A Horrible Perspective on what might have Happened to Malaysia Flight MH370

( Perspektif Mengerikan tentang Apa yang Mungkin Terjadi pada Penerbangan Malaysia MH370 )

Before heading toward the third interview that Dr. Michael Salla had with Mark Domizio (1) I want to write a fourth article based on the first two interviews they both had (2,3). If you like you can find the first three articles below in the footnotes (4-6). Just like those first three articles the topic discussed is not one filled with love and light, so again, please discontinue reading if you don’t want to hear this terrible story on what might have happened to flight 370 on March 8, 2014.

Malaysia Airlines (11)

In the earlier articles (4-6) I write about the testimony of Mark Domizio. For many people his testimony might same outrageous, but within this field of Disclosure it unfortunately fits very well, in the sense that much of what he says happened or is described by other people too. I don’t blame anyone who would discard this information, for it is indeed quite extraordinary (7).

Having said this I would like to continue by introducing ‘Hans‘. Hans is a clone that was made by using both the DNA of Mark Domizio and a fragment of his soul (4,8). This clone lived for 34 years mostly underground in the Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) in Diego Garcia. He was trained to become a ruthless, robotic assassin. After Hans committed suicide his soul-fragment, together with all his memories returned to Mark Domizio who had been living a normal life during all those years, although he had always felt that something was wrong, somehow.

After a number of hypnosis sessions (9) Mark started to consciously retrieve more and more of the atrocities that were committed by this Hans-clone. One of the most awful ones had to do with Malaysian Flight MH370 back in march 2014. This plane that was never found was spotted last while heading towards the Southern Indian ocean, which is where Diego Garcia is located (10).

In the excerpt below Mark Domizio relates what he saw through the eyes of his clone. He got out of the DUMB where he saw daylight for almost the first time in his life. He saw the plane of that flight MA370 as it was being completely disassemled by a crew of people. He was ordered to first wait for them to finish their job and then to execute them all, which is what he did. The remains were hidden in the tunnels of Diego Garcia. Mark says that this Hans didn’t kill the passengers. Most of them were already out of the plane when he got to the surface.

In a next memory Mark describes a scene in a wet room where a person who probably was Japanese was tortured and after they got all the information out of him, was left to bleed to death. Hans did the torture, even though he himself was always hit with some electrical cattle prod by his ‘superior’. The reason for the disappearance of this flight, together with the killing of everyone aboard, would have been the stealing of a hard-drive by the man that was tortured. It would have contained financial information from a member of the Cabal. Apparently this information was so important that the ones responsible for this horrific atrocity didn’t care about the terrible loss of life.

Mark Domizio talks about the terrible events associated with flight MH370 on Diego Garcia (2)

I have had some doubts about writing this article, since the topic deals with such a terrible story as the disappearance of flight MH370, carrying 239 people. I decided to post it anyway and it is up to the reader to see how credible this testimony is. The fact is that nothing was found that unequivocally belonged to this plane. The most expensive search campaign in the history of human aviation was unable to retrieve anything of a plane the size of a Boeing 777 (10). Perhaps one day we will be able to put to trial those people from the Cabal responsible for this repulsive act. I applaud Mark Domizio for his courage to bring such an awful story to the front.

Image taken from (12)

(1) 38 Years on Mars Colonies & Space Programs
(2) 34 Years in a Deep Underground Military Base at Diego Garcia (2nd interview)
(3) Clones & Black Navy Operations at Diego Garcia (1st interview)
(4) Soul Splitting and the Andromedan Link
(5) The Extraction of Andromedan Light by an Insectoid in Dulce
(6) An Andromedan Technique to Gather Incriminating Evidence

(7) Is this Real or Not? – When you’re new to this material the tendency to think that this is just plain crazy is very understandable.
(8) On Human Cloning in the Secret Space Program
(9) Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique – On February 22, 2023 Elena Danaan published a video on QHHT and how to deal with Grays presenting themselves, see IDENTIFY AN INFILTRATOR BY THEIR NARRATIVE – Feb 22 2023
(10) “The search for the missing airplane became the most expensive search in the history of aviation. It focused initially on the South China Sea and Andaman Sea, before analysis of the aircraft’s automated communications with an Inmarsat satellite indicated a possible crash site somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean” (source: Wikipedia)
(11) Photograph taken from Pacific News Minute
(12) Flight MH370 didn’t just “disappear”: Historian suggests mystery was first case of remote skyjacking and ‘was diverted to prevent delivery of secret cargo to China’

7 thoughts on “A Horrible Perspective on what might have Happened to Malaysia Flight MH370

  1. Whew, GA… I think I’ll pass on posting this one. Still, we are learning to what lengths the DS agents will go to hide their activities — too far. Personally, I’m feeling a bit traumatized from all the darkness coming into the Light. We have to pace ourselves a bit if going into overwhelm.
    ~ Eliza


    • Exactly!!A ritual trauma and murder.Think of all the cancer-stricken emts and others exposed to chems and radiation.dr.judywoods educate-yourself.org whatreallyhappened.c stopthecrimes.o richard lighthouse for details.Think before this modern era though….Titanic was a sacrifice and assassination of certain v.i.ps.Patriots4truth.org and truthbits.blog gene decode at Realgenedecode@telegram or Blessedforservice.org.Figured something very close to this story occurred.Not the 1st or last,I dare say.But,according to many,important catalysts like this are supposedly part of various soulplans.suzannegeisemann.c eraoflight.o Law of One channelled readings at:l/lResearch.orgGoddess vortex sacrifice zone asrenochrome harvest central pentagram leyline shape to funnel suffering energy to archons at Aleppo.3 sacred stones there in Turkey,according to kim goguen.When do the chemtrails stop????disclosurenews.it Namaste!!


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  3. The destination of MH370 was Beijing, China that carried with 2/3 of Chinese passengers. An intel reported in 2014, a group of Chinese scientists were in the plane to deliver part of mechanics or engine from the crashed space craft to China.


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