The Iarga and their Green Planet

Iargan – image 1

A Dutch engineer called Coen van der Meeren has written two books in 2021 in which he describes 100 UFO-sightings (1,2, 12). I was looking for some information on certain species, either to check with Elena Danaan’s book (3) or to see if there were others that are not mentioned in her book like those Terran Reptiloids that would have evolved on Earth whose information I mentioned in other articles (4,5).

And I found one! The Iarga from a planet called Iarga. In a book that was written by Stefan Denaerde (pseudonym) in 1969 (6) he describes his meeting with these beings. There’s also a video in which he gives an interview with English subtitles about his encounter with these species near the coast of the Netherlands in the Oosterschelde (7,8).

Iarga would be a planet that is globally covered in a kind of green fog. Most of their planet would consist of water.

Full body size Iargan – image 2

The Iarga themselves are 1.4 meters (nearly 5 feet). They would have relatively short and heavy legs with longer arms (see picture below). They have very short hair in various colors like brown, grey, white. They would all have fake teeth, but the teeth do not look like separate teeth at all. They would more look like sharp plates that are used as a kind of scissors (9).

The temperature on their planet would be rather constant and apparently quite comfortable since they do not wear clothes in the function of isolation; they tend to use clothes more for their esthetic function. They are not into long lasting relationships. They think it is important to have many sexual contacts in your life in order to develop yourself as an individual. I’m not sure if that means that they are polygamous or merely ‘serial’ monogamous.

They would live extremely efficient. They laugh when we talk about overpopulation. 10,000 Iargans can live in one tube-like building (see image 3), where each inhabitant would have some 50 square meters for him/herself, although they also live in groups of about 20-25 people.

Image 3: a cross section of their living cylinder.

These cylinders would be able to rotate allowing everyone the same panorama during the day. The main goal of these units would not be protection from outside influences, but the ability to meet a lot of other people in a free way. They apparently pay a lot of attention to the social interaction. Can you imagine what efficiency looks like if you think of those 10,000 tubes/domes covering their planet? See image 4 to get an impression of this overwhelming efficiency!

There would be great bridges over their green and stormy water ways. They don’t have any ships. In the second interview the technical illustrator says that with such an efficent way of housing people a country like the Netherlands could easily house 250 million people! (10)

Image 4 – Their land filled with cylinder like living tubes/buildings and an advanced transportation system.

These large living units would be so technologically advanced that there is no need to do any domestic work. They don’t cook but have a system with prepared foods from freezer like systems.

When talking about humanity, they regard us as immature; a race that has not yet grown up (11). They do not mock us however in any way.

In regard to the plants Denaerde says that they are not that different from ours. The trees are shorter and stronger for them to be able to withstand the strong winds that would occur on this planet on a regular basis.

They also have a very advanced system of transportation that would have no wear at all. They would use magnetism but they can create it without using things like coils and stuff the way we still tend to do it.

(1) Vermeeren, C. (2021) UFO’s: de 100 meest indrukwekkende ufo-dossiers: deel 1 (1 t/m 50) Obelisk Boeken (Dutch, pages 158-159 on the Iarga)
(2) Vermeeren, C. (2021) UFO’s: de 100 meest indrukwekkende ufo-dossiers: deel 1 (51 t/m 100) Obelisk Boeken (Dutch)
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(5) Did a Fusion Bomb cause the Extinction of the Dinosaurs some 65 million years ago?
(6) Denaerde, S. (1969) Buitenaardse Beschaving (free pdf, only in Dutch again!)
(7) Cosmic Encounter – Stefan Denaerde interview Part 1
(8) Cosmic Encounter – Stefan Denaerde interview Part 2
(9) Sometimes I stop and think: “What on Earth am I typing here?! Could this really be true?!”
(10) To compare there are now about 17 million people living in the Netherlands.
(11) Take a look at the article on the Prime Directive in which Thor Han distinguishes between four stages of development (see The Arks and the Prime Directive). Coen Vermeeren talks about a question that was raised in the book, namely: “Why haven’t the Aliens shown themselves more openly?”. The Igarians back in 1969 answered by referring to just this Prime Directive that was brought forward by the Galactic Federation of Worlds (see p. 159 of the book mentioned in link 1).
(12) One of the UFO-files he describes in his book is the one about the event at the school in Zimbabwe (see You are Becoming too technologed, number 14, p.92) and the probable appearance of the avanced spaceships of the Dark Fleet above Washington in July 1952 (for more on the Dark Fleet see The Liberation of Ceres)

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