Releasing the Fear to Engage with the ‘wrong’ ET’s or Contactees

When I started working on this Galactic Anthropology website my main intention was to document the information in such a way that it would be easily accessible for a bigger public. As you all know by now, I was inspired by the work of Elena Danaan and I also incorporated a number of other contactees and other people with galactic information on this website. I like to explore these new worlds and I also like to ask questions.

Curiosity (9)

As I have expressed in earlier articles this curiosity had some effects that I hadn’t foreseen (1,2). I learned that asking questions could be interpreted as attacks or as dark ways of finding faults in someone’s work. As if studying someone’s material implies that you should not ask any critical questions. I was – and still am – confident that Elena Danaan’s work is robust enough to withstand critical scrutiny, and of course with such a huge amount of new disclosure information, it would be perfectly fine to learn and adapt certain concepts as they develop.

After having been banned from certain groups because of asking questions, I openly wondered if Elena’s deal with High Commander Ardaana from the Galactic Federation of Worlds about the free flow of information was still holding after Elena decided to introduce webinars (3). Elena herself stepped in and threw in her full weight to condemn me for suggesting that she was putting up a paywall for her information, although I still think this is a pretty obvious fact (4).

This triggered some 50 people to immediately unsubscribe from my telegram channel (6) and many people openly started treating me as if I was some agent of the Dark with evil and destructive intentions. There were people who kept on quoting Elena’s words, whenever I spoke in a certain Telegram group, and they wondered why I was still allowed to remain in that group. The logical thing was to remove and cancel me into oblivion, because Elena had spoken.

I also received support and I especially liked the following video that someone posted from an unknown man who gave a calm and collected analysis of group dynamics in connection with contactees. The video takes about 8 minutes to watch, but it will be worth your time when you are interested in this topic.

Interesting Perspective on Group Dynamics related to Contactees (13)

Well, I continued to write articles, for I think the information from Elena Danaan is far too important to get caught up in all this chatter. I also didn’t loose my respect for Elena; everybody can get a bit tense sometimes and there is always a human part to her, even when she is an emissary for the GFW. I still love her, and her work.

But then the story continued into yet another realm that I hadn’t foreseen. I like the contactee/SSP (Secret Space Program) group that was formed around Dani’s Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection (7); you could call them the GSIC-team. I feature a lot of articles from people of that team, like Elena Danaan, Dr. Michael Salla, Alex Collier, Jean-Charles Moyen, Rebecca Rose, Chris O’Connor, Tony Rodrigues. I cherish their stories, but I also noticed a desire to get to know other contactees as well, and to listen to what they have to say.

One element in this decision was that I didn’t really like the way Dani kept on pushing the GSIC and their members as the only ones presenting the absolute truth. Below is an introduction by Dani which exemplifies this sentiment (and mind you, this is only my personal sentiment as writer of this website, make up your own mind) (25 seconds)

Dani Henderson on the GSIC (8)

So, I started to look around a bit more and produced a few articles with people not directly associated with Dani’s group. I introduced people to this website like Lily Nova, Daryl James, Beth Noyes, Debbie Solaris, Omnec Omec, Anja Schäfer and Viviane Chauvet.

But then something interesting happened. People started to get annoyed because I introduced Viviane Chauvet. Viviane Chauvet says she is an Acturian-Human hybrid and I thought that to be quite interesting to study: what would she have to say? How does it relate to the Elena Danaan material and Dani’s group? But it appeared that Viviane was canceled by Elena in the past too. This implied that just by talking about her, or by studying her perspective, I was in effect dancing with the ‘enemy’.

While watching a video in which Viviane appeared (10) that deals with Marina Seren who wanted to warn people against the Essassani and their attempts to infiltrate humanity with Gray-hybrids (11), a guy called Tyler Ellison said something interesting about this tendency to have all kinds of opposing groups within the disclosure movement (16 seconds):

Tyler Ellison, a man who promotes the questionable Gray-human hybridization program,
talks about trust and distrust in certain spiritual communities (10))

I don’t think Covid has a lot to do with it, but I did notice that my freedom to explore was also cut short because apparently there are all kinds of people that should be avoided at all costs, and if you do associate with them, people might think of you joining the enemy or some distorted perspective aimed at creating chaos and disinformation. It reminded me of what Tony Rodrigues said in a recent interview with Alisha Braché about this animosity between certain disclosure groups: (almost 2 minutes)

Tony Rodrigues talks to Alisha Braché on the incredible vastness of species in the universe (12)

Although I started Galactic Anthropology because I wanted to archive the material that was brought forward by Elena Danaan and the group that she interacts with, I want to feel free to explore the testimonies of other people too. I want to be free to ask questions related to Elena’s material, but also to that of other people. I intend to go on and listen to people like Viviane Chauvet and anyone else I might encounter as long as I think it is genuine, insightful and interesting.

If you prefer to remain on the safe side you might decide to skip any future article that deals with people that are canceled by Dani’s group. Elena Danaan’s fascinating material will remain the foundation of this website, but I don’t want to be restricted in studying the fascinating testimonies of other people because someone else says so. This is not to say that I will start studying just about anyone, for I also have my group of sources that I prefer to ignore, but that would be because I myself have come to this conclusion, and I take Elena’s debunk (14) list very seriously (15-18).

Please share your thoughts below or in the Elena Danaan Study Center (19)

Curiosity (9)

(1) Psychological Factors Surrounding the Study of Elena Danaan’s Work
(2) To Rise Above the Chatter and the Drama
(3) Go to the Webinar for all the Details
(4) See Endnote 201 – Take for instance the contents of webinar 3. On her website you can see which topics were discussed, but certainly not all of those topics were offered for free. I was able to get a hold on that TLS topic (5) for example, because someone spread an excerpt from that webinar. Elena still hasn’t spoken about that in her free videos, even though I think it is a very important topic, that everyone should know about.
(5) TLS and the Interdimensional Giansar
(6) Galactic Anthropology
(7) Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection (2023 version of the Conference in Orlando)
(9) Is Curiosity a Positive or Negative Feeling?
(10) Marina Seren leads an all-star Starseeds panel w GeraldineOrozco BarbaraLamb VivianneChauvel

About Tyler Ellison. I didn’t know him at all, but a contact of mine informed me about him. It turns out that he is actively channeling some being called ‘Ryo’ who is still propagating this hybridization agenda. In a video from March 2023 (4D Earth – Preparing for Contact – Meeting the Hybrids Halfway | Ryo – Channeled by Tyler Ellison) he fervently talks about us meeting these gray-human hybrids half way in 4D. Apparently there still are people who are attuned to this mode of thinking, even though the new amendment of the Prime Directive (20) makes it impossible for them to ever get their ‘hybrid boots on the ground’. Make up your own mind, but I would advise you to read (21,22) which deal about the negative sides of this hybrid agenda.

(11) Bashar, the Far Sight Institute and the Essassani-Resistance Movement Psy-Op
(12) Cosmic Gateway ~ SSP = Soul, Space, Personalised with Tony Rodrigues ~ Episode #1
(13) Defending and worshopping contactees – ShadowGuru and Cultive Personality
(14) Debunk
(15) Some Thoughts on the Philosophy of Ismael Perez
(16) On Communication Distortions and the Unfortunate Departure of M.R. from the Crew
(17) Would we recognize a SSP- Parody?
(18) The Taal-Shiar and the Swaruu A.I.
(19) Elena Danaan Research Center
(20) A new Amendment to the Prime Directive
(21) A Different Shade of Hybrid Soul
(22) Emotional Blackmail of Mothers of Hybrid Children

21 thoughts on “Releasing the Fear to Engage with the ‘wrong’ ET’s or Contactees

  1. Thinking it could be of interest to you we have extensively examined the question relating to Elena Danaan banning.
    Check us out at The Heartbeat of the Great Awakening, telegram channel. You might have to go back a bit to find our take on the question. Thank you for your attention and for your contribution.


  2. FWIW, it troubles me the way “Enki” told/tells Elena that he is her father. Well…. He may very well be her genetic father, but he is absolutely NOT her spiritual/soul father. The way he has to point this out to her is troubling….


  3. GA – I don’t prescribe to anyone who claims to own the truth, which is in effect what Dani H. is claiming for her group. No one person can own the truth. Yes, Elena has brought in more disclosure, current ongoing disclosure, but she is not the final word. I’ve encountered this sort of narrow cultish behavior in other groups, as well. Limiting our individual abilities to do our own research, whether within our own consciousness or by studying the works of others, is to limit everyone’s ability to know, learn, expand, and seek out new answers. I have encountered some of the other contactees’ works as mentioned above. I have reservations about a few, but that is my opinion. I am not so narcissitic as to demand others accept my opinion as gospel; they need to make up their own minds and be responsible for their own decisions. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past, but that can be rectified. We adjust and move on. That is what being a mature human being is… allowing, accepting, and using compassion towards others even when you don’t agree with them. I have great respect for your efforts here, GA. Keep up the work! ~Eliza

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  5. I am wondering how long before Tony is cancelled by the group as he has gone over to the other side as well. You may wish to re-examine the methods done by Elena, Dani and her group. Their methods have been described by countless contactees as the type of methods used to bring about the hive mind mentality.


  6. Recently my partner and I have been binge-watching “The Last Kingdom”, a British historical fictional TV series based on Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Stories series of novels. Cornwell has taken recorded historical events from late 9th century Britain, (though I haven’t read the books just watched the series) and he inserts a series of fictional characters into the story. So we have the Saxons and their burgeoning Christian England, Native Britons, marauding pagan Vikings, and a host of characters intermingling, fighting and pushing forward their individual and collective agendas. It all makes for compelling television and perhaps has shown me something about what we are living through now. It is never so simple as right and wrong – even the murderous Danes have some dignity and a raison d’etre. All groups and individual characters do what they do for reasons not always apparent. Although there are some dyed in the wool baddies, you get a profound feeling of the complexity and multidimensionality of history, cultures, groups, and agendas. If we had this seething complexity in the microcosm of 9th century Britain, it’s not surprising we have it in the current situation. So, I applaud you Joost for having the courage to look at all sides of this very complex matter.


  7. Hello Joost,

    There is so much interesting information in this latest post of yours that I hardly know where to begin. That will make me keep it short!

    Firstly, I did not know you had a FB page, so I went on there just now and joined.

    Secondly, out of curiosity I joined (very briefly) Galactic Chicks on Telegram, as well as Jedi Council Room (also briefly). What a sheer waste of time. They became a nuisance at first with all the pings on my mobile phone signifying new messages. In the end I had go into settings and turn off the incoming sounds, and then get out of those groups as quickly as I could. The last time I looked, before leaving Galactic Chicks, there were around 500 unread postings. They were definitely the ED Fan Club!

    I am a great fan of Tony Rodrigues because I think he is a very balanced individual. The one called JP, who has been interviewed by Michael Salla, is another in this category, to my mind.

    I started looking at one of Viviane’s videos and for some reason, she did not gel with me. I cannot explain it except that the guest she was interviewing was put on the spot by a question Viviane interjected with. The woman was embarrassed. After a somewhat pregnant pause, the fellow who was with Viviane, Jeff I think his name is, saved the situation by taking the conversation on a different tack.

    Now I have to go back to reading your post because there is so much to get through.

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  8. I meant to say also I think that Shadow Guru’s comments are very much to the point. When you read many of the comments appearing underneath certain videos, there is definitely a hint of adoration along with all the emojis to support what is expressed. I find it cringe-worthy.

    I have to agree with you about GSIC. I got very tired with it after a while. Why was Viviane cancelled by ED? Do you know? Perhaps she committed the same “sin” as you by asking too many questions. ________________________________

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  9. Frankly, it is quite silly and childish how much infighting and petty drama that occurs in ET/UFO and conspiracy circles. While much of the information shared in these communities is ahead of its time, many are still stuck in old patterns of unconsciousness.

    Many people in this community wish to “defeat the cabal” and free humanity – yet are still acting out the same hate, separation, ego, greed, etc. that is precisely representative of the evil they wish to conquer.

    The idea that “my preferred source is The Truth and everyone else is wrong or lying” is a product of a sort of religious fundamentalism.

    Our galactic anthropology and history is multi-dimensional, we need to stop thinking so literally. And the information coming from experiencers and whistleblowers will always be a product of their unique perceptions and beliefs. 

    I suggest that to truly study galactic anthropology and enter into the interstellar community we are going to have to perceive multidimensionally, be ok with paradox, and understand that there are many different “realities” and many different histories.

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    • Well said,Balthazar!
      i am able to navigate thru ambiguity and paradox on oceans of intel…with intuition and discernment, and a willingness to allow my understanding to evolve,I can enjoy the voyage, and laugh with the illusory dissonances…

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  10. There is no intel avaivable of the GCF, because operations are not over yet. So all intel by them is classified and no one can get it yet.


  11. I have been following Elena D for a few months after reading her very interesting book the seeders. About two weeks ago I unfollowed her as I couldn’t understand why a person who has such profound experiences needs to diminish others in the spiritual circles. There will always be people that have no integrity.
    However throwing so much judgement and pointing the finger at others and claiming for example that all channelers are charlatans is completely out of order. Have you ever seen a true spiritual person bad mouthing others ? I also find her behaviour so patronising constantly making assumptions. I personally feel that she has many good things to offer but her ego is out of control and I don’t think having so many people in her site stroking it helps.

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    • Yes, EftyG, i concur. And well said.

      i always do my best to remember this small teaching by rumi: “Starve your tongue of any sounds that demean another.”


  12. 1stly love and respect everyone and allow everyone to play_5D culture is above duality and allwoing:
    who is supporting cancel culture
    who warn u about cancel culture freqrently
    no curcial intel before war finally ended is logic, isn’t it
    Present collective human love to have hair and love this beautiful planet, if so, will future human
    still have hair and most prefer to stay in Terra as home planet, instead of most move out of Terra
    Do anceint annuaki have hair ? if so, will present annuaki mostly like to keep their hair ?
    Do they learn from CGoode lesson and evolve
    yes Swaruu still alive and well.


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