Studying the Material from Alex Collier and the Andromedans

Unlike the approach of Elena Danaan, Alex Collier’s information has not appeared in (recent) books, nor have his videos or webinars been freely available. When researching the material by Elena Danaan I can refer to the sources, either in videos, telegramposts or in books, but that was impossible in the case of Alex Collier, since you had to pay for his webinars and they were kept ‘hidden’ in a kind of secrecy cloud (at least for me).

Alex Collier – a screenshot from webinar #3 from october 2015 (3)

Of course this mode of working is totally understandable since Alex Collier also needs to pay his bills and he doesn’t seem to have a lot of merchandize and he is not selling any books. But things have changed: he has started to ‘unlock’ his older webinars and they are now freely available on youtube for everybody to see and to study.

I was pulled into this ‘galactic anthropology’-field fairly recently, because of the books by Elena Danaan, somewhere in august 2021 and I had my hand full with the information that she has brought out and keeps sharing with the world. Alex Collier is highly respected by both Elena Danaan and Dr. Michael Salla, but I only saw him occasionally in interviews with them and I was not inclined to watch his webinars. So, now Elena has introduced a period of relative calm in order to protect her third book (1), I have time to get acquainted with Alex’s information.

I’m still searching for a way to study and share the information on this website from Alex’s earlier webinars which started in august 2015. Due to the work of Elena Danaan and the various Secret Space Program contactees a lot of trustworthy information on our connections with alien species is available. If Alex would have gone on-line and had made his video freely available back in 2015, he would probably have been ridiculed by the masses, since the time was not ready then, but I think that a lot has changed since the release of Elena’s ‘A Gift From the Stars‘ (2).

Since I haven’t seen anyone who has actually studied Alex Collier and his material I feel privileged to add his ‘database’ of information to the whole. Of course this can also be slightly ‘dangerous’ in the sense that Alex Collier is a kind of hero now. He has had contact with the Andromedans for decades and it is comfortable to have someone who is trustworthy and highly respected by people you respect too.

But, when I start to study the contents of his webinars I might across things that are inconsistent or perhaps in conflict with the intel from Elena Danaan! What if he has said all kinds of contradictory things?

I intend to study his older webinars, anyway, and share it on this website: let’s hope it will contribute valuable information that can be of use for a better understanding of what is currently happening. It would be a ‘waste’ if many pearls of wisdom or interesting information in general, would remain stuck back in the past. So, get ready for more Alex Collier-content in the future on this website (4). I already based a number of articles on his intel before (5-14)

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment-section below. What are your experiences with Alex Collier? Do you anyone who has studied his material in a structural way?

(1) A Temporary Moratorium on Intel by Elena Danaan because of Disinformers
(2) Danaan, E. (2020) A Gift from the Stars.
(3) Collier, A. (2015) Webinar #3 – His early webinars were shot in a local library.
(4) There is already some material in the End Note-section.
(5) The Q-Movement and the Andromedan Council
(6) We are a Race of Avatars
(7) Seeing Through the Agendas of the Deep State
(8) 6th Dimensional Aid to Assist in Destruction of Repressive Hive-mind-structures?
(9) Conscious Space Ships and Genetic or Soul Keys
(10) Holographic Body Allignment with a Twist
(11) Endnote 90 – A Funny Story on Space Suits by Alex
(12) The Moon: Artificial and Natural at the Same Time? (On an Androdeman artefact found on the Moon)
(13) Five Kind of Dragons – Elena did an explanatory video based on a recent webinar by Alex Collier
(14) The Story of the Aldebaran Anunnaki and Outpost 361 – Elena did an explanatory video on a recent development that was also touched upon in a recent webinar by Alex Collier

13 thoughts on “Studying the Material from Alex Collier and the Andromedans

  1. Alex Collier is one of, if not THE greatest, most courageous hero’s planet Earth has imho. Alex absolutely changed my life with this:

    In this video starting at 43:50,, Collier starts the story of earth’s first 10 settlers, from where, landing where, supported by E’DINs, the word for a mobile pod which for allowed for the establishment of fully sustaining methane, hydrogen or oxygen environment/terraform bubbles. These settlers, at the ~ 1994 telling of his video, had arrived …… 899,701 years ago, 763,132, 741,237, 701,655, 604,103, (6 more) etc. years ago.

    Alex continues to change my life and others lives for the advancement of humanity. I’m very grateful to Alex.

    Love ‘n Light,


      • Hi there Sean, I wonder what you mean with ‘find a better platform’ or ‘repeat entry of data every time will not work’? One of the goals of this website is to inform people who are not familiar with this field; that’s why I add many links to more information, but only in footnotes and endnotes. The main article always contains new information which is embedded in older information. I wouldn’t call that repeat-entry of data, but perhaps you are referring to something else?


      • I have to fill out additional fields after making a comment, over and over: email (required) , Name (required). Website.
        Unlikely to happen again.
        The platform should recognize participants. It should be asked for and collected at every interaction.



  2. Alex Collier is one of the disclosure pioneers through the workshop in many cities in 90s. His consistency and integrity as well as passion to serve humanity is not average human can do. He went through a lot in personal life from broken financially, broken family. ridicule and no respect from people. When Elena D. disclosed in the internet few years ago, people are more ready to accept.
    “Conflict ” is for an expansion. A different perspective is coming from a different angle to perceive the same fact or situation. Each perspective is part of the wholeness but no view as a conflict.

    One of his old interviews in 1999 is also archived in this site.

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  3. This is a wonderful idea, thank you very very much for it 🙏 Alex Collier’s content absolutely WILL BE of tremendous added value in the field. No less I would like to express profound gratitude to You, maker of this awesome website, for your efforts. You create a place where one can find loads of information on the most important “topic” of these times, but mainly, you help people make sense of it, to understand. And that is of tremendous value 🙏 THANK YOU, your effort is greatly appreciated!

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  4. I’m glad you’re doing this. I listen to Alex’s little snippets in the evening and have bought two tickets so far to his latest webinars. J find him calm and considered in his speaking, thoughtful and clearly experienced. I for one am hoping that it’s not going tk take another 50 years to meet our galactic sisters and brothers on Terra az I am already in my 50s!

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