that allows me to see them? Mind, even advanced mind will never ‘experience’ GodSong. So getting back to your insightful thoughts in this article, It is good to support the storyline of Ms Danaan & Co. that reaches out into the cosmos, including seeing the precision you cite in a more recent article with respect to the roles of Megan Rose, Ismael Perez and Corey Goode, etc. Imho, we must learn inwardly to never look up or look down on another being’s journey. And comparing our own to another in any manner is to miss the Beloved’s moment-to-moment precision flowing within each of us.

    Our space brethren do not have our answers- for they nobly operate in controlled programs of Mental ‘ascension’-a ladder if you will-in which ‘The Nine’ ultimately inform. And yet even at this highest density, they openly admit their ornately decorated glass ceiling in which they still… await the direct-experience of GodSource. Why would ‘i’ want to follow… another when ‘i’ am designed to receive… from my own sacred plumbing?

    i apologize for this treatise. Thank you Joost for challenging and reminding our stirring humanity to stay true to our inside processes- no matter the sweet offerings of another. Our collective consciousness is at a crossroads: Get on their ships needing (neediness?) something? Or take an amazing ride with them as equals requiring nothing? Hehe. Blessings. i part with this short rumi-ism:

    The celestial sphere is a place
    of nobility, the earth a place of
    fatality; i’ll be free of both
    of these perils when i reach
    the Presence

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  10. As requested by Joost, this detailed review is being posted in response to this article…

    Galactic and Spiritual Informers Connection (GSIC)

    I was blessed in October 21-23 to be able to attend the GSIC meeting in Orlando FL. When I saw this advertised I immediately “knew” I was going to attend. I have attended similar conferences in the past, notably “Contact In The Desert” twice, some five years ago.
    The GSIC event had available seating for about 1,000 people and was about 90% full (more about that later). The event was held at the DoubleTree Hotel near Universal Studios in Orlando FL.

    Review of This Conference
    Important to me was to able to feel the energy of the Crowd during the event, as well as make a few new friends. Though I attended alone I was able succeed on both accounts. In talking to other attendees (generally at off-site meals) I was able to access the reaction and acceptance of others in attendance. Most were quite positive though some were somewhat skeptical of what they were hearing. (Meeting and traveling with the Galactic Federation, “Really?”).

    As for myself I generally accepted what I heard there though I have learned over my 76+ years on earth the power of deception of the Dark Side. (Should you doubt this, examine the demise/de-platforming of Megan Rose who was implanted and once was similarly honored as Elena Danaan).
    The “star” of the show for me was Alex Collier who was powerful, intelligible and offered at this gathering his final public appearance. Likewise, Michael Salla, whom I consider our “Galactic Biographer and Historian” also delivered his usual insightful and intelligible messages.
    Elena Danaan was one of the main reasons I attended this conference, but I generally could not understand her speech. Too bad for me that English is not her native language. (More later on sound system problems).

    Typically conferences such as CITD have several “Meet and Greet Events” where attendees are able to mingle with the speakers. This was not available at GSIC, and I found that the speakers were carefully isolated from the audience. For me this was a HUGE disappointment as I like to interact, and talk one-on-one to such speakers (where you often get surprising responses to questions that are not spoken publicly).
    This conference was recorded but no recording were offered as part of the attendance package. I found later on Vimeo that the entire conference can be purchased for $247.

    I did not like the “procession of speakers” down the main aisle. Too much “adulation” for these contactees and messengers. I would find this objectionable if I were speaking. Some of the speakers appeared uncomfortable with this ceremony.
    My biggest complaint by far was the inadequacy of the audio-visual system for the large 1,000 person conference room. The visual screens were small and only readable if you sat near a screen.

    Foreigners with English as a 2nd language (especially Danaan) were generally unintelligible to me. Elena smiled nicely as she spoke but I couldn’t understand her.

    To alleviate this problem, I learned that I need to sit in the first several rows in the room. To get these “good” seats I stood in a line for about an hour on the 2nd and 3rd days of the conference to get seated in the front of the room. I don’t like displacing others, but this is what I needed to do to be able to hear (and the Master said “the Last shall be First”). Hmmm… I hope everyone else could hear; and, I did not hear complaints from others regarding the audio.
    BTW, these are solvable problems. At CITD in a thousand person room listening to David Wilcock, the audio and visuals were great! I was not seated in the front of the room. I have specific training in audio and sound systems, and it seemed the speakers who used hand-held mics (and knew hold to use them) were the most audible.

    Travel Tips
    For those of you reading this far who might be interested in the 2023 version of this conference, here are a few tips on lodging and travel.
    IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE THE US and traveling to this conference be aware that Covid-travel restrictions are still in effect to enter the US. Kerry Cassidy reported this just a few days ago in early March 2023, and just today a Danish citizen who entered the US three days ago confirmed these restrictions.
    This is a serious issue as the 2022 Event Planner said a large group of German citizens could not exit from Canada into the US, and hence did not make the conference.

    Sadly I did not see any warning to this effect as I registered, but for me in the US it did not apply.

    If you wish to save some money on lodging, there is another three star lodging facility next door to the DoubleTree Event center, but a three minute walk to the event. The hotel is Residence Inn by Marriott it was a great place to stay and offered a free breakfast. This was less expensive than the DoubleTree; I met other event attendees who were staying there too!

    I will not be attending the GSIC in 2023 for several reasons listed here.

    Most of the information I wish to glean during the transition of Terra is available via Michael Salla’s website and YouTube videos by him and Elena Danaan. Fortunately Elena’s newer videos now show a transcription of her words.
    Just as important is the advent of this blog, Galactic Anthropology, where I get clear written verbiage of Elena as well as a critical analysis of what is being said.

    Yes, we sure do live in “Interesting Times”, as we transition to a new world.

    Be sure to offer a loving hand to those around you, especially those who may have unknowingly damaged themselves and don’t understand what is going on. I am committed to assisting in this transition. See my blog which generally deals with ET Contact.


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