Would you Prefer the Intergalactic-Only DNA Repair Treatment?

I was very happy to see Elena describe her two wonderful journeys in her 21st Contact video (1,2). There is much to say about all the things she described in that video of almost one hour. I would like to focus on something very important that Elena was shown on the Moon, while accompanied by Thor Han. It was about the Grail that Enki/Ea had brought back, and it explained a few questions that I already posed back in October 2022 (3), right after Elena Danaan published her masterpiece ‘The Seeders’ (4).

In the article ‘Trying to Understand Enki’s Genetic Template Grail‘ (3) I wrote a number of questions that had remained lying on the shelf for about half a year, and the current video answered nearly all of them. I think it is useful to quote the relevant part of that particular article. Remember that according to the historical account as described in Elena’s third disclosure book, a group of Intergalactic Seeder Races decided to add their genomes to a primate being some 65 million years ago.

A Bright Blue Plasma Tube, perhaps looking a bit like the Frequency Key of our Original Human DNA (8)

After some 64,5 million years the Anunnaki arrived and upgraded (and downgraded) our genetics creating a huge leap in our evolution. They (Enki) also added their own Anunnaki genes to the whole, and after that a number of other species from within our own Milky ‘Nataru’ Way added their DNA too (5). We have been through a lot these last nearly 400 millenia, but times seem to be changing for us. Our genetics have also suffered a lot, and much of our true (intergalactic) grandness has been sleeping in the back of our genes, so to speak. But then the Intergalactic Confederation (6) arrived and with them Enki, with what was called ‘The Grail’, a key to our great heritage.

What follows is an excerpt from that piece about this ‘Genetic Template Grail’, with an excerpt from the video (1) in which Elena clarifies nearly everything:

The idea expressed in the above excerpt – and in the book – is that Enki was able to store and save the original template, but what does that really mean? Is that the original template of the Pa-Taal Extra-Galactic species? Or is it perhaps the template + Enki’s Anunnaki-genes? And if this template would actually be used in med-beds to restore our DNA, what happens to all the DNA from our galactic friends who interbred/hybridized with us afterwards? Is that DNA going to be removed? Or has that DNA never been downgraded because it was done after the initial mix-up of our genes by Enlil and consorte?

What information is stored in Enki’s Grail? The template of 11 races, 12 or 13, or perhaps 21 or 22? Do we really want the Anunnaki genes to be returned and activated, or should we trust Enki and believe that his kind of Anunnaki genes are indeed way ‘better’ than those of his half-brother? And what about the Anunnaki, being half humanoid/half Gray? Aren’t we activating all kinds of Gray-genomes when we activate the Anunnaki genes? And if 65 million of years of evolution led to a black primate that the Anunnaki initially thought was simple, how long would it have taken for us to really express the qualities of our intergalactic Seeders? (3)

Elena Danaan explains the Frequency key of the Original 11-‘strand’ Human DNA (from (1))

For me the crucial piece of information is that Ea/Enki has brought with him the original genetic blueprint of the original Seeder Races, which does not contain any of the alternations that the Anunnaki performed afterwards. Because of the very bad history of the Anunnaki on our planet I was a bit worried that we would have to ‘repair’ our genes with those Anunnaki-genes as well. It turns out that we are given at least the option to solely use the DNA-frequencies of the original mix of genomes by the Seeder races for the repair of our genetics. If we would like to use the DNA of other species that is also an option.

It also doesn’t mean that we would start to look like the ‘black heads’ as we were described by the Anunnaki on their arrival. As Thor Han laughingly said in all his wisdom our genomes would remain the same; it would not change our appearance at all.

I loved to watch this video. Of course this also triggers a new set of questions, but I prefer to leave that for some other time. Let’s first cherish the beauty of this new information. What DNA-repair package would you take? From the Original Seeder races only, or would you take the full package (or could we even choose something in between)? I want to thank Elena for sharing this publicly with all of us. If you would like to share your thoughts or questions comment below or head for the Study Center (7)

(1) CONTACT Ep. 21 ~ NEWS FROM SIRIUS B AND THE MOON ~ March 30 2023
(2) For an overview of her contact videos see Elena Danaan Articles and Contact Videos
(3) Trying to Understand Enki’s Genetic Template Grail
(4) Danaan, E. (2022) The Seeders
(5) Genetic Engineering and Genetic Mixing through Sexual Intercourse
(6) The Intergalactic Confederation
(7) The Galactic Elena Danaan Research Center
(8) Bright Blue Plasma Tube

11 thoughts on “Would you Prefer the Intergalactic-Only DNA Repair Treatment?

  1. Oh, my… I watched this video this morning. It was magical hearing the descriptions of Elena and Thor Han’s trip to the Ashkera star system (Sirius A), listening to her descriptions of the great star and its energetic impact on all life there. And then the meeting with her dear friend Myhra and her family, including her adopted daughter Gaia. And then the descriptions of the buildings, the environment on the planet they visited. So rich with detail! And then, like topping on ice cream, Thor Han took Elena to Luna, our moon, and escorted her into the very place where plasma tubes are being placed within the med beds being constructed there. Like GA explained above, we have a choice to make, perhaps several when we finally get to experience this new technology for ourselves. Remember, the Secret Space programs have been utilizing med beds tech for decades!

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  3. Hi,

    I always enjoy reading your posts. I love Elena’s positive outlook on our future, as you do. This is in contrast with Douglas Vogt from Diehold Foundation, who is preaching doom and gloom.

    His YT videos are very interesting when it comes to ancient history, especially the videos of three years ago about Joseph (Semnut), Hatshepsut, Jacob, Abraham etc. and how greedy Joseph was; how he stole from Pharoah all the years he was in his service, slavery of the other 11 tribes, etc. Fascinating stuff.

    I am on his email subscription list and I got an email today, the usual thing, preaching doom and gloom. What is so awful is that he says we should be teaching our children/grandchildren over the age of 16 about the disaster to come. I am attaching two screen shots of the email to show you. He clearly does not understand who the god of the Old Testament was. This is such a contrast to Elena’s videos about humanity’s glorious future. ________________________________


  4. Hello everyone,
    Just to weigh-in with another perspective, another option perhaps, i am reminded of Ea saying via Elena’s sharing that we could opt for the genetic enhancements or not… And in hearing this my love for Ea and his clan was established for their mutual respect of our personal sovereignty. In other words, the avoidance of telling us what was best.
    i can only speak (humbly) from my experience which has delivered me into a most-intimate, full-time, internal relationship with the ‘Friend’ as rumi likes to quip. And in the years of steadily developing this intimacy, i am clear that there is only perfection and preciseness… flowing through my designs, through my silent service that includes the alleged ‘corruption’ of my dna. In the inner-worlds hidden from mind, there is absolutely no randomness or so-called mistakes flowing in God’s long range plan which includes It’s hidden spark soon activating within many of us itty-bitty, mud and clay terrans.
    Imagine what might happen to all that ‘alien’ or ‘advanced’ dna either malevolently or benevolently placed within these soon to activate GodSparks? Might their dna within us be subject to the Beloved touching them in a place they have forever longed? Hehe. Whenever one pokes, stabs, bites, or sticks its dna penis into a pure being of love like us hidden terrans, they are repeatedly pollenated…. and this hidden blessing they still cry for, will change ‘their’ dna. From the consciousness of advanced mind still seeking to personally dine with the Beloved, to the supreme consciousness hidden in God’s breath (which we borrow) delivering sentience thus direct-experience of what NO mind can conceive, may be a play perhaps worthy of consideration.
    And finally, will these dna enhancements increase our mental faculties (likely) that in simple terms may pull us away from our breath-sentient designs that allow us to literally experience GodSource? Does increasing intellect to follow… greater ‘advanced’ intellects (i.e. ascension) arriving in cool spaceships ultimately serve our hidden and true natures as pure beings of love requiring nothing external to our long range secret within?
    This is why i will likely ‘pass’ on this generous and well-intending offer- for the kiss from within has been deeply planted. Blessings.

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    • Exactly. I will always look within for the answers to any really important questions. (Like getting jabbed for example lol)


  5. I recently stumbled across the work of Peter Daniel Francuch, PhD.

    He says that the original “humans” that came to “earth” were of a higher dimension (fully functional spiritually) than what we have now (after the “fall”). He says that this was 140 million years ago. He said they were “glowing giants”, and that they did not reproduce like we do today. I couldn’t help but think about Thiouba in The Only Planet of Choice. They all left their bodies “naturally” (ascended) when their “physical” mission was completed. This was the “normal” process as originally created and intended, and would fit into Genesis chapter one.

    About 20,000 years later, the second phase of “humanity” commenced, and continued on for about 100 million years when the “scientists” began to ponder what would it be like if “mankind” were self-sufficient/cut off from the creator? So they began experimenting with bi-cloning. This was the beginning of the “fall”. Without the direct endowment from the Creator of the life force (spirit), they only had the relatively very small life force within the atoms/cells themselves. He said that this essentially reduced our spiritual content/connection from 100 percent down to about 5 percent of what it was originally. He says this period fits within Genesis 2:18-25.

    Finally, they became even more depraved, and when observing the animals breeding, thought that might be cool. So they began to hybridize the fallen humans with the animals resulting in an even greater fall. This is Genesis chapter 3.

    In a strange way, the puzzle pieces actually seem to be slowly coming together. I would possibly surmise that the Seeders could be the ones that first brought the first humans here? And, our good “friends” the Anunnaki would possibly be the “scientists”.

    Also, this fall from a higher “dimension” to a lower one could also fit with the Gnostic ideas of a Pleroma and Kenoma?

    Finally, as I recall, Ashayana Deane also said that our original earth “Gaia” was of a higher dimension that our present “Terra”.


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    • voice of one
      Earth has many versions with different name in time and space. Gaia(7d), Tara(5d), and Terra(earth, 3d) are existed simultaneously. Earth contains rocks and a remnant of history from Gaia, Tara in time and space. Also Aramatina (d12)–> Anu-Elohim war. GAIA —> electrical war, Tara —>the first intergalactic human experiment. Terra (earth)—>the 2nd experiment ended in Annunaki/human hybrid called Nephilim/Giant(destroyed). Terra (earth)–> the 3rd human experiment. (Enki and his female team were in charge, while the etheric human came to assist as needed, pop in and out in 3d)


    • Correct in the above.
      In the 1st seeding in Tara, two interstella race , Alanians and Lumians were seeded. failed. In the 2nd seeding on earth, failed.
      In the 3rd human seedings on earth- Atlantis (3 times)and Lemurian civilizations (seeder/Atlean seeded Atlantean). After wars between the two and final crystal power explosion. failed. Nothing left on the surface earth. Anu family started a human civilization under their ruling. Without understanding the real history, it may not be possible to recognize who have been the controllers to pull the strings on human.


  6. In reference to Ashayana’s material, The three founders seeded three of royal family lines at d10-d11-d12 (d=dimension) in Lyra constellation. 1)Angelic human race line in d12- Organic /natural beings 2) A hybrid line in d11, became the Anu/Elohim- Annunaki fallen angelic race line – inorganic/AI beings 3)Another hybrid line in d10, became Draconia fallen angelic race line – inorganic/AI beings.
    Those fallen angelic races have formed the multiple factions with anti human agenda that is based to seek destroying and alternating the organic angelic human DNA throughout galactic and earth history.
    Anunnaki’s “scientists” are the cloners who created their own images from the artificial wombs or artificial matrix. The glass chambers are existed in underground on earth, mars, moon. Many biological/genetic labs are in underground globally on earth. It is unknown how many are being destroyed.


    • Ashayana Deane often complicates matters, when they are already complicated enough. This is all too much for my mind to incorporate now and I don’t want to invest in it either at this moment; perhaps others are more inclined to do that. The terminology is different, the times are different, it’s a complicated lot 🙂


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