Enki Shows Elena Danaan a Vajra with Plasma Beams

In a video on April 23, 2023 (1), Elena describes how Enki showed the working of a particular plasma weapon, called a vajra, while she was on one of her visits on the Anunnaki ship Nibiru. Let’s hear her description yourself:

Elena Danaan describes the way Enki showed her the workings of an ancient plasma weapon called ‘Vajra’
Marduk or Ninurta? (3)

In this excerpt Elena Danaan says how she asked Enki about this particular weapon, since Enki and other members of his family were depicted holding such weapons in their hands on artefacts. In her third disclosure book (2), Elena spends a chapter on this weapon. In that chapter she added a picture of herself holding a vajra (probably the same replica as in the video excerpt). You can also find an image of one of these artefacts in her book

This image is described by Elena as being Marduk. I used this image in the article on the ‘trial’ of Enlil (4), and according to a certain wikipedia page this would represent Ninurta (Enlil’s son), and not Marduk (Enki’s son), but I’m no expert who can definitely say who it is, right? He is seen fighting with a serpent called ‘Tiamat’ so that would be an indicator that he is indeed Marduk.

In that chapter Elena says that this trident weapon was used by all kinds of cultures, starting off with the Indian culture, where it was used by Indra (5). I would advise you to read that very informative chapter yourself. What I do want to mention is that Elena also talked about the Irish Thuatha de Dannan. In The Seeders she writes:

Celtic Mythology has several references when it comes to the thunderbolt weapon, in particular when related to the Thuatha de Dannan, mystical people arriving by the sea to Ireland and carrying with them magical technology” (2, p.574)

I pay some extra attention to this group since Elena Danaan had a conversation with Arkelios (6) who is part of this bloodline, which is also her own bloodline. There is link in that article to that video in which she elaborates on them and how they got their technology from Gottland (Sweden).

A Scene from ‘The Phantom Menace’ (7)

Let’s go back to the video. She says how Enki guided her to a particular room in the Nibiru spaceship where they keep their ancient antiques. Elena says that they are lovers of history. Enki gave her a demonstration after stressing that they don’t these weapons anymore.

By pressing the weapon in the middle – in combination with his DNA – it triggered the crystal in the middle to ‘strengthen exponentially’ the crystals in both ends of the weapon to produce a red plasma beam from both sides, and it really resembles the light saber from Star Wars, and especially the double sided one in the Phantom Menace, used by ‘Darth Maul’ (7).

To end this demonstration, Enki was able to close the Vajra by using his mind.

Someone in the Elena Danaan Study Group (8) said that the vajra reminded him of a recent tweet by Elon Musk (9) in which he showed his bedside table (10). I would advise Elena to invite a team of historians to take a closer look at the history of the Anunnaki in that historical area. I would be curious to learn all about them (11).

For more on Dan Winter see (12,13)

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(10) A tweet from Elon Musk, November 28, 2022.

(11) In the article The Aker and the Anunnaki we heard about them, the Anunnaki, originally coming from the Boötes constellation. I would love to hear more about that.
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(13) Dan Winter played a role in uncovering of the swaruu research. See footnote 10 at The Taal-Shiar and the Swaruu A.I.

4 thoughts on “Enki Shows Elena Danaan a Vajra with Plasma Beams

  1. The Dark are master of deception and they are very good at it. They will mixed the truth with false and let the human go around the brush (merry-go-round) and thus also make human – NOT united (this is the ultimate goal if every human believe their own belief and that is why there are so many languages, religions, etc here). Even the mere color of the skin alone can separate the human race. I came across another website by the name of ENKI SPEAKS and it said Lumera was a Reptilian colony which also confused me. And the Atlanteans was a Pleiadian colony and attacked the Lumerian and the Lumerian knew of a pending future catastrophe event that will sink their motherland and they migrate into the inner Earth and formed the Agartha Empire.
    NOTE : Before Luke the Skywalker can become a Master Jedi, he had to face his dark side first (Movies – Return of the Jedi).
    May the LOVE be with you always!

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