What Global Meditations look like from Above

While listening to the testimony of Steffi (1,2) I was impressed by something she shared while looking at our planet from above. She described the way our planet looks like when we globally have meditations. If you are inclined to think that global meditations are of no use, you might want to watch the following excerpt from Steffi (two minutes)(2)

Steffi talks about seeing our planet during a global meditation (2,5)

Steffi is not the first one to describe something as beautiful as this. Elena Danaan was able to see it as well. Below is a part of a conversation between Thor Han (3) and Elena, from a Q&A, when they were still freely accessible for everybody:

Thor Han: All colors colors and light. If we tune into the right frequency with our minds we see lights, beautiful, everywhere coming out of the minds of the people. And when they join together into a common attunement, this reflects on the grid of the planet and raises the frequency of the planet. This is quite magnificent to witness from where we are. The colors change like your aurora on terra, but the colors are more diverse. Yes we see, it we feel. It every time you enter into connection with yourselves you raise the frequency of the planet and I wish you would do all this more often, that you maintain the vibration high and the more you do it the longer it stays.

Elena: : You know, I’ve seen it once I went on the ship upstairs, and I’ve seen it from the ship. There was a global meditation and so I want to see that from upstairs. It was absolutely amazing, the colors, moving around. That was really really nice. And I wanted to see also through the eyes of Thor Han, because through my eyes I couldn’t see really anything. So I I tuned with him and beside him by telepathy it was really nice and I could see, closing my eyes and seeing through his eyes all the beautiful colors, because they don’t see like us, they see differently the colors. They have a different range of perception.” (4)

A planet of Light (6)

(1) The Ptaah from the Taygeta System
(2) ET Contact – The Ptaah – How contact started
(3) On the Connection between Thor Han and Elena Danaan
(4) 8/6/2021 – Q&A with a Galactic Warrior (June 2021)
(5) For people who have trouble understanding English I wrote down a slightly edited trancript of what she said below:

(from 31′) “and when I was once with my light body, I also wanted to share something. I was actually once upstairs when when you’re doing all these mass meditations and I actually saw once when we’re doing this Mass meditations when so many people meditating and sending their positive thoughts and this positive loving energies upstairs and I got to see how the our planet looks like when we’re doing this. On the 21st of December, the whole planet was um covered in pure white light and it was sparkling really like diamonds it was really was amazing to see.

How much yeah when we’re sending all this High loving energy what we can actually do or what we create and creating this energy and it was totally covered around the whole planet and I remember I actually started to cry, when I was seeing this I was so touched and I actually wanted to share this experience with you that it’s really great when so many people are meditating together and sending this energy up you know in space up in the sky and what we actually are creating it’s um really amazing to see this white pure light and this shines like and sparkles like diamonds. Yes, this was really amazing that I saw that I wanted to share with you.”

(6) Our Galaxy Likely Contains Many Planets Made Mostly of Diamond

2 thoughts on “What Global Meditations look like from Above

  1. The Awareness channeled readings suggest an exercise to heal Gaia-Shan-Ur.Imagine a detailed view of Gaia from space.Now you imagine a superbright,sparkly,livinglight surrounding it and it expands and contracts as in a breathing or pulsing fashion.Do this 144 times.I like to imaging the light getting brighter and bigger as well as more sparkly and active as if to say,”Hey universe look at me stepping out from behind the ugly,dark cloud into Cosmic Radiance!” L/LResearch,which is a channeling group who has been communicating with the RA Collective for many years,has a regular group meditation at a certain time every day.Based on E.S.T. I think it is like7:00 p.m.?Research it.Highly recommend reading Awareness material which purports to be the Universal Creative Mind-Source.Lots of inside info. is to be discovered,like the fact that a hidden chamber of The Great Pyramid was purposely filled in with radioactive sand to shorten our lifespans.Also the fact that mummies were placed all over to act as a kind of psychic battery.Many other interesting tidbits.Namaste!!


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