Meeting a Peeping Tom from the Past in a Vortex at your Bedside

In a video interview with Corina Partaki on September 6, 2022, Elena Danaan revealed something quite extraordinary (1). A few weeks after she met the Seeders she was putting together her thoughts and memories to actually start writing a new book when she was woken up in the middle of the night. Watch the video-fragment (4 minutes) below to hear her say herself what happened.

(Watch (1) for the complete video interview)

She saw a vortex (2) right in front of her and a person was remote viewing her (3), and she knew that he (I believe she said ‘he’ somewhere in the video) was from the past, and like she said he was watching her with the goal to discover what she was going to write about.

Apparently they already knew in the past that her book ‘The Seeders‘ would create some serious ‘ripples’ and they wanted to see if there was a way to prevent this book from being written and published.

Elena talks about a temporal war that is being fought with both parties (the benevolent and the malevolent) using so-called looking glass technology (7). This temporal war probably explains why so many predictions – both good and bad – didn’t come to pass because the combatting sides try to outwit each other time after time. Some talk about a multi-dimensional holographic game of chess.

In a video from January 16, 2023 Elena Danaan refers to this ‘Peeping (CIA) Tom’ (11)

A Looking Glass (10)

(1) A Dive Into the History of Humanity: A Discussion With Elena on Her Upcoming Book, The Seeders – For another element from this interesting interview, see Endnote 146 and the article ‘Remembering your Past Lives at Birth and the Law of Consistency
(2) For more on Vortices and Portals head towards: Portals, Stargates and Wormholes
(3) We have mentioned the practice of Remote Viewing before on this website. Remote viewing is the practice of casting your consciousness wherever and whenever you like. The Far Sight Institute is built around remote viewing. They would have confirmed the existence of the Ashtar Command (4) in the clouds of Jupiter (5), but after this session two things happened that made the Far Sight Institute highly questionable: they showed how they were brainwashed by the Western media on the war between the government in Ukraine on the one side and the Donetsk and Lugansk republics backed by Russia on the other side (6). Another disturbing thing about the Far Sight Institute was/is their love for the Grey-Human Hybrids, the Essassani (7). When talking about Remote Viewing Ismael – ‘Elena is murdered and replaced by a droid’ – Perez said something hilarious while remote viewing (9).
(4) The Ashtar Galactic Command and the Ashtar Collective
(5) Remote Viewing confirms Ashtar Command base hidden in Jupiter’s clouds
(6) President Putin and the Far Sight Institute
(7) Bashar, the Far Sight Institute and the Essassani-Resistance Movement Psy-op
(8) Project Looking Glass – The Q Anon & Deep State Temporal War
(9) At Some Thoughts on the Philosophy of Ismael Perez you can read his fantastic tale on how our ‘cosmic warrior’ remotely viewed the well-known meeting between government/MJ-12 people and certain alien groups. He said that both Stan Lee (Marvel Universe) and the writer of DC Comics were present and that they decided during that meeting to create their superheroes as a kind of soft disclosure. Amazing, isn’t it? 🙂 He sure is a Cosmic Warrior who sometimes ‘misspeaks’ (see Endnote 129).
Ismael Perez is the guy that Elena refers to in the above video-fragment.
(10) Project Looking Glass
(11) Message to the agents of the Dark – Jan 16 2023

5 thoughts on “Meeting a Peeping Tom from the Past in a Vortex at your Bedside

  1. There you go. Gary talks about these “timelines” too. There are potential/probable futures, and there are alternate futures. Or, even both (parallel universes?). Mind boggling stuff. Gene Decode talks about them a lot too. Thinking of it all as a dream/illusion actually makes it easier to grasp (for me). According to Gary, one day, this illusion will end, and we will return to where we began. Hence the title of his book, The Disappearance of the Universe).

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  2. I like Elena Danaan and would like to believe her but just cannot. There is nothing she says that can be proved and that is what bothers me. She and Michael Sala talk a lot about things that constitute proof or confirmation but it’s not solid proof for some very extraordinary claims. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are not entirely trustworthy but have agreed to work with the Space Force. Not that we can see everything that occurs but nothing points to this. Russia, China and US have a similar agreement but nothing points to this. The tech on the moon that forces reincarnation has been dismantled and removed. Many claims, but none can be proved even a tiny bit – and extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof. Nothing unless I’m missing it all. Anyone?


    • Hi Rio, thanks for your response. I understand your thoughts. Many things will need more corroboration in the future. Dan Willis has named a number of points that provide some corroboration (see Endnote 114). The thing is that the gradual disclosure is part of the process. If there were rock-hard proof this wouldn’t work. Another important element is that full disclosure seems to be dependent on our ability to get rid of the Cabal/The Elite. Only if we succeed in that can we really enter the next stage.

      As to the billionairs you mention, that is also complicated: on the one hand they might not be part of the Cabal and they have a lot of money to invest. The Galactic Federation of Worlds also said that they were in a way betting on them since they are not part of the old structures and they would keep an eye on them to make sure that they keep their promises. Musk is also tricky. I like his opposition against the Cabal, but I have my doubts about his neuralinks program.

      What keeps me going are Elena’s impressive books with so much detail on 110 races and her interaction with them. The stories by Jean-Charles Moyen, David Rousseau, Tony Rodriguez, Chris O’Connor, Michale Relfe, and other whistleblowers and all the abductees and all the work done by Dr. Michael Salla on the Secret Space Program with people like Tompkins, JP, is too much to simply ignore.

      And of course there is Alex Collier who I am starting to get to know better recently. It all sure is very remarkable and different from our current paradigm, but the consistency in Elena’s work is striking and I can’t believe she and all those other contactees are making this up. When I saw the faces of Jean-Charles Moyen and Elena Danaan when they discovered that they had both been on the same spaceship, I cannot believe they were making this up.

      So, I will continue to cover the developments in this field, and no matter how strange it may be, I can be patient and wait for more corroboration. Let’s first do our task in removing the Elite from our world and then we can really move on.

      Thanks for sharing your doubts!


  3. CIA being cia!Never heard of the vortex for remote thanks!Other devices for viewing probable timelines exist-forgot which site disclosed this.Many have said we must keep staying in a Now timeframe and practice what Falun Gong call,right thought,right action,right words,and do not forget zero point perspective of not reacting to everything.Sense of humor and gratitude go a long ways in this era of psyops,falseflags,propaganda,and crisis actors. Regarding Musk,gene decode says that he is already a cyborg.
    Regarding proof of various things,it is helpful to have a wide exposure to thought provoking sites,people,ideas
    Kim Goguen. Educateyourself
    O theLeakProject.c theorionlines.c alienshift.cufo.met ascensionglossary.c projectcamelotportal cathy o”brien richard lighthouse royalrife.o suzanne geisemann madame blavatsky alice bailey. morphic mind or morphogenetic field concept l/ of RA Confederation channelings Seth Speaks The Only Planet of Choice dolores cannon vids asheanna deane books and vids peter moon david adair jom marrs tex marrs Stopthecrimes.o carlos Santayana The Naked Bible should be a good start.Proof is in thr puzzle pieces and overlap along with logic and intuition.We are in a war for the mind as our collective mind and frequency=victory!!Namaste!


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