An Andromedan Technique to Gather Incriminating Evidence

( 有罪の証拠を収集するためのアンドロメダのテクニック )

While JP revealed the presence of 100s of (Nordic) spaceships below the surface of Florida (1) and Elena Danaan is getting more outspoken about the evil role of the Vatican (2), I want to get back to Mark Domizio. I already wrote two articles based on his testimonies before (3,4) and here’s the third one. This time I want to focus on a very interesting thing that Mark Domizio and Michael Salla talked about during their second interview (5) relating to the gathering of evidence in the Andromedan way.

Evidence Gathering (10)

Some of you who have been following the developments of the Team (6) might remember that there was some kind of trial (7) back in october, november 2022. In that meeting four councils provided evidence for hours that turned out to be so incriminating that both Enlil and his son Ninurta were removed from our planet and were found responsible for numerous evil deeds committed to humanity.

In the excerpt below Mark Domizio explains how the combination of having both an Andromedan soul-aspect and the right blood type (O-) (8), made him an interesting object for the programs of the Dark Fleet and those working below the surface of the base on Diego Garcia. The key idea is that the Andromedan soul aspect is able to record just about everything that the one carrying this soul aspect witnesses.

In the abovementioned earlier articles we have spoken about a clone that was called ‘Hans’ who was made by splitting a piece of the Andromedan soul aspect of Mark. After inverting the benevolent Andromedan aspect into its dark opposite he was trained and turned into some ruthless robotic assassin. While the perpetrators considered themselves completely safe in expressing and showing their evil deeds, this Andromedan aspect was actually recording all this, in such a way that it could be used later to prove all their misdeeds. Isn’t that a fabulous way to get to those crooks working with these E.T. manipulators?

Mark Domizio and Dr. Michael Salla talk about clever ways incriminating evidence is gathered

Even though Mark Domizio went through horrible things and his clones performed horrific acts he stresses that he doesn’t feel like a victim. He says that in some way he chose this job with one of the main goals being to expose these dark practices, like the way they caged all those people down there in Dulce completely naked (9). Rebecca Rose said a similar thing during a February 2023 interview with Alisha Braché (11) : she was not a hapless victim to all this. She chose to do this job to expose the beast. Below you can see the part from that interview in which she says that. I commented on her telegramchannel (12) that her dozens of clones (13) could be considered to be a kind of ultimate spy operation, with which she heartily agreed.

Rebecca Rose talks about opting for her experiences to expose the Beast (11)

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2 thoughts on “An Andromedan Technique to Gather Incriminating Evidence

  1. Thanks, GA, for reporting on this sort of information… namely, we as soul/consciousness choose the roles we will perform and undergo in any one lifetime. There is typically a pre-incarnation soul agreement with those who will play specific roles in our lives… like parents, children, associates, opponents and adversaries. Source contains all life. Consciousness is what we are, not the bodies we wear for a short time — short in terms of eternity from the perspective of the Oversoul. Everyone who has endured a challenging life, at some level, chose to experience events/circumstances because they wanted to… On Earth, we have been programmed to believe we’re victims of circumstances, but that is a denial of our true inner power… and was designed to keep us from breaking free of the artificial paradigms erected by our now former controllers. The native genuity of humanity cannot long be suppressed. People like Mark, Rebecca Rose, and Tony R are living examples of the tenacity and adaptability of the human spirit. ~ Eliza

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    • Agree. My understanding is that we all record/imprint everything that happens during our incarnations in our astral bodies…souls…higher selves…etc. This collective information is what is called the akashic records. Labeling this process “Andromedin” is just that, a label. You could just as well call it your guardian angel or whatever language fits with your beliefs and you are comfortable using at the time. Do our souls come from Andromeda? I suppose that’s a possibility. Do all souls come from Andromeda? Probably not. Perhaps all real/organic souls do? As compared to the dark/artificial souls that have been created by the Demiurge? We have to focus more on what is being discussed and less on the labels that are being used, in my humble opinion..

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