The Chronology of the Anunnaki Era

I started this website last year because I was highly impressed with Elena Danaan’s first two books on galactic matters (1). A Gift from the Stars with its description of 110 alien species together with We Will Never Let You Down which summarized all kinds of great developments in recent times. As ‘Galactic Anthropology’ I set off to provide descriptions of the various species and their interaction with us, based on her books and her numerous videos. Many species have passed the revue and only relatively late did the Anunnaki present themselves. Ever since Elena’s second meeting with Enki/Ea (2) and the discoveries of ‘hidden giants’ (3), things ‘really turned Anunnaki’, for it seemed that their influence on our planet has been and is crucial and very complex too.

The Anunnaki (source: 15)

This led to an ‘avalanche’ of Anunnaki-related articles which combined the ancient knowledge of the Sumerians with the accounts of the history of the Anunnaki told by Enki and recent developments in this time. A mix that is both exciting, but also complicated. A few months ago I had hardly ever heard of names like Ningishzida, Ninurta and Arunna. Through the work of Sitchen I was a bit familiar with Enki, Enlil, Anu and Marduk, but the new insights make them all come alive (literally) in present time.

The intention of this page is to make some sense of the chronology of the main events that occurred during the era of the Anunnaki; what information matches between what Sitchen has described and what is being brought forward by Elena Danaan, JP and other sources? And how consistent and logical is all this information? You will come across a number of questions that still need to be answered.

I would like to distinguish four periods in the era of the Anunnaki:
– Period 1: Arrival and Creation of Human Beings from Primate that had Genomes of the Intergalactic Seeders
– Period 2: From 100,000 BC to the Great Floods of 9,600 BC
– Period 3: From 9,600 BC to the end of the Sumer/Egyptian era
– Period 4: The Current Era

In The Seeders (1) Elena describes an account of our human history, mainly based on information from Enki/Ea. In that account the Anunnaki would have arrived on our planet 372,000 BC (see p.494). Sitchen presents a date of 450,000 BC (4) and Cori (5) also talks about 450,000 years ago.

As far as I understand the Anunnaki almost immediately started to experiment with the primates that they found on Earth. Within the walls of their Nibiru-spaceship (2) Enki noticed the enormous potential of these black primates as he recognized the genomes of the Intergalactic Seeders (6).

In the first stage he seemed to have hybridized these primates with Anunnaki genomes, not yet his own, resulting in human beings that were highly advanced, biologically speaking, but their soul’s development was still at the stage of these black primates that they encountered. I guess that Enki’s half-brother Enlil didn’t notice this yet and was satisfied with this product.

During the second stage that happened a few thousand years later, 360,000 BC, Enki also added his own genomes to the human beings and he upgraded their DNA to such a degree that an evolved extraterrestrial soul could be housed in that body. This would have been the start of the Adama, or Adam (see Seeders, p.496).

After this second intervention by Enki, Enlil must have realized what Enki had done and he set up a team of geneticists who tried to deactivate most of the strands that were activated by Enki, with the goal to keep these humans in a state of docile ignorant animals. Enlil would have also tried to wipe out entire groups of DNA enhanced humans (The Seeders, p.496). Apparently a number of the advanced Enki-group managed to survive throughout the ages all the way to the present time.

The igigi? (16)

In the work of Sitchen Igigi and Anunnaki are mentioned to have first toiled in the mines of Earth for some 100,000 years before Enki started his genetic hybridization program, only 300,000 years B.C. In the historical account of Enki there seems to be little mention of the Igigi or any delay of 100,000 years before the first ‘hybrid seeding’ by the Anunnaki occured. The Igigi are however mentioned by Enki. In the Seeders we can read:

“The Igigi are a sub-class of our kind. They rebelled and were dealt with. Some escaped to the undergrounds of Terra. But you see, my half-brother was concerned with the debit of production. So he made this decision although I was at first not enthusiastic about it. It was decided that we would study the genes of the early humans, the Black Heads, for the purpose of improving their capacities.” (The Seeders, p.478)

THE ERA FROM 100,000 – 13,000 BC
All kinds of other groups enter the scene on Earth, leading to all kinds of wars. In this period we have the MU-Colony (from 71,900 BC), Egyptian colony of Kemet (from 39,000 BC onwards), Hyperborea (from 35,000 BC) and Atlantis (from 32,000 BC)

After the Great Floods of 9600 BC a new Anunnaki-era started off with Enlil who settled in Mesopotamia, in the valley between the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers. In The Seeders we can read about this period:

“The book of Enoch is one of the best documented record on this topic. Although it doesn’t give any date, it mentions the “second arrival” of the ‘Nephilim’, and Anunnaki sub-group. They interbred with local populations and created a ‘race of giants'” (1, The Seeders, p.511)

With the arrival of the Ciakahrr an Enlil-group decided to create hybrids with these Ciakahrr leading to what we have come to know as the Enlil Lineage (7). At 3,800 BC the ancient Anunnaki ‘gods’ left for good, passing the rulingship over to their hybrid human bloodlines. “They taught the gift of writing to their Egyptian and Sumerian colonies, to make sure that the ancient history with its many epochs of glory was recorded, and they would not be forgotten.” (p.511)

Thoth (17)

One of the most striking discrepancies is that in Enki’s account of our history, the Anunnaki would have left only a few hundred years after the start of the Sumerian civilization (8), leaving only their hybrid off-spring behind, whereas a number of pure Anunnaki are described as still living in Sumerian times. Let’s take our ‘friend’ Marduk (9) for example:

Marduk was a god from ancient Mesopotamia and patron deity of the city of Babylon. When Babylon became the political center of the Euphrates valley in the time of Hammurabi (18th century BC), Marduk slowly started to rise to the position of the head of the Babylonian pantheon, a position he fully acquired by the second half of the second millennium [2] BCE. In the city of Babylon, Marduk was worshipped in the temple Esagila. Marduk is associated with the divine weapon Imhullu. (wikipedia, 10)

And what about this 350-year old war over Egypt between Ningishzida and Marduk and the following move westwards by Ningishzida/Thoth? (11,12) How could this have happened when all the Anunnaki were gone?

For the next 350 years, the armies of brothers Marduk/Ra and Nigishzidda/Thoth clashed over Egypt.  Finally, Enki, their father, known in Egypt as Ptah, ordered Thoth to Leave Egypt to Ra.  

Thoth moved on: he guided the building of the Stonehenge around 2800 B.C.. Exiled, Thoth, after he’d finished with Stonehenge, took a band of his followers in 3113 B.C. to Mesoamerica, where he (once Ningishzidda, now Quetzalcoatl, the Winged Serpent) brought his Sumerian and African overseers and technicians with him to the Western Hemisphere. Thoth helped set up observatories in Central America, gave the Mayans their calendar and also designed and supervised the building of observatories and tin and gold processing plants in the Andes [Sitchin, 1993, When Time Began, page 310; 2002; The Lost Book of Enki, pages 84 -285]. (13)

How could Enki have ordered Thoth to leave Egypt if he had already left? According to current info Enki would have left our planet right after the flood, some 9,700 years B.C. (see end of short video below). And what about Ninurta, Enlil’s son; how can he still be on Earth if all the Anunnaki would have left many thousands of years ago? How long would the bearded giants have been in statis? Since the departure of Enki, or since the departure of the rest of the family? If you’ve got any ideas on all this, please comment below this article.

Enki left Earth ca 9,700 BC (14)

(1) Bibliography Elena Danaan
(2) Elena Danaan met Enki for the second time and this time on his spaceship Nibiru in the beginning of the summer of 2022. The first article I wrote based on their two hour chat aboard the ship was called Planet Ashtara and Spaceship Nibiru.
(3) After several Arks had been visited where certain giant people were sleeping who appeared to the members of a space crew in Antarctica, Gizeh, Tibet with Jean-Charles Moyen present, it was JP who first described an Anunnaki giant below Florida in the beginning of October 2022 (see Mission to Underground Civilization in Florida and a Gift for Humanity)
(4) See the chronology of Zecharia Sitchen: History Timeline According to Sitchen
(5) Cori, P. (2001) Atlantis Rising. See page 43 for a chronology. This information would stem from the Sirian High Council
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4 thoughts on “The Chronology of the Anunnaki Era

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  2. Wonderfully explained my friend.. Thank you for sharing and I like you have been following especially the recent transcripts of Elena and others on this subject, which are tying in with each other and what is occurring behind the scenes in our world today..

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  3. Elena has brought new information in addition to the old information in our Ancient history that has been in circulation for the ages. Thanks to her and her source. Before Sitchen , there was a person studied on the Tablets, after Sitchen , there are quite a few people have studied on the Tablets on their own and each of them wrote many books.

    Our history is entangled with multiple timelines, events and multidimensional beings and space, earth is not always as a physical dimension as we know today. A conversion of timeline from the ancient years to the earth years, as well as each event will not be compatible in each data(may color by the political /management agenda). But I do know, at least they all agreed Marduk is a monster. He was reigned our solar system since 2020 BC or more.


  4. He was reigned our solar system since 2020 BC or more ===> Marduk was reigned over Anu’s throne since 2020 BC. Marduk’s mother, one source said, his mother, was a Reptilian prince on Tiamat. He possessed with Reptilian gene.

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