Japan and the T-Ashkeru from Sirius B (Thula)

( 日本とシリウス B の T-Ashkeru (Thula))

Once again it is Jean-Charles Moyen who is the inspiration for an article on this website. In a video that was published on February 12, 2023 (1) he talks to Elena Danaan on his personal links with Japan, where Elena adds the possible connection to the T-Ashkeru from Sirius B. This article unwraps this topic and connects it – as always – with previous related articles.

Like I said, Jean-Charles appears frequently on this website. A few weeks ago there was this article about Jean-Charles Moyen in his role as a kind of ‘Secret Space Program-Hub’ (2). A few weeks before that I wrote about his remarkable encounters with Rebecca Rose (3). In connection with Dakota Frandsen’s claim that he had worked with Thor Han, which would have been affirmed by Thor Han himself, I also added Jean-Charles’ meeting with Thor Han on the Excelsior (4) on the page on the Ahil (5).

Before Jean-Charles Moyen presented all his evidence related to his connection with Japan in the interview with Elena Danaan (1), he had already spoken a bit about his voyage to Mount Fuji after he had spent some time on the streets of Tokyo with Elena (6,7). It is not my intention to make a summary of the video (1); you’d better watch it yourself. My aim is to focus on this possible extraterrestrial link with a group of humanoids from the Sirius B system called the T-Ashkeru.

In the video Jean-Charles talks about his interest for Japan from early childhood. As a teenager he even tried to learn Japanese. His grand-father probably was Japanese and in the video he presents pictures of his children who also seem to have an Asian look to them, even though Jean-Charles and his wife Mélanie Charest (9) are Caucasian. He said that both his children had the so-called ‘Mongolian Spot’ (10)

At the age of 7 Jean-Charles Moyen wrote about a visit to Mt. Fuji and he drew things that look an awful lot like the images on the right-hand side from an account of 1803 about a woman called Utsuro bune (11,12)

In the excerpt below you can hear Jean-Charles talk about something extraordinary. He says that he went to Mount Fuji recently and that he met a beautiful woman and she looked familiar to him. She introduced herself as Utsu and she said that her name for Jean-Charles was ‘Hoshi’, which means ‘Star’. She told him that she was a guardian. It was only after having this interview with Miyoko Sono (7) that he decided to look for old diaries and in one of his diaries he found an entry in which he describes Utsu and a spaceship inside Mt. Fuji! See (12) to see what he wrote back then.

Jean-Charles talks about his meeting with Utsu and his retrieval of his diary notes from 44 years before

Triggered by the description of this Japanese woman in Mount Fuji, called Utsu, Elena Danaan had to think about the T-Ashkeru from the Sirius B (Thula) system. As you may have heard, these people were recently released from the hivemind-claws of the Nebu (13,14). The most famous T-Ashkeru must be Myrah, whose beauty you can admire at (15). Because of their triangular like face, their bigger slanted eyes and the possibility that they might have been able to use the Anunnaki-technology of extending their lives through using monoatomic gold (16), which made her shine just like Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies.

Edward Cullen starts to sparkle when he is confronted with day light (17)

In the video Elena Danaan brings up a story, of which she is not sure whether it is true or not, but it talks about a secret Apollo 20- mission to the Moon (18). During that mission a spaceship would have been found with a girl inside who was in stasis. They would have determined this woman to be 1,5 million old. If you look at that picture (18), she definitely has the Asian look. Could she have come from T-Ashkeru as well?

This incredible story by Jean-Charles and that possible link between the Japanese (and probably all Asians I would say) and the T-Ashkeru opens up all kinds of questions and possibilities.

A while ago I dedicated a few pages to the Thioouba Prophecy which was written by a fellow French man called Michel Desmarquet, who talks about his contactee-experiences on a spaceship and on a planet that is inhabited by the Thiaoouba. One of the things that he was told was that the Asians would have arrived on Earth from a planet called Bakaratini in the Centaur system some 1,3 million years ago (19). This is pretty close to the estimate of the Asian lady found on the Moon (20)

If the Asians would have arrived on our planet around 1,5 million years ago, this is something that is not told in Elena Danaan’s the Seeders, even though it would be quite something I would say. The Seeders only returned for the first time 439.000 years ago (22), and the Anunnaki only arrived some 67,000 years later. This would imply that at their arrival there would have already been a thriving society consisting of Asians. It would imply that the Asians originally didn’t have the 11-DNA-genomes of the Seeders either, or would the T-Ashkeru have performed the same trick that Enki did: activating the dormant DNA and add a bit of their own genetics to it? What could all this mean? Share your thoughts below in the comments!

The story continued as you can hear in the video-interview Jean-Charles Moyen had with Miyoko Sono on February 17, 2023 (23). On March 2, 2023 Dr. Michael Salla had another interview with Jean-Charles on these Japanese developments too (24).

(1) Japanese secrets revealed – With Jean-Charles Moyen (Feb 12, 2023)
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(9) While searching for the spelling of her name, I discovered that you can watch her talk about her own extraterrestrial experiences in a video with English subtitles: Connexion Alien Saison 2 (All In One) Season 2. A future version of Melánie was present during Jean-Charles’ first encounter with Thor Han (5). I sure need to watch that video!
(10) On Wikipedia you can read about this Mongolian spot (Slate Grey Nevus). It indeed seems to be quite prevalent in Asians in general (and thus in Japanese people too), but also in the Inuit from Greenland. Here’s a piece on the prevalance of the Mongolian Spot:

“They occur in around 80%[19] of Asians, and 80%[19] to 85% of Native American infants.[17] Approximately 90% of Polynesians and Micronesians are born with slate grey nevus, as are about 46% of children in Latin America,[20] where they are associated with non-European descent. These spots also appear on 5–10% of babies of full Caucasian descent; Coria del Río in Spain has a high incidence due to the presence of descendants of members of the delegation led by Hasekura Tsunenaga, the first Japanese official envoy to Spain in the early 17th century.[17][21][better source needed] African American babies have slate grey nevus at a frequencies of 90%[19] to 96%.[22]

(11) The story of Utsuro Bune can also easily be found on wikipedia. Here’s a relevant fragment from that site:

ink-painting of the Utsuro bune (from wikipedia)

Utsuro-bune (虚舟, ‘hollow ship’), also Utsuro-fune, and Urobune, was an unknown object that allegedly washed ashore in 1803 in Hitachi province on the eastern coast of Japan. When defining Utsuro-bune, the bune part means “boat” while Utsuro means empty, or hollow. Accounts of the tale appear in three texts: Toen shōsetsu (1825), Hyōryū kishū (1835) and Ume-no-chiri (1844).

According to legend, an attractive young woman aged 18-20 years old, arrived on a local beach aboard the “hollow ship” on February 22, 1803. Fishermen brought her inland to investigate further, but the woman was unable to communicate in Japanese. She was very different from anyone else there. The fishermen then returned her and her vessel to the sea, where it drifted away.” (wikipedia)

(12) Here’s the text that Jean-Charles wrote back on Wednesday april 7, 1976, when he was only 7 years old:

Image of Alien Woman retrieved in Apollo 20 -mission? (18)

“Last night I was in the mountains in Japan at Mount Fuji there was a lot of white light and there was a very kind Japanese lady who told me her name UTSU and she said hello HOSHI. But my name is Jean-Charles, why did she call me like that? I like Hoshi, it’s beautiful. We were in a big spaceship in the mountain, here is the drawing. Hoshi means Star in Japanese” (1)
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(20) In the Thiaoouba Prophecy it is however claimed that the Moon was not present at the time that the Asians (and the Blacks as well) arrived on Earth. So, that’s a bit odd: how could this woman have been on the moon for 1,5 million years, when the Moon wasn’t even around at that time. See (21) for more on the moon. Perhaps someone knows when Alex Collier dated the placing of our moon in our orbit?
(21) The Moon: Artificial and Natural at the Same Time?
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7 thoughts on “Japan and the T-Ashkeru from Sirius B (Thula)

  1. Interesting questions, GA. From what little I know about the T’Asheri… they are a hybrid between an indigenous Gray species/race and the Taali migrants who arrived from the Vega system. They are also related to the rest of the Taali descendants who planted themselves all over Nataru, including the Pleiades, specifically T-Mar in the Ashaara star system (Taygeta) and Jayha (Alcyone). The Katayy of Kashta (Sirius A system) are also related to the T’Asheru, although they retained the dark looks of the original Taali with a blue cast on their skin from time spent in the Vega system. Golly, these permutations and migratory adventures get complicated. The T-Asheru can have slanted green eyes and white blonde hair… and then we see this new Guardian lady with sapphire-colored eyes, pale iridescent skin and black hair… The descendants of Lyra are quite capable of adapting their genetics to suit their multiple new environs and duties. Keep in mind the possibility that Asians already existed on Terra and the Guardian adapted her appearance, perhaps creating an suitable avatar, to “fit in” with the new people. More questions seem to arise with every revelation, yet our knowledge base is expanding. And there are only a few million other ET races to learn about! EA ❤

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  3. Apollo 20: The Secret Mission to the Moon to Salvage an Ancient Alien Spacecraft
    The Apollo spaceflight program lasted from 1961 to 1972.
    Apollo 11 was Neil Armstrong’s famous first step. Apollo 17 was the last manned mission to the moon.
    In all, 20 Apollo flights were planned but Apollo 18, 19 and 20 were canceled.
    But in 2007, a retired astronaut blew the whistle and claimed Apollo 18, 19 and 20 did happen. But they were highly classified. He knows this because was the commander of Apollo 20.
    He said the reason these missions were kept secret is because of what they found on the moon.
    Well, not just what they found — also who they found.

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  4. Time and time again over the years I’ve read reports of the lady/spacecraft that was said to have been discovered/found on the moon. However, at least 1.3 billion years was always written here(?) And the lady is said to have had three eyes (one on her forehead). But maybe that’s another topic?


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