Dr. Raymond Keller and the Venus Connection

Dr. Raymond Keller (7)

Inspired by the articles on Elon Musk (1), Nikola Tesla (2), Olmec Onec (3) and of course by Elena Danaan’s meetings with Val Thor (4) I went to look a bit further on that possible extraterrestrial Venusian link and it didn’t take me long to run into Dr. Raymond Keller, who was done extensive research on Venus from every possible angle.

I have ordered his first book ‘Venus Rising’ and will probably write more about his work in the future. This article presents a number of things he said about extraterrestrial life on Venus and their interaction with us, based on two interviews (5,6).

In the first excerpt below you can see and hear Dr. Raymond Keller (8) in a recent interview from January 2023. He talks about the first venusians who would have arrived about 25 million years ago from a planet called Norca in the Tau Ceti System (9) which would have become uninhabitable due to a sun that was heating up.

Towards the end of this excerpt he talks about what the people from Norca, Tau Ceti, saw on planet Earth at the time…they saw mainly Lemurs (10) as the most advanced species!

Dr. Raymond Keller talks about the original Venusians who came from Norca, Tau Ceti (5)

In earlier articles we learned that presently there are colonies with Taal, and people from Meton and even Koldassi on Venus (2,12).

A Handwritten note by Val Thor? (13)

On April 24, 2023, Elena posted a remark on her telegram channel about Val Thor. She was asked if Val (or Valiant) Thor was currently in communication with anyone on Earth. She firmly declined that. Dr. Raymond Keller doesn’t claim to be in contact with Val Thor either, but he has done some research on his visit to our planet. He managed to get a few pictures of a party Val Thor was having at a place in New Jersey (12). He also claims to have retrieved a hand-written letter by Val Thor, which you can see the first page of here (13).

For those who are unfamiliar with Val Thor. He was mainly responsible for the spreading of the secret KGB-book of Aliens (14,15) and he tried to persuade the US and other nations to work with the Galactic Federation of Worlds. He probably played an important role in getting the US Navy to side with them. See Elena’s second disclosure book for her meetings with Valiant Thor (4).

Dr. Keller says that Valiant Thor came from a fourth dimensional (density in Elenian terminology) level of Venus, which has an underground civilization and is adapted to the planetary conditions.

They would have the capacity travel through time and space. He also mentioned the party that took place where the famous photos of Val Thor were made (16). He told a funny story about one of the people that belonged to Val Thor’s group jumped over a 15 foot fence! (5, 13′)

Dr. Raymond Keller says that Venus is a member of what he calls the Galactic Confederation of Light, consisting of 601 planets from 51 star systems. You can hear him talk about it below. This is the first time that I have heard such a precise number of members, and he adds that most of them are in our arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

He doesn’t talk about the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and if we follow Elena Danaan’s strict rules that might imply that this is incorrect or that he would be part of some psy-op. Perhaps that’s true, but I don’t think that this is the case here. This man – who says to have lived on Venus, physically himself, for 10 weeks, and who says to have a Venusian soul, is more likely to speak about the Galactic Federation of Worlds in my opinion. One of the characteristics of Elena’s warning is that the ‘Galactic Federation of Light’ is often connected with Archangel Michael, Jesus, St. Germain and guys like that (17). I haven’t heard him talk about any of them, at least not yet.

Dr. Raymond Keller speaks about Venus as being part of the Confederation of Light in our Milky Way Galaxy (6)

Dr. Raymond Keller has written 6 books on Venus. He must be the ultimate expert on Venus and Extraterrestrial life. He says that there are about 8,000 Venusians on Earth at the moment. He also says that the Venusians imported the bees to our planet (18). He also talks about a Venusian commander called Aura Rhanes and he claims that they call their planet ‘Abehar’ (and not Naara as we learn from the work of Elena Danaan. Perhaps there are different names going round, depending on the people you encounter? (9, p.279)).

I thought it quite fascinating how he confirmed the 4D world on Venus, the existence of mainly Lemurs some 25 million years ago, which corroborates Enki’s account of our history, his details on the probable number of worlds that are working together within what we call the Galactic Federation of Worlds. It would be nice if Elena would ask how many member-planets there are. She could also try to verify the handwritten note by Val Thor! Perhaps she could also ask Val Thor about that Tau Ceti-link? I will add these questions to the questions page (19).

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(1) Elon Musk and Possible ET-links
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(14) In the book ‘We Will Never Let You Down’ (4) Val Thor says about this:

“Elena: ‘So are you implying that you are the person at the origin of the information that was leaked in the KGB Book of Alien Races’ ?

Val Thor: ‘I am for the most of it. The American government was given the same data, as also other governments I visited such as France and Japan’ (10), p.66)”
(15) Russian Secret book of Alien Races

A Party with the New Jersey UFO club and Val Thor (one of the two black-dressed men in the middle, I guess the one with the notebook in his hands, 12)

(17) From Elena Danaan’s website:

GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT: Many of the New Age movement’s infiltration organizations display the word “Light” as a bait. It should always draw concern until the organization is vetted as genuine. The word “Light” is the best bait to attract people in search of positive spiritual guidance. The “Galactic Federation of Light” is a Psy-Op that was created by the Orion Grays to infiltrate the Great Awakening of Humanity, with the purpose of hijacking the focus of people, distracting them from what is really going on and discrediting real existing extraterrestrial organizations such as the “Galactic Federation of Worlds.” The shadow organizations have extraterrestrial time devices that allows them to see future events and they tried by several means to stop the Great Awakening of Mankind on Terra. Taking attention away was the main operation.

The Psy-Op “Galactic Federation of Light” amalgams religious, cultural elements and characters such as Jesus, Archangel Michael, the Count of St Germain and others. They assimilate names and symbols well integrated within the Collective Unconscious of Humanity. Voice-to-skull technology is employed to manipulate some people who call themselves “channelers” and who are only victims. Some of these manipulated individuals are granted popularity and addicted to this process of abuse that offers them fame. Artificial Intelligence is sometimes used as well to enact religious or historical characters.
(18) From which Planets do our Animals originate?
(19) Questions

One thought on “Dr. Raymond Keller and the Venus Connection

  1. It is always interesting to observe the disagreements and contradictions among the various sources of galactic intel…Could this be dis-information, mis-information, psy-op, different time-lines, or a combination of these?….
    And the unending fight of “light”vs “dark”///”good” vs “evil”…in which most of humanity is caught like a spider web…
    I have always preferred Val Valerian’s perspective, elucidated in his “Matrix V: The Gold Edition,Quest of the Spirit-The Ultimate Frontier”, which is:
    BALANCE….a perspective balanced between the unending, un-endable conflict of “good” and “evil”….
    There, may be a point of exit from conflict/agon….IF one wishes, for one’s soul purposes, to resolve this strife,LOL! ^^….but, perhaps we are here to experience the “Splendeurs et Miseres…”,so, please proceed…
    All very Daoist ,no?
    And in research, how does one swallow the ocean of knowledge?
    One teaspoon at a time!

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