Which ET-species were present on the Moon?

In the early files from 2020 Elena Danaan still did live contacts with people from the Galactic Federation of Worlds. In one of those videos Myrah used Elena’s implant to answer questions that Elisa Wright asked. Information from that interview led to a number of new articles already (1,2) and it shed more light on our moon (3). This article focuses on those that were present on our Moon before the great clean-up removed all of them in February 2021 (4).

The first group that Myrah mentions is the German (Thule) (5) group from Antarctica. They didn’t get there on their own. They used the technology of their allies, the Akhori from Altair (6,7) to get there.

These blonde humanoids from Altair also had a base on the Moon. This base was like a spaceport for their troops. It was a small base. From there they also brought the slaves that they captured. The moon was ‘pretty much’ a facility for slave trade, and experiments and storage of abducted people. The Moon was a platform of exchange and redistribution of slaves for other parts of the galaxy.

The Maytra from the Andromeda Galaxy are described as follows in A Gift from the Stars: “They are your worst enemy, and the worst enemy of all races in this galaxy. Basically they are considered as parasites by everyone except those who managed to create alliances of mutual interests with them, that is to say, the Ciakahrr Empire (8) and the Orion Collectives (9)” (10, p.82)

Myrah discloses that the Maytra had the greatest presence on the Moon, with approximately 600 people (although ‘no one went down to count them‘). People from the US and other countries have met them.
According to Myrah the Maytra were the ones that chased the Americans from the Moon (16).

These shapeshifting species from Suhail in the Vela System (11) had a base there, as did the Ciakahrr (8). The Orion Alliances (9) tried to get a hold on the Moon and there had been wars, but they didn’t manage to get a hold on the Moon.

Neither did the Galactic Federation of Worlds, although they did have an outpost there, but it was constantly attacked, with their people getting killed, which is why they decided to redraw to their ships. Myrah says that these stations are the same. They didn’t need the Moon then; they could keep an eye on our planet from their spaceships.

Below you can watch the relevant excerpts in a six-minute video:

Myrah talks about the various factions that were on the Moon in 2020 (16)

Luckily all these malevolent groups have been kicked out off the surface (and beneath the surface) of the Moon since this interview was recorded. The Moon would now be in the hands of the GFW and the Earth Alliance who would use it to build med-beds amongst other things (12). Myrah says that the Orion Groups (Nebu? Anunnaki?) didn’t have a foothold on the Moon. They must have had this relay station on the Moon, however, that enabled the Nebu to create this ‘dark goo web’ around our planet to keep our frequency low. This relay station was interacting with a relay station on a moon that used to orbit Saturn (13), which in its turn would have been connected to the Hive Queen who was still vibrantly ‘alive’ around that time (14). That would be an interesting question to ask.

A Colorful Moon (15)

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The Corporate of Altair

In a video from November 2020 (1), Elena Danaan explains what the Corporate of Altair is all about. You can hear her read the two paragraphs of her book ‘A Gift from the Stars’ (2) in the excerpt below. For those who have trouble with listening to English I have added the transcript of her speech.

“Headquarters of a collective based on the fourth planet of the Altairan system, and which maintains dodgy ties with the Ashtar and the Draconian collectives at the same time. This is the mixed group composed of a blond humanoid race that co-operates with a race of Greys (3).

The Corporate is not part of the Ciakahrr (Draconian) Empire (4), but heavily involved in abductions and interbreeding programs (between these blond Altairans and humans), in connivance with the US government. Presence of a detachment of the Terran military (US-Telos Alliance). So this Corporate is part of the “Alliance” (the 6th and 7th dimensional Altairans (5) do not nourish interest in conquests and agendas of any sort and are not part of this Corporate of Altair).” (2, p.318-319)

Elena Danaan speaks about the Corporate of Altair (november 2020)

A lot has changed since this video was posted near the end of 2020. Elena has written two disclosure books afterwards, and the alien malevolent groups have been cast out from Earth and from our Solar System altogether. The Nebu have collapsed and the Ashtar Collective (7) has been removed from the Sirius B system (8). This means that a few allies of the Corporate of Altair have either been dissolved or have their power greatly diminished. No more abductions by the Akhori. Would they still have their ties with the Deep State somehow? Would all this lead to changes in the homeworld of the Akhori near Altair?

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On Arcturians and the Grays

Dan & Dani (13)

This current post is dedicated to a certain hypothesis that was recently proposed by Dani Henderson in one of her videos (2). Her hypothesis was: “There are people who claim to have contact with Arcturians who in fact are in contact with the Grays.” Is there a way to verify this hypothesis?

In a video that was dedicated to list everyone that cannot be trusted according to Dani, she mentioned that there are people on this planet that claim to be in contact with Arcturians, who are in effect being fooled, because they are in reality in contact with the Grays. Below you can hear her posing her hypothesis:

Dani Henderson describes how certain people who are in contact with Arcturians are in fact in contact with Grays

This hypothesis raises a few questions: what is her source for such a hypothesis? How can she be sure about this? Does she realize that this hypothesis implies that she has a better understanding than the personal experiences of people who claim to be in contact with Arcturians? For who does this hypothesis hold? Does it also apply to people who claim to have had contact with Arcturians on spaceships, like Mélanie Charest (3), Dave Rossi (4), Beth Noyes (5), Debbie Solaris (6), Viviane Chauvet (7) or is this kind of physical contact not part of her hypothesis, or should we perhaps even say, her warning? And to which kind of Grays is she referring? Or is that irrelevant? And does the collapse of the Nebu (8) have any consequences for this hypothesis? Does this only hold for people in contact with the Arcturians, but also for people who say that they are in contact with the Andromedans or other high-density beings?

I’m not sure if Dani does allow for the possibility than certain people can have contact with the Arcturians. I hope she does, because otherwise the Arcturians would have no way of contacting anyone on Earth. How to determine who is being fooled by the Grays and who is not?

In order to test this hypothesis on its merits I decided to watch an interview with two people who say to have contact with Arcturians. In an earlier article I already introduced Viviane Chauvet (7). Just naming her name triggered a number of people to warn me about this alleged link with the Grays, or in other terms, with what I have come to call ‘Dani’s Arcturian-Gray Hypothesis‘. As if I was threading on dangerous territory. Fortunately I had just cast away my fear of engaging with ‘wrong’ ET’s and contactees so I was open to see for myself, alert but with an open and non-judgmental mind (9).

So I was drawn to an interview (10) between Viviane Chauvet, Jeff Demmers (11) and Dr. Dan Seda in the ‘Infinite Star Connections‘-series (12) from February 2023. And guess what? In that particular interview Viviane brings up the topic about Arcturians and Grays. Both Dr. Seda and Viviane express their thoughts and experiences with the energy of the Grays and the Arcturians. Let’s listen to them and make up your mind: does Dani’s Arcturian-Gray Hypothesis hold for them or not?

Dr. Dan Seda and Viviane Chauvet talk about the differences between Grays and Arcturians

Dani’s hypothesis implies that certain people are unable to distinguish between the energy of the Grays and the Arcturians. Could the Grays really pretend to be of a higher density, imitating such beautiful heart-centered presences as the Arcturians, and fool people like that? What’s your take on this? Do you think that Viviane Chauvet and Dr. Seda (12) are in fact controlled by Grays? Would Dani refer to anyone of them? Are we in a position to really tell?

Another element in this discussion is that it paradoxically allows for the possibility that the fear of the Grays might be feeding something that we have called ‘black goo’ in earlier articles (14). Of course we shouldn’t forget this phenomenon that certain people are set up to spread misinformation as a result of some Mk Ultra programming in the past. It’s an interesting challenge to find your way through all of this.

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(11) I don’t know anything about Jeff Demmers, but he seems to have a liking for 4D species, an area which might just be interesting for certain Gray species. He doesn’t claim to be in contact with any Arcturians, so Dani’s Arcturian-Gray Hypothesis cannot be tested on him.
(12) Dr. Daniel Seda has written three books. In his second book (from 2021) ‘Chronicles of an Arcturian Envoy: A Starseed’s Journey into the Great Awakening‘ I noticed the following acknowledgements of very familiar people:

(13) Dan and Dani. A picture of a couple that got married in 2018. I chose this picture because of their names: Dan is the first name of Dr. Dan Seda and you know Dani refers to 🙂 – The picture is from: Dan and Dani are getting married this weekend
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A Meeting in Space with an ISS Cosmonaut in May 2020

( Un encuentro en el Espacio con un Cosmonauta de la ISS en mayo de 2020 )

In April 2023 Elena Danaan posted a link to an article on certain UFO sightings that were made from the International Space Station (ISS) (1). According to this article thousands of alien spaceships would have been spotted leaving Earth in 2020. This would have coincided nicely with the starting of the evacuation of various malevolent alien groups around that time, leading to their full removal in 2021.

Drawing by Elena Danaan (2, p.132)
“Russian ISS personnel taken onboard the station of the Galactic Federation. I could identify High Commander Ardaana in the background and Thor Han across from the astronaut”

Elena’s post reminded me of a fascinating account that is described in her second disclosure book (2), relating to a meeting that would have taken place on board a spaceship of the Galactic Federation of Worlds with a Russian cosmonaut of the ISS in May 2020.

The International Space Station (ISS) had his first crew up in space back in the year 2000 (3). The current story is about the 63th expedition that arrived on the ISS in April 2020 (4)

A month after the arrival of this team Elena Danaan was told certain things about the ISS. When Elena asked Thor Han (5) who owns the ISS, he answered as follows:

These secret space programs have many connections with different corporations on Terra, and also with other non-Terran species involved. They established a presence on other planets also, mainly Terra’s Moon, Tyr (Mars), Titan, Ceres (6), and worlds as far as Jada (Aldebaran) (7) or Akhoria (Altair)…In the Akhori and Jada systems, the Corporate of Akhoria has been working for a long time with Terran secret military factions, in exchange programs” (2, p.137)

Due to her implant-connection with Thor Han, Elena was able to witness a scene in which the Galactic Federation of Worlds was holding a Russian cosmonaut in their ship. Thor Han was angry at this man as he said: “Do not do it, Anatoly! Do NOT do it! Stop the program! Don’t put those modules into space, you understand? Do not put these in orbit!” (2, p.130).

Anatoly understood and said that he would comply and try to convince the others.

Expedition 63 crewmembers Ivan Vagner of Roscosmos, top, Chris Cassidy of NASA, center, and Anatoly Ivanishin wave goodbye as they prepare to climb aboard the Soyuz MS-16 rocket at Site 31 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, Thursday, April 9, 2020. They launched a short time later to the International Space Station for the start of a six-and-a-half month mission. Photo Credit: (NASA/GCTC/Andrey Shelepin)

Thor Han later explains that these orbital devices carried very fine Nebu (8) technology that would complete a web at a multidimensional level. He said that there are (were?) “very powerful devices, connected to a mother computer, buried very deep underground. They pulse signals on a specific spectrum of low frequencies, triggering fear, distress, confusion and mental numbness.

This keeps the human cattle docile and also, responsive to agitation and aggression among themselves. Of course, this operation goes collaterally with the mainstream media’s manipulation. And there is worse: these emissions function on electromagnetic fields’ modulators able to alter biomolecular interactions in all living organisms. It can even regress DNA and lock consciousness into a holographic prison (9).

…The only way out of this situation, and I can never repeat myself enough, is to raise your frequency out of range of these low emissions. Counter division with unity. Conquer hate with tolerance. These devices are set on a connected web throughout the underground military facilities and surface signal towers.

The Galactic Federation of Worlds have tried to stop the launch of these nano-particles. It’s not absolutely clear from the text whether they succeeded, since they were not allowed to force these things; they had to respect the free will of humanity.

Elena Danaan’s book was published in 2021. Since then the Nebu have been destroyed (10) and all of the malevolent extraterrestrial have been cast out of our solar system. It is now our job to get rid of the remaining Cabal and Deep State forces, with the assistance of the Earth Alliance (11)

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The Aker and the Anunnaki

In (1) we could read and watch how the Nebu collapsed and how the Hive Queen lost control of ‘her’ Nebu Collective. In her 20th Contact video (2) Elena also told us about some ‘political’ issues related to the end phase of the Hive Queen (3) and she informed us about the fate of the Orion Zone after the demise of the Nebu Empire.

As has happened before, new developments open up new information, and this time it even led to the introduction of a complete new species, about whom Elena Danaan had never said anything before: the Aker. In the video excerpt below she explains some historical backgrounds of our Nataru (Milky Way) system and the role these Aker and the Anunnaki have played in the past. Let’s listen what she had to say on this fascinating topic:

Elena Danaan talks about the Aker and the Anunnaki

Before the introduction of these Aker, Elena talks about the history of the Anunnaki. I was surprised to hear that she said that the Anunnaki are originally from Bootes, just like Alex Collier has said. I can’t remember Elena talking about the Anunnaki and the Boötes star system before. We know Boötes from those beautiful species that live on a planet orbiting Arcturus (4). We have also mentioned the Korendi (5) in an earlier article as coming from the Bootes Constellation as well. Elena did a Q&A about species from Bootes in 2021 (6).

The Anunnaki are a complex bunch and perhaps there are all kinds of branches originating at various places in the galaxy, but I’m getting a bit confused here. First there is this link to their homeworld in Immaru, in a parallel dimension, as is described in A Gift from the Stars (7,8), with their home planet that was not named Nibiru, but Ashtari and Nibiru turned out to be the name of their spaceship (9).

On top of that link with that parallel world there is this link with Sirius (10), and that the Anunnaki are the hybrid off-spring of a Grey species (probably the Eban) and the T-Ashkeru (11,12) and that this probably happened in the Orion/Sirius Zone (since the Eban are from Orion’s Betelgeuse, and the T-Ashkeru are from Sirius B).

How does this match with this idea that the Anunnaki would come from a star in the Boötes Constellation? Perhaps note this question down for an upcoming webinar? Surely there will be some logical explanation, but I could use some clarification on this (13).

After this Elena goes on to say that the Anunnaki managed – at the height of their power – to create an empire so big that it encompassed our complete galaxy, except for one quadrant, that was occupied by this species called the Aker. In the first video in which Elena talked about her meeting with Enki (11) she talked about the origin of the Anunnaki and how they ruled in Sirius and in Orion. She didn’t say that the Anunnaki ruled in three quarters of the universe. That is something quite different, I would say. Perhaps she was only talking about the Anu/Enki/Enli-branch?

Nataru – Our Milky Way Galaxy

And one might ask when did they control 75% of our universe? Was it before the Orion Wars? (14) Was it before the Lyran Wars? And how did all the people like to be controlled by the Anunnaki? Were the Zenae (15), the people from Arcturus (4) controlled by the Anunnaki? The Ciakahrr? And what about all the human beings from Lyra, or the Reptilian and other Grey species in our galaxy? They were all controlled by the Anunnaki? How did they rule? Were they all ruled by Anu and his family? I haven’t heard anything about the Anunnaki having such a great empire spanning three quarters of the galaxy, before. Remarkable.

Then we get introduced to a species that is compared in vileness with the Negumak (16). They would have at that time controlled a particular quarter in the universe. I would like to find out which constellations were part of this Aker Empire and how things are nowadays. How come that we have never been told about such a powerful species before? Perhaps it was because they never interacted with humanity before, since this was a criterium for being added to A Gift from the Stars (7)? Elena wasn’t given much information about these species either, that might change in the future.

What is important in all this, is that the Anunnaki would have been the only species that had managed to make a treaty with these Aker species who have great war powers; this treaty of peace, non-aggression and non-intervention would apparently still hold and this would guarantee that the Aker would stay out of the Orion zone. This would only be a temporary solution, for eventually the Council of Five would take over the guardianship of the stars in the Orion zone. The Anunnaki would also protect our part of our galaxy.

My logical mind has some trouble dealing with the concepts presented in this excerpt. Like I said: how could the Anunnaki have ruled 3 quarters of the complete galaxy, apparently subdueing all humans, Reptilians and Grays everywhere? How does the supposed Bootes origin of the Anunnaki fit with the story about them being hybrids from an Orion Gray species (probably the Eban) and the T-Ashkeru from Sirius B?

If the Anunnaki were the only ones to keep the Aker out of three quarters of the galaxy, during the height of their rule, what is the current situation? It doesn’t seem that the Anunnaki are holding on to three quarters of the universe now, but it doesn’t look like the Aker have – with their extremely powerful war machinery – conquered all those constellations that were left behind by the Anunnaki.

I would appreciate it a lot if you can explain what this is all about. The whole story wouldn’t be so strange if all this was simply confined to the Orion zone. Please help me out on this one!

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(13) I would like to suggest a format in which there is a small group of well-informed people who get together occasionally and who deal with this kind of questions. They can sort them out, and pass on the popular questions, or the complicated questions to either Elena or Alex. This would give them the opportunity to study the question and to ask their ET-contacts what they think about it.

After all this, a new video or an article can be introduced to the world explaining the background of the question and the elaborate answer. At this moment there still is a tendency amongst certain groups to think that asking questions can be considered an act of aggression or disbelief, which should be avoided at all costs. I sure hope that Elena Danaan and Alex Collier will support a ‘think tank’ like that which can deal with any issue. This would involve more people in sound and constructive dialogues, without having any fear of being canceled out of the group.
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Three Types of Planetary Soul Matrices

And the information just keeps on flowing. On February 4, 2023 Elena Danaan put out a short video in which she distinguished three kinds of Planetary Soul Matrices (1). As always she explains it all very elaborately and clearly. I would advise you to listen to the video yourself.

A huge development recently took place in our galaxy which eventually led to the collapse of the Nebu. You can read all about it at (2). The Nebu were a collective with a ruling hive queen that controlled many gray species (3). After the destruction of this artificial intelligence queen, the formerly united species lost their central control and their cohesion which eventually led to the species returning to their own original planets, forming again their original planetary matrices, specific for their species. They still had this hive mind, but one that was far smaller and confined to one planet, and thus no longer a threat for the rest of the galaxy.

Luckily there are also different kinds of ways that species can connect on a planet. In the video below Elena Danaan distinguishes three kinds of planetary soul matrices:

Elena Danaan sums up the three kinds of planetary soul matrices

    This kind of planetary soul matrix consists of beings that hold an individual consciouness, like humanity on Earth. Beings in such a planetary matrix develop separately, through many lives until they reach a level of awareness that allows them to leave their own planet and explore others (4)
    This planetary soul matrix consists of beings that are connected to each other, but they still have their own individuality. Elena compares it to the world that is presented in the Avatar movies. It doesn’t have to mean that each and everyone is connected to each other; it can also mean that beings or people within a species have a connection with each other.
    This is the kind of planetary soul matrix in which the members are controlled by a central ‘mind’ or ‘queen’. There is hardly any individuality. This central consciousness gives the orders and their members obey and don’t think twice about it (8). This is reminiscent of the Borg from Star Trek.

In the past Elena has presented a few other interesting typologies. You might remember how she identified a number of dragons (9) and how she made a distinction between three kinds of hybrid beings, depending on the souls connected to those bodies (10).

(2) And the lights went out for the Nebu
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(4) It seems that a soul is ‘born’ in a certain planetary matrix, its home planet. Both Elena Danaan and Thor Han Eridyon have a planet in the Altea star system called Emerya as their home planet (5). We have learned that not every soul is compatible with every physical body. For example for someone from Errahel to incarnate on Earth they need a body that has some DNA that matches the bodies on Errahel. The Council of Five seems to have the capacity to do some adjustments to the DNA of a body in order to allow certain souls to enter that body succesfully.

Incarnating into a Planetary Soul Matrix (11)

If a soul is ‘born’ in the planetary matrix of Earth and it would have advanced enough to incarnate on other planets, it must have compatible DNA (6) on that new planet too, I would assume. If we were made by the Seeders that would imply that we at least have 11 planets outside of our galaxy to incarnate on.

If we have lived enough lives on Earth, we will probably have lived in bodies that also carry the DNA of other species from our own galaxy, expanding the choice of planets to live on (7). If you also add the possibility that all these species with compatible DNA could have started colonies on all kinds of planets this means that we might just have a great number of planetary soul matrices to choose from, and perhaps if you have a special request, the Council of Five might be so kind to do some genetic assistance to house your soul there.

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(11) Image taken from Delightful Knowledge

And the Lights went Out for the Nebu

( और नबू के लिये बत्ती बुझ गई )

During her first webinar on January 28, 2023 (1), Elena Danaan released exciting new information on the fate of the Nebu, and in that webinar she promised to release that information in another video, which she did a couple of days later (2). There is a lot of information in that video and she will probably write an article about it in the future, but at the time of writing it was not yet available (3).

The Nebu (6) have been a huge player in our galaxy, especially in the Orion zone. Although Alex Collier said that there were no real winners in the Orion Wars and that the parties just decided to call some undeclared truce because after 600,000 years they got tired of killing each other (7), it seems that the Nebu ended up controlling the important M42 Nebula (8,9). We have recently come to know about deals that were made between the Nebu and certain malevolent members of the Anunnaki family (10).

Key members of the Nebu are the Eban. It were the Eban that are said to be one of the two races that formed the Anunnaki, with the T-Ashkeru from Sirius B being the other (11). These Eban, not to be confused with the Eben (12), have also been important in that terrible deal with the MJ-12 in the United States. On top of all that they loved to abduct people and do experiments on them: they were eager to create hybrids with the intention to finally take over our planet (13,14).

Illustration by Elena Danaan (19, p.51)

As you may have heard the Galactic Federation of Worlds together with the Earth Alliance (15) have been fighting a harsh battle to liberate our solar system from all nefarious alien species. This was recently confirmed by John Peterson from the Arlington Institute (16). In her video from February 1, 2023 (2) Elena Danaan reminded us of the start of the downfall of these Gray-collectives that were all united into one huge hive-mind that was controlled by that hive queen from the Orion Nebula. It was in September 2021 that they had to escape from Dulce base, where they had worked with certain secret factions of the US Government since the 1950s.

These Eban officers tried to escape from this solar system by using the Jupiter portal. It probably was the same portal that was used by both Tony Rodrigues and recently for the first time by Elena Danaan (17,18). But the Galactic Federation managed to ‘lock’ the portals and those Eban were caught and put in pods. Elena writes about this catch in her book the Seeders (19). Here’s the relevant excerpt that describes this event:

“These are Eban, a rare and exceptional catch, Thor Han confirmed to me. It is extremely difficult to catch them as they play games with frequency shifts, interdimensional jumps and temporal ‘hide-and-seek’ games. And when we happen to catch one, it disembodies instantly. Either that they escape, or either that they are terminatede remotely by the Hive.

As you know, we recently found the frequency to lock all of the portals in thsi star system, so no one can escape. This is how we caught these ones; they were trying to escape via one of the Portals near Saturn. It is a great catch for the Galactic Federation because, for the first time, we are about to triangulate their brain frequency in an attempt to neutralize the frequency transmission from their Queen-Consciousness, and get to it.

As you know, the Nebu function as a Hive Consciousness, and for the first time in the history of this galaxy, we are going to crack the code. These ones won’t stay here on this ship; they are about to be transported to a safer place.” (19, The Seeders, p.50. Also see (20))

Meisha and Denethor (Illustration by Elena Danaan, 23, p. 201)

Elena goes on to say that it was Denethor who played a crucial role (21) in cracking the code that connected the Eban to the Hive Queen. Those who have read Elena’s second disclosure book might recognize him from the picture with his friend Meisha (22). Denethor, a Pleiadean officer in charge of the Secret Space Programs linked with the Excelsior (24) and the Science Medical Laboratory.

The cracking of this code on October 4, 2021 by Denethor turned out to have changed the course of our galaxy. In fact, it saved the galaxy from the enormous power of the collective of the Nebu, who had brought tyranny to various parts of the galaxy.

Elena points out that our tiny little planet proved to be crucial in the liberation of our galaxy, since it was by the escape and the following catch of the Eban that it was possible to track down the frequency code that was essential for their communication.

After the liberation of our solar system, the Galactic Federation didn’t stop. They continued to use this frequency to disconnect every gray species that were connected to the hive, which eventually led to the liberation of the Sirius B (Thula) system in October 2022 (26).

But it didn’t stop there either. The Galactic Federation of Worlds carefully watched how the Hive Queen lost control of all her Gray Species, who, left without a central leader, returned back to their old planetary matrices. The Federation deemed this a safe development. Because of all this the artificial consciousness of the hive queen withered and it would now be as good as destroyed, causing a galactic breath of fresh air for all species that were once caught under the tyranny of this Borg-like collective, we once knew as The Nebu.

There’s much more in the video, but I’ll leave that for some other time. Be sure to watch this wonderful video (2) yourself!

(1) Webinars – I was part of that first webinar and I asked her about the deal that she made with the Galactic Federation of World, I believe it was with Ardaana, that all her information would be available free of charge, through her videos. Of course people buy her books if they don’t have the time to watch the huge amount of videos, but the information was meant to be shared freely amongst the people of the world. She answered that she still adhered to that promise and that all the information from the webinar would be available in her video, and that is what she did in (2).

Webinar (5)

Personally I am not a huge fan of paid webinars, not because I don’t want to pay for information, but I want to be able to link to information that can be accessed by everybody, either in books or through Elena’s articles or in her videos. When information gets hidden behind pay-walls, that can no longer be done. It hampers the free study of her material. I totally back everything Elena has said in her article: “Do you work for free?

Another thing about webinars is the huge amount of people (there were about 700 participants), which is fine if you want to distribute information or want to answer questions that can be easily answered, but I don’t think it is a good environment to tackle more complicated matters: I think that Elena should not be overwhelmed with complicated anwers in front of a huge audience.

I think she deserves time to prepare this category of questions beforehand. In her videos she always is very careful in her wording and she prepares every topic thoroughly to make it as clear as possible. This might not be as easy in a webinar where everybody is continually commenting on the sidelines, creating a certain chaotic distracting background noise.

I would recommend an opportunity to ask her questions that only she can see, so there is no pressure at all to answer them rapidly. In a group of 700 anything that questions her work, could be seen as an attack or a sign of disbelief, which is detrimental for any sincere exploration of the information that Elena provides so eloquently and elaborately. Science means that you are allowed to question everything, but in a constructive way. For more on this see (4)
(2) CONTACT Ep. 20 ~ THE ORION AFTERMATH ~ Feb 01 2023
(3) She has written four articles on videos in her contact series. You can watch an overview of her articles and videos in that contact series: Elena Danaan Articles & Contactseries. An overview of her articles in general can be found on her own site at Articles.
(4) Psychological Factors Surrounding the Study of Elena Danaan’s Work
(5) Image taken from APHN Webinars
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(22) As you can see Meisha is a Mantis. You can learn more about Mantids at The Off-World Mantids. Jean-Charles Moyen (25) had a meeting with Meisha when he was a child.
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I dedicate this song to Disco Tina, a moderator of various galactic telegram groups.
Read more about her mode of moderating at End Note 200
Disco Duck From TOTP 1976

How Marduk became the Ruler of Saturn

During an interview between Dani Henderson, Elena Danaan and Chris O’Connor new information was given on the history of Saturn (1). This post is an attempt to keep you up to date on the developments, with Marduk as the main new element.

As we had already learned from other articles, it turned out that Saturn was part of the Anunnaki territory (2). In the past I wondered how Chris O’Connor could have served on a 20-year-and-back mission near Saturn, when it was in actuality off-limits, even for the Galactic Federation of Worlds (3), but perhaps the new info can shed more light on this oddity.

In the video it was said that the Anunnaki took control of Saturn, but only of the planet itself and the space from the surface of the planet to the first ring. Everything beyond that wouldn’t have under Anunnaki custody. Chris O’Connor’s mission post would have been in this ‘neutral zone’ (4)

Marduk, Enki’s eldest Son (5)

We have spoken about Marduk before. That was in the context of Ningishzida (Thoth)(6). You might remember how Sitchen describes a 350-year long war between Enki’s son Marduk and Ningishzida over Egypt. Finally, Enki (who prefers to be called Ea) would have decided that his son Marduk would become the ruler of Egypt and Ningishzida was sent off to the Americas where he would become known as Quatzlcoatl.

For those who have missed it. The reason for getting into Ningishzida was the discovery of his body that is said to be in stasis in a subterranean world below the surface of Florida (7). Other ‘Giants’ would also be either in the process of awakening or would still be in stasis (8,9).

I haven’t heard anything about the whereabouts of Marduk these days; perhaps some chains would suit him well, too, just like his uncle, Enlil, who was recently seen in chains during a kind of trial in which all of the misdeeds of the Anunnaki in his name were shown (10). One of the consequences of that trial was the removal of Ninurta (Enlil’s son) from the hierarchical structures of Earth, leaving the Cabal walking around like a chicken without a head, as it was so eloquently put by Elena Danaan in a recent video (11).

Elena was taken to Saturn by Enki a short while ago and there she heard about the history of this planet in connection to the Anunnaki. During the rule of the Anunnaki (12) Enki’s son Marduk decided to switch sides and betray his father to join the troops of his uncle Enlil. If that weren’t enough he also asked rulership of Saturn, which was actually granted to him by Enlil. In the fragment below you can hear all about this transfer of power to Marduk.

Elena describes how Enlil got control of Saturn and how this planet was later transferred to Marduk (1)

In the interview Elena also elaborates on Marduk’s deal with the Nebu (12) which eventually led to this connection from the Nebu Hive Queen’s center in the M42 Nebula in the Orion Zone (13), through Saturn to our Moon and finally to Earth. This created a field that made it hard for us to tune into our higher potentials. Luckily this complete system was torn down last year (14) and Elena was shown by Ea the black goo ruins of that system in the territory of Saturn (1). The discoveries that led to the expulsion of the Nebu from our solar system would have eventually led to the expulsion of the Nebu from the Sirius B system in november this year (2022, 15).

After having been a part of Anunnaki territory for ages, the custody of planet Saturn would have been given over (or is in the process of being given over) to the Earth Alliance. This means that humans from Earth/Terra will be in control of this planet, at least when they have the capacity to actually take up that responsibility. Let’s hope the final collapse of the Deep State/Cabal will not take too long and we can finally open up to our galactic kin and spread our wings to other worlds. This hand-over was sealed in the Mimas Agreements (16)

(2) The Enlil Faction of the Anunnaki and the Saturn Agreement with the Orion Grays (Nebu)
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(4) Also see Endnote 170
(5) I found this image on Pinterest. It was interesting to note that while searching for images of Marduk, I saw a few images that supposedly portrayed Marduk, but which weren’t of Marduk, but of Ninurta, his nephew (son of his uncle Enlil). The characteristic ‘bolts of light’ Ninurta obviously distinguishes him from Marduk. There’s an image of Ninurta on the page Anu, Enlil and Enki and the Meeting with the Four Councils
(6) Some Thoth thoughts (a.k.a. Ningishzida and Quatzlcoatl)
(7) The Sleeping Bearded Giant – Ningishzida? – Other giants would also be in stasis in various spots on the world. One of them would be Arunna (8). Enki said that that 12 of them remained. Here’s a relevant quote from him from (9):

[Enki] They were twelve, but four bodies have been destroyed, and one is in the custody of the enemy. Seven remain untouched; four are in the process of activation. (9)

(8) Two separate Iraqi Developments – The Giant Arunna and the Molokhi
(9) 7 Sleeping Anunnaki Scientists are Awakening
(10) Anu, Enlil, Enki and the Meeting with the Four Councils
(11) Here’s a fragment from a video from November 26, 2022: (The Last Wave of Darkness)

The Cabal walking around like Headless Chicken after the toppling of their leader Ninurta

(12) The Nebu
(13) The Orion Nebula and the Hive Mind
(14) The Movie Projector is turned off – Are we going to Continue to Play the same Movie or not? – I added a fragment to this page in which Elena elaborates on the destruction of this Nebu-(black goo)-technology
(15) The Collapse of the Dominion

A Few Tiny Peculiarities

Studying the work of Elena Danaan (12)

Imagine writing three books that contain information that hardly anybody has written about before. This alone is a huge feat and I admire Elena Danaan for her absolutely great work. When the amount of information is getting so large and even keeps on expanding on a weekly basis, it is very understandable to make a few comments that appear not be completely correct.

Since I have spent quite a lot of time on this study mainly of the material by Elena Danaan and that what is brought forward by Dr. Michael Salla and Alex Collier, I sometimes tend to hear things that I think are not totally correct. Perhaps I misunderstand, but it doesn’t feel right to simply ignore these tiny aberrations, at least in my opinion. I have come across two statements that feel a bit odd to me. Of course I could be wrong too.

And again this is not to criticize Elena Danaan, but I don’t want to be a blind devotee either that simply ignores everything that seems a bit off. I prefer to see it as a sign that I take her words very seriously and she’s only human after all. Ultimately it could be used as positive feedback that is intended to keep Elena sharp. It is all work in progress and I like to think that by addressing these small issues we can make progress and discover or correct things together. We are all exploring new territories in a lightning speed.

In a video interview with Robert Kalil in November 2022 (2) Elena was talking about the after-math of the Roswell crash.

She relates how the Galactic Federation of Worlds came to talk to the Eisenhower Administration in 1954 and offered their assistance in return for at least giving up on all nuclear weapons. What I think is funny here is that Elena says that the Galactic Federation of Worlds was a young federation and not very powerful at the time.

The Galactic Federation of Worlds was a young Federation that was not very powerful at the time (2)

What does she mean with that? The Galactic Federation was created after the Orion Wars (3,4) some 100,000 years ago. I wouldn’t call a Federation that is over 100,000 years old a young Federation. She also seems to imply that a lot has changed since 1954. That during a mere 68 years (on the scale of 100,000 years) the Federation has developed into an old and strong Federation. I think that’s a bit odd.

Perhaps the use of ‘young’ stems from the early times as she described in her book ‘The Seeders’ (5):

100,000 years ago when these devastating conflicts occurred on Earth and in this sector of the galaxy, the young Galactic Federation of World got involved. Led at the time by the Pleiadeans, it gathered diverse galactic organizations, alliances and minor confederations into a larger and united structure. The rage of battle to keep territories out of the hands of the Ciakahrr caused tremendous casualties and it was a very painful lesson for the young Pleiadean Galactic Federation. They decided to redirect the goals of the Federation towards different ways of defending justice in the galaxy relegating war as the last option.” (5, p.499)

In the following excerpt from a video called ‘A History of the Human Race‘ (1) Elena Danaan introduces the arrival of the Anunnaki on our planet for the first time. According to Enki’s account of our history this would have happened 372,000 years ago (6), ‘at a time when the Grays were not really developed yet’, as Elena says in the video below.

The Greys were not yet developed

So, what is odd about this? Alex Collier stated decades ago that the Orion Wars lasted for about 600.000 years and that after that war the Andromedan Council was founded (3). Annax said that after these wars both the now Council of Five and the (young) Galactic Federation of Worlds were created (7). This would imply that this Orion War ended about 100,000 years ago, and more importantly that the war had started about 700,000 years ago, during which period the Anunnaki entered our Earthly spheres for the first time. This was about half way the Orion Wars.

On the page of the Orion Wars (3) we can hear Elena Danaan explain what the Orion Wars were all about and that a huge party in the conflict were the powerful Grays who had united into the Nebu-group. This seems to contradict what Elena said in the fragment above, namely that the Grays were hardly developed. It would seem more appropriate to say that they were a huge force in the Orion Wars and they were probably battling it out with the Anunnaki and other humanoids.

Another element that is a bit puzzling is the following: the Anunnaki would be the hybrid result of probably the Eban (a Gray species from Betelgeuse, 8) and the T-Askeru humanoids from the Sirius B system (9). This would logically make the Eban (and thereby the Grays) older than the Anunnaki, since the Anunnaki were probably genetically engineered out of that Gray species. How can it be that the Anunnaki were strong and powerful and the Grays were not really well developed?

It was in the first interview in which Elena talked about her second meeting with Enki (10) that Dani Henderson asked her about the history of the Anunnaki. You can read more about that at (11), but in the end the Anunnaki would have lost their hegemony in the Orion Zone after these Orion Wars.

(1) In a video on November 17, 2022 Elena presented a history of our human race on the channel Portal to Ascension. In this video I heard her refer to her fourth book for the first time. Look at how she disclosed it while talking about a drawing of a Pa’tal:

I thought she said ‘from my new book’, but she might just have said ‘from my last book’… 🙂

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(7) In Contact 3 – Annax the Egaroth on the Orion Wars and the dark insider programs. (Jan 24th 2022) Annax talks about the Orion Wars. In that video he says that both the Council of Nine (which now is the Council of Five) and the Galactic Federation of Worlds was created as a result of these endless Orion Wars. If you push the link you get straight to the point where Annax says that this happened a few hundreds of thousands years ago.
(8) The League of the Hairless or The Nebu
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(12) Image found at https://www.pexels.com/nl-nl/foto/portretfoto-van-een-vrouw-met-een-vergrootglas-over-haar-oog-3771107/

Genetic Experiments and Cloning on Planet Serpo by the Peaceful Eben

EBE1 – An Eben – Screenshot from (6).

The book ‘Secret Journey to Planet Serpo‘ by Len Kasten describes how a team of 12 astronauts were brought to planet Serpo in an Eben spaceship in the Reticuli 1 zone, some 39 lightyears from Earth (1). The inhabitants of that planet are called ‘Eben’ and they are part of the ‘League of the Hairless’ (2) 🙂

Elena Danaan also mentioned them (3). There is much to be said about this secret mission, of which seven would have returned after 13 years in 1978 (4), but I would like to focus on the chapter that deals with the way the Eben were conducting genetic experiments.

I have placed three audio-fragments from the audiobook (1) on this page to give you a more lively experience. In order to better understand the fragments it is useful to first read the associated paragraph before listening.

Since the trip was to be kept extremely secret all kinds of measures were taken. Apparently their secrecy was quite succesful since I haven’t come across many people who know about this space adventure to Serpo and back, called ‘Crystal Knight‘.

One of the ways to preserve secrecy was to allot 3 digit-numbers to people instead of names. In the captain’s log these numbers were to be used. On the journey to Serpo, which lasted about 10 months, using all kinds of wormholes and portals (5), one of the crewmembers, 308, had died. The fragment is about the moment a specialized Eben doctor arrived and gave answers to the humans about what had happened to the remains of the crewmember, 308.

Fragment 1 – First Meeting with the Doctor – 1’14” (chapter 12, 1)

(listen to fragment 1)

The Ebens were utterly friendly during their 13-year-long stay on their planet. The Earth crew was allowed to go anywhere they wanted. The commander said that he had the impression that these Ebens were unable to lie. They must not be confused with the evil Grays of the Nebu with their nefarious acts (7).

After they were told that they had considered their dead team mate as a valuable prize they heard that his blood and all of his organs were somehow used to clone new bodies with. We have spoken about cloning before a couple of times. Just remember how Enki told Elena that they were able to live that long because they cloned their own bodies after a couple of thousand years and then they transferred their soul into that new body (8,9).

Fragment 2 – Genetic Experiments & Growing Clones (5 minutes)

In the second fragment they have arrived in a building that houses the experiments. Listen to their discussion on whose DNA they were using and what the results were (in the glass tubs). 700 and 754 were human doctors by the way. (listen to fragment 2).

In the final fragment we can hear about a discussion with 420 (a linguist) and EBE2 (the female Eben translator that accompanied them during their stay) about the technology used to create new beings. It turns out that it was hard to translate anything having to do with the technique.

Towards the end of the fragment they were shown a Human-Eben hybrid that was made with the blood (or DNA) of the dead crewmember (305).

Fragment 3 – The Human-Eben Hybrid – 3’25”

(listen to fragment 3)

The Eben acted matter-of-factly and simply shared what they considered normal practices. They had their own morals in regard to these experiments: it was fine to use live animals from other planets and worlds (non-intelligent beings as they called them) for their experiments. When beings were intelligent they only used dead people. They did not kill people or use living people for their genetic experiments.

The book (1) contains a lot of information on the Roswell incident and what happened before and afterwards. The beings from Roswell would have been Ebens, and like I said before, they were friendly people, not at all like the Grays. Elena described these beings in the same peaceful fashion. They would not even have genetics that matches the Grays (10).

I think it is very sad that these astronauts didn’t receive any public appreciation for their incredible journey, all because the leading Cabal weren’t willing to let humanity know that there not only is intelligent life out there, but that we have been in contact with them for decades. The last crew member would have died in 2002, without anyone knowing what he had experienced. Let’s hope the hidden files and a document of 3000 pages (together with all the tapes) will someday be released and these men will be restored as the heroes they were.

On November 15, 2022 I received a debriefing video for the astronauts that returned. You can see it below.

Debriefing for the 7 astronauts that returned from their mission to Serpo

(1) You can listen to an audiobook for free at Playlist Secret Journey to Planet Serpo. You can also order the book from 2013 at your local bookstore. If you would like a short review of the book, I found one at Gaia.com: Project Serpo and the Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program
(2) The League of the Hairless – Grays and the like – Just to make sure: this league is something I made up in an attempt to create more structure in the enormous amounts of beings in our universe.
(3) Danaan, E. (2020) A Gift From the Stars. p. 265 – Elena has a slightly different name for the planet, not Serpo, but Selpo. Perhaps there was a Chinese man involved in the translation 🙂 Since the book uses the term Serpo and this is the way it is used on the websites that I came across, I’ll stick to the name Serpo. The beings from Serpo don’t call themselves Eben, since this name was made up by humans as an acronym for ‘Extraterrestrial Biological Entity’
(4) Two would have decided to remain on the planet; One astronaut died on the way to the planet through some infectious disease. Two others died on the planet due to illnesses.
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