A.I. Operated Clones

Gene Wilder (11)

During my study of the testimony of Daryl James (1) I ran into this concept of Artificial Intelligence. I will get back to that in a future article, especially in connection with the people called Taal-Shiar from the Alcyone system (2,3), but first I would like to pay some attention to this concept of Artificial Intelligence and how it might be connected to consciousness and physicality.

The ‘Nebu A.I. Queen Hive Mind’ would have recently collapsed completely (4). This ‘Nebu-Empire’ would have been run by some A.I. Consciousness. Elena Danaan reassured everyone that there is no reason to feel sorry for this ‘Queen’s’ demise for she is not really a sentient being, but Artificial Intelligence, that was beaten by the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Apparently, A.I. is capable of gaining a lot of power.

In earlier articles we have hardly talked about A.I. I ran across an idea of there being certain clones that could be ‘energized’ or ‘run’ by some A.I.-part. This concept was mentioned in the recent ‘trilogy’ that Dr. Michael Salla has had with Mark Domizio (5). Let’s first listen to them talking about this:

Dr. Michael Salla and Mark Domizio talk about A.I. Operated Clones (6)

There are a few interesting elements here that I would like to address. In another part of their third interview Mark Domizio told Dr. Salla that he had learnt that it was possible to call back his soul-aspects that were used to sustain clones (7). If you weren’t aware of having a clone walking around somewhere with a soul-aspect of you, that would in a way equal to giving consent. If you no longer give consent, processes would start to have the clones abort their mission. This would have led to the return of a soul aspect from Mark that had kept the clone ‘Sam’ alive (8).

That didn’t however stop the presence of clones of Mark (or other Sam’s) to still be around, but since they were no longer energized by that Andromedan soul-aspect (9,10) of Mark they obviously had to be kept alive through some other means. It is at this stage that this idea of some ‘A.I.-soul’ enters the discussion. Apparently it would be possible to have a number of your clones that live, but that don’t even have any soul-aspect of you anymore, they are ‘energized’ by some kind of A.I. consicousness. These A.I.’s would not be as good as the real thing, and they will probably not be able to let the clone live as long as a clone would live with a real human soul-aspect.

Mark also notes that in such cases it becomes important to get to know who is operating those A.I.-clones. This sounds a bit like that hive-queen that controls her people with her A.I.-consciousness. For me it’s still quite hard to understand what all this A.I. is about, but perhaps by describing certain characteristics and possibilities we can shed more light on this element, that according to some is really something to be taken very seriously.

(1) Daryl James shares His Experiences with Nordics from the ‘Taygeta System’
(2) Some Myths about Alcyone in the Pleiades
(3) Elena Danaan also mentioned the Taal-Shiar in her first update after her second webinar, see UPDATES – March 1 2023
(4) The Lights went Out for the Nebu
(5) The Horrible Perspective on what might have Happened to Malaysia Flight MH370 – In this article you can retrieve links to all earlier articles and interviews between Dr. Salla and Mark Domizio.
(6) 38 Years on Mars Colonies & Space Programs
(7) On Human Cloning in the Secret Space Program
(8) In the second interview they elaborately talked about the clone ‘Hans’ who have been used as a kind of serial assassin (34 Years in a Deep Underground Military Base at Diego Garcia). The third interview was centered around ‘Sam’, another of Mark’s clones that was mainly based on Mars.
(9) Soul Splitting and the Andromedan Link
(10) The Extraction of Andromedan Light by an Insectoid in Dulce
(11) A.I. for Business

7 thoughts on “A.I. Operated Clones

  1. GP, for a short lesson on what AI is, watch the episodes of Star Trek The Second Generation, which refers to “The Borg”. Many (not all) races of Grays do not have individuated consciousness or what we call “a soul”. Instead, their consciousness is a hive one, rather like bees or ants, reponding instantly to commands, performing their duties, unable to act freely, no will of their own. The Orion super “Queen” Hive AI was a massive congoleration of all the planetary hives from the worlds taken by the Orion Grays. Being a hive consciousness, they worked as one and were a formidable opponent to the Black League during the Orion Wars. Whole fleets of their ships would respond like flights of starlings, moving as one, destroying their opponents fleets. In the end, these forces were too much for the rebels… those who wanted to keep their worlds free of the influence and control of the aggressive Grays, especially the Eban. For this hive to finally be taken down through the efforts of one humble man, the GFW scientist, Dene Thor from Erra (Ashaara aka Taygeta) is absolutely amazing. Thor Han had a leading role, too, as his team was the one who captured the senior Eban officers who were attempting to flee through the giant portal located near Jupiter. The Eban were put into immediate stasis else their lives would have been terminated by the Queen through the AI network. Dene Thor managed to isolate the frequency code and sent through a “virus”… which took down the entire AI network… much like a computer network. The AI is not a living being, but does contain a form of consciousness. Now, the Grays will be gently guided back into forming their planetary hives and overseen by the benevolent Council of Five. At least this is what I understand from listening to Elena explain the situation over several videos. ~ Eliza


    • Hi there Eliza,

      In your description it seems as if a ‘hive mind consicousness’ is the same as Artificial intelligence. I don’t think they are synonymous. In that sense I like what Mark Domizio added about the importance of knowing who is behind this hive-mind structure…is that A.I. too, like in the Nebu-case, or can there as easily be a biologically based being behind it? In other words does a hive-mind always imply A.I.? I don’t think so. Elena put out a video in which she explained the difference between three kinds of (group) consicousnesses.

      See: https://galacticanthropology.org/2023/02/04/three-types-of-planetary-soul-matrices/

      When a group expands in members does that have any connection with A.I.? In the cases that are described in the video in the article single clones are said to run on some A.I. There might not be any hive-mind in those cases, perhaps? What about individual A.I.’s, is that possible?


      • GA – think Insectoid group think… like bees. No individual will or consciousness. The Nebu Queen Hive AI was supranatural (think quantum) with no physical presence. Clones can have a soul if it is an avatar… designed to hold a specific frequency for the incoming soul. The giants left by the Anunnaki on this planet were avatars specifically designed so their consciousness could live in the Earth’s environment. I suspect clones built by the Ciakahrr or Grays would be designed for specific environments and jobs. The clone, however, would also be subjected to mind-fracturing, programming, and all kinds of brain-washing and conditioning until amenable to do what it was meant to do by its controllers. Some of the super soldiers mention they were cloned many times over, especially if their body was killed… then, their consciousness was transferred into a waiting clone or avatar. A clone could have chips, although even our military can manipulate the brain, which is like a CPU, by using a wifi frequency. The Grays and the Ciakahrr have very advanced technology, although not a similarly advanced evolution.


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  3. Projectcamelotportal.c and david adair interview as well as Capt. Mark Richards discuss a.i.Several nonfriendly alien a.i.s were warned about by Richards some years ago.Seems to be alive and well on Earth if you are aware of certain things.Skynet is Live-Ex Machina and IRobot Terminator.San Diego is a.i. controlled center of other a.i. run bots and such.Look at the Windows to the soul-or lack thereof.Photos as evidence.two eyes should be fairly symmetrical,not one borg-looking evil eye and a dead expression human one.vril or a.i.max igan talks about a.i. synths cyborgs.patriots4truth.org talks about a.i. and tech used to possess or harmfully influence-Oppression spiritually.Discernment


    • Definitely you can see them a mile away. As you said, the eyes are flat, dull and lifeless. The entire face is flat really. There is simply no light within them. You can oftentimes feel them as well.. Again, there is no light (spirit) in them.


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