The Ant People

Hopi and the Ant-people

Although the study of Enki’s account of our history is far from over, I would like to pay some attention to two interviews Dr. Michael Salla has had with his contact in the military: JP. He has given us a lot of information on the arks and the meetings with off-world people last year (1-3), and he keeps on doing his missions in domains which most people will find incredible. This site is about Galactic Anthropology and this implies the study of all intelligent life, no matter how strange it may be.

We have come across the Koldassi that inhabit a parallel dimension of Neptune (4) and recently we have gotten to know the Seeder races from the Intergalactic Confederation, of which 11 would have contributed to our genome (5). You can watch the illustrations of all 24 members of the Intergalactic Federations in Elena Danaan’s book, the Seeders (6).

In October 2022 JP describes the magical world that he entered in a subterranean world below the state of Florida (7,8). In his first mission he describes a few guards that looked like ‘ant-people’

Excerpt from Mission to Underground Civilization in Florida and a Gift for Humanity

I have to admit that my first reaction to this description was one of disbelief. JP is telling all kinds of amazing things but where is the proof!? But then I started to search a bit on ‘Ant-People’ and I discovered the link with this myth by the Hopi-Indians. You can listen to an interesting interview with the Indian elder Clifford Mahooty (9) to find out more about the Ant People who would have played an important role in their history, for they would have saved the Hopi people twice:

(couldn’t retrieve origin of this image, but it looks like an ant-like being with 2 arms and 2 legs)

During these two global cataclysms, the virtuous members of the Hopi tribe were guided by an odd-shaped cloud during the day and a moving star at night that led them to the sky god named Sotuknang, who finally took them to the Ant People—in Hopi, Anu Sinom . The Ant People then escorted the Hopi into subterranean caves where they found refuge and sustenance. ” (10)

And for those who have noticed the word ‘Anu’ in the above quote, there’s some possible link with our ‘friends’ the Anunnaki:

“The Hopi words for the Ant People or Ant Friends (Anu Sinom) create a direct link to the stories of the Anunnaki. It could be coincidental, but it is quite striking. The Babylonian sky god was named Anu, which is the Hopi word for ant. The word, Naki translates to “friends.” Thus, Anu-Naki translates to “ant friends” in Hopi. In both languages, they are describing extraterrestrial beings, but the Hopi say these Ant People came from under the ground.” (10)

If you want there’s a lot more to discover on the Ant People. For instance you can search for the work of Gary A. David (11). Just imagine that these Ant People not only exist but that we as ‘surface’ people are slowly getting to know them. If you watch the interviews (7,8) with JP you can hear him talk about a present that was given by these subterranean people to us. Seeds were part of this present.

The Ashai. Illustration by Elena Danaan (6, p.95)

As far as that possible connection between the Hopi Anunnaki (meaning ‘Ant Friends’) and the Anunnaki that we have got to know, it seems highly unlikely that they are the same people. At least I haven’t seen any images of Enki or Enlil with antennae at the sides of their heads.

To round off this article I would like to remind you that according to the information from the book ‘The Seeders‘ one of our ‘seeders’ would be insectoid, meaning that we would have insectoid DNA in our genomes. These people from the Intergalactic Federation are called the Ashai and although they do carry two neat antennae on their heads they do have four arms and two legs, which distinguishes them from the ant people that JP described 🙂

The Ashai would have had an outpost in our solar system, namely on the continent of Mu. Some of their descendants would still live on Mars. (6, p.94)

Perhaps the Ant People are descendants from the Ashai as well, with some hybridization you could easily lose a few arms, right?

In a video on December 10, 2022 (12) Elena again talked about the Ant People. In that video she also made this link with the Ashai as the Root Race for the Ant People. See the excerpt below.

Just like the Hoova/Hoovids are mentioned in both the work of Elena Danaan and the Only Planet of Choice (13), the Ashai also feature in both sources, although they are called ‘Ashan’ in the latter book (14).

Here’s a fragment from the book (in which the Ashan are mentioned quite often):

ANDREW: Right. And Ashan, can you give us some historical reference for Ashan’s role in the past?

Tom: Ashan was the beginning of the great composers, the Renaissance, the greatness of art upon the Planet Earth. It began in a small portion in the time of Egypt in its working with gold, and in its beauty of architectural environments. Ashan is simply a civilization of great creativity. It has brought to the Planet Earth great music, great art, and great literature. Yes.
” (13, p.33)

In the book the Ashan/Ashai are described as looking very different from humans. Just like the Zeneel (who are called Z-Neel in Elena’s The Seeders, 6), which is another argument for the Ashan being the same group as the Ashai:

“I will ask Altea how he would choose to appear… Altea has said that they would choose to appear in their usual form, which is what you would call humanoid. Hoovids have that appearance. Ashans do not, Zeneels do not.” (13, p.31)

The Ant People with the Ashai as their probable Root Race (12)

Update January 2023 In another talk with Dr. Michael Salla (15), JP says that he has been on another mission below the surface of Florida. It was not the same place that he had visited twice before, but it was in those surroundings. He once again describes the beauty of that world down there. He noticed that there were some 30 humans living between the Ant People, and they were just as happy as all these beings were. He had the privilege to talk to the king of those Ant People living there. The king told him that the would welcome more people in their world and that they were going to go to surface too, with the goal of teaching the people in the way that they have taught other cultures in the past. JP and his mission were given a crystal like device that had some copper/gold wired around it. This device would have healing qualities and it would be able to ‘age-repair’. He said that people could live there easily for more than 200 years. The king would have been around for at least 100 years longer. Watch (15) for more details.

(1) More on the Atlantic Ark and an Ark Summary – Rescue Mission with Russians participating
(2) Discovery of a Portal on Antarctica?
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(14) I want to thank Joe for pointing out this link between the Ashai and the Ashan.
(15) Visits to King of Ant People and Ancient Moonbase

8 thoughts on “The Ant People

  1. In science fiction (movies, literature) we learn about Insectoids, Reptilians, and all manner of non-Earthling-type life.
    Until we know… who’s to say?
    I find this sort of stuff interesting. – Thanks!


    • The Si-Fi movie is one of ways, has been a soft disclosure to the public. The new Si-Fi are even mimic closely to the new realities. We are in the process to enter new Star Trek generation that was once planned to do in 1970s. After earth chaos is settled, things will be speeding up.


  2. I think there are different type of insectoids, it sounded like mantis are most advanced beings and working with humanoids. Ant people are in the undergrounds helping humans. I heard that the insectoids are compassionated, perhaps, by adding their genetic material, we are compassionate.

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