Which ET-species were present on the Moon?

In the early files from 2020 Elena Danaan still did live contacts with people from the Galactic Federation of Worlds. In one of those videos Myrah used Elena’s implant to answer questions that Elisa Wright asked. Information from that interview led to a number of new articles already (1,2) and it shed more light on our moon (3). This article focuses on those that were present on our Moon before the great clean-up removed all of them in February 2021 (4).

The first group that Myrah mentions is the German (Thule) (5) group from Antarctica. They didn’t get there on their own. They used the technology of their allies, the Akhori from Altair (6,7) to get there.

These blonde humanoids from Altair also had a base on the Moon. This base was like a spaceport for their troops. It was a small base. From there they also brought the slaves that they captured. The moon was ‘pretty much’ a facility for slave trade, and experiments and storage of abducted people. The Moon was a platform of exchange and redistribution of slaves for other parts of the galaxy.

The Maytra from the Andromeda Galaxy are described as follows in A Gift from the Stars: “They are your worst enemy, and the worst enemy of all races in this galaxy. Basically they are considered as parasites by everyone except those who managed to create alliances of mutual interests with them, that is to say, the Ciakahrr Empire (8) and the Orion Collectives (9)” (10, p.82)

Myrah discloses that the Maytra had the greatest presence on the Moon, with approximately 600 people (although ‘no one went down to count them‘). People from the US and other countries have met them.
According to Myrah the Maytra were the ones that chased the Americans from the Moon (16).

These shapeshifting species from Suhail in the Vela System (11) had a base there, as did the Ciakahrr (8). The Orion Alliances (9) tried to get a hold on the Moon and there had been wars, but they didn’t manage to get a hold on the Moon.

Neither did the Galactic Federation of Worlds, although they did have an outpost there, but it was constantly attacked, with their people getting killed, which is why they decided to redraw to their ships. Myrah says that these stations are the same. They didn’t need the Moon then; they could keep an eye on our planet from their spaceships.

Below you can watch the relevant excerpts in a six-minute video:

Myrah talks about the various factions that were on the Moon in 2020 (16)

Luckily all these malevolent groups have been kicked out off the surface (and beneath the surface) of the Moon since this interview was recorded. The Moon would now be in the hands of the GFW and the Earth Alliance who would use it to build med-beds amongst other things (12). Myrah says that the Orion Groups (Nebu? Anunnaki?) didn’t have a foothold on the Moon. They must have had this relay station on the Moon, however, that enabled the Nebu to create this ‘dark goo web’ around our planet to keep our frequency low. This relay station was interacting with a relay station on a moon that used to orbit Saturn (13), which in its turn would have been connected to the Hive Queen who was still vibrantly ‘alive’ around that time (14). That would be an interesting question to ask.

A Colorful Moon (15)

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The Upukee from the Perseus System

Elena Danaan has been ground-breaking in her elaborate descriptions of over 100 species within our galaxy in her first disclosure book (1). In her third disclosure book she even added a few dozen species from other galaxies (2). But of course the universe is filled with many more species and it is not only Elena Danaan who meets other species. This month I introduced Steffi to you, who is in contact with Arian, a man from the planet Ptaah, the sixth planet from the Taygeta system (3). In a recent (German) Q&A (4) Steffi also mentioned a species that cannot be found in Elena’s work, namely the Upukee.

The Perseus Constellation (7)

Before we get to the Reptilian Upukee I first want to pay some attention to other species that live in the Perseus Constellation. We have spoken before about the Alcobata from the Goraneor System, which very likely is also known as Algol (see image on the right, 5).

You might remember them as those with quite remarkable ways of procreating. Although there are males and females, there are also hermaphrodites. This last category reproduces through eggs, whereas the others are mammals (6). The Alcobata are no members of the GFW and they are considered extremely aggressive.

The Tanzany from Gorgonea Secunda are 5 ft tall grey reptiloid beings. Like the alcobata they are also aggressive. They have been very harmful on Terra by the past, by interest of studying how lifeforms react to physical pain, fear and mental suffering….They use interdimensional travel and quantum propulsion (1, p.244)

Whereas the Alcobata and the Tanzany are aggressive, the Tarici Reptiloids are a peaceful race, who have never contacted Terrans before. They are a member of the Galactic Federation of Worlds (see for more on them, 1, p.246-247)

Somehow many reptilian species are not known for their friendly approach to other species. The Giansar (8) and the Ciakahrr (9) are just a few other examples from the Draco Constellation.

Fortunately there are also more benevolent reptiloid species than just the Tarici. We have spoken about the Martian Resistance as an example (10), and Steffi developed a telepathic contact with Rexus, a commander of a fleet of ships that would also be present in our solar system at the moment. He is a member of the species called ‘Upukee’ that live on a planet called Upuk that orbits the star Mirfak in the Perseus constellation, some 592 light years away from us.(7).

Planet Upuk has one ring (although it would be more horizontal than the one on this picture, 15)

They have been a member of the Galactic Federation of Worlds for a very long time. They are huge, about the size of the Ciakahrr, namely some 7,5 meter (24 ft). They have dark green skin color, with very dark green, almost black eyes. They have a long tail and a typical reptilian body, maybe similar to that of a Draco (9). The head is also very reptilian-like. Unlike the Ciakahrr, the Upukee don’t have any wings. They do not eat other species and are very respectful and they expect that respect from as well. They are also a very proud race, but in a positive way.

Steffi was told by Arian that the Upukee play an important role in an interesting transition process that I hadn’t heard of before. As you may remember a reptilian species called the Nagai, arrived here on our planet some 200 million years ago, long before the arrival of the Seeders (11).

They went underground after the Seeders decided to prepare the planet for humanoid life and have managed to survive until the present time. The connection with the Reptilian species, that would have evolved since then, that is represented by a woman that used the name Lacerta is yet unknown (12).

During the recent war against the malevolent extraterrestrials on Earth, some factions of the Nagai (Nagas) changed sides and supported the benevolent species. Rexus and his people are assisting the Nagai in this transition, to learn them how to actually change for the better.

It is during the last couple of years that the Upukee had for the first time entered our solar system. They have not been involved here on Earth before. They did have a lot of issues in the past with the Ciakahrr, including fights with them in their own Star System back home. They really don’t like them at all, although they may look a bit like them (13). They have given the Galactic Federation of Worlds advice on how to fight the malevolent Reptilians in the underground bases on Earth.

In the video below (16, 17) you can watch Steffi describe what she knows about the Upukee. For those who prefer her German version you can watch it below the footnotes.

It would make sense that the Upukee were not mentioned in Elena’s first book because they didn’t have any contact with our planet until only recently. It’s good to know that there are tall Reptilians that, although they may look a lot like the Ciakahrr, are completely different in their approach. They are a benevolent race that probably uses their Reptilian ‘skills’ to assist the Nagai in their transition. Would they have the same powerful telepathic skills as the Ciakahrr? It’s good to know that when you might run into a huge 24 ft Reptilian now on Earth, they are likely of the good kind 🙂 It would be great if Elena could confirm the existence of this species!

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(13) It seems that the Ciakahrr are not a very popular species. Recently they made the headlines with their provocations against the Negumak (14). Just imagine the sight of the Ciakahrr fighting with the Upukee in a man-to-man fight: both looking a lot like each other, with the same size.
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Steffi describes Rexus, an Upuki from Mirfak (4)

The Ozman as Skillful Peace Ambassadors

Illustration of an Ozman by Elena Danaan, taken from (5); you can also find it at page 207 in (6).

In the amazing 24th Contact about the diplomacy between the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Negumak (1-3) from May 1, 2023, a lot of things happened, and there is a lot to unpack. The goal of this article is to give an introduction of one of the species that I haven’t spoken about before on this website, namely the Ozman (4).

In the video we can hear Elena describe a meeting with a representative from the Negumak within the moon Ariel that orbits Uranus (7). All kinds of people from the Galactic Federation of Worlds were present, amongst them an Ozman lady.

Here’s a description of the members of that particular meeting: “Ardaana and Denethor (10) were there, together with Oona, Tayel (11) and Geittak (12) representing the Intergalactic Confederation, and two members of the High Council of the Galactic Federation of Worlds: the Tengri Herald representing the council, and the Ozman lady, galactic law “attorney” and data-keeper for the Prime Directive documents. (14)” (2)

Before we continue with the role of this Ozman lady, I would like to show you a video that Elena made on the Ozman from June 2021 (5).

It was part of a Q&A (15) on the various species living on the planets around the star Vega (5). We talked about the Ardani before (4) who live on another planet circling around that same blueish star. In the following video (3.5 minutes) Elena says that the Ozman live on the fourth planet of the Vega star system. They are said to be a very peaceful race. Just like the Ardani they have this love for clothes with high necks and robes with long sleeves.

They were no refugees from the Lyran wars and had already settled in the Vega system before that great war with the Ciakahrr took place (16). During their evolution their skulls changed (as you can see in the drawing). Their skin is pale-grayish pink. They are tender and tall, beautiful people. Elena surprisingly describes their planet as quite gloomy in appearance, but with an urbanism that is impressive in elegance, and contrasts considerably with the dark volcanic landscape. [they have] green translucent buildings and domes. They are part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds’ programs for Terra’s protection, and involved in diplomacy as skillful peace ambassadors. They have long fine ships. (6, p.206).

Elena Danaan describes the Ozman (5)

It’s good to see that indeed in the diplomatic meeting with the Negumak on April 22, 2023, a diplomatic role was played by a member of the Ozman and that she also wore these typical high-neck clothes. Below you can see a part of the transcript in which this Ozman diplomat played a role.

The Negumak paced up and down the cave again, then turned towards the Ozman lady who walked toward him. I like her, she has such a graceful and settled presence always. She spoke to the Negumak by telepathy and presented a holographic copy of the Prime Directive document to him, holding the blue shimmery sphere up above her. Thor Han continued his report:

-She gives it to him, that they can take time to consult all the clauses and chose to either join membership with the Federation and get to take the hostages with them, or accept our offer that we keep custody of the hostages for them.

The Negumak lifted one of his two front arms that are terminated by sort of hands, took the data holosphere and considered the Ozman councillor.

-He is telling her that he will consider the two options with equal interest. That’s good.” (2)

An Illustration of the Ozman lady present at the meeting between the GFW and the Negumak (1,2)

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The Kur and their Role in the Altering of the Human Genome

Illustration of the Kur by Elena Danaan (1, p.237)

( Les Kur et leur rôle dans l’altération du génome humain )

I love Elena’s book ‘A Gift from the Stars‘(1). It really is an encyclopedia for alien races and I keep on discovering new information in it. So many races to explore. Just like Rebecca Rose said in regard to her resurfacing ‘Russian’ memories from her Montauk days (2,3), it seems that certain topics are presented to us at the right time. Someone asked me if I had written anything on the Blue Avians, and while searching for bird like beings I stumbled on the Kur, and they sure flew in at the right time!

In the introduction to ‘Part II: Alien Races’ (1) Elena Danaan writes about how she mysteriously got into contact with the contents of the Secret Russian Book on Alien Races (4). It eventually turned out to be the stimulus for creating her master piece, with the assistance of Thor Han and Coron.

Well, the Kur are also mentioned in this book from the 1950s, around the time that Val Thor had visited our planet (5), who actually informed various governments around the world with this book. I have made a snap shot of the page on the Kur, which you can see below. You are bound to understand why I think this information on the Kur is getting relevant now. There seems to be some link with the Anunnaki that I was unaware of.

(Russian book of Alien-Races, 4)

I was very surprised to hear that this race, which has its home planet Dillimuns orbiting the star Xi Orionis (near Orion’s red star Betelgeuse from our perspective). This birdlike species is described as ‘tall humanoids with bird genetics and features, such as a duvet covered skin, a crest of feathers along their spine, and a falcon-like head‘ (1, p.236). What is all this about being the race ‘behind’ the story of Enlil and Ninlil? (6), and what about ‘their leading is amongst the most recent vistors‘ and what about their intention of staying on Earth permanently and their ‘important’ role that they would play? Why haven’t we heard anything from them?

This all raises a lot of questions. Fortunately we have Elena Danaan who elaborates on this information which is more than 60 years old, with new intel stemming from the Galactic Federation of Worlds. In a pre-Enki video from June 2021, Elena reads out aloud what she has written in her excellent book (1):

Elena Danaan on the Kur, the Golden Birds, from Xi-Orionis (12)

In the excerpt Elena says that the Kur are related to the Anunnaki. ‘Their peculair color is due to a golden liquid they bathe into, which expands their life-span” (13). “They were there as well, alongside the Anunnaki, at the time these latest were reigning upon Terra; the Kuri were directly involved with them in altering the Terran human genome” (1, p.236)

“The Kuri are still in diplomatic transactions to join the membership of the Galactic Federation of Worlds; they insist to join under their own conditions and this is not how it works for us.” (16) (1, p.236)

As I write this page I’m still rather flabbergasted and mainly because we haven’t heard anything about them. It is not easy to miss bird people, right? Why isn’t this race mentioned in Enki’s account of our history (18)? And what is this relationship with the Anunnaki all about? How were they involved with altering our human genome? Share your thoughts below in the comments or pay a visit to the Elena Danaan Study Center (19). You can stay updated by either subscribing to this website (20) or by following my Telegram channel.

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(16) While doing a search on the Kur I came across an Asian youtube channel Piperon that covers all kinds of beings from Elena’s A Gift from the Stars. There’s also a page on the Kur (17), and although most of the contents are from Elena’s book, there was also some additional information that I don’t see in Elena’s book, nor in her video (12). Here’s what you can read in the description below what video (17) (perhaps he just made it up, but perhaps he did not):

We are still in diplomatic transactions to join membership with the Galactic Federation of Worlds and we insist to join under our own conditions which it doesn’t align with them. We do not agree to scale down the development of our weaponry systems and we do not align with the non-intervention law. There are many malevolent beings in the universe we need to protect from and scaling down our weaponry system is a suicide attempt. We have a small and discreet little colony somewhere in the Pacific Ocean currently and we use interdimensional travel and our iridescent ships are truly magnificient.”

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(18) I speak of Enki’s account of our history as it was given to Elena Danaan by Enki. Elena added his account to her third disclosure book ‘The Seeders‘. Perhaps Elena could ask Enki why he omitted the Kur from his story?
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Dr. Raymond Keller and the Venus Connection

Dr. Raymond Keller (7)

Inspired by the articles on Elon Musk (1), Nikola Tesla (2), Olmec Onec (3) and of course by Elena Danaan’s meetings with Val Thor (4) I went to look a bit further on that possible extraterrestrial Venusian link and it didn’t take me long to run into Dr. Raymond Keller, who was done extensive research on Venus from every possible angle.

I have ordered his first book ‘Venus Rising’ and will probably write more about his work in the future. This article presents a number of things he said about extraterrestrial life on Venus and their interaction with us, based on two interviews (5,6).

In the first excerpt below you can see and hear Dr. Raymond Keller (8) in a recent interview from January 2023. He talks about the first venusians who would have arrived about 25 million years ago from a planet called Norca in the Tau Ceti System (9) which would have become uninhabitable due to a sun that was heating up.

Towards the end of this excerpt he talks about what the people from Norca, Tau Ceti, saw on planet Earth at the time…they saw mainly Lemurs (10) as the most advanced species!

Dr. Raymond Keller talks about the original Venusians who came from Norca, Tau Ceti (5)

In earlier articles we learned that presently there are colonies with Taal, and people from Meton and even Koldassi on Venus (2,12).

A Handwritten note by Val Thor? (13)

On April 24, 2023, Elena posted a remark on her telegram channel about Val Thor. She was asked if Val (or Valiant) Thor was currently in communication with anyone on Earth. She firmly declined that. Dr. Raymond Keller doesn’t claim to be in contact with Val Thor either, but he has done some research on his visit to our planet. He managed to get a few pictures of a party Val Thor was having at a place in New Jersey (12). He also claims to have retrieved a hand-written letter by Val Thor, which you can see the first page of here (13).

For those who are unfamiliar with Val Thor. He was mainly responsible for the spreading of the secret KGB-book of Aliens (14,15) and he tried to persuade the US and other nations to work with the Galactic Federation of Worlds. He probably played an important role in getting the US Navy to side with them. See Elena’s second disclosure book for her meetings with Valiant Thor (4).

Dr. Keller says that Valiant Thor came from a fourth dimensional (density in Elenian terminology) level of Venus, which has an underground civilization and is adapted to the planetary conditions.

They would have the capacity travel through time and space. He also mentioned the party that took place where the famous photos of Val Thor were made (16). He told a funny story about one of the people that belonged to Val Thor’s group jumped over a 15 foot fence! (5, 13′)

Dr. Raymond Keller says that Venus is a member of what he calls the Galactic Confederation of Light, consisting of 601 planets from 51 star systems. You can hear him talk about it below. This is the first time that I have heard such a precise number of members, and he adds that most of them are in our arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

He doesn’t talk about the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and if we follow Elena Danaan’s strict rules that might imply that this is incorrect or that he would be part of some psy-op. Perhaps that’s true, but I don’t think that this is the case here. This man – who says to have lived on Venus, physically himself, for 10 weeks, and who says to have a Venusian soul, is more likely to speak about the Galactic Federation of Worlds in my opinion. One of the characteristics of Elena’s warning is that the ‘Galactic Federation of Light’ is often connected with Archangel Michael, Jesus, St. Germain and guys like that (17). I haven’t heard him talk about any of them, at least not yet.

Dr. Raymond Keller speaks about Venus as being part of the Confederation of Light in our Milky Way Galaxy (6)

Dr. Raymond Keller has written 6 books on Venus. He must be the ultimate expert on Venus and Extraterrestrial life. He says that there are about 8,000 Venusians on Earth at the moment. He also says that the Venusians imported the bees to our planet (18). He also talks about a Venusian commander called Aura Rhanes and he claims that they call their planet ‘Abehar’ (and not Naara as we learn from the work of Elena Danaan. Perhaps there are different names going round, depending on the people you encounter? (9, p.279)).

I thought it quite fascinating how he confirmed the 4D world on Venus, the existence of mainly Lemurs some 25 million years ago, which corroborates Enki’s account of our history, his details on the probable number of worlds that are working together within what we call the Galactic Federation of Worlds. It would be nice if Elena would ask how many member-planets there are. She could also try to verify the handwritten note by Val Thor! Perhaps she could also ask Val Thor about that Tau Ceti-link? I will add these questions to the questions page (19).

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“Elena: ‘So are you implying that you are the person at the origin of the information that was leaked in the KGB Book of Alien Races’ ?

Val Thor: ‘I am for the most of it. The American government was given the same data, as also other governments I visited such as France and Japan’ (10), p.66)”
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A Party with the New Jersey UFO club and Val Thor (one of the two black-dressed men in the middle, I guess the one with the notebook in his hands, 12)

(17) From Elena Danaan’s website:

GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT: Many of the New Age movement’s infiltration organizations display the word “Light” as a bait. It should always draw concern until the organization is vetted as genuine. The word “Light” is the best bait to attract people in search of positive spiritual guidance. The “Galactic Federation of Light” is a Psy-Op that was created by the Orion Grays to infiltrate the Great Awakening of Humanity, with the purpose of hijacking the focus of people, distracting them from what is really going on and discrediting real existing extraterrestrial organizations such as the “Galactic Federation of Worlds.” The shadow organizations have extraterrestrial time devices that allows them to see future events and they tried by several means to stop the Great Awakening of Mankind on Terra. Taking attention away was the main operation.

The Psy-Op “Galactic Federation of Light” amalgams religious, cultural elements and characters such as Jesus, Archangel Michael, the Count of St Germain and others. They assimilate names and symbols well integrated within the Collective Unconscious of Humanity. Voice-to-skull technology is employed to manipulate some people who call themselves “channelers” and who are only victims. Some of these manipulated individuals are granted popularity and addicted to this process of abuse that offers them fame. Artificial Intelligence is sometimes used as well to enact religious or historical characters.
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(19) Questions

Elon Musk and Possible ET-links

( Elon Musk et les liens ET possibles )

Elon Musk is no stranger to this website, although he remained a bit under the surface. Today I want to spend some more time on the possible role that Elon Musk might be playing in the disclosure movement and his possible links with the benevolent extraterrestrials from the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

In order not to scare my audience too much by starting off with another video with intel from Megan Rose, I want to begin with a video in which Elena Danaan shares her thoughts on Elon Musk during an interview with Joe Hodgson (2). This video was recorded a few months after Elon Musk had bought Twitter (3). Pay special attention to what Elena says at the end of this excerpt from a minute and a half.

Elena Danaan shares a few thoughts on Elon Musk (1,2)

Elena says that she thinks that Elon Musk will play a big role in the future. You might remember her visit with a Selosian woman back in Ireland during which Musk was mentioned as well (4), but more importantly, Elon Musk’s name was mentioned in connection with the Jupiter Agreements (5,6) What were these Jupiter Agreements all about. Let’s read along from Megan Rose’s book ‘Welcome to the Future’ (7)

“The Jupiter meetings were a series of meetings that took place between the Galactic Federation, the Council of Five (8), the Andromeda Council (9) and leaders of the Earth Alliance (10) with their respective space programs. Leaders of corporations were also invited in the interest of manufacturing advanced technology to help defend the planet.” (7, p.38)

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson (12)

“….(Val Nek:) I was there (the Jupiter Meetings) representing the federation. Helping facilitate things and negotiations between corporations and the alliance.

The corporations, those three men (Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Richard Branson (12,13)) among other smaller corporations were chosen to manufacture technology like spacecraft to serve humanity and help defend Earth so that the federation can hand over the responsibility to the Terran people. I have been working to train their military in space travel and navigation and training them to help use the technology that will be manufactured

….The corporations chosen are under tight strict control. They are not allowed to waiver from the agreements made. The consequences to breaking the agreements, in any way, I cannot say. But I can assure the Terran people that the corporations do not want to make enemies of the federation. These corporations were chosen because time is of the essence, we need to mass manufacture space crafts and supplies to help defend earth.” (7, pp.40-41)

Thor Han (11) also answered a question regarding why they (the GFW) chose those corporations: “Because these are the ones who are ready now. There’s no other choice. We don’t have time, we can’t afford to wait that new corporations form and equip themselves with brand new fleets, we take the ones who are available here and now. I know they are not pure-hearted but they are the only ones able to lead the Terran species into the future. As corporations, their agendas are financial. They go with the winners. Their old allies are losing, so these corporations have turned their back to them.” (6)

So, within this framework these three billionaires would play an important role in the manufacturing of all kinds of advanced technology and space ships, in cooperation with the Earth Alliance. We have recently spoken about fifth density brain implants (14), which might play a role as well in case we would like to fly these ships comfortably.

But in the interview below the interviewer Tyler Kiwala adds another dimension to the whole: could Elon Musk even be from Venus? Although it might sound ludicrous to people who are not really into these matters, his idea is not based on nothing. I will get into that later, but let’s first watch this 4-minutes video in which Megan Rose (23) talks about both the deal between Elon Musk and the Galactic Federation of Worlds and about the connection between the GFW and Venus.

Megan Rose talks about Elon Musk (15)

Tyler Kiwala introduced his venusian question by referring to Nikola Tesla. We have spoken before about this possible link between Tesla and Venus in another article, that also included notes from the FBI on this (16). Megan answered by first telling the audience about the outposts of the Galactic Federation of Worlds in Venus. We all remember Elena Danaan’s visits to Val Thor and his lovely wife Jyll in Venus (17-19). Then she says that she is sure that that there is also an envoy program (20) from Venus. You might remember the fascinating story of Omnec Omec (19) to get an idea.

As far as the question whether Elon Musk could be a Venusian Envoy she says that it may be possible, that he has extraterrestrial DNA. She jokingly ends that he at least would like to be one 🙂

So, that’s all folks. What are your thoughts on all this? Share your comments below, follow my Telegram channel, or pay a visit to the Elena Danaan Study Center (21).

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Elon Musk (22)

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On Brain Implants in the Space Age

As I announced in an earlier article (1) I intend to see for myself what Megan Rose has been doing for the last 15 months. I took a video that was published on April 21, 2023 in which Megan Rose (2) was interviewed by Tyler Kiwana and Aaron Kuhn from the Journey to Truth youtube-channel (3). Let’s hope that somehow we can form a bridge between her and Elena Danaan, these two beautiful ladies that once were called the ‘Cosmic Girls‘. I intend to treat both of them with the utmost respect.

Brains (7)

The main bone of contention between Elena Danaan and Megan Rose is their position on a member of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, called Val Nek. According to Elena he was released from duty in this sector of the Galaxy after Megan got compromised and he is no longer in contact with Megan (8).

According to Megan she still is in contact with the real Val Nek. Since I want to have a neutral position on this I chose to not speak about Val Nek, but Val Nec. When I use Val Nec it means that I am not choosing sides: it could be the real Val Nek, as Megan says, but it could also be someone else. I want to study Megan’s words with an open mind and like I said in the beginning, to use my own discernment. So let’s start off with an interesting topic!

During the interview Megan Rose was asked what her position was on brain implants (10). Wouldn’t it be something that belonged to a dark transhumanism agenda? Megan answered that if humanity would indeed evolve into a multi-planetary society it would have implications: what if you would want to communicate with your friends or family on Earth? You can’t use your cell-phone for that, because: where’s the wifi 🙂 An implant is also very useful when you want to connect to the spaceship you are driving (9)

Just like Elena Danaan (5) she argues that this higher-density brain implant technology can be considered as a tool and is not something ‘bad’ by definition. It all depends on who uses it (the excerpt is 4 minutes and talks about all kinds of related aspects)

Megan Rose talks about the use of implants in the Galactic Federation of Worlds (3)

In the above fragment Megan Rose also refers to the envoy program (6) and that certain envoys were given higher-density brain implants, not designed to function as a communication device, but as a device that could create higher-density frequencies. The reason for this was to assist the brain of these envoys to more easily tune into these higher density frequencies, for it turned out to be quite a challenge for certain envoys to raise their awareness in the direction of their original other-planetary higher density. These implants could help in reconnecting with their own higher aspect.

Megan also says that because these implants are of a higher density, they cannot be seen on something like a MRI-scan. This would have exposed quite a lot of people from the Secret Space Program if it were otherwise.

What do you think? Would you like a high-density implant for yourself?

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(10) Tyler refers to a video Megan Rose had made on this topic. You can watch it yourself at Neuralink and Alien Implants

Megan Rose’s first Abduction by the Maytra at Age 5

This page is about Megan Rose’s first abduction. Since I haven’t spoken a lot about Megan Rose on this website, I will first give a short background to all the dynamics that took place near the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, for those who have missed it.

Back in the early days in 2021 it was not only Elena Danaan who was in contact with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, but also a woman with the name Megan Rose. They shared the same story about the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW) and they both were abducted by Gray species and consequently rescued by the same group of people from the GFW. They talked about people like Val Nek (1), Thor Han (2) and Myrah (3). Megan Rose also described a woman from Erra (4) called Anelsa.

Cosmic Girls Elena Danaan and Megan Rose in Better Times

Megan Rose had just published her first (and still only) book in november 2021 (5), when there was a silence for a couple of months from the side of Megan Rose. Elena Danaan said that everything in Megan’s book is still correct information, but after that pause something would have happened, which is explained by Elena at her website (6).

Some MK-Ultra programming would have surfaced and Megan Rose turned out to be some Trojan Horse meant to create division and confusion within the disclosure movement, and her aim would be to destroy Elena and the people around her (7,8). This all happened at the time when Elena started to have contact with The Nine, the Seeders and Enki.

Elena’s account was quite persuasive and being struck by her impressive first two books at that time, I followed her advice and blocked Megan Rose and I haven’t listened to her since. Who wants to support disinformation and the sowing of division, right?

Because of recent developments within the Elena Danaan community (9,10) and my releasing of the associated fear of getting ‘infected’ by misinformation when you only listen to others (11), I have been shopping around a little too and I got curious by what Megan Rose has been doing ever since that break-up. What is all that ‘misinformation’ about? What are the major differences, and what is the overlap? As a researcher I should be able to distinguish between the two, without getting ‘infected by misinformation’.

To visualize this move, you could say that I used to watch everything around me from within an Elena Danaan village, but I am making the move to go out of that village and move a bit up-hill and see some other villages too. A wider perspective might provide a better understanding. Especially at a time when Elena Danaan keeps on saying how foolish it is to move out of her village because of all the dangers outside (12), I am too much of a rebel to actually stay inside all the time. I want to check for myself.

In an interview with Robert Earl White (14,15) from January 2023, Megan Rose talked about her first abduction at the age of 5. She was abducted again at the age of nine. Listen to her describe the smaller Grays and the species we know as the Maytra, the ugly stinky guys who were part of the Alliance of the Six (16) when it was still in existence. Be aware: there are some nasty computer animations of a Maytra in the following excerpt!

Megan Rose is talking about her first abduction with Robert Earl White (13)

In the video she talks about three smaller grays who entered her bed room. She described them as robotic; they used a portal to get to her room. Their skin was like chicken skin, very wrinkly. He had large bug-like eyes. They smell rancid, like ‘rotten eggs on steroids’. They were taking tissues of her body to see whether they could use her. She wasn’t that long in that ship fortunately, because she was soon rescued by Val Nek and other members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

Let’s study what Megan Rose has been talking about ever since that break-up with Elena Danaan.

(1) Epsilon Eridani and Val Nek
(2) On the Connection between Thor Han and Elena Danaan
(3) On March 30, 2023 Elena Danaan did a contact video in which she beautifully described her visit to Nyan, a planet orbiting Sirius B. She met with Myrah who has a family there. You can watch her describe this amazing visit at CONTACT Ep. 21 ~ NEWS FROM SIRIUS B AND THE MOON ~ March 30 2023
(4) Erra is the first planet around Ashaara (Taygeta). We have recently spoken about those lovely Erra-flowers that were noticed by JP during one of his underground missions. See The Vanilla Like Smell of Flowers from Erra for more
(5) Rose, M. (2021) Welcome to the Future.
(6) Protecting the Truth

Robert Earl White is a Mason and he’s proud on it. Read (15) if you are inclined to cancel this man immediately because of that. Try some nuance.

(7) Here’s a part from Elena’s article on Megan Rose:

It is necessary to precise that until the moment this programming was activated and noticed, in November 2021, all the intel “she” received was indeed from the real Val Nek, and it was verified as 100% right. In this sad story, “she” is only a victim; judgment needs to be brought only upon those who used her.

Unfortunately, the agenda she carries is bringing confusion and promoting division, and in her spite not to have managed to become me, she decided to work at destroying me, and all the good people with whom I am working with. She will keep on trying to grow her popularity in any way possible, spreading more lies, playing victim and try to scatter this community in pieces and leave a trail of destruction after her, only motivated by ego.” (6)

(8) On Communication Distortions and the Unfortunate Departure of M.R. fromt the Crew
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(14) Elena Danaan was interviewed by Robert Earl White in January 2022. In that interview they talked about the experiences of his mother who was abducted and shown her hybrid off-spring. See Seeing and Helping Experimental Hybrid Children for more on that.

Cosmic Girls Elena Danaan and Megan Rose (2021)

(15) We Are The Disclosure: EP.23 How To Stay In Tune In A World That’s Out Of Tune w/ Tiffany White – In this interview Robert Earl White talks about his ties to the Freemasons. He says that the masons are doing a lot of good in the world too. He gives an example of a hospital that gets a lot of donations from the masons to provide free health care. Tiffany White Sage Woman says that she thinks it is unfair to consider everybody who is part of the masons as being part of some evil organization. She said: “just because the people at the top might not be so nice doesn’t mean the whole organization is” (43′)

I think this is an important nuance. People in the disclosure movement can get canceled easily these days. Just their membership to an organization like the Freemasons can be enough, as if everybody is a 33-degree member.
(16) The Nebu – Megan Rose says that the Maytra were from Orion. In Elena’s book ‘A Gift from the Stars‘ she says that the Maytra originally stem from the Andromeda galaxy, but it would make sense that they had their outpost in our Galaxy in the Orion system together with their Nebu-pals.

Could there be Various Perspectives within the Galactic Federation of Worlds?

Different Perspectives (11)

We have come to learn about the Galactic Federation of Worlds as an organization that has played a crucial role in the fight against the malevolent ET-groups that have been abusing humanity for ages, both on Earth, the Moon and on various planets in our solar system.

After the successful removal of all these bad agents the attention shifted to us and our ability to get rid of all those people who used to work (most of them unknowingly) with these malevolent extraterrestrial groups. In a way they turned into headless chickens (1,2). The Earth Alliance (3) which is a group combined of Earth military and those of the Galactic Federation of Worlds play an important role in this fight against the Deep Cabal State.

Since the Galactic Federation of Worlds is a military organization that is comprised of many star nations across our galaxy, one might wonder if they all share the same perspective on matters related to Earth. It is comfortable to think that that is the case, but perhaps there are indeed certain groups that favor a (slightly) different approach.

This idea entered my mind while listening to a Q&A from Rebecca Rose (4-6) from March 29, 2023. In that particular video she answered all kinds of questions from a Russian audience at a Russian youtube channel (7-9). Let’s listen to how Rebecca Rose answered a question on why the benevolent ET´s aren´t showing themselves (yet):

Rebecca Rose talks about the possibility of there being some kind of discussion going on within the Galactic Federation of Worlds (8)

Rebecca Rose (12) responded by saying that she had done a psychic reading on this question and she was put in a war zone setting that she recognized as being a battle in Ukraine. She experienced quite a lot of discord. She felt that the Deep State and the Cabal were still pushing very hard to prevent disclosure from happening, using energy and time. She said that the stalling in the war in Ukraine has something to do with the stalling of an E.T. disclosure.

She also read that the Galactic Federation of Worlds itself had discord, discussions an disagreement within themselves (not fighting by any means). She ends her answer by saying that the benevolent ET-groups are very much around, as you can see them way more often, they have also done a lot to prevent any form of escalation.

If there is any truth to Rebecca Rose’s reading it would seem that the Galactic Federation of Worlds is indeed comprised of all kinds of species, although mainly humanoid, and that they also have different perspectives on certain matters. One could speculate on the topics that might cause some discussion, but I will not go into that territory, right now.

What are your thoughts on this? Join the Elena Danaan Research Group (10) or add your comment below

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(9) Ever since Rebecca Rose has regained her memory of a future vision that she saw while in a Montauk tube in the seventees, she is inclined to explore the Russian perspective, an approach that I heartily support. Read Exploring the Russian Perspective for more on this.
(10) The Galactic Elena Danaan Research Center
(11) The Inspiriation Grid
(12) Someone started a fiery rant against me for supporting Megan Rose (13) in this article . He apparently mixed up Rebecca Rose and Megan Rose. Although everybody of course is free to follow whoever they like, I have stopped following and reporting about Megan after January 2022. I do like the reports of Rebecca though.
(13) On Communication Distortions and the Unfortunate departure of Megan Rose

A Meeting in Space with an ISS Cosmonaut in May 2020

( Un encuentro en el Espacio con un Cosmonauta de la ISS en mayo de 2020 )

In April 2023 Elena Danaan posted a link to an article on certain UFO sightings that were made from the International Space Station (ISS) (1). According to this article thousands of alien spaceships would have been spotted leaving Earth in 2020. This would have coincided nicely with the starting of the evacuation of various malevolent alien groups around that time, leading to their full removal in 2021.

Drawing by Elena Danaan (2, p.132)
“Russian ISS personnel taken onboard the station of the Galactic Federation. I could identify High Commander Ardaana in the background and Thor Han across from the astronaut”

Elena’s post reminded me of a fascinating account that is described in her second disclosure book (2), relating to a meeting that would have taken place on board a spaceship of the Galactic Federation of Worlds with a Russian cosmonaut of the ISS in May 2020.

The International Space Station (ISS) had his first crew up in space back in the year 2000 (3). The current story is about the 63th expedition that arrived on the ISS in April 2020 (4)

A month after the arrival of this team Elena Danaan was told certain things about the ISS. When Elena asked Thor Han (5) who owns the ISS, he answered as follows:

These secret space programs have many connections with different corporations on Terra, and also with other non-Terran species involved. They established a presence on other planets also, mainly Terra’s Moon, Tyr (Mars), Titan, Ceres (6), and worlds as far as Jada (Aldebaran) (7) or Akhoria (Altair)…In the Akhori and Jada systems, the Corporate of Akhoria has been working for a long time with Terran secret military factions, in exchange programs” (2, p.137)

Due to her implant-connection with Thor Han, Elena was able to witness a scene in which the Galactic Federation of Worlds was holding a Russian cosmonaut in their ship. Thor Han was angry at this man as he said: “Do not do it, Anatoly! Do NOT do it! Stop the program! Don’t put those modules into space, you understand? Do not put these in orbit!” (2, p.130).

Anatoly understood and said that he would comply and try to convince the others.

Expedition 63 crewmembers Ivan Vagner of Roscosmos, top, Chris Cassidy of NASA, center, and Anatoly Ivanishin wave goodbye as they prepare to climb aboard the Soyuz MS-16 rocket at Site 31 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, Thursday, April 9, 2020. They launched a short time later to the International Space Station for the start of a six-and-a-half month mission. Photo Credit: (NASA/GCTC/Andrey Shelepin)

Thor Han later explains that these orbital devices carried very fine Nebu (8) technology that would complete a web at a multidimensional level. He said that there are (were?) “very powerful devices, connected to a mother computer, buried very deep underground. They pulse signals on a specific spectrum of low frequencies, triggering fear, distress, confusion and mental numbness.

This keeps the human cattle docile and also, responsive to agitation and aggression among themselves. Of course, this operation goes collaterally with the mainstream media’s manipulation. And there is worse: these emissions function on electromagnetic fields’ modulators able to alter biomolecular interactions in all living organisms. It can even regress DNA and lock consciousness into a holographic prison (9).

…The only way out of this situation, and I can never repeat myself enough, is to raise your frequency out of range of these low emissions. Counter division with unity. Conquer hate with tolerance. These devices are set on a connected web throughout the underground military facilities and surface signal towers.

The Galactic Federation of Worlds have tried to stop the launch of these nano-particles. It’s not absolutely clear from the text whether they succeeded, since they were not allowed to force these things; they had to respect the free will of humanity.

Elena Danaan’s book was published in 2021. Since then the Nebu have been destroyed (10) and all of the malevolent extraterrestrial have been cast out of our solar system. It is now our job to get rid of the remaining Cabal and Deep State forces, with the assistance of the Earth Alliance (11)

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