The Enlil Lineage

In her fifteenth video in her ‘Contact-series’ on October 9, 2022, Elena Danaan described how Thor Han was part of a mission by the Galactic Federation of Worlds on the Nibiru-ship (1). They would be shipping big boxes probably filled with all kinds of medical technology, which could be used for the betterment of humanity (as soon as we are able to clamp down on the power of the Deep State/Cabal).

When I think of Nibiru I think about the Anunnaki and their awful interference in our history. Perhaps I am slightly prejudiced. Enki would have managed to be in control of the ship, now, and there would be nothing but positive, benevolent Anunnaki on board. This seems in stark contrast with one of Thor Han’s earlier analyses of the Anunnaki:

Snapshot from video on the Ancient Sumerians (3)

Sumer yes they were there. Now the country’s name is Iraq, and they were there. They helped the local indigenous to build a very prosperous civilization. You know the Anunnaki were first to good
the people, but then they were caught by greed and by power. And all that was done with the population. You wouldn’t believe what they’ve done with the animals, the indigenous population. They did
a lot disturbing things. They were experimenting.

But then the Ciakahrr empire was here, and they wanted to do their own hybridization for food and slaves. The Annunaki were scientists, they were engineers, they wanted to explore and play around with genetics. But then they both fought and there was a war. The Annunaki left, the Ciakahrr empire stayed.

The Annunaki are very strange people, we don’t have contact with them very much. They are not
trustworthy people. Their – I would say – ethics has very different levels than our ethics.
” (2)

Well, somehow things would have changed and the Galactic Federation of Worlds seems to trust Enki and the members of sphere-like Nibiru-spaceship (4). The Anunnaki are presenting gifts to us and let’s hope that this is not one of the gifts that the Emerther warned us about (5) (gifts coming from the M42-Nebula, which is also the Nebula which the Anunnaki apparently use(d) to move back and forth to their own parallel world in Immaru, to their planet Ashtari (4,6)). But since the Emerther are also part of the Council of Five, Annax would surely know about this as well.

In the article ‘Trying to Understand Enki’s Genetic Template Grail‘ (7) I write about this idea that the reason Enki is called ‘Father’ by Elena is that he would have managed to booster our dormant off-Galactic DNA that evolved from a Lemur-like being 65 million years ago to a black human-like primate some 450,000 years ago (8). Enki would have done this at 360,000 BC. He added his own genetics and a very advanced human being was created out of this black primate, at least as far as the biology was concerned. It was not as easy to find souls that could house this very advanced human being effectively.

Well, anyway, we know the story. Enlil got angry and together with his team of geneticists he downgraded our genes to a level that made us quite docile and much of our ‘super genes’ where turned off. I guess, though, that we were more advanced at that stage than the original primate from before Enki’s ‘genetic booster campaign’ (9), so we must have made some evolutionary leap anyway.

Enki would have managed to keep a number of human beings in their upgraded biological state and they would have been able to pass on this ‘adamic’ package of genes, even all the way to Jesus/Yeshua and beyond.

But what about this concept of the lineage of Enlil? I talked about Enlil before on this site (10,11). Apparently Enlil not only downgraded our DNA, but he must have ‘elevated’ a group of humans as well, to create the Enlil-lineage. Thus the Anunnaki would have left us with three groups: the activated, upgraded Enki-lineage, the downgraded docile, slave-race and the Enlil-lineage. What does Elena Danaan write about this Enlil lineage in ‘The Seeders‘?

The Illuminati (14)

“Parallel to this, Enlil also created his own bloodline, which descendants remain active to this day through the thirteen families that compose the ‘Cabal’ or ‘Illuminati’. Not all of these thirteen families are actual ruling families and not all ruling families are of the Enlil strand.

The CIAKAHRR program started 5700 years ago when they made agreements with human leaders of the time. In a quest for supreme power, the Ciakahrr hybridized themselves (12) into the royal bloodline of Enlil, who had psychic and magical abilities as well as great material power over this world. Several of the 13 ruling families, nowadays (2022), have both Enlil-Anunnaki and Ciakahrr genetics.” (13, p.521)

This concept of the lineage of Enlil adds yet another interesting element to this grand tale. But it also raises a few questions; the Anunnaki were responsible for the 14th genetic package to our human genome according to Enki’s account of our history. In the post of the Genetic Template Grail (7) I wondered what would be in that package? Only the first 14 genetic contributions? And if so, would that wipe out all the humanoid contributions from the ‘seeders’ (and refugees) from within our own galaxy, mainly the people from Lyra, who came afterwards? If not, how does this work?

This story of the Lineage of Enlil also adds arguments to the idea that some contributions by our ‘Seeders’ were far from benevolent, if I am allowed to be so judgmental about the Enlil and the Ciakahrr presents to our genetic heritage, and not to mention the Grays who would have been Seeders number 22 (see 13, p. 528) and (12).

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(8) This also raises a few questions: why did the Seeders wait for 64,5 million years and then they suddenly interfered 4 times in a period of 200,000 years just before the Anunnaki arrived?
(9) This somehow reminds me of another campaign: see the Hydra Offensive
(10) Some Doubts about the Enlil-Yahweh-vibe
(11) Ismael Perez is a guy who not only claimed that Elena Danaan turned into some droid, but he also claimed that Enlil was a kind of creator god from Lyra. Read more about this remarkable man, his Enlil-glorification and his incredible claims at Some Thoughts on the Philosophy of Ismael Perez.
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12 thoughts on “The Enlil Lineage

  1. Through the contradictory and confusion, we then find a clarification. Misinformation is part of information, and it is the counterpart of truth. lotus is growing from a muddy water.


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  3. You’re doing an amazing job keeping on top of the literal Flood of information coming out…books, videos, audios….thankyou. My gut tells me Elena and Alex can be trusted. I wish I had found them a few years sooner! Thd Seeders nook arrived yesterday and I have dipped into different chapters…so many drawings….I wonder how Elena saw the earth in the future…how does she translate what she sees to a drawing…I guess her training as an artist in Paris was critical to do this…to see the nuances of facial shapes and then remember and rhen draw….amazing…. I wonder if the photos were taken of places or are they recreated with graphic design and images?? It’s such an interesting time to be alive. I am so glad the chief iguana is gone ( sorry iguanas I know you ard herbivores).

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  4. Enki and Enlil were bad people. If Elena is teling that they are good, so Elena Danaan it belongs to desinformation. I don’t trust in Elena


    • I understand your position. The question for me is… Was Enki really bad as you say, or was he not, or perhaps partially? I’m checking out his account of our history to see how logical it is and to which degree it conflicts with other accounts, with a main focus on the Andromedans from Alex Collier and the earlier material from Elena herself.


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  6. According to GA, the original Annunaki slaves were created about 250,000 years ago from a primate-hominid Neanderthal hybridization scheme on Nibiru so they could live and work on Nibiru and earth.

    GA further explained Annu-Melchizedek race is eventually from Neanderthal and four versions of Cro-Magnon. Originally, it was required a small amount of human generic material by genetically engineered, artificial insemination until interbreeding with human became available.
    However, the interesting is human ancestral genes are theorized to go back to 200,000 BC according to a study by university scientists and also Lucy , a primate – woman was discovered that she lived in Africa 3.5 millions ago.

    Well, They were not supposed to create Annunaki ‘s offspring lines to continue to rule earth such as Egypt, Atlantean eras, which it is against the universal law, so they have to leave. There are many stories lines about them on both of positives and negatives.

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