Daryl James shares His Experiences with Nordics from the ‘Taygeta System’

A Pleiadean Lady (10)

( Daryl James comparte sus experiencias con los Nórdicos del sistema Taygeta )

I just watched the two interviews that Alisha Braché did with Daryl James on his Secret Space Program experiences (1,2) and I was highly impressed by it. If you can find the time for it, it will be worth it. For this article I picked a few elements that he talked about in the second interview. That second interview deals with his time after his years with the Dark Fleet (3).

He describes his time during Solar Warden and how he interacted with people from the Taygeta system in the Pleiades. In this article you can read a bit about the way people from Taygeta tend to procreate, about music and the way telepathic bonds were formed. I can assure you this article is a lot easier to digest than the rather confroting articles about Mark Domizio’s experiences (11).

When Daryl James refers to the people he worked with in the Solar Warden program he doesn’t use terms that were introduced by Elena Danaan like Ashaara, or any of the names of the various planets that orbit this star (4). He simply calls them Taygetans, without distinguishing from which planet; he does describe them as Nordic-looking, so I guess many of them would come from planet Erra (5). He describes them the way they are described by Elena Danaan; like for instance their blue space suits (6).

In a transcript from April 2020 (7) we can read how Myrah, who is half-Errahel, half T-Ashkeru (8), describes the way Pleiadeans can have sex. Let’s read along:

The first level is to procreate, and it is very enjoyable. We have a second level which is different. It is with no physical intercourse, but it is a melting of the souls: of our light beings. This is ignited by the skin. The Ahel skin is very sensitive and receptive, it is very similar to yours, but it has little captors everywhere and in some particular areas more so. We stimulate these captors and it ignites the soul; we can then mix and melt, and our mix and melt is absolutely delightful because it merges consciousness. It merges our two lights in one, and we are projected in higher planes of consciousness towards a higher realm. It is a much better experience than only the physical one.” (7)

The way that Daryl describes the way he had intercourse with a lady from Taygeta shows quite some similarities. Here is how he describes it, and don’t be afraid he does it is a very decent way (9) 🙂

Daryl James describes how intercourse with a Pleiadean woman from the Taygetan Star System can be like (2)

When Alisha asked him if he brought anything from Earth to enrich them, he told a great and funny story about him playing guitar and the way these people responded to that. You should really watch this part, because it is bound to give you good vibes! He also talks about him introducing baseball to them and how these Taygetan (Errahel) men tend to have some ‘oily’ sweat.

Daryl talks about music and sports and how the people for the Taygeta/Ashaara starsystem responded to it (2)

It was a true delight to listen to Daryl James’ experiences. It was consistent with what he had said in other interviews. He said that he didn’t keep up too much with what other experiencers have said to prevent ‘front-loading’ or the blurring of his own experiences. He says that the people from Taygeta can reach an age of about 3,000 years. According to Thor Han the average age of people of Erra is about 600-700 years (7). Thor Han himself would be almost 158 years old now in 2023. Myrah also said that they are vegetarians, which would imply that they wouldn’t eat fish either (7).

Well, so much for this article. I really enjoyed watching these videos and it feels good to add Daryl James to the Team of trustworthy sources. Let’s see when he will appear in Dr. Salla’s Exopolitics Today: he sure deserves it!

(1) Cosmic Gateway ~ SSP = Soul, Space, Personalised with Daryl James ~ Episode #1 – Alisha Braché has her own telegramchannel as well.
(2) Cosmic Gateway ~ SSP = Soul, Space, Personalised with Daryl James ~ Episode #2 – You can reach Daryl James from his website. Also see (12)
(3) A Short Film: Antarctica and the Origins of the Dark Fleet (youtube)
(4) The Real Names of Various Stars – How they are called by their own people
(5) Getting acquainted with the Ahil
(6) Smart Space Suits and Frequency Belts
(7) April 30 2020– Relationships / Age / life on Erra / Food / heart chakra connectivity – this pdf is linked from Interstellar Contacts
(8) Errahel are the Nordic-looking people from the second planet of the Taygeta System; T-Askeru are Sirians from a planet orbiting Sirius B.
(9) I wondered if it was ethically alright to start off with a subject like this. What would Daryl think of it? But since he talked about it on youtube and it really is described in a wonderful way I decided to spread it here like this. I’ll ask Daryl if he is fine with it.
(10) Part of image taken from Vashta.com
(11) A Horrible Perspective on what might have Happened to Malaysia Flight MH370 – You can read other articles from the interviews that Dr. Michael Salla had with Mark Domizio by clicking on the links in the footnotes.
(12) The Deep State is Fast-Forwarding its own Destruction

6 thoughts on “Daryl James shares His Experiences with Nordics from the ‘Taygeta System’

  1. Someone suggested that Daryl James would be ‘controlled by A.I.’ because he talks about Taygeteans. Well, there is this group that you can find on http://www.swaruu.org that call themselves ‘The Taygeteans’, and I don’t trust that group either. Elena has referred to them as indeed being controlled by A.I., but that doesn’t mean that everyone who talks about Taygeteans is automatically controlled by A.I.

    You can also refer to Taygeteans when you want to refer to the people from that star system. Elena Danaan has referred to the Taygeteans as well in her book ‘A Gift from the Stars’ (see page 250):

    “In Elena’s book ‘The Gift from the Stars’ (12) we can read: “They named themselves ‘Taal Shiar’, ‘Taal main-world-ones’ and named their planet ‘Taalihara’, orbiting around the star Alcyone: the main Taal planet. They tried to build their own little empire from there, a thing that was quasi impossible regarding the overpowering threat of the the Orion and Ciakahrr empires.

    By opposition of their brothers Taygeteans, they did not join the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and instead allied with the Ashtar (19) and Altair Collectives and some Orion malevolent groups. They are involved in the misdeeds of the Cabal on Terra, and a painful disgrace to the Man races. They also gave a world in the Alcyone system to a reptilian presence.” (12, p.250)” (I took this quote from the article: https://galacticanthropology.org/2022/06/15/some-myths-about-alcyone-in-the-pleiades/)

    In End Note 19 I also link to a page exposing those Swaruu Taygeteans ( https://newsinsideout.com/2022/04/swaruu-and-taygetan-et-contact-cult-exposed-as-fraud-and-scam-by-inside-members-confirming-2019-exopolitics-ai-artificial-intelligence-report-by-alfred-lambremont-w/)

    To conclude: I think it is unfair to put someone in the ‘Compromised by A.I.’-corner just because he uses the term Taygeteans. In fact Daryl James says that A.I. is the biggest threat in general in the universe.


    • This person that I mentioned above turned out not only to be talking about the use of the term Taygetians, but it turns out that Daryl James also mentioned a Taygetian woman with the name of ‘Swaruu’ in a video, and if that weren’t enough he even had children with Swaruu. See the video with James Rink from about 1h30m (https://youtu.be/R5Fd6vzOIDU?t=5679), and after that he was temporarily assigned as a ‘King’ to work on his ego; with this inflated ego he would be willing to impregnate a lot of ‘Taygetean’ women, to create more variation in their gene pool.

      This is all getting a bit strange indeed…


      • And then I found out that Elena Danaan had talked about Swaruu in her book ‘We Will Never Let you Down’ in a chapter in which Akvaruu of Taalhihara speaks (I haven’t spoken about them at all on this website. It is high time to correct that, I suppose)

        I want to quote a part of that book in which Akvaruu talks about a mission in which they entered a Taal-Shiar ship:

        “Oh, this operation, replied Akvaruu. Yes, it was a good one! Commander [Thor Han] Eredyon localized a Taal-Shiar ship, cloaked on an unauthorized low orbit of Terra. This particular ship got the attention of the Commander because of its illegal activity: this vessel was akey point in an important operation led by the Terran intelligence agency working for the Nebu. It was broadcasting on a highly classified Terran military frequncy band, to a Terran network server owned by this same Terran Intelligence agency.

        – Discord server, said Thor Han. And he is talking about the CIA.
        – I know whose Terrans you are talking about, I said, I also know that you were looking for this ship, Thor Han
        – Thanks to Commander Eredyon, continued Akvaruu, the ship was neutralized. I was granted the pleasure to beam onboard with other soldiers to arrest this crew. The ship was taken off Terran orbit, then we operated. They were communicating with Terran civilians ppicked for their naitvety, using them to spread propaganda against the Galactic Federation, via Terran networks.
        – Internet, precised Thor Han. Now we need to neutralize the AI working with them. This nefarious entity is very extremely tricky and manipulative. It was created by the Nebu and assigned to this Taal-Shiar team. Now, this AI is roaming and still to be caught. It has tricked so many people already; it presents itself by the name of SWARUU but it also takes many other names. Catching it doesn’t mean depend now upon tactical military operations, but upon the technology department. They’ll catch it, they always do. The Galactic Federation of Worlds has many resources and skills.” (We will never let you Down, p.231)


  2. I think the name of Taygeta” or star system is from Greek mythology so human usually called it. AI to me, is like a species, has different type or form, from machine, sentient , consciousness, to a hybrid (combination) , could be programmed to be negative or positive. There is a primary negative one, has most threaten this galaxy, I think it is called animus or a different name. There is “black goo” , a type of oil conscious substance existed on earth, discovered in several place many years ago. It was a hot topic for a while. There is also AI genetic modified “sentient” being is existed in any form. The scary part is this parasite energy existed but our human eyes can’t see it.


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