Exploring the Russian Dimension

( Изучение российского измерения )

Triggered by the recent resurfacing of decades old memories of our future by Rebecca Rose (1) I feel the urge to explore the Russian component in all this. Could it be that somehow there are new pieces of the puzzle to be found in the Russian territory (2)? In order to provide space for this possibility I want to kick off with this article. Let us all become our own Elena Danaan and tune within and find the answers we need from our guidance on various levels. Perhaps our recently discovered Star Seed Twin Flame has got something interesting to add? (3)

The first man in space: Yuri Gagarin (18)

It’s always nice to build on earlier articles as an introduction. In this case we have spoken about Russia a couple of times. We have the information surrounding the Ukrainian Ark below Kherson on the other side of the Dnjepr river below the Oleshky Sands (4). On that page you can read about the Russian president Putin, the Deep State and a prophecy from Edgar Cayce.

Then we have that funny affair surrounding the Far Sight(ed) Institute who claimed that their remote viewers were able to see that Vladimir Putin was surrounded by regressive aliens of a possible reptilian nature. Even Dr. Salla was tricked into this story (at least in the beginning) (5). Later the Far Sight Institute promoted another funny story, namely about the need to help the hybrid Essassani to get welcomed by us, Earthlings. This didn’t sit well with Elena Danaan (6,7). It also triggered a number of articles on that issue (8-10). It eventually led to an amendment of the Prime Directive to prevent these manipulative methods from taking place ever again (11).

In July 2021 the Jupiter agreements would have been signed (12). The meetings on Ganymede were organized by the Galactic Federation of Worlds with people from the Earth Alliance (13) amongst others. The meetings were held to make sure that eventually the people from Earth would take over the custody of the Solar System, which also implied that they would be able to defend the solar system with an impressive fleet of spaceships.

During those Jupiter Meetings there were Russian delegations as well. Let’s read along from Dr. Michael Salla’s page on this (12):

“This leads to the critical question of what kind of leadership role do China and Russia play in this emerging multinational space alliance collaborating directly with the Galactic Federation and other positive space organizations? Elena’s message from Thor Han provides us with an answer:

Thor Han showed me also the only visual memory he had of these events: viewed from his ship, three ovoid crafts leaving the orbit of Jupiter after the second of this series of three ultimate meetings. Each craft had Earth military delegates onboard, by country. He didn’t tell me what the third was, but two of them were carrying Chinese and Russian officials, and he was told that both these crowds were very unhappy. He said that the USA won the responsibility to organize the new Earth’s united space coalition.

The Indugutk – Drawing by Elena Danaan (16, pp 224-225)

What corroborates Elena’s information here is that no other spacefaring nation has joined China and Russia in their proposed International Lunar Research Station initiative launched with their bilateral agreement reached in June 2021. Only the US has succeeded in creating a multinational space coalition through the Artemis Accords, which Russia declined to join since it was “too US-centric,” and China was excluded from joining due to its continued theft of intellectual property and industrial espionage. Consequently, it does not come as a great surprise that Chinese and Russian delegations “were very unhappy” with the agreements reached near Jupiter that gave the critical leadership role to the USA.” (12)

When browsing through Elena’s videos I came across a few mentions of Russia. As you can also read in Elena Danaan’s ‘We Will Never Let you Down’ (14) Val Thor visited Russia and he was the one that distributed the ‘Russian Book on Alien Races’ to them (15). I also discovered that it was not only the US government/Majestic 12 that had made secret deals with regressive aliens, but apparently not only the US, but Russia and China also had some agreements with folks from Betelgeuze, called the Indugutk (16,17).

The famous ‘Ringing Cedar’ series from the 1990s from Vladimir Megré is another Russian element in the whole mix. I have mentioned Anastasia, the woman from Siberia with incredible abilities, once before on this website in the context of Quantum Teleportation (19). Who was or is she? To which degree can her psychic abilities be compared to abilities that we would develop ourselves in the future when we can finally fix the mess? (20)

Like I said in the introduction Rebecca Rose (1) has been getting certain memories of her Montauk period that may turn out to be relevant during this period of time. You can read the full text at the bottom of (4) and on her own site (23).

I describe a Russian space observation station on Earth… which is linked to a Pleiadian starship somewhere in the solar system. In my detailed recall, it is quite clear that the Russians have a completely transparent alliance with this Nordic race and that it is very decidedly NOT about arms and conquest or war, but about unity, upliftment and benevolent advancement.

I realized after I emerged from these very vivid memories that what I viewed in Russia so many decades ago is right now coming to fruition. — Does Russia hold a key to the emergence of a new world on this planet? — Not if we look at mainstream news propaganda. But I believe what I saw and this is a key piece to what emerges next. I believe that a sea change is coming – and that more is to be revealed from Montauk and the silver bullet.” (21)

A number of days later she got yet another resurfacing memory (from January 25, 2023):

Image that accompanied the Telegram post below (21,24)

“On Sunday morning, another Montauk silver bullet memory unexpectedly opened up. This is the second recall in a week in which I find myself remembering, suddenly and in rich detail, what future potential I was sent to view from within the “time tunnel torture tube”. I’m shown a US military base. There is a large body of water on my right, a brick facade of buildings on my left. Soldiers are doing drills, marching in the road. Army fatigues, shiny black boots. They are unarmed. I see a high tech missile in the sky, described as super-sonic in Sunday’s audio recording of this experience. The soldiers are then falling backward, stunned. Has the missile reached it’s conclusion??

— And then something remarkable happens. An ET craft appears above. It has a variety of angles and complex substructures within it’s overall appearance. Benevolent ETs seem to be intercepting a bombing, making themselves known in the full light of day. The soldiers look up, as if seeing angels or god. They are clearly astonished, nearly weeping, and they have no fear. — I hear my handlers, back at the silver bullet which contains my electro-charged 6 year old body, “WHO ARE THEY?! TELL US!!”

Again I am blocking the relay of information. They turn up the juice, which hurts me more and speeds up time. — The ETs seem to be Pleiadian, possibly at the helm of a larger confederation. I sense that this is the same group engaged in a benevolent alliance with the Russians, which I also viewed from the confines of the silver bullet time machine. Though I was sent to observe this scene 44 years ago at Montauk, is it possible that this comes to fruition now? — The ETs reveal themselves and the people are unafraid. — With no regrets, RR (24)

Well so far for the introduction to this Russian Dimension of matters. I don’t know what will come out of it. I asked Elena Danaan if she knew anything about a Secret Space Program by the Russians and the answered that she had no knowledge of it. I think it would be a good thing to include the non-English speaking community to our research and disclosure operation. I already made some preparations for a Russian Galactic Anthropology site (22) which at this moment of writing also features a Russian-dubbed interview between Rebecca and James Rink from 2020 (23). Only 15 minutes after I published this article Rebecca put out her article (24).

If anything interesting pops up in your mind, don’t hesitate to share it with the rest of us by commenting below this article!

It was through an interview series of Alisha Braché with Secret Space Program participants (25) that I got to know a new name for me, namely Daryl James. He would also have served a 20-year-and-back tour (26). I intend to study his interviews which seemed to have started only in april 2022. Below is an excerpt from an interview Daryl James did on a Russian Youtube channel with Tanya Gegina (27) in that month. In the part below he says that beside Solar Warden (28), there is also a Russian SSP, a Chinese SSP (29), a Japanese and even an Indian SSP. He remembers talking to a Russian telepathic woman in space.

Daryl James talks about the Russian Secret Space Program (28)

During the interview with Alisha Braché (25) Rebecca Rose talked about her Montauk visions of the future as well, as was described above in this article (23,24). Daryl James in a way affirmed what Rebecca had seen about Russia’s role. Daryl said that he was told that Russia would actually become the new world leader like in a ‘1000 years of peace’. The main reason would become that Russia has the greatest natural resources in the world. Watch the relevant excerpt from (25):

Daryl James talks about Russia as the new world power in a period of ‘thousand years of peace’ (25)

Daryl James had even more to say about Russia’s role and even was told things about the likely future of Ukraine and Alaska. Watch for yourself below; this excerpt comes from the final part of the interview with Tanya Gegina.

Daryl James on Ukraine, Alaska and Russia (28)

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6 thoughts on “Exploring the Russian Dimension

  1. Pingback: Exploring the Russian Dimension — Galactic Anthropology | Sunny's Journal

  2. I always thought the Farsight Institute was dubious. The way they do things, i.e. Dr Brown has a preference for young, attractive, black people acting in front of a screen, supposedly viewing the target and describing what they see. I just don’t buy it. Thank God Elena saw through him. Go with your gut always. ________________________________

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  3. Genedecode@Blessedforservice.org or Realgenedecode@telegram would be a good resource.He said that Putin is currently a cloned version as many high-profile people are.Also said that Putin was Reptilian or had reptilian connection.Someone else who could supposedly ascertain these things co firmed this on exopolitics.blog.Heard that Crimea has a special importance as a stargate or pyramid is there.Anyone heard this?
    How are we humans supposed to be in charge of UR-Earth-Urtha and eventually the local solar system when we are still being constantly terraformed/chemtrailed,manipulated,lied to,poisoned by numerous things such as graphene oxide?
    According to Project Camelot’s,Kerry Cassidy,her source told her that nesara is held up because we still do not have financial sovereignty in the form of Right to Issue as certain Entities think we are not ready.My understanding is that a recent treaty or Declaration gives humans'”The Right to Live.”We are not exactly emancipated from the sss dracos and reptilians or Vril.What about the alien a.i. systems that seem alive and well?Capt. Mark Richards said years ago that we need to be Very careful of Several alien hostile a.i. systems.This sentiment was voiced by Major Berg on an interview with Kerry.What about the Umbrella Corp.?Maitrea slavers gone?South America was deeded to some alien race or races,what of this?Fake humans are trying to legalize. Injecting graphene oxide,cancercells,toxins,hydra,bacteria and God knows what into the bodies of Children Without Parental Knowledge or Consent!!!!!!!How do humans go from this evil insanity level to evolving into reasonable,trustworthy beings so as to be appropriate choices of Guardians?


    • I prefer to stick to the Elena /Thor Han approach and not to the Far Sight / Gene Code approach suggesting this Putin Reptilian link.

      I prefer to think that somehow Russia plays an important role in the destruction of the Deep State and that Russia with Putin as their leader are on the right side of history.


    • real human,
      Thank you for sharing. Your passion for the humanity and against the injustice are respected. Earth (various version of earth)has a long dark history; It takes time to be exposed to the fullest although most information is coming from different level of points of view.
      There is a planetary star gate (6th) near Moscow , Caucasus mountain in Russia.
      Last report from Elena, dark and light have “agreed” and supposed to turn over a financial frequency key to the Earth alliance in May, last year. Somehow it didn’t happen, later, Elena said that Enki (Ea)has the key to unlock it. Klaus Schwab was still talking in the world economic forum, apparently, his group is still here. Hopefully, Elena will update the situation soon. I would say, “the key” or the alternative option is related to when nesara and gesara will be released while the quantum system is implemented in the background. We just have to wait and see.


  4. Years ago I heard a rumor that Putin was visiting a Pleiadian spaceship. Hè was missing for a couple of weeks. On the ship hè was probably instructief and promised help.


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