The Nagai, Igigi and the Question of Enlil’s Mother

In the video from November 25, 2022 in which Elena elaborates on the history of the Anunnaki (especially Marduk) related to the planet Saturn (1,2) she also shares some thoughts with Chris O’Connor & Dani Henderson about the differences between the appearance of Ea/Enki and his half brother Enlil. She had already given a description of Enlil after she had seen him in that trial before the Four Councils (3,4).

What follows is a remarkable novelty that Chris O’Connor introduced: he suggested that Enlil’s mother ‘was actually from Earth, from the original Reptilian Earthlings‘. Elena responded with talk about the Igigi and the Nagai. Before we delve deeper into this thesis, let’s first watch Elena talk about Enlil and how his mother must have been of the Reptilian kind and then the discussion that follows

Elena Danaan and Chris O’Connor talk about the Reptilian Mother of Enlil (1)

It is not easy to get your head around these Anunnaki and their history. In the beginning they would have been made out of a mix of the Eban (Grays) and the humanoid T-Ashkeru from Sirius B (5). You can read more about this birthing of the Anunnaki race at (6). How and when this exactly happened is unclear, but somehow Anu and his sons Enki and Enlil appeared. Of course they did not appear out of nowhere and I was able to find one geneaological tree of Anu’s parents and grandparents. I’m not sure about the source and the validity of it, but it might help in understanding where the Reptilian characteristics of Enlil come from.

One of the Genealogical trees of some important Anunnaki (7)

When we look at this family tree we can notice the striking absence of any Gray or T-Ashkeru. Perhaps Apsu was a Gray, or would he have been a T-Ashkeru? Or would all this mixing between these two races have occurred earlier? Well, anyway. There is this ‘Dragon Queen’ Tiamat at the root of this family tree, and we can see that Enki’s mother is called ‘Antu’ and that Enlil’s mother carries the logical name ‘Ki’ (to make things easier…). So would those Reptilian genes come from Mother Ki? Perhaps Elena can ask Ea to provide some clarification. I mean, he must know whether his aunt is reptilian or carries reptilian genomes (8).

So after all this we can get back to Chris O’Connor’s remark that Enlil’s mother (who we now know as Ki) would actually come from Earth! How logical is this? Chris backs up this extraordinary claim by saying that there the earliest inhabitants of Earth were Reptilians, which is confirmed by Elena in her book the Seeders. These earliest inhabitants were the Nagai. Elena nicely described their arrival in a video from November 16 (9). This would have happened some 200 million years ago (10)

Elena Danaan and the Arrival of the first inhabitants of Earth: the Nagai (9)

Is Chris perhaps talking about these Reptilian guys that would have mainly fled underground after the ‘cleaning up’ of the Seeders (11). Would one of these have somehow met Anu to create Enlil? But why on Earth (mind the pun) would Anu come all the way to Earth to pick up a Naga-woman to produce off-spring with her? And didn’t the Anunnaki only appear on Earth for the first time 372,000 years ago on their famous starship Nibiru with Enlil already born-and-well onboard? (12)

In the talk between Elena Danaan and Chris O’Connor Elena introduces the Igigi. We have recently talked about these Anunnaki-workers at the page on the chronology of the Anunnaki (13) and they don’t seem to be the kind of people Anu would marry with either, I guess. Here’s a quote from the Seeders:

“The Igigi are a sub-class of our kind. They rebelled and were dealt with. Some escaped to the undergrounds of Terra. But you see, my half-brother was concerned with the debit of production. So he made this decision although I was at first not enthusiastic about it. It was decided that we would study the genes of the early humans, the Black Heads, for the purpose of improving their capacities.” (The Seeders (10), p.478)

Even though I think Chris O’Connor is a very sympathetic man I doubt his claim that Enlil’s mother would stem from a Reptilian from Earth. If the Anunnaki arrived here on Earth only 372,000 BC (with Enki onboard), when would Anu have had time to ‘date’ this Terran Reptilian woman? It also seems very unlikely that he would have tried anything with the Anunnaki sub-class of the Igigi.

But perhaps Anu had a secret meeting that no one knows about? Who can tell? Where did Chris get this information from? The question of the Reptilian-origin of Enlil’s mother still remains enigmatic. If we would call her Ki, where did Ki come from? Alpha Draconis? And what about Tiamat, the Dragon Queen? Perhaps Enlil just happened to inherit a lot of her genomes?

Any help to solve this intriguing puzzle is welcome as always.

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Five kinds of Dragons

During a webinar by Alex Collier, Elena Danaan was asked if she could explain a thing or two about dragons. Well, she did so in a video only a few hourse afterwards (1). This page provides a short summary of the main points from that video in which Elena distinguishes five kind of dragons.

The Ciakahrr Royalty (3)

The first category is that of the Ciakahrr. They are huge beings (up to 25 feet!) with wings that originate from a planet orbiting Alpha Draconis A. They have their own separate page on this website (2). They are the ones that were responsible for the Lyran Wars that they eventually won, forcing the Humanoids from their homeworld to leave and create colonies on all kinds of planets in various star systems in this galaxy. These beings are far from benevolent, unlike the other dragon categories.

Elena Danaan continues with the second kind of dragons, who are wingless. They are depicted in Asia and they are metaphors for the Earth Ley lines. They represent these ‘meridians’ of the Earth which would not only be on the surface of our planet but throughout our planet, from the core to the magnetosphere. In a way they are snake-like to depict the currents of energy in the three-dimensional leylines. They are NOT conscious beings: they are metaphors for ley lines.

Dragon’s Statue at the Taoist Temple (8)

These kind of dragons are benevolent conscious beings who are mostly in a fourth density, but they can appear in an even higher density, according to Elena Danaan. These beings would be everywhere: up in the air, but most of the time in the Inner Earth. They are very ancient, very wise and very knowledgeable and they look like the Asian serpent-like dragons. They are old spirit guardians.

They are responsible for the balance of the energies in the area that they are assigned to, they are interfaced with it. They are Earth-guardians. During a druid ceremony Elena was able to connect to one of the local Irish Earth Dragons and they ‘had a chat’ (4) about how the institution of the Church had tried to demonize the serpents and the dragons.

Just like the leylines of Earth, you can regard the meridians of your body: they are energy paths throughout your human body, allowing for the ki to travel through them. These energy paths can be symbolized by these serpent like dragons.

Kundalini Dragons/Serpents (screenshot from 5)

She describes the kundalini ‘dragons’ that are sleeping in the cave (your root chakra) waiting to be activated to rise up your spine like two intertwined coils, like the DNA in our cells. Their colors would be white (masculine) and red (feminine) and when they meet each other in the head, in the pineal gland, infinite knowledge could be accessed.

Below the video Elena added a few links to other videos: an informative one about kundalini and finding your true self (5); a meditation (6) and a ‘Ballyferriter’ chant from a church in Western Ireland (7).

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