The Corporate of Altair

In a video from November 2020 (1), Elena Danaan explains what the Corporate of Altair is all about. You can hear her read the two paragraphs of her book ‘A Gift from the Stars’ (2) in the excerpt below. For those who have trouble with listening to English I have added the transcript of her speech.

“Headquarters of a collective based on the fourth planet of the Altairan system, and which maintains dodgy ties with the Ashtar and the Draconian collectives at the same time. This is the mixed group composed of a blond humanoid race that co-operates with a race of Greys (3).

The Corporate is not part of the Ciakahrr (Draconian) Empire (4), but heavily involved in abductions and interbreeding programs (between these blond Altairans and humans), in connivance with the US government. Presence of a detachment of the Terran military (US-Telos Alliance). So this Corporate is part of the “Alliance” (the 6th and 7th dimensional Altairans (5) do not nourish interest in conquests and agendas of any sort and are not part of this Corporate of Altair).” (2, p.318-319)

Elena Danaan speaks about the Corporate of Altair (november 2020)

A lot has changed since this video was posted near the end of 2020. Elena has written two disclosure books afterwards, and the alien malevolent groups have been cast out from Earth and from our Solar System altogether. The Nebu have collapsed and the Ashtar Collective (7) has been removed from the Sirius B system (8). This means that a few allies of the Corporate of Altair have either been dissolved or have their power greatly diminished. No more abductions by the Akhori. Would they still have their ties with the Deep State somehow? Would all this lead to changes in the homeworld of the Akhori near Altair?

(1) QA Live – Nov 17 2020- Nordic aliens: who are they?
(2) Danaan, E. (2020) A Gift from the Stars
(3) These probably are the Eban. We have to keep in mind that this video was recorded before the collapse of the Nebu (6), and before all the malevolent ET-groups were cast from Earth, and from our solar system.
(4) The Ciakahrr
(5) Read more about the Altairan Onorhai and Darthar in (2), p.90-91.
(6) And the Lights went Out for the Nebu
(7) Ashtar Galactic Command and the Ashtar Collective
(8) Watch Elena describe her visit to Nyan, the planet where Myrah lives in the Sirius B system at: CONTACT Ep. 21 ~ NEWS FROM SIRIUS B AND THE MOON ~ March 30 2023

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