Could there be Various Perspectives within the Galactic Federation of Worlds?

Different Perspectives (11)

We have come to learn about the Galactic Federation of Worlds as an organization that has played a crucial role in the fight against the malevolent ET-groups that have been abusing humanity for ages, both on Earth, the Moon and on various planets in our solar system.

After the successful removal of all these bad agents the attention shifted to us and our ability to get rid of all those people who used to work (most of them unknowingly) with these malevolent extraterrestrial groups. In a way they turned into headless chickens (1,2). The Earth Alliance (3) which is a group combined of Earth military and those of the Galactic Federation of Worlds play an important role in this fight against the Deep Cabal State.

Since the Galactic Federation of Worlds is a military organization that is comprised of many star nations across our galaxy, one might wonder if they all share the same perspective on matters related to Earth. It is comfortable to think that that is the case, but perhaps there are indeed certain groups that favor a (slightly) different approach.

This idea entered my mind while listening to a Q&A from Rebecca Rose (4-6) from March 29, 2023. In that particular video she answered all kinds of questions from a Russian audience at a Russian youtube channel (7-9). Let’s listen to how Rebecca Rose answered a question on why the benevolent ET´s aren´t showing themselves (yet):

Rebecca Rose talks about the possibility of there being some kind of discussion going on within the Galactic Federation of Worlds (8)

Rebecca Rose (12) responded by saying that she had done a psychic reading on this question and she was put in a war zone setting that she recognized as being a battle in Ukraine. She experienced quite a lot of discord. She felt that the Deep State and the Cabal were still pushing very hard to prevent disclosure from happening, using energy and time. She said that the stalling in the war in Ukraine has something to do with the stalling of an E.T. disclosure.

She also read that the Galactic Federation of Worlds itself had discord, discussions an disagreement within themselves (not fighting by any means). She ends her answer by saying that the benevolent ET-groups are very much around, as you can see them way more often, they have also done a lot to prevent any form of escalation.

If there is any truth to Rebecca Rose’s reading it would seem that the Galactic Federation of Worlds is indeed comprised of all kinds of species, although mainly humanoid, and that they also have different perspectives on certain matters. One could speculate on the topics that might cause some discussion, but I will not go into that territory, right now.

What are your thoughts on this? Join the Elena Danaan Research Group (10) or add your comment below

(1) John Petersen on the Removal of Malevolent Extraterrestrials from Earth
(2) The Deep State is Fast-Forwarding towards its Own Destruction
(3) The Earth Alliance
(4) Current Resurfacing of (Montauk) Memories from the Future
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(8) Эксклюзивное интервью с Ребеккой Роуз для моего канала | Вопрос-Ответ
(9) Ever since Rebecca Rose has regained her memory of a future vision that she saw while in a Montauk tube in the seventees, she is inclined to explore the Russian perspective, an approach that I heartily support. Read Exploring the Russian Perspective for more on this.
(10) The Galactic Elena Danaan Research Center
(11) The Inspiriation Grid
(12) Someone started a fiery rant against me for supporting Megan Rose (13) in this article . He apparently mixed up Rebecca Rose and Megan Rose. Although everybody of course is free to follow whoever they like, I have stopped following and reporting about Megan after January 2022. I do like the reports of Rebecca though.
(13) On Communication Distortions and the Unfortunate departure of Megan Rose

4 thoughts on “Could there be Various Perspectives within the Galactic Federation of Worlds?

  1. Much of the information coming through Elena is provided by members of the GFW military types. I suspect their civilization is not evolved to the point of Unity consciousness. Hence the preponderance of the information being given to us it’s of a military perspective.

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      • Hi here Les Com,

        I agree that we should be very careful in trusting anyone. But we should also not turn extremely paranoid. It’s quite a challenge to find the right balance.

        You mentioned a security breach between Elena and Val Nek…you probably mean Megan Rose and Val Nek, don’t you?



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