Remembering your Past Lives at Birth and The Law of Consistency

In Webinar #2, Alex Collier introduces an interesting feature of life amongst the Andromedans (1,2,3). He is asked if Andromedan babies retain memories of their past lives when they are born, and he says that that is indeed the case. When they are born they know everything of their previous lives on their planet. The only thing that they need to learn is to ‘catch up’ with what happened in their society since the last time they died. This is called ‘The Law of Consistency‘.

If you imagine a slightly blueish tint on its skin, you can get an idea of an Andromedan baby, perhaps with a slightly less round face 🙂 (5)

To explain this ‘law’ he gives an example of someone who has not lived a physical life for 350 years. When they are born back into Andromedan physicality (perhaps on Xentrea, like Moranay’s 18 children (4)), they need to be taught what the missed during that period (see below for the video).

This ‘feature’ of the Andromedan people is quite different from the way we – at least most of us – are born into this world. We forget our past lives that we have lived when entering this world. In an interesting interview with Corina Pataki on September 6, 2022, Elena talks about the need to forget (6).

She said: “The inside story is that I came here for the mission I’m doing now, but to get there I need to follow a path of experience that was necessary and the part of it and what I’m saying about me – it concerns so many people is the same – you need to forget you need to come to this world with no memory of what you’re going to do otherwise you are not going to experience if you come and you remember see from the start you are not going to go through the experience and all the steps of the way so you need that.” (6, 19’47”)

Apparently this path is not followed by the Andromedans.

One may wonder….if the Andromedan babies are born with their memory of their past lives fully intact, what about the memories attached to the genetic lines of the bodies they are born in? Do they tune into that instantly as well, or is that something that needs time?

Five Generations (11)

Again, Elena has talked about this distinction between soul memories and genetic memories in a couple of videos (7,8):

We temporarily inhabit flesh suits, that have a history, that have a bloodline, that have amazing memory – the memory of these flesh suits which are embedded in the DNA. The DNA carries memories of the ancestors. So we all have carrying the memories of the ancestors of this flesh suit and parallel to that we carry also the memory of the previous incarnations of this light being. That is how we have been in our eternity, that he is about reincarnation of course he or wherever of world so these two things are part of who we are, the journey of the soul and the journey of the blood, the DNA.” (7)

I will leave you with these thoughts. What would it mean if we were born with out memories fully intact on our planet? What is the use of reincarnation in such a scenario? How does this work on Andromeda? Do you still make ‘plans for your future life’ when you are fully aware of that plan when you are born? How does the interaction go with bloodlines? What if you have lived lives on all kinds of planets in various star systems? A while ago I wondered about the concept of Karma and how it relates to the Ciakahrr and the Nebu (9) Please share your thoughts in the comments (10).

Excerpt from Webinar #2 – On Andromedan Babies (1)

(1) Alex Collier – The Full Webinar #2 – September 14, 2015
(2) For some general information about the Andromedans head for The Zenae from the Andromeda Constellation
(3) Since yesterday I have a muse who made a donation which has led to an upgrade of my webhosting-plan. I now have the possibility to host videos which are stored on this server. It will allow for certain quotes to be seen directly from this website.
(4) Meeting Moraney and Changing the Colors of the Eyes
(5) Baby Pics, Wallpapers
(6) A Dive Into the History of Humanity: A Discussion With Elena on Her Upcoming Book, The Seeders – For another element from this interesting interview, see Endnote 146
(7) Q&A – Our Greatest Power (August 17, 2021)
(8) Who the Terrans Are – Where is Home? (August 22, 2022)
(9) Do the Rules of Karma and Reincarnation also apply to the Ciakahrr, the Grays and other Alien Species?
(10) It is easiest to add comments if you have a wordpress account. This is free. I explain how it works at endnote 140
(11) Age doesn’t matter

10 thoughts on “Remembering your Past Lives at Birth and The Law of Consistency

  1. I highly recommend reading Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard. This brings another “layer” altogether into these discussions.


      • I guess it has nothing and everything to do with it. The short answer, is from the “spirit side”, the “flesh side” is really just a dream/illusion. Before you freak out too much, even some of our modern/quantum physicists are now saying this. That we live in a hologram. It’s difficult, if not impossible, for us to comprehend. The other thing is that time being linear is also an illusion. So, when you look at a “past” life, it could just as easily be a “future” life. So, if we remembered all of our lives (while in this flesh/illusion), it could get quite confusing, and probably defeat the “purpose” of this illusion of linear time? It is all way over my head, but another piece of the puzzle, nonetheless. Perhaps the Andromedans are in a different stage/time-line than we are? Perhaps, due to their higher evolution/frequency, they are able to comprehend these workings better than we are currently able to? Perhaps, as we progress, we will be party to different “rules” as we are able to handle them?

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  2. I’m wondering if blood has memory, then if you get a blood transfusion, do you get those memories too? And then what about blue babies who get transfusions soon after birth? Presumably the blood comes from adults so they are then getting memories from older humans… an interesting rabbit hole of questions.

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    • Possibly. Certain organs do. The heart for sure. There are numerous stories out there about people developing new skills and interests after receiving a heart transplant. There is a lot more to us than meets the eye. More than the powers-that-be want us to know. They prefer us to be ignorant and fearful. We are much easier to control that way.

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      • Yeah. There seems to be many “layers” of existence and understanding. It seems (to me) that even when you channel/encounter well-intentioned and/or enlightened entities, they do not always understand what may be further yet “above” them. We can cycle through these lower realms over and over, and perhaps even break free of the reincarnation cycle, but still only be “free” in this still somewhat lower realm from where the Absolute is. Guy Steven Needle, for example, thought he had met up with the Holy Grail which he called Source Entity, only to eventually discover there were/are 12 Source Entities, each with its own multiverse, which lead him to wonder where they had come from. Eventually, he was led to what he calls “The Origen”. But how do we know this is the absolute? If you look at it in the context of the Gnostics, or even the James Padgett teachings, how do we know that this “Origen” is even aware of that which is far above even these 12 multiverses….

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