Soul Splitting and the Andromedan Link

( 魂の分裂とアンドロメダのリンク)

After Dr. Michael Salla published the second part of the interview series with Mark Domizio on February 13, 2023, I started to watch them both (1,2) and was highly impressed with the contents. I would advise you to watch these interviews instead of watching a netflix series for this evening! It contains many fascinating (and horrible) elements that I intend to work out in several articles. While reading through some youtube-comments I discovered that Elena Danaan has had an interview with Mark Domizio as well back in august 2021, during the time that I didn’t even know who Elena Danaan was! (3)

Mark Domizio is an MK Ultra survivor who has served in a secret ‘black navy’ program, mainly in Diego Garcia. He has a mind-blowing story. For the purpose of this article I will focus on what he said about his clones and the soul splitting. During the first interview Mark talks about being coerced into this secret program for two years. In those years he had a severe ‘torture training’ which we have come to know from people like Tony Rodrigues (4) and Rebecca Rose (6).

He was trained to become a ruthless assassin, but his conscience stood in the way of the dark plans of those who were behind these programs. Mark Domizio said that he was able to stand firm and this eventually led to him being released from the program after only 2 (horrible) years (7).

During many years Mark had the feeling that there was something wrong, although he lived a good life with family and kids and he played as a musician in New Orleans. It was only in 2016 that he due to QHHT (8) started to remember rather awful things about these two years. He started to retrieve all kinds of memories of his time as Mark Domizio in the Diego Garcia DUMB (10) in the middle of the Indian ocean. One of the most important things he remembered was that a fragment of his soul was taken from him, together with his DNA and he mentions information on his light body, and all this allowed others in the program to create a clone (11,12) of him, that would later be called Hans (13). Let’s hear him and Dr. Salla explain how this Hans was made, and even some other clone, called Sam.

Dr. Salla and Mark Domizio talk about the way clones were made with fragments of his soul (1)

Mark describes how they were somehow able to extract a piece of his soul. With his DNA (and lightbody info?) they were able to create a clone which only functioned when this extract was added to it. After a severe and horrifying training they created a merciless assassin out of this clone, they named Hans. In the second interview (2) we get a lot of details about the life of Hans, who lived from 1983 to about 2017, mainly in the underground base of Diego Garcia. After Hans’ death all the memories of Hans cruel life were catapulted into Mark’s own consciousness, leading to some gruesome years for Mark, who then suddenly had to deal with everything this Hans had perpetrated, like killing at least 40 people.

Not only was this ‘Hans’ clone created, but they also created another clone called Sam, who was put to service on Mars. Mark is going to talk about that life in a future third interview. When I heard all this talk about more clones from a single human being, I was immediately reminded of the various clones of ‘Rebecca Rose’ that Jean-Charles Moyen met during his travels (14). The funny thing is that Rebecca Rose has said that her soul was originally from Andromeda, albeit the Andromeda Galaxy and not the Andromeda Constellation. Mark Domizio says that his soul had an aspect of an eight density (15) Andromedan soul too. It would have been this Andromedan soul aspect together with his O- blood type (16) that would have made him so attractive to the dark forces that captured him, amongst whom was a faction of the Grays.

Apparently there is something to this Andromedan soul that allows for ‘splitting’ and malevolent species are highly aware of this. Perhaps there is a connection with the practice called ‘soul scalping’? (17) Elena reminded us (14) that this was not the case for all species. The Altean soul would thus not be ‘splittable’ (18)

So much for now, more to come! Let me know your thoughts by commenting below or pay a visit to my new facebook page and comment there.

Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean (19)

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(7) Many other Secret Space Program witnesses mention a ’20 year and back’-program. See Age Regression by 20 Yearsw – Moyen and Relfe
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(14) Different Parts of a Single Consciousness living in More Bodies Simultaneously
(15) The 8th dimension is getting more popular by the day. Remember the Mimas base that Chris O’Connor used to work (and occasionally still works)? See 8th Density ‘United Nations’ Space Station Mimas
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16 thoughts on “Soul Splitting and the Andromedan Link

  1. Hi Joost! me, Petra!
    I’ve noticed you’ve mentioned the books written by Elena! I’ve got The Seeders on Kindle!
    for the reason that we in South Africa can”t find the book itself! To order it from Amazon and to be delivered is very expensive! Only The Seeders are available on Kindle
    but no other!
    You don’t have an idea when it’s going be available on Kindle?
    I’ve listened to the interviews with Mark and Michael Salla!!! it was an eyeopener!!!! Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Petra, there really is no kindle version of her first two disclosure books? That’s weird. My website of course cannot replace the excellent books by Elena, but if you read all of them (some 220 at the moment), you do get quite a good impression of what these books are about, although I could easily write another 500 to cover all the other topics that are mentioned in those books 🙂

      I’ll mail you to see if we can find another solution 🙂


      • An idea to get physical books safely to you in South Africa is to arrange for a friend to bring them when they visit. I’m not travelling to South Africa for a long long time otherwise I would offer….

        By the way, I love this website as it helps to see spoken words typed out…. so thankyou Joost..the bazillion hours you invest doing this….


      • Hi Wendy. I have also started to elaborate a bit more in words about the videos since I translate these pages in other languages for people who hardly understand English. This way they do have an idea about what is being said in those fragments.


    • Thanks Isbe for this compliment. I works quite well, in the sense that I can make use of all the earlier articles so if people want more backgrounds or more complexity, they can opt for that, but if they don’t they simply have the main new idea of the article 🙂 I like your name!


  2. GA – this is a truly distressing topic to be sure, but one that needs to come to the awareness of all Earth humans, for it would have been the destiny of more of us if the Nebu Orion Grays had succeeded in connecting all living humans to the Nebu Orion Queen Hive… as that was the intention of the vaccinations being pushed on the population, besides the obvious depopulation agenda. Type O bloodlines are more compatible to being hybridized by the alien forces… for some reason we do not fully understand yet. I was fortunately born with Type A, so not as enticing to our former controllers… although they certainly attempted to mess with my head by filling it with disinformation about the Sirius (Ashkera) system and the Pleiades. Now, in reading the books of Elena Danaan, Alex Collier, and listening to hours of interviews of contactees and experiencers, I am beginning to understand the degree of infiltration into our very thoughts were being made (and still are) influencing our world view. Fortunately, being a very stubborn, independent sort thanks to my Scottish inheritance, I managed to finally break out of the illusion. Still, I am certain my soul chose these experiences in order to see what being inside an illusion felt like. My ability to discern has greatly been enhanced and strengthened, and for that, I am thankful. I am grateful for the courage exhibited by Mark, Tony, and the others who were used by the black projects against their wills. ~ Eliza

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  4. Hello Joost,

    I tried twice to wade through this interview, but had to give up because it was so depressing. I got to the part where Mark talks about killing off those unloading the Malaysian plane (did I get this right?) and dispatching the passengers?

    My understanding from a fairly recent talk was that the pilot flew the plane in a holding position over the Indian Ocean for quite some time, even hours, while he talked with someone on the ground. By this time it is assumed the passengers were already dead from oxygen deprivation. It is assumed he then flew the plane into the ocean because a sizeable piece of debris washed up on the shore of a nearby island (or was it the coast of Western Australia?)

    Mark mentions the plane landed in Diego Garcia. What happened to the crew of the plane and the rogue pilot? It must be that the people unloading the dead bodies from the plane were killed, but why? They were just doing their job.

    Now I have to go watch something positive!

    Penny ________________________________


  5. All souls can be split. Well….it is my understanding that when we (the real us) our higher selves or over-souls “decide” to incarnate, we only take a portion of our (higher)selves. So we are already a soul fragment while we are here. I suppose, depending upon how much of our soul (and/or the “grade” of the soul) is incarnated in any particular vehicle might play a role into whether or not it could be further split….

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