The Gemmen – One of the Seeder Races

The Gemmen, illustration by Elena Danaan (2, p.123)

In earlier articles we have come across a number of Seeder Races from other Galaxies than our own. In a video from March 6, 2023 (1), Elena described one of the Seeder Races that we haven’t discussed before on this website. They are called the Gemmen. This article will deal with them and will explain related elements for those who are new to this material, or who would want to refresh their memory.

In October 2021 a huge fleet entered our solar system. This fleet was remarkable for it didn’t have its origin in our own galaxy, but they were a group of races that came from other galaxies. The called themselves the Intergalactic Confederation (3) and the consisted of 24 races.

It turned out that these races had played a vital role in our history, in the sense that 11 of them contributed their DNA to our primate forefather. You can read a list of them at (4). Besides the genes from these Intergalactic Seeder Races we have also had our fair share of genes from various species within our Milky Way (Nataru) Galaxy.

In another recent interview in March 2023, Elena told Miyoko Sano about the soul-origin of Jesus Christ, and she said that his soul would have come from these Hoova (5), a species that could easily live more than half a million years. Their galaxy could be seen when you look through our constellation of Lyra. You can find an illustration of them at (6).

Elena also mentioned the Ashai, especially in the context as the intergalactic root race for the Ant People, as we have got to know them through the missions of JP (7).

Another Seeder Race is that of the Alteans. A representative of the Alteans is Oona, who has turned into a good friend of Elena. You can find drawings of her at (3,8). Elena Danaan has a special link with the world of Altea since it would be the place where her soul originated, and also that of Thor Han (9).

Both the Hoova, the Ashai and the Alteans were mentioned in Phyllis Schlemmer’s Only Planet of Choice (10). All three of them would have contributed their genetics to our forefathers, many dozens of million years ago.

Although the Gemmen belong to the Intergalactic Confederation, they didn’t donate their DNA to our genomes. They are a very remarkable species as is described by Elena in the video excerpt below (1):

Elena Danaan introduces the Gemmen (1)

In the above excerpt Elena Danaan described this fascinating 9th Density species. You can also read all about them in The Seeders (2, pp.122-123).

She says that these species are an extraordinary soul group and that they are part of the 24 Seeders Cultures. These species, the Gemmen, are from a galaxy that is called Caldwell 77 or NGC 5128, which is behind the Centauri constellation. They have a main entity consciousness, which she calls a ‘plasmic supra-consciousness’ which feeds off the plasma of the stars and they live in stars. They are not incarnated in that state. They are able to fractal themselves into different incarnated beings, who can be “any species, any races, anywhere”

“These beings split their consciousness into a group of fractal Sub-Beings, who will all be interfaced with the original Seed-Being that is at the head of his Hive group. The Sub-beings incarnate on the planets of these star systems, they are generally 9Ft tall, have blue skin and an elongated cranium. Another strong aspect of these beings is that all fractals of the Seed Beings are interfaced with the frequency of Love. Hence, they are extermely skilled in healing and as well, affecting the holographic grid of the universe.” (2, p.122)

Elena goes on to say that they are also able to incarnate on Earth, but then they are still interfaced with the other fractals of the main plasmic solar being. Mélanie Charest (11) and Elena Danaan, fittted all the pieces together, including Mélanie’s link with Centauri and the sharing of consciousness with other bodies/avatars. They were confident that Mélanie’s soul would belong to the Gemmen species from the Caldwell 77 Galaxy.

If you like to fractal yourself a bit more into fractals of consciousness, you might like to fractal to (14)

It’s good to see how we get introduced to different species from the Seeders as time goes by. Perhaps one day we will all remember where our soul started our journey into physicality, and I would like to know how we can eventually learn to be 100% sure about it. What are your thoughts about the Gemmen or about retrieving the ‘birth place’ of your soul? Let me know below in the comments.

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