Arkelios Describes his Inner Earth World

In a video from May 2021 (1) Elena Danaan connects to Arkelios. Arkelios is described as a man with an age of 6,000 years (2) who lives in a world below the surface of Ireland. Elena was able to tune into him – not with her implant – but because of their genetic link. This article presents a description of his 4D-world in the Inner Earth and it makes some connections with other articles that deal with recent visits to underground worlds.

The Tuatha Dé Danann as depicted in John Duncan‘s Riders of the Sidhe (1911) (6)

In the video Elena describes a beautiful ancient story about ancestors’ of hers, the Tuatha dé Danann, and how they interacted with people from Gottland (nowadays a part of Sweden), who probably had links going back all the way to the continent of Atlantis.

They eventually ended up in Ireland and as a sign for their determination to stay on the island, they even burnt their ships behind them. They established a society, mainly in the East of Ireland, and after fierce battles with the Milesians, they made a pact together: the Milesians would have the world above, and the Tuatha dé Danann would take the world below (5).

In her communication with one of the ancient Tuatha dé Danann, Arkelios, he talked about how people from the stars ‘borrowed’ their genetic bloodlines to have extraordinary abilities (7).

Here’s a quote from the video on this fascinating aspect:

Many of you came from the stars and are temporarily borrowing our bloodlines to perform your mission. These bloodlines you are borrowing carry a special level of particles that can be activated by connecting with source. Not all bloodlines on Terra have this ability, but you who come from the stars have chosen these bloodlines with these abilities because these genetics are mixed with a formidable heritage already coming from the stars, connecting to the stars and bringing the stars into the earth” (1, 1h46′)

We have spoken relatively little about inner earth civilizations on this website. We did of course pay attention to the various missions that JP undertook, mainly below the surface of Florida into all kinds of underground worlds (7). But we were not able to hear a description of an underground world in Ireland, directly from an ancient inhabitant. Below you can listen to Arkelios’ answer to a question from the audience about his homeworld:

Elena Danaan lets Arkelios describe his homeworld below the surface of Ireland (1)

He says that he lives in a beautiful world. The nature benefits from clean air that comes from a system of ventilators that distribute the air from the surface throughout all their underground urbanism. The light is made artificially, and we would call it plasma. They have power generators that are powered by Phryll (13). Many creatures share their space; not only animals that still exist on the surface but also animals that are no longer known above, like species that are depicted in our mythology.

We would be very impressed with his world. The houses are very simple and made out of clay or stone. Wood is very rare where he lives and highly precious. They honor the trees that did manage to live underground. They allow the people to communicate with the surface and they also function as portals (14) that allow them to travel in different densities and realms. They see trees as ‘highways of spirit‘. The place where Arkelios lives is rich in flowers and different essences of trees. They cultivate their own vegetables. They don’t hunt as they consider all life as sacred. They honor the vegetables that sustain their bodies.

Earth in Cross Section (15, p.37)

This concept that the inner earth has got a higher density than on the surface is also described in the book ‘Forgotten Genesis‘ by Radu Cinamar (15). We have spoken about this book before in connection with our research into the last days of Atlantis (16), and we compared Cinamar’s perspective on Sirius and the Anunnaki with that of Elena Danaan (17). In this book the Romanian Radu Cinamar gets a story on the history of humanity from the people of Apellos.

These people also live in a fourth density world below the surface. They presented the idea that the deeper you go into the bottom of the Earth, the higher the density would become, even suggesting a central ‘black hole’ in the middle of our planet. The transition area into this etheric layer would be at about 2,300 to 2,500 kms. If you want to discover more about this perspective I advise you to go and get the book yourself.

It seems that we are being prepared to accept the existence of all kinds of subterranean civilizations, that exist the world over. Who are they, where do they live and what is their history? How did they survive the years when the Ciakahrr were also present in the underground worlds? How do they interact with each other and what is their communication like with people from the stars?

How does all this work in regard to these densities? Did JP enter a 4D world perhaps? We have spoken about the ‘Lacerta’-reptilians before as well, who also hid below the surface in order to be able to survive (18).

If you’ve got something interesting to add, please comment below or pay a visit to the Elena Danaan Research Center (19)

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5 thoughts on “Arkelios Describes his Inner Earth World

  1. I have heard that the Ciakahrr could not cross the density boundaries into the inner earth kingdoms so their living spaces were in tunnels. I loved hearing from Arkelios and have wondered why we haven’t had an update from him lately.


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