The Ptaah from the Taygeta System

( タイゲタ星系のプターハ )

Through a telegram group I got into contact with Steffi, who had just started a brand new youtube channel (1) to spread a fascinating account. Steffi is a contactee and a starseed who developed her contact with her Star Seed Envoy Twin Flame (2) during 2020. You can find an introduction to her amazing account on this site. I would advise you to listen to her full story through the videos on her website. She also was a guest at Robert Kalil’s Typical Skeptic (3) and she appeared in a video from Robert Earl White, both in January 2023 (4).

In the first video (5) on her channel Steffi describes the people from a planet called Ptaah. Her ‘Star Seed Envoy Partner’ is called Arian and he is from this planet, although both Arian and Steffi have their original roots somewhere else.

Steffi introduces Arian and the people Ptaah of the planet Ptaah (5)

The people have the same name as their planet. Steffi says that Ptaah is the name of their spiritual leader or wise elder who established the colony on that planet. She goes on to describe the people of Ptaah and it turns out that they are Ahel (6), just like Thor Han (7).

The planets in the Taygeta/Ashaara System – The planet on the right of Alhorat would be called Ptaah according to Steffi. Drawing from (7, p. 337)

When I showed Steffi the drawing of the Taygeta system from Elena’s book (8) she said that Arian confirmed that Ptaah is the sixth planet, right behind Alkhorat.

In ‘A Gift from the Stars’ (8) we can read the following about the Taygeta system: “The Man (9) colonists terraformed three of the ten young planets in formation, and populated four of them

This seems to contradict Steffi’s account, but it could just as easily mean that we are not told everything at the same time. It could be that the further we evolve, the more information we are being given, to prevent us from being overwhelmed. Elena’s book already contained 110 species.

Another option is that they started off with four planets and colonized more later on.

Perhaps we will get confirmation for the existence of the Ptaah planet from other contactees, or perhaps Elena could ask Thor Han about it? (10)

We have spoken about the Taal-Shiar (11) who could be described as Taygeta-wannabees, but they tend to focus on planet Erra, if I’m correct, and the Taal-Shiar are not blond Ahel-like people, which makes it unlikely that the Ptaah people are in fact Taal-Shiar.

On Steffi’s youtube account you can watch a number of other videos with very interesting information. She talks about her time before her current incarnation (12), she also describes how her contact with Arian came about (13) and she even speaks about her contact with her soul group from Ohora (14,15). This all looks very promising and I hope we are going to hear a lot more from Steffi in the future. The more speaking contactees, the better I would say!

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5 thoughts on “The Ptaah from the Taygeta System

  1. Very interesting…
    Bouncing to another topic while following a footnote trail,I stumble upon “The Ohorai Way”, “Atuning”, Page 95 in A Gift from the Stars…
    It would be good to hear more about this from Elena…
    How does it differ from our meditation practises,I wonder?
    Your footnotes are great, Joosh, leading down so many wonderful rabbit holes ,lol…
    And then there’s Thor Han’s “Dorm Dorhu”, Pleiadian “yoga”…yikes!…I’ll take one of those,too…:)
    Thanks for the article!

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  3. your article mentions that leader of planet ptaah calls himself ptaah . is this same person that billy meier claims having contact with ? i have followed mr meiers case since the very beginning , working with col stevens .


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