The Nebu

Symbol of the Nebu (=”Masters”) (10)

The Nebu are often mentioned in the material by Elena Danaan. They are not the nicest kind of beings and they tend to have a rather bad smell as well. They featured in quite a few articles on this site (1-4) and on Exopolitics (5-7). Since they have played a key role in the cruel abductions and ‘breeding programs’ I thought it was time to see what this group is all about. Fortunately they have been chased out of our solar system, but we are still confronted with their shadows through misinformation programs (8) and recently the attempts to have their hybrids welcomed by us (9).

The information for this article is derived from a Q&A on Orion from May 25, 2021 (10) and ‘A Gift from the Stars’ (11). So, let’s get started. Here are the members of the ‘Nebu-gang’:

The Nebu (image taken from (10)) – upper row: Maytra, Kiily Tokurt (12), Eban (1) ; below: Grail, Ciakahrr (13) and Indugutk

I have alotted a few of them a separate page on this site before, namely the Kiilly Tokurt from Vela (12) and the Ciakahrr (Draco’s) from the Alpha Draconis (Thuban) star system (13). I will briefly introduce the other ‘Nebu-stars’ below:

The Maytra – Very bad race, the worst out of all (11, p.82)
This race stems from a different galaxy altogether, namely the Andromeda Galaxy (which they call ‘Megopei’). This is not to be confused the Andromeda star cluster within our own Milky ‘Natáru’ Galaxy (14), from where the highly benevolent people come that have in contact with Alex Collier for a few decades. The Maitra are thought to have a life span of about 120 years. “Their motivation is rage, hate and assimilation….The Maytrei have been involved in several tragedies throughout human history. Some of the worst plagues were inflicted by them with the knowledge and agreement of the Reptilians, who want the human population to never go over 8 billion.” (11, p.82)

The Eban
The homeworld of this race can be found on the planet Edemera, which is the fifth planet orbiting Betelgeuze (the red star in the upper left corner of Orion). “…Edemera, is an unpleasant, cold and deserted world….They are deeply involved with the Cabal on Terra, and work alongside the Terran military in underground facilities, on hybridization programs and soul scalping.” (11, p.226)

See Endnote 62 for a photograph of someone who sure looks a lot like an Eban

The Grail
These friendly-looking guys are from the third star in Orion’s belt, called Mintaka (Aragorog). Besides the Grail you can also find Reptiloids, Amphibians and even Dinoids on the seven planets orbiting Mintaka. “The Grail like to conquer and ransack. Grails caused great harm in the nearby systems, but the reason why they haven’t taken over the galaxy is their inaptitude to organize themselves for they are driven by a compulsive aggressivity.” (11, p. 233-234) (see Endnote 70 for more on Mintaka)

Indugutk – extremely violent –
“Their homeworld is Uruud Prime (16), an articifically engineered planet in the Bellatrix system (upper right in Orion). Indugutks are saurian-reptiloids native to Uruud (=Bellatrix). They are extremely violent in nature and look like tall white reptiloid greys. You can recognize them by this specific smell they produce, before even seeing them, and which reminds of burnt sulphur. Indugutk have treaties with the Terran government involved in space programs such as the US, Russia and China, for they have bases on Terra Moon for mining, using slaves for this chore.” (17) (11, p.224)

The Nebu are the ones that contacted MJ-12 and made agreements with them in 1954 (behind President Eisenhower’s back).

Although the Ciakahrr joined the Nebu, it doesn’t mean that they are part of the Greys of course. I get the impression that the Nebu is often used to describe the Grey-factions (and often even just the Orion-grey factions). In another article (1) I write about the concept of the hive mind with its queen. It would seem that there is a queen for every race, not just the Eban, or would there be a queen that ‘rules’ over more groups of Greys? The Ciakahrr would also be part of a hive-mind. (“…Reptilians (be they Ciakahrr, Nagai, tal Grey races or Solipsi Rai related) do not have an individual soul matrix alike humans but are instead part of a collective hive-type consciousness.” (11, p.309)

For more on warnings by the Emerther for the Grays (and especially the portal in Orion’s nebula) see (18)

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The Kiily-Tokurt from Suhail (Vela)

The Kiily-Tokurt are a species from the star system Vela. Their world is called ‘Kiila’, which is a planet near the star ‘Suhail’. Tokurt is the name of their race (1).

Image 1 – This map was shown by Elena in video (2) at 57’08”. You can also find it in her book (1) at page 334.

As you can see in the map on the left hand side, you can track the star by starting from the belt of Orion, and extend the line to Sirius and then take a bend of about 30 degrees where you meet Suhail. It would be hard to see this star from the Northern hemisphere.

Elena Danaan dedicated a 2 hour Q&A to the Kiily Tokurt in May 2021 (2).

” These Kiily-Tokurt are 6ft tall beings, living up to 200 years and would be one of the oldest races in this galaxy. They are not members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, although we are trying hard to get them in, in order to oblige them to behave.

They are very good shapeshifters, and they one thing that gives them away is the aspect of their eyes, which are wide and obsidian dark. Their true appearance is like tall grey-humanoids, but they are in fact of reptiloid genetics, and have very pale skin, nearly white. That is why your people calles them sometimes ‘Tall Whites’.” (Danaan, 1, p.292)

They are said to reproduce through external eggs. Danaan showed a drawing of a Kiily-Tokurt prisoner in the abovementioned Q&A-video at 58’10” (2). Here’s a screenshot from this video (image 2)

Image 2 – A Kiily Tokurt merchant who was taken for a prisoner

They are not really benevolent towards humans: although they would not have participated in hybridation programs, they abduct humans for slave trade and the food market. Their ships are eloingated black triangle with three corner lights, as drawn in the picture below (image 3)

Image 3 – Snapshot from video at 57’55” (also in the book at p.293)

In that particular video Elena also shows a computer generated image, which she says, really looks a lot like them. See image 4 for this impression of them.

As they are able to shapeshift, they can look a lot like humans, which you can see in the impression (images 5 to 7). Their skin would have the color of someone nearly dead, that pale.

Image 5 was drawn by Elena Danaan. This is how a Kiily Tokurt could look like.

AREA 51 and the Kiily Tokurt
In an article by Dr. Michael Salla you can read about the Kiily Tokurt. In the recent cleaning up of the alien groups by the Galactic Federation the Tokurts would have been removed from Area 51, which would have been a long-time base for them. Val Nek (3) responds to a question by Dr. Salla

Later, Val Nek gave additional information in response to Q1.

Q1: VN: I would like to add that the Dulce base and Area 51 were the last to be cleared due to high ranking grey residents from the Orion group. These beings carried a master frequency that was necessary to hack their consciousness and the internet systems of Terra. Area 51, for a long time, has been used as a base by the Killy Tokurt, or Tall Whites, specifically, and officials of the corrupt Terran government. These beings, I can report, a small number of them, were also captured for a similar purpose. The Killy Tokurt have connections to the Terran government. The Killy Tokurt, for a very long time, have offered certain services to Terran governments, which I will not disclose, but is part of the extraterrestrial infiltration. I can report that this information is recovered and we are working diligently alongside the alliance.” (4)

Image 4 – A CGI-impression of the Kiily Tokurt with shape shifting skills (2, 58″51′)
Image 7 – Kiily Tokurt looking like a human being. Screenshot from 2 (1h00’22”)
Image 5 – A made up drawing by Elena Danaan (screenshot from video, 1h01m34s)
Image 6 – Impression of a female Kiily-Tokurt (1h01m16s)

The Kiily-Tokurt would have been part of the Orion Group that made that desastrous deal with the MJ-12-group back in 1954, behind president Eisenhower’s back.

If you want to learn more about these beings watch te complete Q&A by Elena Danaan.

Update September 2022: In her third book Elena describes a race from the Andromeda Galaxy, the Ethereans who live in a star system called Maaru. They are said to be the root race for the Kiily Tokurt who are Etherian-Gray hybrids (5,6).

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