8th Density ‘United Nations’ Space Station Mimas

On February 9, 2023 Elena Danaan posted a fascinating interview she had with Chris O’Connor (1). In that video a lot of things were said. In this article I will focus on the concept of a 8th density Space Station on Saturn’s Moon Mimas with some additional reflections on related matters.

In the past I’ve been more critical towards Chris O’Connor’s testimony because it contained a number of elements that were unique, and seemingly bit odd, when compared to the testimonies of other Secret Space Program witnesses. It was good to see that many of these elements were mentioned and addressed during the interview.

Saturn’s Moon Mimas (10)

One of those elements was Chris’ statement that he had visited Saturn whereas no one had ever mentioned Saturn before (2). In fact Thor Han had said that Saturn was a planet that they were not allowed to visit, it was off-limits even for the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and Elena even had said that Saturn used to be a stronghold for the Nebu too (3,4). That made me wonder why on Earth Chris would have had a space station with benevolent beings near Saturn, and even from an organization that no one had ever talked about before: the United Nations (Secret) Space Organization!

Well, I was convinced to take Chris O’Connor very seriously, because of a few things that were cleared up during this interview with Elena. For one: Chris is very consistent in what he says: he has been speaking of a space station orbiting Saturn, whereas nobody was talking about it at all (2) . He has always said that it was out of phase, or in other words, in a different density, and now it was explained that there is NO connection at all with our United Nations on Earth, with its headquarters in New York. So, there is no secret space program organized by the UN. He referred to an organization of off-world United Nations, with all kinds of worlds participating.

In the video-excerpt below Chris specifies that the space station was ‘primarily in eighth density‘ and just outside of the rings of Saturn. Because of this higher density nature of the space station they probably were invisible for the Nebu and Anunnaki that were residing in the lower atmosphere of Saturn (8). Chris describes this space station on Mimas as follows:

… I went to Mimas, which is the first of all of Saturn’s moons is one of the smallest but it’s also the first one just outside of the Rings of Saturn and there’s a that’s actually a space station. It’s a modified natural body that turned into a station that resides primarily in the eighth density so we would go there and we would meet with many other nations and then many other organizations and many other worlds many other races and we would work with all of these different […] races and other planets and even from other galaxies.” (1)

Let’s hear Chris describe Mimas and his job there:

Chris O’Connor talks about 8th Density Space Station Mimas

In the video above Chris talks about being age advanced. You can find out more about this process in an article from March 2022 (11).

Apparently this mainly 8th density space station (which looks barren in 3D obviously) has a function as a meeting place for all kinds of species even from other galaxies. During an older interview from March 2022 (12) Elena asked Chris to describe a few of the people he had met during his work and he described beings that were even new for Elena then, like beings which looked like a monkey and a species that had a face like an elephant. He also described blueish beings with longer white hair. I added an excerpt from that video below because Chris O’Connor described these same beings again in the current video (1), which again adds to the credibility of this amazing story.

Chris O’Connor describes a number of species that were even unknown
to Elena Danaan which he met, probably also on the Mimas station

Within Nataru (Our Milky Way Galaxy) we have come to know a number of councils, like the Andromeda Council (13), the Council of Five and of course the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Since October 2021 the Intergalactic Confederation entered our scene (15). But it seems that this is far from the end. In the accounts of Chris O’Connor we can hear about meetings which would take place on a 8th density level with all kinds of unknown species in some off-world ‘United Nations’ organization. Then we also still have this mystery surrounding some ancient architects species that both Rebecca Rose, Tony Rodrigrues and Elena Danaan mentioned that was once present in our Solar System and left remnants on Ceres, Mars and around Saturn (16).

It seems that this fascinating ride through unknown territories is far from over.

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(9) The Earth Alliance
(10) Saturn’s moon Mimas (image from Solar Story Net) sure looks a lot like the Death Star from Star Wars. I even used an image of the Death Star to portray this space station orbiting Saturn in that article from September 2022 (2).
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4 thoughts on “8th Density ‘United Nations’ Space Station Mimas

  1. Thank you, GA, for your careful recording of all these connections. Elena is going to have to write another book, and Chris… what a story! Working with an 8th density body from a stasis pod! Real life can be stranger than fiction. These brave humans who are actively being a part of true disclosure are amazing. And more is coming as the frequency of humanity rises. Your work, GA, is vital. ~ Eliza


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  3. Sadly I don’t trust Chris. In an interview with Dany H. He talked about Jesus soul being split into 4 souls that are reincarnated here on Earth. According to him this happened because Jesus’s soul has to repay for every thing done in his name (every killing, hurtful act, etc) to this day and he couldn’t bare it as one soul.
    If you pay attention you could understand how it is a psyop.
    Why would the laws of the Universe work differently for Jesus soul than for all of us?
    Karma is on the individual for his own acts, it is in the energy field of the consciousness and the soul.

    No one pays for our karmic responsibilities.

    Jesus walked on water because he understood the loving and holographic nature of Life. He has evolved through many lifetimes towards goodness. He can only be brought back by Mother Mary’s soul due to frequency, and as such there will be evidence on Earth that it will happen as it did back then.

    4 Jesus on Earth and no sign of anything, not even his deeds.

    It is the little things that Chris and people like him seed that has made me step away from their talks.


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