A Cloaked Laser Tube From A Mountain Base to Hide Spaceship Traffic

Laser Light Dancing (8)

There are many things that I like about exploring these paths of disclosure, but what I personally like the most is that it keeps on expanding my reality: with every article I write something new comes up, or new connections are made. This time I want to pay some attention to what JP recently described in one of his many interviews with Dr. Michael Salla (1,2).

JP has taken us to many underground worlds, space arks (or spaceships) and recently to a few places that could best be described as space ports. You might remember one his missions below the surface of Florida where he saw many spaceships parked in a place that looked like a combination of an inhabited world and a spaceport (3). There were a lot of ‘Nordics’ walking around, and probably a lot from planet Erra based on that mysterious smell of those Oshksha flowers that would have been transported from Erra to these underground places (4).

On May 4, 2023, JP described a large spaceport in the mountainous terrain in the general area of Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, that uses a unique kind of laser stealth technology to hide the arrival and exit of spacecraft 24 hours a day. (1). Let’s hear Dr. Salla and JP talk about the way this ‘hexagon shaped tube’ works (3 minutes)

JP and Dr. Michael Salla talk about this incredible laser tube that allows
for spaceship traffic to go in and out of spacesports withouth being seen (2)

JP says in this excerpt: “They have a technology that surrounds its mountains. It’s a laser that shoots up and it goes as high as our atmosphere but these lasers that stood up they do a hexagon up and it anything … they can enter from the atmosphere all the way in and nothing can be seen coming in or out…So it’s a type of laser light that shoots up to space and when ships go through it nobody can see it nobody can see the ships that go inside this laser reflects everything that is outside…it’s like… a kind of tubular beam of light or a laser that goes up into the atmosphere

JP goes to to say that this cloaking laser beam itself is also completely invisible because it uses some advanced cloaking technique.

This apparent coming and going of spaceships from this spaceport to all kinds of off-world people is almost impossible to grasp. What are they bartering? Who is trading and what do we get in return? In the Elena Danaan Research Group (5) we reflected a bit on this, and some wondered how it is possible that we are actively bartering and trading all kinds of stuff to other worlds, while many on the surface are still suffering from sickness and hunger? Who would be in control of those bases? Can we be sure that these bases are run by the Earth Alliance?

A lot more can be said about this. I welcome you to share your thoughts in the comments below, or visit the study group. Since May 11, 2023 I also added a feature to my Galactic Anthropology Channel, namely the possibility to comment on articles in a new Galactic Anthropology Chat room, that I have coined GA Thought Exchange (6), which is moderated solely by me (7).

(1) JP Mission to Underground Spaceport in US Southeast (Article)
(2) JP Mission to Underground Spaceport in US Southeast (video)
(3) JP Mission to Underground Civilization & Nordic Spaceport
(4) The Vanilla-like Smell of Flowers from Erra

Coopers – Best Extra Stout (5,9)

(5) JP Missions – A Topic in the Elena Danaan Research Group – Someone (N) from this group said: “Interesting that they think highly of our engineering capabilities. I also learned from Corey Goode on Cosmic Disclosure a while back that they highly prize our beer. Isn’t that interesting? Apparently it is traded, along with other more important goods. Hope they don’t deplete the stocks of Coopers Extra Stout, which I love. I do recall from Sitchin that there was indeed a goddess of beer-making (Anunnaki), so it appears she did a good job in teaching us….I wonder if they return the empties for recycling.:) “
(6) GA Thought Exchange
(7) I have to warn visitors, for something funny happened yesterday. A few people from the Elena Danaan Study Group were banned from even viewing the (non-reply) Telegram posts of Elena Danaan. Obviously the Love Crew is targeting people who think critically, so you might just get banned because of associating with Galactic Anthropology. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 🙂
The Love Crew also made sure that these people were not able to see any of the telegram posts of Dr. Michael Salla any more either. Despite all this madness I want to reiterate that I love the work of both Elena Danaan and Dr. Salla.
(8) Unknown Origin Image from Pinterest
(9) Woolworths: Coopers Extra Stout

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