Two Extraterrestrial Perspectives on Jesus Christ – Yeshua

( Два внеземных взгляда на Иисуса Христа — Иешуа )

In earlier articles we spent some time on the god from the Old Testament. We raised some doubts about the vengeful nature of that god (1), we wondered if you could consider is blasphemous to say that God was an alien (2), and of course there was this link with the Anunnaki half brothers Enki and Enlil, the latter probably responsible for most of the hardships that humanity has suffered the last couple of hundreds of thousands of years (3,4).

So, the various roles of the biblical god were dubious to say the least. According to Elena Danaan both Enki and Enlil were sometimes referenced in the bible as being god. Enki would have been the god who created Adam and Eve through genetic engineering of the then present primates (5), he would have tried to save the people from the flood, whereas Enlil would have been the one that would actually have created the floods (3).

Jesus with Thumbs Up

But what about the main player in the New Testament? What to say about Jesus Christ from an Extraterrestrial point of view? In this article I want to start off with this question by providing two perspectives: the one that we can found in the work of Elena Danaan and the one that is given by the Thiaoouba as they were encountered by the French contactee Michel Desmarquet

In the Seeders (7) Elena dedicates a short chapter to Jesus and his bloodline. I would advise you to read that chapter to get a more detailed perspective. Elena argues that Jesus’ mother Mary would have been part of a bloodline that would go all the way back to Enki’s Adam.

She builds her argument on the Doctrina Jacobi (6) which was written in 634. She writes: “Some notable points in Mary’s lineage are that she was a descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob…significantly Luke traces Mary’s lineage all the way back to Adam (verse 38)” (8)

As we have learned Enki would have created humanity out of the primate that contained the genomes of 11 star races from other galaxies (9) some 370,000 years ago. This account of Jesus’ bloodline implies that this bloodline managed to survive 368,000 years to finally flow through the veins of Jesus Christ (9)

On the way of the conception of Jesus, Elena shares a few thoughts too. Let’s read along:

Regardless of Mary’s specific lineage, that Jesus is a descendant of David and Judah is beyond doubt. My conclusion on that, is the suggestion that Mary, carrier of the royal Enki bloodline, was abducted in the aim of reinforcing the off-world genetic lineage via artificial fertilization. Would these elements alone, among many others, be the reason why the extraterrestrials themselves kept the true history of Earth hidden from Humanity for such a long time, until we are ready to hear it without losing our minds? ” (7, p.517)

In Enki’s account of our history and Elena Danaan’s analysis the Anunnaki and especially Enki plays a pivotal role in the genetic characteristics of Jesus. Mary’s egg would have been infertilized artificially by off world people. This couldn’t have been Enki since Enki had already left some 9,600 years earlier after Enlil flooded the whole place (3). This is another question that needs to be answered in the future: who added whose genes to Mary’s egg in this account of Jesus’ heritage?

I have come to admire the information that was given to another French contactee, namely Michel Desmarquet. In his book ‘The Thiaoouba Prophecy’ he describes how he was taken in a spaceship by people from a planet called Thiaoouba to their home world. I was inspired to write a few articles based on this perspective which seems to be partially at odds with Enki’s account of our history (11-13). It turns out that the Thiaoouba also have an interesting perspective on Jesus.

Pregnant Mary (15)

In the historical accounts of the Thiaoouba the Anunnaki are not mentioned at all. According to them the Asian and Black races came from a planet called Bakaratini some 1,3 million years ago (12) and another race colonized Mu about 250,000 years ago (13). When talking about Jesus they are clear as well: Jesus came from Thiaoouba.

Let’s hear about their account. Here’s Thao talking to Michel:

Our plan was to capture public imagination by sending a messenger of peace. The story of the birth of Jesus, as you know it, with the Virgin Mary as mother, is quite true. The appearance of an angel at the Annunciation is correct in every detail. We sent a spaceship and one of us appeared before the virgin, who was indeed a virgin, telling her she was going to become pregnant. The embryo was implanted in her while she was under hypnosis.” (14, p.140)

As you can see the bloodline of Mary seemed unimportant, since she was not artificially impregnated in the way that is described by Elena Danaan. A whole complete embryo is put into Mary’s womb, making Mary more like a surrogate mother, not having any direct genetic link with her son, Jesus.

According to the Thiaoouba, his mission was to impart a message of love and goodness – ‘love one another’ and also to enlighten the people in regard to the reincarnation of astral bodies and immortality. This was all distorted by priests in the time that followed and numerous disagreements led to the rise of the many sects which claim to follow the teachings of Christ. (14, p.145)

In order to retain complete control of their mission a being from Thiaoouba, called Aarioc, cast off his (hermaphrodite) body to enter into a human being, which was created by the Thiaoouba, which allowed him to fully hold on to all the knowledge and abilities from their home world, like resuscitating the dead and curing the blind and the deaf.

Well, what to think of all this? I guess we should ask Jesus himself to get the final answers on what really happened. Both accounts agree on the virgin birth of Jesus. They also both stress the importance of Jesus Christ in human history and the role of extraterrestrials in his birth. In Enki’s account the Anunnaki play an important role through their bloodline and through their artificial impregnation of Mary with unknown genomes (16).

This probably allowed Jesus to perform his miracles. In Thiaoouba’s account Jesus was able to do this because he was fully made by the Thiaoouba’s with all their qualities (except their hermaphrodite character). Both physically and with a Thiaoouba ‘soul’. We don’t get any specifics about the origin of the soul of Jesus in Elena’s account, at least not yet (17).

There sure are a lot of pieces of the puzzle still missing, but I’m confident that one day it will all be made clear to us. Let me know your thoughts on this.

(1) Some Doubts about the Enlil-Yahweh-vibe
(2) Is it Blasphemous to Say God is an Alien?
(3) Enki’s account on the Destruction of Atlantis
(4) Enlil would have faced justice in some interstellar trial: see Anu, Enlil, Enki and the Meeting with the Four Councils
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(7) Danaan, E. (2022) The Seeders – See the chapter The Royal Bloodlines – Genealogy of Yeshua (pp 515-519)
(8) Luke 3:38 (Bible Hub) On this website you can get all kinds of translations and versions of this verse. I could detect one version that actually talks about Jesus and his link to Adam. Below are a few of them:

American Standard Version
the son of Enos, the son of Seth, the son of Adam, the son of God.

Aramaic Bible in Plain English
Son of Enosh, son of Shayth, son of Adam, who was from God.

Contemporary English Version
Enosh, and Seth. The family of Jesus went all the way back to Adam and then to God.

Douay-Rheims Bible
Who was of Henos, who was of Seth, who was of Adam, who was of God.

English Revised Version
the son of Enos, the son of Seth, the son of Adam, the son of God.

(9) Our Intergalactic and Genetic Genomes
(10) As far as I understand it, Enki first hybridized human beings with Anunnaki genomes and the genomes of the primates that had those genomes of the Seeders hidden in them. This was done 372,000 years BC (see 6, 495), afterwards at about 360,000 BC he decided to actively add his own genome to the whole, creating the Adamic man. (see 6, 496). Am I correct in concluding that everyone that was born out of this adamic ‘product’ can be said to be part of the Enki bloodline? Or is there a more specific bloodline that Elena Danaan is referring to when she speaks of Enki’s bloodline? Or did Enlil kill off most of this bloodline?

For if humanity would mainly come from Enki’s ‘second experiment’ than most of humanity would be of Enki’s bloodline, wouldn’t it? And what did Enlil do to this ‘divine man’? He somehow managed to shake up the whole genetic household of these humans to make them a rather simple ‘2-stranded human’ that would mainly be used to work for and obey Enlil and his men. If the DNA is shaken up, does that imply that Enki’s bloodline is gone, or just mixed up?

If Enki says he is the “Father” of humanity wouldn’t this imply that we all carry his bloodline in a way? Thinking too much about this gives me a headache, so I’ll leave it at this. If you have anything to explain all this better, please comment below this article.

(11) Let’s Talk About Hermaphrodite Species from Outer Space
(12) On the Origin of the Asian People
(13) The Mu-Mystery – Exploring Lemuria
(14) Desmarquet, M. (1993) The Thiaoouba Prophecy. You can buy the paperback at amazon, or you can download the pdf. For the Chinese community I recommend the work of Samuel ChongOn February 16, 2023 Dr. Salla had an interview with Samuel at: Thiaoouba Prophesy – Contact with a Hermaphrodite ET Race
(15) The Gospel and the Virgin Birth
(16) Elena Danaan doesn’t specify by whom Mary would have been impregnated. Which Stellar race was this? It couldn’t have been the Anunnaki from Nibiru because Nibiru was in the hands of the Enlil faction, and Enki had left Earth right after the flood, some 9600 B.C.
(17) This changed in March 2023. Elena told the Japanese Miyoko Sano what was the soul origin of Jesus. Read all about it in this article: On Jesus, Jehovah, the Hoova and Thioouba

37 thoughts on “Two Extraterrestrial Perspectives on Jesus Christ – Yeshua

  1. This is a very interesting take, I have to admit. Another theory that we should consider is the different blood groups amongst humans.

    A few years back (in the Ancient Aliens series) they mentioned that the Rh negative bloodgroups are of alien origin. I recall them talking about the Annunaki who are Rh negative and their blood wasn’t able to adapt to the human body, leading them to tweak whatever it was they had to.

    This is also very interesting, as one could possibly trace the bloodline this way as well, although I am very open to correction.


    • Hi Lorraine,

      That’s an interesting link you make there. I also mentioned this adaptation by the Anunnaki at

      How does this combine with the grand tale? What connection is there between Enki’s bloodline and the O-blood group that would be of extraterrestrial origin? and indeed, according to Myrah – if I understand her correctly – it is that Rh- is indigenous, and that the Anunnaki would have added Rh+ (D+) to make the O-blood compatible with this Rh- blood.

      But what does indigenous mean? If the Anunnaki would have ‘made’ humanity out of these black head primates are these primates indigenous and the resultant human beings not? If so, then everybody would be Rh+ ?! Complicated matters….


      • I think the majority has Rh+ blood type, rare people have Rh- besides Annunaki’s Elite hybrids. Rhx even more rare. A scientist discovered that the only blood type doesn’t get Covid, is type O. I am not sure this discovery is applied to all races.


  2. I’m probably beginning to sound like a broken record, but I think a lot of confusion occurs when we do not separate “people” into their three constituent parts (spirit, soul and flesh). Jesus (actually Yeshua) was a human being (Son of Man), the Christ was the Spirit/anointing that entered into him during his water baptism in the River Jordan. People on all levels conflate the two as on and the same (and call him Jesus Christ). When they talk about Jesus coming from Venus or Thiaboouba or any other cosmic location, are they talking about the physical person (most likely not), are they talking about the soul (fragment) and/or astral being (probably), or are they talking about the spirit essence (maybe)? When we conflate these three distinct aspects into one, we are never going to be able to make sense of these discussions. The Christ spirit came into the Kenoma which we are presently navigating from the Pleroma. IMHO, we have to understand this.

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    • Hi, Voice of One… i’m brand new on this most-interesting forum so i offer greetings to you and everyone. i want to briefly say that i love your insights above. Literal interpretation of Yeshua’s history via scriptures to include ‘the psychology of the day’ as well as nefarious powers operating during his presence has always sowed confusion, misdirection and as you imply, error. As we all know, there is so much more to this Yeshua story- even beyond what our fellow Star Nations can offer. Perhaps an opportunity to elaborate more on these noble ET civilizations may present itself.

      In my humble experience, the mystical realms operating in the Great Silence cannot be accessed via the mind- especially through ‘advanced’ mind. They must be accessed through the Beloved’s breath (that rumi says we borrow) as many gnostics were fortunate to discover.

      Perhaps in the near future-given this insightful article- this little ‘i’ might be called to engage in upcoming exchanges- but mostly, i am here to observe and feel into this lovely collective. Blessings to All. And if i may… i leave you with this provocative teaching by Mary Magdalene:

      “There are many gods and goddesses with great power, and all manner of spirits that have secret knowledge, yet the power that is in you is greater- and the knowledge you possess is more rare and precious. I tell you, great and luminous beings shall come seeking power and knowledge from you. See that you give to all who ask and withhold from only those who come to steal. And those who receive, let worship the Anointed of God most High.”

      We are hidden gems. Hehe.

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      • Amen. We are here on assignment from the Nameless One Abba Father. The parable of the Prodigal Son sums it all up.


  3. As far as the bloodline is concerned, I think this was only important to the Jewish/earthly vision of a Messiah, and subsequently made into a big deal. Although, it may have also been important for the astral body that was being used to be compatible with the flesh body and/or to be able to contain the Christ essence….

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  5. Rhx blood type may be running a crystalline DNA instead of a carbon base, that is DNA strands are activated more than just two helix strand. The carbon base DNA will not immune to the radiation or EMF.


  6. I think it is very obvious that Thiaoouba Prophecy offers specific and verifiable facts that can be proven by anyone who wishes to explore further – that of the Tomb of Jesus Christ in Shingo Village, Japan. Don’t you think so?


  7. Thiaoouba prophecy: (bottom of p134). The editor stated Yehova = Thiaoouba. In Hebrew language meaning Angel. Due to the phonetic translation, name is associated with Yehova/Jehovah/Yahweh/Thiaoouba seemed the same. So assuming Thiaoouba = Hoova . Hoova is located in the Milky Way galaxy, Lyran constellation in the 10th, 11th, and 12th dimensions. According to this account, two versions of Jesus, a)Jesus , 45 year old died in Japan b)Aarioc died on the cross. 2)The Only planet of Choice: the Nazarene(Jesus) is the leader of Hoova. The records are stored in Egypt and Isreal. Jesus with his physical body in a spacecraft returned to Hoova. (ascension). 3)Voygers: three versions of Jesus or Yahshua(Jesus’s original name) a)Yahshua- Sananda (the 12th dimensional entity) b): Yahshua – Michael (Archangel Michael’s group from the 9th dimensional entity) c): Arihabi died on the cross but revived later.


  8. I think since Jesus and his hoovids’ group carried out such difficult and challenged mission, the higher dimensional collective entity had guided or worked with him along the way. Like the nine, a collective consciousness, each of nine has an individual consciousness to provide guidance (nine principles) but collaborated together as a group.


    • Agree. The higher Christ conciousness came down from the Pleroma into the Jesus vessel in the Kenoma. The Secret Book of John and other Sethian and Valentinian Gnostic writings explain this, albeit with a vocabulary all their own 😆


  9. Although I honor greatly the magnificent work of Elena Danaan, I also notice4d that she is not always completely informed about certain things. Not everything she writes is dictated by Thor Han of Enki. Sometimes she draws her own conclusions and in my view these are not always correct.

    On page 516-517 of her book “The Seeders” she writes about the bloodline of Yeshua. She states that Eli is the father of Mary and that in the New Testament Joseph is called the ‘son’ of Eli, while he in fact is the son-in-law. Joseph then is from the bloodline of Kind David and supposed to be the father of Jesus, Jesus is thereby presumed to be of the lineage of David. Elena mentions that in Hebrew patriarchal tradition women were not mentioned as carriers of a bloodline. So calling a son-in-law your biological son is a remarkable twist in the lineage, so to speak. When the Bible mentions that Mary is coming from the line of Abraham, Isaak and Jacob, I wonder how that is done.

    But besides that, Eli is not the father of Mary. Here Elena is misinformed. Mary is a daughter of Anna and Anna’s partner was Joachim. Eli is the husband of her niece Elisabeth, who became the mother of John the Baptist.

    It appears to me that the whole story of Jesus being an offspring of the bloodline of David is a patriarchal construct to justify the importance of Jesus.

    There is however an old gnostic scripture, discovered by the American author Marguerite Rigolioso, called “The Infancy Gospel of James”, that talks about the live of Mary, also before she became the mother of Jesus. The original title of this scripture is: “Birth of Mary, Revelation of James”.

    It turns out that Mary is conceived by her mother Anna as an immaculate conception, also called “light conception”. That goes back on a very ancient tradition among priestesses of the Goddess in different cultures, to get pregnant by way of parthenogenesis. Such a priestess receives a long training before she could do that. The practice is that she goes into a deep trance state and makes contact with a divine spirit. By this energy the egg-cell in her womb divides itself and then an embryo growth out of it. This egg-cell–splitting without male sperm is called mitosis. Anna was such a priestess, like her foremothers Sarah, Rachel, Lea and others in the Hebrew tradition. But this sacred art also was learned in the temples of Isis in Egypt. According to this gospel Mary became also such a priestess, already at an early age. When Joseph married her, she was already pregnant. He marries her to protect her against gossip, but he has nothing to do with the conception.

    It’s all written in my book: “The Gospel of Isis”. This is not ( yet) translated into English I must say.

    Was this in reality an alien abduction, as Elena concludes?

    It is possible that Mary was visited by an extraterrestial being that looked like an angel. And this angel told her that she was pregnant. From whom? From the Holy Spirit. And that is in Christianity the female part of God! Not Enki. Is that why Jesus said: “Spirit has send me”? (written in another gospel: “The Gospel of the Beloved Companion”.). Not the Father, but the Mother. Just as in the other religious traditions in the Middle East in that time period. (Demeter, Isis and Osiris and others.) I don’t think this was an alien abduction. This way of conception was an ancient art, based on years of meditation, just like the miracles siddhi’s performed in India.

    So, I’m open for other findings about where Yeshua / Jesus came from.


    • Very interesting Lauri. I want to add something to your last paragraph. Elena didn’t say that Enki was the father of Jesus. Just to be clear. And Enki would have been away from Earth for nearly 10,000 years by then anyway (after Enlil’s Flood).


    • Great to see that Elena Danaan’s efforts and information are valued on this forum- but perhaps more importantly to honor how we must question anyone or anything offered outside our personal experience as our sister Lauri eloquently demonstrates. i don’t believe that any one group or being knows the entire picture. Even ‘The Nine’ in Elena and Thor Han’s narrative to include the channeling in the e-book ‘The Only Planet of Choice’ wherein the ‘Nine’ (12th-Density beings) allegedly represent themselves, speak of still awaiting God’s direct-experience. In other words, their ascension ladder has hit a glass ceiling and per them, they are looking to our Terran humanity in the form of our ‘junk’ DNA activating and delivering something beyond their knowledge and especially their experience.


      • Yes. There is indeed a glass ceiling separating the Pleroma (above) from the Kenoma (below). That “something” different is known as “spirit” ( vs soul). The Christ and the Logos entered the Jesus vehicle as a “seed” for us. The Way of the Essenes by Anne and Daniel Meurois-Givaudan is plethora of information into all of this….


      • I find myself learning something new on the same subjects almost daily, besides all points of view from this forum, that have brought me many new awareness to know that there are alternative points coming from different knowledge and background. And I am embracing the differences, and understanding people who think differently from my own are the product of each creation. Hence, the inclusiveness is to harmonize and the expansion is to perceive and understand each creation. We are the creator creating our own reality so we can live with it , that is our freewill.


  10. That’s right, Enki was not on Earth at that tome.. But Elena suggest – if I’m right -that Mary’s lineage goes back to Adam. And he is made by Enki, is it not? Besides that, the Biblical story of Adam & Eve comes from the Sumerian epos Enuma Elish. In that there is spoken of The Lady of the Rib and that the male human is made of the rib of the Lady- just the other way around: first Eve, then Adam !

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    • I recommend the Secret Book of John. Also, the Apocalypse od Adam, and I suppose most of the other Sethian and Valentinian Gnostic writings. Just be careful. Tere is also a dark counterfeit series of (Hermetic) Gnostic writings (such as Pistus Sophia) meant (as always) to confuse and deceive us….


    • I suspect (as usual), that more than one “creation/hybridization” tale have been conflated into one in our modern “history”. They love to do this….


  11. The truth is out there. It appears that Enlil and Enki were in agreement upon the initial creation of man in their image and likeness. They had an agenda of creating an intelligent offshoot of the Elohim to be purposed as useful slaves. This became necessary after the revolt of the Igigi, who refused to continue doing their bidding in mining for gold. These were the sons of God who came unto the daughters of men in Genesis 6. They wanted in on the same action of Enlil and Enki who were known to fool around with immortal and mortal females. The Elohim screwed like rabbits. That’s why “God” did not have a problem with polygamy among humans as long as they kept their carnal desires for multiple wives and concubines within the twelve tribes of Israel. Hence, the commandment Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery. And these are the reprobates we all were deceived into worshipping till this very day. Humanity is a race of useful idiots to be manipulated and restrained from knowing the truth of the cosmos. The Truth, however, does have a tendency to reveal itself sooner or later. Glory to the essence of the ALL and creator of the one and only universal consciousness!

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